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A sample chart of accounts is included on this disk -- Sav.DBF

If you wish to use this sample chart of accounts:
a. rename master.dbf to master.sav
b. rename sav.dbf to master.dbf
c. enter the program - use option 7 to re-index the files

SMALL BUSINESS ACCOUNTING SYSTEM Ver. 2.0 was released July 1987 This
version provides for handling of multiple sets of books ---- limited only
by your storage capacity. Further, on the Cash Receipts, Cash
Disbursements, and Journal Entry input it provides for default (previous
entry) entry of 'REF', 'DATE', 'DESCRIPTION' and 'COMMENT'. This default
provision greatly speeds the entry process. Further, the Income Statement
now provides for sub-totals within the Income or Expense accounts.

Version 3.0 was released in Dec.1987. This version provides for the
default features listed above, PLUS it will accomodate 0 to 10 departments.
The Income Statement may be displayed and/or printed by department or you
may print a consolidated income statement of all departments. If you
decide to register this copy, you have your choice of obtaining the
complete dBASE III source code for one of the versions.