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Military Pay Calculator v2.0a 20 Sep 1993

* This program is not freeware or in the public domain. It is shareware. *
* As such, you have 30 days to try it out to see if it meets your needs. *
* If you choose to continue to use it after the 30 day evaluation period, *
* you are expected to pay the single user registration fee of $5.00. *
* Considering the time and money I have invested in the program, this *
* seems like a reasonable amount . For commands that would like a site *
* license, the following rates apply: *
* *
* Number of licenses Cost per license *
* *
* 1 $5.00 *
* 2 - 10 $4.00 *
* 11-100 $3.00 *
* 101 - 1000 $2.00 *
* >1000 $2500.00 (unlimited license) *
* *
* There is no crippling of any features. The pay and tax tables can be *
* updated so the program will be accurate for years to come. Any future *
* releases of the Military Pay Calculator will be free to you. When you *
* register your copy, a registration number will be sent to you that *
* removes the opening registration reminder screen and flashing reminder *
* messages. If you have any comments about the program, bug reports, or *
* features you'd like to see included in the next revision, please send *
* them to the street address or Internet address listed below. *
* Obviously, if you choose to, you could use this program without ever *
* paying for it. Being military myself, I hope that my fellow military *
* members will feel this is a reasonable fee for the program. For those *
* that pay the fee, I thank you for your honesty and patronage. *
* *
* Ralph Sabene *
* 202 Raphael Semmes St. *
* New Orleans, LA 70114 *
* *
* Internet address: [email protected] *
* *
* A registration form can be printed directly from the help file. Under *
* the program's HELP menu select the Registration item. Click on the *
* words "Registration Form" and a form will be displayed. *
* *
* Thank you in advance for your support. *


Military Pay Calculator was written in Microsoft Visual Basic and
requires the file VBRUN300.DLL to run. This file is available from
most BBSs and should be available from the BBS that you downloaded
this file from. Place VBRUN300.DLL in your Windows\System directory
if you do not already have this file.

Files copied to your hard disk are as follows (c:\windows is used
in this example. If your Windows directory is different, just make
the appropriate substitution):

*1. setupkit.dll - c:\windows
*2. setup1.exe - c:\windows
3. threed.vbx - c:\windows\system
4. picclip.vbx - c:\windows\system
5. agigrid.vbx - c:\windows\system
6. agivb001.dll - c:\windows\system
7. agidlg.dll - c:\windows\system
8. milpay.exe - c:\windows\milpay
9. milpay.hlp - c:\windows\milpay
10. readme.txt - c:\windows\milpay --- the file you are now reading
11. paytable.dbf - c:\windows\milpay
12. taxtable.dbf - c:\windows\milpay
**13. setup.exe
**14. setup.lst
**15. ver.dll
**16. file_id.diz - program description file

* These files can be deleted after setup has been successfully run.
If you choose to delete this program at a later date be advised
that some of the other support files (such as picclip.vbx,
threed.vbx, etc) may have been on your hard drive before this
installation. You may wish to check your Windows directories
(both the \windows and \windows\system) BEFORE installation to
see what files you already have.

** setup.exe, setup.lst, ver.dll and file_id.diz are not copied to
your hard drive. They remain on your floppy disk.

----- INSTALLATION -----

This program requires that the file VBRUN300.DLL be located in your
Windows or Windows\System directory. It should be available from the
BBS that you downloaded this program from. To install the Military Pay
Calculator on your hard drive perform the following steps:

1. Start up Windows
2. Insert the floppy disk in drive A: (or any floppy drive)
3. From either the Program Manager or File Manager select the RUN
command under the FILE menu.
4. Type a:setup (or b:setup if installed in drive B:) and press

The Setup program will automatically find your Windows directory and ask
you if you want to install the program in the suggested directory. If you
want, you can type in a different directory and Setup will create it for
you if it doesn't already exist.

The Setup program will also create a program group with the Military Pay
Calculator icon installed. Once the group is installed, just double
click on the icon to start the program.


Press the F1 key or select Contents under the HELP menu to receive
complete help and information for this program. To get started quick,
perform the following steps to figure your active duty pay or retirement

1. Select the Regular, Early or Active Duty Pay option from the
2. Select Officer or Enlisted.
3. Select your paygrade.
4. Enter the total years and months of active duty military service.
5. If you're calculating active duty pay, enter a VHA amount and/or
any special pay you might be receiving. (e.g. flight pay, sea
pay, etc.) Also, enter your personal exemptions and other

That's it! The program will calculate your monthly and annual income
based upon the included 1993 pay table and tax table. If the tables
change in the future you can update the tables by selecting "Update
PayTable" or "Update TaxTable" under the OPTIONS menu. Enter any pay
changes in the appropriate columns. If you'd like to see what your
retirement pay would be if you had entered the service after 31 July,
1986 just select the checkbox labeled "Entered service after 31 July,

NOTE: Enlisted BAS is based on 30 days times the daily rate when on
leave or authorized to mess separately.

The formula used to calculate regular retirement pay for those who
entered the service prior to 1 August, 1986 is:

Retired pay = Basic Pay *( .5 + .025 * ((years - 20) + (months / 12)))

The formula used to calculate regular retirement pay for those who
entered the service on or after 1 August, 1986 is:

Retired pay = Basic Pay *( .4 + .035 * ((years - 20) + (months / 12)))

NOTE: The [ (months / 12)] portion of the formula is zero once you reach
30 years of service.

The formula used to calculate early retirement pay for those who are
eligible is:

Retired pay = Basic Pay * (.025 * (years + (months / 12))) *
(1 - .01 * (20 - (years + (months / 12))))

Based upon the likelihood of pay freezes, the 1993 pay scales will
probably be good for the next couple of years!!!!

----- HISTORY -----

Version 2.0a - 20 Sep 93

Changed registration procedure so user can enter a registration number.

Version 2.0 - 1 Sep 93

Calculates gross and net income using personal exemptions and current
federal tax tables.

Calculates social security (FICA) taxes.

Can manually enter personal deductions such as allotments (e.g. SGLI,
Dental, etc.) or state taxes.

Can now update the pay table with an across-the-board pay raise with
a single menu command.

Can undo your last pay raise with a single menu command.

Added a VHA column to the pay table so VHA rates can be saved for the
user's geographic location and automatically entered when calculating
active duty pay.

Can update the tax tables when changes are made.

Version 1.3 - 1 Aug 93

Can now pop up the OPTIONS menu anywhere on the application's main
screen by simply clicking the right mouse button.

Added two additional items under the Help menu: "Search for help on..."
and "How to use Help."

Version 1.2 - 31 May 93

Added the Active Duty Pay option.

Added a Windows compatible help file.

Version 1.1 - 16 May 93

Added the ability to update the pay tables.

Added the Early Retirement option.

Version 1.0 - 1 April 93

Original release