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MANUAL (Ver 1.41) FOR THE "G5LOAN" PROGRAM, Ver 1.4 by:

Pelton Computer Consultants / Stephen J. Foss
P.O. Box 687
Ipswich, MA 01938 Tel: (508)356-7621, (508)356-0571


1. What is the G5LOAN program, and what does it do?
2. Features.
3. How to print or view this manual.
4. Files included with this release.
5. Registration procedures and donation.
6. Hardware requirements.
7. Intended audience for the G5LOAN program.
8. Quick run. How to run the main program.
9. Installing the computer program.
10. The questions the computer will be asking you.
11. Exiting the program.
12. Entering the Principal.
13. Entering the Interest Rate.
14. Entering the Compounding Frequency.
15. Displaying a Schedule.
16. Entering the optional Job Number.
17. Entering the optional client's name and address.
18. Schedule printing.
19. Support for the author.
20. Other reasons to register.
21. Differences between the Shareware version and the registered version of
this program.
22. Error messages and problems that may be encountered.
23. Known bugs.
24. Disclaimer.
25. Copyright infringement.

1. What is the G5LOAN program, and what does it do?
This loan program is not just another "run of the mill" loan scheduler.
G5LOAN will print out loan schedules for your documentation, loan summary
information, summary-by-years of interest and principal paid, and last pay-
ment. The loan calculator will calculate the payment, principal, rate, or
term, if you know three out of four of these quantities. Your G5LOAN pro-
gram will also calculate the add-on interest amount for installment loans as
well as show you the current rebate and the current payoff. How many times
have you had to call your bank and ask for this information? Suppose you
have a $3,000 loan. The interest rate is 13.5%. Compounding is monthly and
the term is 42 months. The loan calculator immediately calculates the pay-
ment as $90.03 per month and the add-on interest as $781.26, bringing the
total payback (sometimes called the "deferred payment price") to $3,781.26.
With G5LOAN you are able to calculate and document six types of loans:

1. regular direct-reduction, with level monthly payments,
2. regular direct-reduction, with twice-monthly payments,
3. regular direct-reduction, with payments every-2-weeks,
4. add-on interest installments according to the rule of 78's,
5. conventional old-fashioned - payments decrease with time,
6. direct-reduction using different compounding periods.

2. Features. The program offers you the following features:
o Full glorious, attractive color screens, or black & white (mono)
o Fancy reports to screen or printer
o Different compounding frequencies
o Pause or quit during report output
o Easy-to-understand queries (questions) - you don't need financial
training to use this program
o Escape or quit at any time
o Client's name and address block is saved for convenience
o This program aids you in solving serious financial-calculation
o Fast loading
o The program is well thought out; people who use it like it
o Fast execution
o Continuous dedicated support by the author
o Excellent documentation
o This program will increase your productivity and give you a true
sense of accomplishment
o Information is where you need it.

3. How to print or view this manual.


To view the manual on your screen just type: TYPE G5LOAN.DOC. If you wish
to stop the screen at any time simply press the "pause" key, and then press
to restart, or press ^S (this means hold down the key with
one finger and press the S key) to stop the screen and ^Q to restart. To
make our computing lives easier, there are some very nice screen viewing
programs available from your shareware dealer.

4. Files included with this release.

G5LOAN.DOC The document file you're reading now
G5LOAN.COM The computer program itself
G5LOAN.CHN More of the computer program
G5LOAN.NAD The client name & address storage file

5. Registration procedures and donation.
See below for registration procedures. The suggested donation is $22.00.

6. Hardware requirements.
You'll need an IBM PC, XT, AT, or compatible computer with at least one
floppy disk drive (unless you plan to run from a diskless workstation) with
384K ("K" loosely stands for 1,000 or exactly 1,024 bytes) of memory, pref-
erably a color monitor but mono will work fine (see "Quick run" below). The
speed of your computer is not a major factor but the faster the better for
you anyway. You may use a dot matrix or laser printer.

7. Intended audience for the G5LOAN program.
Anyone who need loan information or loan schedules, either for mortgage-
type loans or for commercial (installment) loans, or creative loans be-
tween two parties, will find G5LOAN very useful, straightforward, and pro-
fessional looking.

8. Quick run. How to run the main program.
At the DOS prompt type: G5LOAN. This automatically runs the program in
either color mode or mono mode (black & white), according to the equipment
you have hooked up. The program actually checks your computer's configura-
tion and sets the color accordingly. Sometimes, as in the case of a laptop
computer, the screen is actually mono, but the video board is CGA (Color
Graphics Adapter). In this case, the program senses a color configuration,
hence, the mono screen washes out some colors. Therefore, if you have a
mono monitor being driven from a color card, you can force the program to
display in black & white by typing: G5LOAN /B. Similarly, you may force
the program into color with G5LOAN /C.

9. Installing the computer program.
If you wish to "install" this program on a hard disk, then do the follow-
ing: Put your floppy disk in a disk drive, say drive A:. Change directory
to drive C: by typing C: . Now, you want to be sure you are situated in
the top-level (or root) directory of drive C, so you should see the prompt
C:\. If you don't see this prompt, type CD \.

If you don't have a favorite directory to use such as \BIN then you can make
a new directory by using the MKDIR command of DOS. Suppose you want to call
your new directory FINANCE, then do MKDIR FINANCE (you could also do MD
FINANCE since MD is a nickname for MKDIR). Then do CD FINANCE. If you want
to check your working directory you can CD and the result should be
C:\FINANCE. Finally, just COPY A:*.*. To list the commands just discussed:

use this to use this if you do this if you just
make a dir first already have a dir want to run from floppy
C: C: (insert pgm disk
CD \ CD \BIN in drive A)
COPY A:*.*
To get a printout of the registration form type: G5LOAN /R . To run the
program see "Quick Run" section above.

10. The questions the computer will be asking you.
The program will request the principal amount, rate, compounding period,
optional payment amount, starting date, optional job number, and optional
client name.

11. Exiting the program.
Pressing and sometimes E or e will either back you out of that
particular inquiry sequence or completely exit you from the program, depend-
ing on the context you are within. Pressing the key will repeat the
previous question. Suppose you made a mistake on the principal amount (you
typed 9000 instead of 90000), then at the interest rate inquiry just press
to go back to the principal amount inquiry and enter the correct

12. Entering the Principal.
Here, the program asks how much was borrowed. Enter any amount up to
$99,999,999.99. Don't use commas or dollar signs. Below, the user entered
$10,000.00. (Type in E to exit).

Enter principal amount financed >10000

13. Entering the Interest Rate.
Next, put in the interest rate (per year). In the example below, the user
was "charged" a "yearly" percentage rate of 10.75. (Type in E to exit).

Interest rate:
Enter yearly interest rate >10.75

14. Entering the Compounding Frequency.
Next, decide what compounding frequency you will be working with. Some
business loans are compounded quarterly. Most regular consumer loans are
compounded "monthly." To use "monthly" you may just hit carriage return
or M. (Type in E or to exit).

Compounding Period:
The interest rate was given as a yearly rate (APR), but
the lender may calculate payments QUARTERLY which is every
three months, for example. Please make the appropriate choice

OR M = compounding period is MONTHLY (typical),

Enter a letter on left (or just hit for MONTHLY) >

15. Displaying a Schedule.
After all data is entered, the program brings you to a summary screen from
which each entry may be further changed by choosing the corresponding num-
ber. When all data is correct you may proceed to the next menu, the output
menu, from which you may display or print a schedule, last payment, summary,
or yearly totals of interest and principal paid. If you selected printed
output, the program will request a job number (any arbitrary number).

16. Entering the optional Job Number.
You may enter a job number, or hit . Below, the user put in job
number 909. (Type in E to exit).

Job Number:
Would you like to give this report a job number, 'e' to exit,
or press for no job number >909

17. Entering the optional client's name and address.
Next, you may enter your name and address or your friend's or client's. The
computer "pulled" the name and address shown below from the disk. You are
asked if you wish to keep it on put in a new name and address. The name and
address are stored to help you save time and energy when processing multiple
schedules for the same party. (Type in E to exit).

Enter client name, address, etc.... press for no name, etc.

Pelton Computer Consultants
P.O. Box 687
Ipswich, MA 01938

If you want the same client, type 'k' or type 'n' for a new client

'K' = KEEP -or- 'N' = NEW ONE (K/N)

Pelton Computer Consultants
P.O. Box 687
Ipswich, MA 01938

18. Schedule printing.
Finally, the schedule starts to print. Press the key to stop the
printing. The bottom line tells you for whom the report is being printed.

Report now printing....hit to stop... Stephen J. Foss 1

19. Support for the author.
The suggested donation for this program is only $22.00. Please register.
The authors of Shareware software work very hard to make good programs which
are easy-to-use, useful, and help the computer users to be more productive.
The small suggested donation allows us to put the user on our active cust-
omer list which gives the user many benefits. We are always releasing
newer-version upgrades and program enhancements for you. If you like this
program, use it, and find it beneficial, then please make the small sug-
gested donation to the author, and you will become his registered user. We
would like to stay in touch with you. Use the forms below. Thank you very
much. The author is a member of the Association of Shareware Programmers.
The author who conceived, designed, programmed, and perfected the computer
programs of Pelton Computer Consultants is Stephen J. Foss, B.S., M.S. (Phy-
sics), M.S.E.E., M.B.A.

20. Other reasons to register.
Here's what you get when you register:
a. An immediate upgrade to the newest available version
b. The accompanying newest manual release
c. One or more free interim upgrades for major fixes if
necessary (program plus manual)
d. One more free upgrade (program and manual) to the next
major release when its ready
e. Six (6) months worth of telephone support relating to
use of the program with friendly, patient guidance
f. Regular notices of new programs and services
g. A free subscription to our product newsletter for the
life of your registration, which is one (1) year from
the date of your registration
h. The status of valued customer who gets automatic top
priority on your calls, programming fixes and suggestions,
and all customer-support issues
i. Your source of knowledgeable computer-aided financial prob-
lem solving.

Please register if you are using the program now, have been using it, or
plan to use it in the future. Thank you for your support in our programming

21. Differences between the Shareware version and the registered version of
this program. The Shareware and registered versions are identical at release

The registered version will have (in future revisions):
a. other features not discussed here, but in the planning stages.
b. quick data entry (using arrow keys to move up and down, then
enter data) as well as verbose data entry.
c. more human error trapping.
d. possible fancier menuing.

The registered version doesn't have:
e. requests for a donation upon program exit;
f. registration form printing using the /R qualifier.

22. Error messages and problems that may be encountered.
If a critical part of the payment calculation is missing, the message,
"Insufficient data" may be displayed.

23. Known bugs. None at this time.

24. Disclaimer.
In no event will the author be liable for any damages, including any lost
profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential loss or damages
arising out of the use of- or the inability to use- this program -- even if
the author has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The author
makes no warranties, either express or implied, respecting the software, its
quality, performance, merchantability, or fitness for any particular

25. Copyright infringement.
This program is protected under the copyright laws of the U.S. This pro-
gram is not public domain; it is released to the shareware distribution
channel as shareware. Users and shareware vendors may copy it freely and
distribute it. This program may not be sold, nor copied and sold, for
profit or under a value-added scheme (to increase the value of a computer
system, etc.) or under a new name, etc., because the author reserves all
copyright law rights. The author has the reasonable intent of hoping for
new registrants obtained from the shareware distribution channel, but does
not want the program to be stolen by any person or company. Any person or
company interested in purchasing the rights to this program should contact
the author.

REGISTRATION FORM FOR: G5LOAN Program, Donation = $22.00

Today's Date________________,19______




City, State, Zip___________________________________________

Daytime telephone__(_______)_________________ext.__________

[ ] $22.00 Check Enclosed. (Make payable to PELTON COMPUTER)

Charge $22.00 to my [ ] MasterCard [ ] Visa (Must fill in below)

Card #________________________________________

Expiration Date_______________________________


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To register, mail completed registration form and donation to:

Pelton Computer, P.O. Box 687, Ipswich, MA 01938