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April 11, 1989

Dear shareware distributor:

Fred's Checkbook! and Financial Consultant is an exciting new
program for your examination. You may have seen earlier versions
which have been around since 1984.

Version 4.0 is a major revision that is a culmination of user
suggestions and comments. It is now, I believe, of commercial
quality and can compete easily with programs such as Quicken.

Specification and users comments are in the file FC4INFO.DOC.

I make my living writing software and this is my latest effort. I
could really use your support! I provide a toll free information
and registration phone line and my intention is to have a new
product or update every 6 months, to keep the software "fresh".

Shareware support is limited at best and I feel that we need to
provide the highest quality possible in order to survive. I
believe this program will fulfill nearly anyone's expectations
and we can all benefit from it.

My weakness is in marketing. That's where I am depending on you.
If there is anything that I can do for you, give me a call.

Jon Kolstad
560 Norton Lane
Arnold MD 21012
(800) 874-9702