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The Talking Checkbook - Version 7.5

Whats new?

Say, do we listen to folks or what? Here's the features in
version 7.5 by user request:

O The major feature is an alternate check printing capacity.
This is for those checks that have the "pay to the order of" line
below the line for amount in numbers and words. There are checks
produced like that and some of them are easier for printers to
use than the ones for which the checkbook print routines were
first written. You bring up the alternate functions by using the
"C" coordinate menu option at the main menu. Choose "2" at the
next menu and then "A" for alternate checks at the next menu. If
you are not using checks with the "pay to the order of" line
after the amounts, then the alternate checks will do you no good.

O We have changed the checks entry function to allow you to
add in your own personal comment even if you are using a macro.
If you want to keep the personal comment already stored in the
macro then just press the enter key at the personal comments
question. This feature is not enabled for withdrawals since we
assume your personal comment in that area would be constant when
using a macro. Let us know if we should change that or not.

O We have added a question for the expert mode users to see
if you want to have balances presented along with the check entry
screen. One user asked for it and so the question is asked once
and will never be asked again unless you decide you want to
change it. All you do to get the question asked again is to
erase the file "MBC.mem" from the subdirectory your checkbook is

O We have compiled the Talking Checkbook using the Blinker
compiler which automatically will detect if you have enough
extended or expanded memory to use what is call DOS protected
mode. All this really means is that if you have sufficient
memory, then the program will run using about 100 K of lower
memory and access the rest from beyond the 1 meg level. We also
changed the formula to ensure that you must have at least two
million 48 thousand bytes of available extended or expanded
memory to kick in protected mode, since some machines were having
problems with lower amounts. So if you are having problems
running the Talking Checkbook because of not much memory within
the 640 K lower memory base, then see if you can reduce the size
of your ram drive to allow 2.48 megs and the Checkbook will then
run with about 100 K of memory available from lower memory. You
might want to check out some of those config reboot programs that
will reconfigure your machine for multiple applications.

O The auto security packer has been enhanced to allow you to
turn it on forever if you like. This means that if you like the
feature, then you can select to have it always operating every
time you bring up the Talking Checkbook. It is also controlled
by a.mem file called "MASP.mem" and turning it on and off is a
function of erasing that file.

o If you use the automatic pay feature, then you'll
appreciate Don Barrret writing in a new routine to allow you to
have the various payment schedules shown with an option to delete
the ones you may no longer want!

So that's about it. If you have any problems, questions,
concerns, or just wanna say hi, You can reach me by calling area
code (617)-727-5550 Extension 4503 from 9 to 5 Eastern time or
you can leave a message on the MCB BBS (617)-451-5327 or Internet
"[email protected]" or Compuserve "74247,1034", or Charles Crawford
on Blink LInk. - Thanks.

Charlie Crawford.