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****** BONUS ADD-IN PROGRAM *******

º GRAF3D.EXE (& Stroked Font, NFONT.FNT) º
º --------------------------------------- º
º (C) Copyright 1991 TRIUS, Inc. º

Program Description
This program is a Bonus Add-In, created specially for users of the
AS-EASY-AS spreadsheet. It will create true three dimensional
perspective Bar, Surface, Pole and Wall graphs from data contained
in the spreadsheet. Graf3d is capable of operating on CGA EGA and
Hercules graphics cards. Using a special mixing simulation scheme
(EGA cards only) it is capable of displaying many more colors than
the 16 color limit of an EGA monitor. The better the resolution of
your monitor, the more realistic the colors look!

Give it a try...

To attach this program as part of your AS-EASY-AS spreadsheet,
use the following commands:

/WSheet General Install Addin

Then in response to the prompt type;

Graf3d [ENTER]

Remember to select the install SAVE command to update the
configuration file. You will find the Add-in has become a new menu
choice under the /USER submenu.

Please note that GRAF3D.EXE and NFONT.FNT must reside in the same
disk/directory where the ASEASY.EXE and ASEASY.MSG files are
located, for the Add-in to work. If the files are not located
there, and you try to access the Add-in, AS-EASY-AS will display an
error message 'Unable to execute...'.

Usage Instructions
To use the program first make sure you have some data which you
would like to plot. The data must be arranged in a rectangular
range. Rows and Columns are used as the X and Z values respectively
and the value content of each cell is used as the Y data.

After selecting and highlighting the range, simply select VIEW , sit
back and watch the program crank away.

Command Summary
Type - Choice of Bar, Surface, Poles or Wall types
Range - Indicate the data to plot
Scale - Auto, Upper, Lower
Labels- Three titles > Main, X-Title and Z-Title
Fill - Enable and disable the fill on the wire frame plot.
View - Creates the plot.
Quit - Return back to AS-EASY-AS ready mode.

Hope you have some fun with it..... And keep your eyes open for the
next Version of AS-EASY-AS, currently in Alpha Testing.