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Output of file : WEBMAC.TEX contained in archive : WEB.ZIP
% standard macros for WEB listings (in addition to PLAIN.TEX)
\xdef\fmtversion{\fmtversion+WEBMAC4.0} % identifies current set of macros
\parskip 0pt % no stretch between paragraphs
\parindent 1em % for paragraphs and for the first line of Pascal text

\let\sc=\eightrm \let\mainfont=\tenrm
\font\titlefont=cmr7 scaled\magstep4 % title on the contents page
\font\ttitlefont=cmtt10 scaled\magstep2 % typewriter type in title
\font\tentex=cmtex10 % TeX extended character set (used in strings)

\def\\#1{\hbox{\it#1\/\kern.05em}} % italic type for identifiers
\def\|#1{\hbox{$#1$}} % one-letter identifiers look a bit better this way
\def\{\hbox{\bf#1\/}} % boldface type for reserved words
\def\.#1{\hbox{\tentex % typewriter type for strings
\let\\=\BS % backslash in a string
\let\'=\RQ % right quote in a string
\let\`=\LQ % left quote in a string
\let\{=\LB % left brace in a string
\let\}=\RB % right brace in a string
\let\~=\TL % tilde in a string
\let\ =\SP % space in a string
\let\_=\UL % underline in a string
\let\&=\AM % ampersand in a string
\def\#{\hbox{\tt\char`\#}} % parameter sign
\def\${\hbox{\tt\char`\$}} % dollar sign
\def\%{\hbox{\tt\char`\%}} % percent sign
\def\^{\ifmmode\mathchar"222 \else\char`^ \fi} % pointer or hat
% circumflex accents can be obtained from \^^D instead of \^
\def\AT!{@} % at sign for control text

\chardef\AM=`\& % ampersand character in a string
\chardef\BS=`\\ % backslash in a string
\chardef\LB=`\{ % left brace in a string
\def\LQ{{\tt\char'22}} % left quote in a string
\chardef\RB=`\} % right brace in a string
\def\RQ{{\tt\char'23}} % right quote in a string
\def\SP{{\tt\char`\ }} % (visible) space in a string
\chardef\TL=`\~ % tilde in a string
\chardef\UL=`\_ % underline character in a string

\newbox\bak \setbox\bak=\hbox to -1em{} % backspace one em
\newbox\bakk\setbox\bakk=\hbox to -2em{} % backspace two ems

\newcount\ind % current indentation in ems
\def\1{\global\advance\ind by1\hangindent\ind em} % indent one more notch
\def\2{\global\advance\ind by-1} % indent one less notch
\def\3#1{\hfil\penalty#10\hfilneg} % optional break within a statement
\def\4{\copy\bak} % backspace one notch
\def\5{\hfil\penalty-1\hfilneg\kern2.5em\copy\bakk\ignorespaces}% optional break
\def\6{\ifmmode\else\par % forced break
\hangindent\ind em\noindent\kern\ind em\copy\bakk\ignorespaces\fi}
\def\7{\Y\6} % forced break and a little extra space

\def\to{\mathrel{.\,.}} % double dot, used only in math mode
\def\defin#1{\global\advance\ind by 2 \1\&{#1 }} % begin `define' or `format'
\def\A{\note{See also section}} % crossref for doubly defined section name
\def\As{\note{See also sections}} % crossref for multiply defined section name
\def\B{\mathopen{\.{@\{}}} % begin controlled comment
\def\C#1{\ifmmode\gdef\XX{\null$\null}\else\gdef\XX{}\fi % Pascal comments
\def\D{\defin{define}} % macro definition
\def\E{\cdot10^} % exponent in floating point constant
\def\ET{ and~} % conjunction between two section numbers
\def\ETs{, and~} % conjunction between the last two of several section numbers
\def\F{\defin{format}} % format definition
\let\G=\ge % greater than or equal sign
\def\H#1{\hbox{\rm\char"7D\tt#1}} % hexadecimal constant
\let\I=\ne % unequal sign
\def\J{\.{@\&}} % TANGLE's join operation
\let\K=\gets % left arrow
\let\L=\le % less than or equal sign
\outer\def\M#1.{\MN#1.\ifon\vfil\penalty-100\vfilneg % beginning of section
\outer\def\N#1.#2.{\MN#1.\vfil\eject % beginning of starred section
\def\rhead{\uppercase{\ignorespaces#2}} % define running headline
\message{*\modno} % progress report
\edef\next{\write\cont{\Z{#2}{\modno}{\the\pageno}}}\next % to contents file
\def\MN#1.{\par % common code for \M, \N
\ifx\modno\modstar \onmaybe \else\ontrue \fi \mark{\modno}}
\def\O#1{\hbox{\rm\char'23\kern-.2em\it#1\/\kern.05em}} % octal constant
\def\P{\rightskip=0pt plus 100pt minus 10pt % go into Pascal mode
\pretolerance 10000
\hyphenpenalty 10000 \exhyphenpenalty 10000
\global\ind=2 \1\ \unskip}
\def\Q{\rightskip=0pt % get out of Pascal mode
\sfcode`;=1500 \pretolerance 200 \hyphenpenalty 50 \exhyphenpenalty 50 }
\let\R=\lnot % logical not
\let\S=\equiv % equivalence sign
\def\T{\mathclose{\.{@\}}}} % terminate controlled comment
\def\U{\note{This code is used in section}} % crossref for use of a section
\def\Us{\note{This code is used in sections}} % crossref for uses of a section
\let\V=\lor % logical or
\let\W=\land % logical and
\def\X#1:#2\X{\ifmmode\gdef\XX{\null$\null}\else\gdef\XX{}\fi % section name
\let\Z=\let % now you can \send the control sequence \Z
\def\){\hbox{\.{@\$}}} % sign for string pool check sum
\def\]{\hbox{\.{@\\}}} % sign for forced line break
\hrule}\vrule}\kern2pt} % verbatim string

\def\onmaybe{\let\ifon=\maybe} \let\maybe=\iftrue
\newif\ifon \newif\iftitle \newif\ifpagesaved
\tensy x\mainfont\topmark} % top line on left-hand pages
\def\rheader{\tensy x\mainfont\topmark\eightrm\qquad\title\hfill\rhead
\qquad\mainfont\the\pageno} % top line on right-hand pages
\def\page{\box255 }
\vbox to\fullpageheight{
\else\hbox to\pagewidth{\vbox to10pt{}\ifodd\pageno #3\else#2\fi}\fi
\vfill#1}} % parameter #1 is the page itself
\global\advance\pageno by1}

\def\rhead{\.{WEB} OUTPUT} % this running head is reset by starred sections
\def\title{} % an optional title can be set by the user
\vfill} % this material will start the table of contents page
\def\botofcontents{\vfill} % this material will end the table of contents page
\def\contentspagenumber{0} % default page number for table of contents
\newdimen\pagewidth \pagewidth=6.5in % the width of each page
\newdimen\pageheight \pageheight=8.7in % the height of each page
\newdimen\fullpageheight \fullpageheight=9in % page height including headlines
\newdimen\pageshift \pageshift=0in % shift righthand pages wrt lefthand ones
\def\setpage{\hsize\pagewidth\vsize\pageheight} % use after changing page size
\def\contentsfile{CONTENTS} % file that gets table of contents info
\def\readcontents{\input CONTENTS}

\output{\setbox0=\page % the first page is garbage
\vbox to \vsize{} % the first \topmark won't be null

\def\ch{\note{The following sections were changed by the change file:}
\newbox\sbox % saved box preceding the index
\newbox\lbox % lefthand column in the index
\def\inx{\par\vskip6pt plus 1fil % we are beginning the index
\write\cont{} % ensure that the contents file isn't empty
\closeout\cont % the contents information has been fully gathered
\global\setbox\sbox=\page \global\pagesavedtrue}
\pagesavedfalse \eject % eject the page-so-far and predecessors
\setbox\sbox\vbox{\unvbox\sbox} % take it out of its box
\vsize=\pageheight \advance\vsize by -\ht\sbox % the remaining height
\hsize=.5\pagewidth \advance\hsize by -10pt
% column width for the index (20pt between cols)
\parfillskip 0pt plus .6\hsize % try to avoid almost empty lines
\def\lr{L} % this tells whether the left or right column is next
\output{\if L\lr\global\setbox\lbox=\page \gdef\lr{R}
\else\normaloutput{\vbox to\pageheight{\box\sbox\vss
\hbox to\pagewidth{\box\lbox\hfil\page}}}\lheader\rheader
\parskip 0pt plus .5pt
\outer\def\:##1, {\par\hangindent2em\noindent##1:\kern1em} % index entry
\let\ttentry=\. \def\.##1{\ttentry{##1\kern.2em}} % give \tt a little room
\def\[##1]{$\underline{##1}$} % underlined index item
\rm \rightskip0pt plus 2.5em \tolerance 10000 \let\*=\lapstar
\hyphenpenalty 10000 \parindent0pt}
\def\fin{\par\vfill\eject % this is done when we are ending the index
\ifpagesaved\null\vfill\eject\fi % output a null index column
\if L\lr\else\null\vfill\eject\fi % finish the current page
\parfillskip 0pt plus 1fil
\message{Section names:}
\def\note##1##2.{\hfil\penalty-1\hfilneg\quad{\eightrm##1 ##2.}}
\linepenalty=10 % try to conserve lines
\def\U{\note{Used in section}} % crossref for use of a section
\def\Us{\note{Used in sections}} % crossref for uses of a section
\def\:{\par\hangindent 2em}\let\*=*\let\.=\ttentry}
\def\con{\par\vfill\eject % finish the section names
\rightskip 0pt \hyphenpenalty 50 \tolerance 200
\titletrue % prepare to output the table of contents
\pageno=\contentspagenumber \def\rhead{TABLE OF CONTENTS}
\message{Table of contents:}
\line{\hfil Section\hbox to3em{\hss Page}}
\leaders\hbox to .5em{.\hfil}\hfil\ ##2\hbox to3em{\hss##3}}}
\readcontents\relax % read the contents info
\botofcontents \end} % print the contents page(s) and terminate

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Archive   : WEB.ZIP
Filename : WEBMAC.TEX

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: