Category : EmTeX is a TeX/LaTeX document editor
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Filename : PLAIN.LOG

Output of file : PLAIN.LOG contained in archive : MF2.ZIP

This is METAFONT, Version 2.0 [3a] (INIMF) 19 SEP 1990 11:13
(d:\emtex\mfinput\plain.ini (d:\emtex\mfinput\
Preloading the plain base, version 2.0: preliminaries,
basic constants and mathematical macros,
macros for converting from device-independent units to pixels,
macros and tables for various modes of operation,
macros for drawing and filling,
macros for proof labels and rules,
macros for character and font administration,
and a few last-minute items.) (d:\emtex\mfinput\
(d:\emtex\mfinput\ )
Beginning to dump on file plain.base
(preloaded base=plain 90.9.19)
1452 strings of total length 23493
5559 memory locations dumped; current usage is 1696&3744
541 symbolic tokens