Category : EmTeX is a TeX/LaTeX document editor
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Filename : FILES.TXT

Output of file : FILES.TXT contained in archive : MF2.ZIP

Parameter files

To make a new font, run METAFONT and say "\mode=;input "
where the following font file names are `standard':

CMR17 cmr17 roman
CMR12 cmr12
CMR10 cmr10*
CMR9 cmr9
CMR8 cmr8
CMR7 cmr7*
CMR6 cmr6
CMR5 cmr5*
CMSL12 cmsl12 slanted roman
CMSL10 cmsl10*
CMSL9 cmsl9
CMSL8 cmsl8
CMDH10 cmdunh10 dunhill roman
CMBX12 cmbx12 bold roman extended
CMBX10 cmbx10*
CMBX9 cmbx9
CMBX8 cmbx8
CMBX7 cmbx7*
CMBX6 cmbx6
CMBX5 cmbx5*
CMB10 cmb10 bold roman
CMBL10 cmbxsl10 bold roman extended slanted
CMTT12 cmtt12 typewriter
CMTT10 cmtt10*
CMTT9 cmtt9
CMTT8 cmtt8
CMVT10 cmvtt10 variable-width typewriter
CMST10 cmsltt10 slanted typewriter
CMSS17 cmss17 sans serif
CMSS12 cmss12
CMSS10 cmss10
CMSS9 cmss9
CMSS8 cmss8
CMSI17 cmssi17 slanted sans serif
CMSI12 cmssi12
CMSI10 cmssi10
CMSSI9 cmssi9
CMSSI8 cmssi8
CMSX10 cmssbx10 sans bold extended
CMSC10 cmssdc10 sans demibold condensed
CMSSQ8 cmssq8 sans quotation style
CMSQI8 cmssqi8 slanted sans quotation style
CMINCH cminch inch-high caps and digits
CMFIB8 cmfib8 fibonacci roman
CMFF10 cmff10 funny roman

CMTI12 cmti12 text italic
CMTI10 cmti10*
CMTI9 cmti9
CMTI8 cmti8
CMTI7 cmti7
CMMI12 cmmi12 math italic
CMMI10 cmmi10*
CMMI9 cmmi9
CMMI8 cmmi8
CMMI7 cmmi7*
CMMI6 cmmi6
CMMI5 cmmi5*
CMBI10 cmbxti10 bold extended text italic
CMMB10 cmmib10 math italic bold
CMIT10 cmit10 italic typewriter
CMU10 cmu10 unslanted text italic

CMSY10 cmsy10* math symbols
CMSY9 cmsy9
CMSY8 cmsy8
CMSY7 cmsy7*
CMSY6 cmsy6
CMSY5 cmsy5*
CMBY10 cmbsy10 bold math symbols

CMEX10 cmex10* math extension

CMTX10 cmtex10 TeX extended ASCII character set
CMTEX9 cmtex9
CMTEX8 cmtex8

CMCC10 cmcsc10 caps and small caps
CMTC10 cmtcsc10 typewriter caps and small caps

(* means loaded by Plain TeX)

Driver files

Each parameter file invokes one of the main "driver files":

ROMAN for roman fonts
TITLE for caps and digits only
CSC for caps and small caps
TEXTIT for text italic fonts
MATHIT for math italic fonts
MATHSY for math symbol fonts
MATHEX for math extension fonts
TEXSET for the extended ASCII character set (TeXbook p369)

Files with programs for individual characters

A driver file inputs one of more of the following program files:

ACCENT accents common to roman and italic 13 chars
BIGACC wide accents for math extension font 6 chars
BIGDEL delimiters for math extension font 92 chars
BIGOP operators for math extension font 28 chars
CALU calligraphic capitals 26 chars
COMLIG ligatures common to roman and italic 5 chars
CSCSPU special uppercase letters for caps and small caps 3 chars
GREEKL lowercase Greek 29 chars
GREEKU uppercase Greek 11 chars
ITALD italic digits 10 chars
ITALIG italic f-ligatures 5 chars
ITALL italic lowercase 26 chars
ITALMS italic math specials 7 chars
ITALP italic punctuation 4 chars
ITALSP special lowercase for italic 6 chars
OLDDIG oldstyle digits 10 chars
PUNCT punctuation common to roman and italic 19 chars
ROMAND roman digits 10 chars
ROMANL roman lowercase 27 chars
ROMANP roman punctuation 4 chars
ROMANU roman uppercase 26 chars
ROMLIG roman f-ligatures 5 chars
ROMMS roman math specials 19 chars
ROMSPL special lowercase letters for roman 6 chars
ROMSPU special uppercase letters for roman 3 chars
ROMSUB substitutes for ligatures 2 chars
SYM math symbols common to several fonts 35 chars
SYMBOL math symbols in symbol font only 72 chars
TSET special symbols in extended ASCII positions 3 chars
TSETSL same, to be slanted 7 chars
Total 519 chars

Files with macros and utilities

CMBASE the base macros

6TEST tests characters on TEST.MF with six parameter settings
3TEST same, with three parameter settings suitable for italic fonts

RTEST tests characters on TEST.MF with cmr10 settings
STEST same, cmssbx10
CTEST same, cmssbx10 but crisp
XTEST same, cmbx10
ITEST same, cmti10
MTEST same, cmmi10
FTEST same, cmff10
TTEST same, cmtt10
BTEST same, cmb10
QTEST same, cmssqi8
5TEST same, cmbx5
ZTEST same, zzzzzz [copy before using]

6TEST0, RTEST0, STEST0, etc.: same, but using TEST0.MF instead of TEST.MF