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IDX.TEX 22 Jan 85 ART10.DOC/STY 22 Dec 87 LATEX.DIF 28 Apr 88
LABLST.TEX 5 Jan 85 ART11.DOC/STY 22 Dec 87 LATEX.INS 20 Sep 88
LATEX.TEX 9 Jan 90 ART12.DOC/STY 22 Dec 87 LOCAL.GID 24 Sep 85
LOCAL.TEX 27 Oct 88 BOOK.DOC/STY 13 Nov 89
LPLAIN.TEX 20 Oct 88 BK10.DOC/STY 19 Jan 88
MAKEINDEX.TEX 17 Feb 87 BK11.DOC/STY 19 Jan 88
SAMPLE.TEX 9 Apr 86 BK12.DOC/STY 19 Jan 88
SFONTS.TEX 27 Oct 89 FLEQN.DOC/STY 26 Sep 89
SPLAIN.TEX 11 Oct 87 LEQNO.DOC/STY 14 Jun 85
PROC.DOC/STY 24 Sep 85
REP10.DOC/STY 19 Jan 88
REP11.DOC/STY 19 Jan 88
REP12.DOC/STY 19 Jan 88


1. Some file extensions were in upper case. Makes no difference for
TOPS-20, but messes up on Unix. (Corrected 18 Dec 83)

2. Glossary command wrote .IDX instead of .GLO file. (Corrected 18 Dec 83)

3. Size-changing commands add a blank space. (Corrected 22 Dec 83)

4. \mainbaselineskip has been eliminated, being replaced by the
parameter \baselinestretch. All font-size-changing commands, which
are the commands that change \baselineskip, multiply the normal value
of \baselineskip for the chosen font by \baselinestretch.
\baselinestretch can be changed at any time by a \renewcommand
command, but doing so affects only the next font-size-changing
command. Note that the \begin{document} command executes a \normal
command to set the font size initially.) (Change made to version 2.01,
on 1 Jan 1984.)

5. \writecommand has been eliminated and a new command \protect added.
Writing \protect\foo makes \foo do the right thing in an array or
tabular @-expression and in the argument of a sectioning or caption
command. When used in an \addcontents command, \protect\foo has the
same effect that \writecommand{\foo} used to. Writing
\section{\protect\foo} achieves what writing
\section[\writecommand{\foo}]{\foo} used to. The .STY files must now
\let\protect=\noexpand when doing a \mark. (Change made to version
2.02 on 11 Jan 1984.)

6. The error message 'This is a LaTeX bug' has been changed to
'This may be a LaTeX bug', since it is possible for a user error
to cause it. (Change made to version 2.02 on 11 Jan 1984.)

7. A new error message 'Missing \item' has been added. It detects
an error that previously caused TeX to hang up. I THINK that
it can be caused only by a missing \item in a list environment.
(Change made before 26 Jan 1984)

8. A tabbing environment inside a list environment will use the
document's outer right margin rather than the right margin of the
list environment. (Corrected 7 February 1984.)

9. \newcommand doesn't work if there's a \par in the definition.
(corrected 17 Jan 1984)

10. \newlist has been given an optional argument, which can come right
before the last mandatory argument. This optional argument specifies
the number of arguments the new list environment has. These arguments
can be mentioned in the last mandatory argument just as in the
\newcommand command. For example, you can write

\newlist{labellist}{}{}[1]{\item [#1:]}

(Change made 27 Jan 1984)

11. A missing entry in an array or tabular environment may cause
trouble -- e.g., writing '& &'. until this is corrected, you can
add a null item, such as '\mbox{}'. (Corrected 8 Feb 84.)

12. No longer applicable.

13. The page headings don't come out right on float pages in twoside
page layouts. (Left-hand headings come out on right-hand pages.)
Found by Gary Swanson. (Corrected 8 Feb 84.)

14. By popular demand, a new environment eqnarray is being added
to LaTeX. \begin{eqnarray} ... \end{eqnarray} acts like
\[ \begin{array}{lcl} ... \end{array} \]
except that
1. An equation number is put on every line, unless
there is a \nonumber command anywhere on that line.
2. Page breaking can occur between lines of an equation,
so the *-form of the \\ command is useful.
3. There is an extra \jot amount of space added between lines.
Also, document-style designers who want to change where and how
equations are numbered, should look for \@eqnnum in LATEX.TEX
to see what to do; you no longer change \endequation.
(Change made to version 2.03 on 6 Feb 84)

15. An eqnarray* environment has been added. It's the same as
eqnarray except it doesn't number the equations.
(Change made to version 2.03' on 7 Feb 84)

16. A test should be made at the end of a list to check that
it ends with an item---see manual change 4 below.
(Change made on 8 Feb 84.)

17. The tabbing environment doesn't work right when inside a list
environment if it's the first thing after an \item command.
(Corrected 8 February 1984)

18. \protect now works in the argument of \typeout and \typein,
so \typeout{Command \protect\foo} types out 'Command \foo'.
(Change made to version 2.04 on 16 February 1984.)

19. \typein doesn't work if the last item typed in by the user is a
control sequence. (Corrected 22 February 1984)

20. A whole new method of handling fonts has been introduced. LaTeX
no longer produces an error if a typeface hasn't been preloaded. It
either loads it or else substitutes a different font and types a
warning. The commands \boldmath and \unboldmath have been added,
allowing the user to produce boldface symbols and math formulas. See
LERRATA.TEX for a description of these commands. Note: to be
consistent, \boldmath should change the boldness of the characters
that come from the math extension font. However, I don't have a bold
version of the AMEX font, so I can't implement that. (Change made to
version 2.05 on 22 February 1984)

21. LPLAIN is changed so \rightline, \leftline and \centerline work.
However, the LaTeX \line command bears no relation to PLAIN TeX's
\line command. (Changed 28 Feb 1984)

22. The 'Missing \item' error message changed to
'Something's wrong--perhaps a missing \item.' (Changed 28 Feb 1984)

23. \protect now works in the argument of an \index command.
(2 Mar 1984)

24. A ']' in a section title or caption caused an error.
(Corrected 6 Mar 1984)

25. The commands to automatically load needed fonts have a bug.
Suppose, for example, that \sl is not preloaded for the \small size.
The first time you use \sl inside a \small environment, it works OK.
However, subsequent \sl commands inside the same \small environment
are no-ops. \sl works fine the next time you execute \small.
In other words,
{\small ... \sl SLANTED \rm ROMAN \sl ROMAN!} ... {\small \sl works ok here}
(Found by David Smith, Corrected 16 Mar 1984)

26. Setting \textwidth before the \begin{document} doesn't work. Can
be fixed by putting a \onecolumn or \twocolumn command after the
command to set \textwidth. (Found by Mark Moriconi, Corrected 18 Mar 1984.)

27. For one-sided output, LaTeX uses \evensidemargin for the left margin
instead of \oddsidemargin as it should. (Found by Mark Moriconi,
Corrected 19 Mar 1984.)

28. The list environment, and other environments that use it (like
enumerate), don't work in double column format. (Found by Fernando
Pereira, corrected 24 April 1984)

29. When a \clearpage occurs and there are unprocessed figures to be put
out, the next text page may be short. A similar but harder to describe
problem may occur in two-column output. (Found by Howard Trickey and
Gabi Kuper, corrected 1 May)

30. There have been a number of changes made to version 2.06. Most
are invisible to the user, but require modification of all
document styles made for earlier versions. The user-visible ones
are documented in LERRATA.TEX. The ones that are invisible to the
user but are important to the document-style designer include:
* \co@... has been changed to \the . Thus, for example, \thesubsection
now produces the printed version of the current subsection number,
which might be something like '2.4.5'.
* While not a change to LaTeX itself, there is an important procedural
change. Document style files now come in two flavors: a version
having having lots of comments, with the extension '.doc'; and
a compressed version that LaTeX reads, with the extension '.sty'.
The '.doc' files have many more comments than the old '.sty' files,
making it easier to figure out how to customize a document style.
* The \documentstyle command has been changed completely, including
a new mechanism for handling document-style options. This is explained
in REPORT.DOC. (Scan for \@options.)

31. When used in vmode, \vspace* with a negative argument doesn't work
right, producing a positive \baselineskip space. (Corrected in version 2.06.)

32. A number of bugs were introduced in the first release of Version 2.06.
All of these that were known by 26 June 1984 were corrected in the release
of that date.

33. LaTeX now assumes that the device driver will, with no other offset,
print things starting one inch from both the top and left edges of the
paper. If your driver does not do this, then appropriate \hoffset and
\voffset commands should be added to your local options file for
generating LaTeX.

34. For very obscure reasons, there was occasionally an extra space at
the end of the last item in a row of an array. Also, an extra space
would appear at the end of the last item in a row of a tabular
environment ended with a \\[x] where x is a positive dimension.
(Discovered by in part by Ken Laws. Corrected 3 July 1984.)

35. A \raggedbottom command was added. (Version 2.06a, 3 July 1984)

36. A font that is not preloaded will, when called for the first time
inside braces in math mode, generate a '\textfont ... is undefined'
error. This is an unsolvable problem. To alleviate it, the user
should call the font in question at 'ground level' (outside any braces)
before it is used in the math environment. For example, before using
\sc inside math mode, the user can type \sc \rm at ground level.

37. A typestyle-changing command does not work quite right when used
in an 'unsafe' argument, like the argument to a \section command.
For example, if you type \section{ ... {\it foo} ... }, then the
table of contents entry will contain 'foo' in the typesize in effect
at the \section command, rather than the one in effect during the
table of contents. (Fortunately, these are usually the same.)
(Corrected 6 July 1984.)

38. \protect does not work right in an \addcontentsline or
\addtocontents entry, or in the 'unsafe' argument of a sectioning
command. '\protect\foo x' will write '\foox' instead of '\foo x' on
the .TOC file. (Corrected 6 July 1984.)

39. Any command like \label or \addcontentsline that comes between two
\clearpage commands---i.e., that are on 'pages' with no printed
text---are lost. (Corrected 7 July 1984. However, such a command
that comes between a \clearpage or \newpage and the \end{document}
is still lost. Also, this correction causes every \clearpage command
to put a blank line in the .LST file.)

40. A complicated-to-explain but easy-to-fix bug, introduced by the
correction made to 39, meant that the twocolumn document substyle would
not load properly. (Corrected 19 July 1984.)

41. \underline does not work properly in math mode. (Corrected
10 August 1984.)

42. The [t] option of the minipage environment does not work properly.
(Corrected in version 2.07.)

43. The \raggedbottom command can sometimes produce an overfull text
page that runs into the page number. (Corrected 15 August 1984.)

44. A tabbing environment that begins an item inside a list environment
produces incorrect vertical spacing. (Corrected in version 2.07.)

45. Any command whose expansion includes a " needs to be \protect'ed
in environments calling for \protect'ion. This includes all accent-making
commands. The fix will probably involve renaming the " command
(introduced in Version 2.06). (Corrected in version 2.07.)

46. The \@startsection macro doesn't work right for producing in-line
headings, as for the \paragraph and \subparagraph commands in the current
document styles. A blank line between the command and the following
text screws things up. (Corrected 28 October 1984)

47. As in Plain TeX, a \$ command in an \it type style produces a
pound sterling symbol. (Corrected 29 September 1984)

48. Typing
\typein[\names]{Include what?}
doesn't work. (Corrected in Version 2.07, 21 October 1984.)

49. The sectioning commands did not put the correct space above a
section heading if the command was preceded by certain LaTeX
environments. (Corrected in Version 2.07, 26 October 1984.)

50. A tabbing environment that begins a minipage environment leaves too
much space above it. (Corrected 31 October 1984)

51. The \endtabular and \endarray commands don't exist, so they can't
be used in a \newenvironment command. (To be corrected in Version 2.08.)

52. When using the \raggedbottom option, footnotes don't go in the
right place on an incomplete page--e.g., the last page of the document
or one ending with a \newpage. (Corrected 8 November)

53. \cline was inadvertently defined to require the format \cline[1-2]
rather than the correct \cline{1-2}. (Corrected 9 November)

54. The 9 November correction to the document styles introduced an
error in \cite, making all numberic references come out as [0]
in the text. (Corrected 13 November)

55. In the array and tabular environments, an extra space appeared
between columns when a '|' was followed by a 'p' in the argument.
(Corrected 13 November)

56. Anomalous results may occur if a 'p' column in an array or
tabular environment is left empty. (To be corrected in version 2.08)

57. The \listoffigures and \listoftables commands did not properly
indent the first line. (Corrected 14 November 1984)

58. \footnote and \footnotemark did not work in math or vertical mode.
(Corrected 23 November 1984)

59. The change to \index that allowed arbitrary special characters in its
argument was not also made to \glossary. (Corrected 21 December 1984)

60. \boldmath did not work properly when called for the first time
inside braces or an environment. (Corrected 22 December 1984)

61. \footnotemark with an optional argument didn't work right inside
a minipage. (Corrected 22 December 1984)

62. Commands have been added to allow rules to appear between floats
and text on a page. See the \topfigrule, \botfigrule, and
\dblfigrule commands. (Change made 22 December 1984)

63. A minor bug in \raisebox was fixed. (Change made 31 December 1984)

64. \newcounter did not initialize \the... to \arabic{...}.
(Corrected 5 January 1985)

65. \linebreak, \nolinebreak, \pagebreak, and \nopagebreak produced
an error given an optional argument of 0. (Corrected 16 January 1985)

66. \protect doesn't work properly in the optional argument of \bibitem.
(Corrected 27 January 1985)

67. \protect and certain un\protect'ed commands don't work right in
the optional argument of \bibitem. (Corrected 30 January 1985)

68. The following two problems will occur if a footnote is split
across two pages: (i) if a figure or table environment immediately
follows the footnote, then the footnote will be scrambled, with the
last part coming before the first part. (ii) a \clearpage
immediately following the footnote causes an overfull \vbox message
and produces extra vertical space at the beginning of the next page.
(Corrected 25 February)

69. The array, tabular and tabular* environments cannot be used with
the \envbegin and \envend commands. (Problem disappeared with version 2.09.)

70. Some accents need \protect'ing. (Corrected 16 March 1985.)

71. A sectioning command (like \paragraph) that produces an in-line
heading (not on a separate line) doesn't work properly when it is
immediately followed by a list or trivlist environment, or one that
uses those environments (like verbatim or quote). (Corrected in Version

72. Full page figures or tables that immediately follow the first
page of a chapter appear on pages with no page headings. More
generally, full page floats that immediately follow a page
with a \thispagestyle{foo} command are formatted according to
page style foo. (Corrected in Version 2.09.)

73. Multiple paragraph marginpar's don't work. (Corrected
16 July 85.)

74. \longrightarrow and \longleftarrow need \protect'ing in a moving
argument. (Corrected 4 September 85)

75. In certain instances, the not enough vertical space appears
above a list environment. (Corrected 4 September 85)

76. The \textfraction parameter was being ignored, and a random
value used. (Corrected 27 September 85)

77. The \item command was changed to allow a line break between
the label and the following text. This makes it easier to define
a list environment in which the item occurs on a line by itself.
(Change made 3 October 85).

78. No warning was generated by the eqnarray and eqnarray* environments
when a formula extended into the margin. (Corrected 4 November 85.
However, warning is not generated if formula extends only into the
equation number.)

79. \symbol and \newfont were not defined in SLiTeX. (Corrected
21 November 85)

80. SLiTeX's \framebox command did not position items exactly right.
(Corrected 28 November 85)

81. Space produced by \hspace* can be gobbled inside an array or
tabular environment. (Observed by Sam Whidden.) (Corrected 17 December 85)

82. \skewchar commands were omitted for the math italic and and math
symbol fonts, causing improper placement of math accents. (Observed
by Howard Trickey) (Corrected 17 December 85)

83. The preloaded typewriter fonts have had \hyphenchar redefined to
-1 to prevent hyphenation with these fonts. (Change made 17 December 85)

84. In rare circumstances, a bug in \@dottedtocline resulted in a page
number appearing at the left of the line following the section
heading in a table of contents entry. (Corrected 7 January 86)

85. As a result of change 83, the \- command doesn't work properly
with the typewriter fonts. (Reported by John DeTreville.
Corrected 19 April 86.)

86. In verbatim mode, the sequences ?` and !` produce ligatures
instead of the correct characters. (Found by Gerard Huet.
Corrected 19 April 86.)

87. The \vector and \line commands (through the \@svector and \@sline
macros) only check if the vertical component of the slope exceeds the
limit (4 or 6) for the command; the horizontal component is not
checked. Thus, \vector(2,5){5} gives an error message while
\vector(5,2){5} produces incorrect results without any message. Some
arguments will reference a non-existent character in the line font.
(Found by Joseph I. Pallas. Corrected 19 April 86.)

88. \newenvironment doesn't work if there's a \par command in
an argument. (Corrected 19 April 86.)

89. An obscure bug in \settowidth caused by a missing \relax.
(Discovered by Oren Patashnik, corrected 24 March 86.)

90. A \markright or \markboth immediately after a sectioning command
could allow a page break right after the section heading.
(Discovered by Oren Patashnik, corrected 15 April 86.)

91. The \arabic command (actually \@arabic) was changed so it
will print nonpositive numbers. (Suggested by Charles Kearney.
Change made 29 April 86.)

92. An implementation error causes LaTeX to run out of room on very
long tabbing environments. (Discovered by Kent McPherson. Corrected
17 Jun 86)

93. In rare instances, a footnote is placed on the page following the
one in belongs on. This happens only when a figure or table
environment appears in the text immediately after the place where the
page that should contain the footnote ends. Until this is fixed, the
problem can be made to go away by moving the figure or table
environment a little further back or forward in the text.

94. Unnecessary overfull boxes caused by descenders on last line of
page. Fixed by modifying the output routine \@makecol. A temporary
dimen is used to hold the depth of the output box, then it is unboxed,
then we vskip minus the depth. (2 Sep 86)

95. Grouping was taken out of \@latexerr. (Suggested by John Hobby.)
(2 Sep 86)

96. \makethmlabel was deleted. Never used anyway.
(Found by Mark Kent, 2 Sep 86).

97. \footheight may soon be deleted. Never used. Taken out of style
files too. (Found by Mark Kent, 2 Sep 86).

98. When a section heading does not indent the following paragraph, a
\noindent caused a negative indentation--i.e., an outdent. (Change,
suggested by suggestion by Mario Wolczko, made 2 Sep 86)

99. A page break can occur where a figure or table environment or a
\marginpar command appear, even in the scope of a \samepage declaration.
(Found by Oren Patashnik. Corrected 23 Oct 86)

100. In rare instances, a figure can appear on the page preceding
its environment, and a marginal note may appear on the wrong side.
(Found by Oren Patashnik)

101. The \verb command produces an error if it appears in math
mode with a `_' in its argument. (This is a bug in PLAIN.TEX
corrected in LPLAIN.TEX on 13 Oct 86 and SPLAIN.TEX on 28 Oct 86.)

102. If no blank line follows a paragraph-making environment, then the
following text is not indented. However, a \noindent command produced
an outdent. (Correction, similar to #99, made on 23 Oct 86)

103. The mechanism to suppress the paragraph indentation of text
immediately following a paragarph-making environment does not work if
that environment is enclosed in braces or another environment. In
particular, it wouldn't work for environments like the ones defined
in the examples on page 57 of the manual--e.g., when called
by the `emphit' environment, the `itemize' environment is
inside another environment. (Corrected 27 Oct 86)

104. In SLiTeX, the \_ command produces an underscore that is
printed on all color layers. (Reported by John deTreville,
corrected 10 Nov 86.)

105. A line break can occur at a space in a `verbatim' environment.
(Reported by Nelson Beebe, corrected 19 Nov 86.)

106. An apparent typo put two copies of \@texttop at the top of a page
instead of just one. This did not seem to affect any of the standard
styles, but would have created problems in special styles that used
\@texttop. (Reported by Michael Harrison, corrected 1 Dec 86.)

107. An array environment in the third argument to a \multicolumn
command did not work. (Reported by Ferdinand Hommes, corrected 6 Dec 86.)

108. A long descender (such as is normally produced only by math
formulas) on the bottom line of a page could extend lower than
it should. (Corrected 21 Jan 86)

109. The \index command was changed to make \protect work in its
argument, in case the \index command is used inside the argument of
another command, such as \footnote. (Change made 3 Feb 87)

110. A \label or \index command in a section heading caused a bug
if that heading was used as a page heading. (Discovered by
Tim Hopkins. Corrected 22 Feb 87)

111. Setting \topskip to 0pt does weird things. I haven't figured out
why, but there's no reason to set \topskip to 0pt, so this is not
considered a bug. (Discovered by Mabry Tyson.)

112. \{ and \} are fragile commands, contrary to the manual.
(Discovered by Piet van Oostrum .
Corrected 21 Apr 87.)

113. \bibitem doesn't work when there's a \nofiles declaration.
(Discovered by Arthur Ogawa. Corrected 29 Apr 87.)

114. Spaces produced by a \verb command (e.g., `verb| x |') are
deleted if they appear at the beginning of a line. I don't know
if this is a bug or a feature. (Discovered by R. J. Smith.)

115. A figure or table environment appearing between paragraphs (in
vertical mode) can produce extra vertical space in the document between
those paragraphs. (Discovered by Arthur Ogawa. Corrected 26 May 87.)

116. An obscure bug in the \caption command can cause it to leave
extra vertical space above the caption if the command is not
preceded by a blank line. This extra space does not appear
when a \nofiles command is used. (Discovered by Peter Schilling.
Corrected 12 Jun 87.)

117. A \put or \multiput with an argument beginning "plus" or "minus"
causes an error. (Discovered by Don Knuth. Corrected 20 Jul 87.)

118. \dotfill and \hrulefill don't work right in `tabular' and
`array' environments. (Discovered by Rainer Schoepf. Corrected
[in LPLAIN.TEX] 24 Jul 87.)

119. The `p' option in an array or tabular environment puts a normal
depth strut at the bottom of the parbox, which results in too much
space if the last line of the box has a descender. I don't see
any reasonable way to fix this. (Discovered by John Lavagnino.)

120. The default \cite command was changed to put a space between
multiple citations--for example, to produce `[1, 5, 17]' instead
of `[1,5,17]'. (Suggested by John Ellis. Changed 21 Nov 87.)

121. The \newcommand and \renewcommand commands left the LaTeX
internal control sequence \@tempb \let to `#'. While not causing
any problem in LaTeX, it caused bugs in other people's document
styles. Fixed by replacing \@tempb in those commands with
something more untypeable. (Change made 23 Nov 87.)

122. Figures were typeset with \boxmaxdepth = 0pt, which could screw
up some macros--in particular, plain TeX's \overrightarrow.
(Bug found by Thomas H. Cormen. Corrected 15 Dec 87.)

123. The fix for 122 broke \marginpar, so it did not work at all.
(Corrected 3 Jan 88.)

124. The \frame command put an extra space after the box.
(Discovered by John Hershberger, corrected 14 Jan 88.)

125. \parskip wasn't restored in parboxes and footnotes, so it would
have the wrong value when a parbox or footnote appeared in a list
environment. (Discovered by Dominik Wujastyk, corrected 20 Jan 88.)

126. The leaders were not properly aligned in multiple-line
table-of-contents entries. (Discovered by Gunther Hartmann, corrected
25 Jan 88.)

127. Strange things can happen if a command like \footnotemark that
doesn't generate in-line text appears between a \paragraph or
\subparagraph command (or any sectioning command that produces a
heading that's part of the following paragraph) and the following text.
What happens is that TeX sees the \footnotemark command before it sees
the argument to the \{sub}paragraph command, which can lead to
incorrect numbering and who knows what else. Any attempted fix is
likely to break other things, so I will not try to fix this.
(Discovered by Ed Zalta and Emma Pease.)

128. A marginal note is misplaced if there is a footnote preceding
it on the same page. (Found by Chris Rowley. Corrected 26 Feb 88.)

129. In SLiTeX, Two adjacent \frac's run into one another. (Found by
Stephen Pohlig.)

130. In SLiTeX, in an array or tabular environment, the rules formed
by a `|' argument and by an \hline and \cline command appear in all
color layers. (Corrected 8 Jun 88.)

131. If, for a counter foo, \thefoo is defined to contain mention of a
non-preloaded font, then a \label{bar} command that involves counter
foo will write some garbage on the .aux file causing an error on a
\ref{foo} command. (Reported by Peter K. Schilling. Corrected 20 Jul 88.)

132. If a \contentsline or \addtocontents command immediately precedes
an \include, then the table of contents line it produces may appear
later than the contents lines added by the included file. There does
not appear to be an easy fix for this.
(First reported by Rainer Schoepf and Frank Mittelbach)

133. If the output routine is called while in a tabbing environment,
strange things can happen because \-, \', etc. have unusual
definitions. (Reported by Detlev Droege and Friedrich Haubensak.
Corrected 4 Aug 88.)

134. Redefining something like \thefigure to include a size-changing
command like \small causes an error when a \ref referes to a label that
labels a figure environment. This problem can be solved by using
\protect\noexpand\protect\small instead of \small. I'm not sure
if this is a bug, and I doubt if I'll fix it. (Reported by Peter

135. The \pagebreak and \nopagebreak commands have no effect
inside a tabbing or eqnarray environment. (Reported by Mik Bickis.)

136. Typing "\hspace*{...} plus ..." causes an error. (Reported by
Emma Pease. Corrected 13 Oct 1988.)

137. The size of the circle printed by \circle{L} not a monotonic
function of L. (Reported by Nick North, diagnosed by Ian Young.
Corrected 1 Nov 1988.)

138. A command like \index or \label could incorrectly suppress a
space after the next \end command. (Reported by Johannes Braams.
Partially fixed on 30 Nov 88. Problem can still occur if \index or
\label command comes inside the \end's environment.)

139. Extra vertical space appears below a `p' entry in a tabular or
array environment if the last line has nonzero depth. (Reported by
Michael DeCorte. Corrected 14 Jan 1989.)

149. A \multicolumn command did not work right immediately
before a \\[D] command when D was a positive length.
(Reported by John Lee. Corrected 8 Feb 89.)

150. In the minipage environment, spacing between footnotes is too small
(Found by Don Hosek. Corrected 27 Mar 89.)

151. \pounds didn't work in math mode. (Discovered by Don Hosek.
Corrected 10 Apr 89.)

152. \indexentry commands instead of \glossaryentry commands are
written on the .glo file. (Discovered by William D. Partain.
Corrected 14 Apr 89.)

153. Following minor changes made
\include: prevent space in \include{foo } from wiping out input file.
\begin-\end: detects unmatched \begin ended with \end{document}
\verb: the leading spaces in \verb+ foo+ will not be dropped at the
beginning of a line.
Also, minor changes to \newline (\\ in paragraph mode), minipage
environment, \tableofcontents, \listoffigures, and \listoftables
that should produce no noticable effects. (Changes made 24 May 89,
mostly based on suggestions by by Frank Mittelbach and Rainer Sch\"opf.

154. A bug in the picture environment caused an extra space to appear
in a picture if an offset is specified and the environment begins with
a declaration that generates a \special or some such TeX "other".
(Corrected 13 Jun 89.)

155. Change 137 introduced a problem with the \oval command.
(Reported by David Long and several other users, corrected 7 Dec 89.)

156. A \label command in math mode that follows a space command
like \, causes an error. (Discovered by Charles Karney, corrected
18 Dec 89.)

157. A \newcommand declaration in horizontal mode added an extra
space. (Discovered by Jim Curry, corrected 9 Jan 90.)


[Changes needed to conform with changes to LaTeX are not noted.]

1. \caption doesn't work properly with optional argument. (Corrected 28 Dec 83)

2. The change to the thebibliography environment described in item 2
below requres a change to the .STY files. (Change made 28 Dec 83)

3. The description environment was changed to allow a larger value
of \leftmargin than the default. The parameter \descriptionlabelwidth
gives the maximum value of \labelwidth for a description environment.
It should be \def'd to something like .2\linewidth. (Change made 31 Dec 83)

4. A minor bug in a \mark command made it possible for a page heading
to come on an earlier page than it should. (Change made 13 Jan 84)

5. Version 2.06 eliminated the .PLO files and completely changed the
organization of the .STY files. See LERRATA.TEX.

6. The style files were changed to accomodate the new convention that
assumes printing starts one inch from the top and left edges of the paper.

7. LABLST.TEX did not work with Version 2.06. (Corrected 18 July 84.)

8. The default margins for the list environment weren't being set
properly in SLIDES.DOC/STY. (Corrected 26 July 84.)

9. The table* environment was producing single-column rather than
double-column tables. (Corrected 16 September 84.)

10. In the letter style, commands like \it didn't work right when
the appeared in mailing labels. (Corrected 21 September 84)

11. \begin{displaymath} ... \end{displaymath} doesn't work right
in the fleqn style option. (Corrected by a change in Version 2.07.)

12. In the letter style, a null argument of a \begin{letter}
produced an error. (Corrected 21 October 1984.)

13. Multiple paragraph footnotes don't work properly. (Corrected
8 November 1984)

14. In normal article style, the \maketitle command did not prevent a
figure from going above it at the top of the page. (Corrected 9

15. The thebibliography environment messed up when there were more
that 26 items. (Corrected 9 November)

16. The letter document style for Version 2.07 had incorrect
enumerate and itemize environments. (Corrected 9 November)

17. The article style was changed so the thebibliography command
produces the title "References" instead of "Bibliography". (Note that
report style still produces "Bibliography".) (Changed 17 November

18. LABLST.TEX may die if there's an un\protect'ed font-changing
command in a table of contents entry. (Corrected 24 November 1984)

19. A list inside a trivlist environment, like a theorem environment,
doesn't work right. (Corrected 27 November 1984)

20. The report style messed up page headings in single-sided output with
the headings option. (Corrected 5 December 1984)

21. The quotation environment puts extra space between paragraphs.
(Corrected 3 January 1985).

22. The \[ ... \] environment had a minor bug in the fleqn style option.
(Corrected 6 February 1985)

23. A change was made to the letter style that should fix the
anomalous page breaking. (Thanks to Mike Fischer for tracking it
down.) (Change made 9 February 1985)

24. A sectioning command (like \paragraph) that produces an in-line
heading (not on a separate line) doesn't work properly when it is
immediately followed by a list or trivlist environment, or one that
uses those environments (like verbatim or quote). (Corrected in Version

25. The leqno style option doesn't work. (Corrected 20 May 1985)

26. The `slides' document style ignored all style options. (Corrected
20 November 1985)

27. \tableofcontents, \listoffigures, \bibliography, etc. affect the
page headings when the myheadings style is used. (Reported by
Tim Morgan.) (Corrected 17 December 85)

28. The old version of the description environment was inadvertantly
left in the `letter' and `slides' style. (Reported by Rusty Wright.)
(Corrected 17 January 86)

29. In all styles: no hyphenation is done in multi-line figure and
table captions.

30. Labels in the letter style did not work right if the user changed
\parindent. (Reported by Mike Fischer, corrected 5 Mar 86.)

31. The `ifthen' style option was modified to make \protect work
in the `test' argument of \ifthenelse and \while.
(Problem reported by Tor Lillqvist, corrected 28 Oct 1986)

32. A bug in the `ifthen' style made \equal not work after a
\newcommand, \newenvironment, \renewcommand, or \renewenvironment
command. (Problem reported by Tor Lillqvist, corrected 16 December 1986)

33. With the `fleqn' style option, the text following a displayed
equation always began a new paragraph, even if it was not preceded
by a blank line. (Reported by Joe Weening, corrected 9 March 1987)

34. If a size-changing command is given at the outermost brace and
\begin-\end level, and is followed by a \normalsize command, then
the parameters used for controlling first-level lists are messed up.
(Reported by Tom Hofmann, corrected 9 Jun 1987.)

35. The letter style was changed to make the \date command have
the expected effect. (Suggested by John Pavel. Change made
20 Jul 87.)

36. In the definition of \newblock inside \thebibliography, there
was a "minus -.07ex" that should have been "minus .07ex".
(Found by Oren Patashnik, corrected 12 October 1987.)

37. In the `openbib' style option, a couple of "\markboth"s should
have been "\@mkboth"s. (Found by Oren Patashnik, corrected 12 October

38. A first-level list environment inside a trivlist environment
messes up the left margin. (Reported and correction suggested
by Martha Wershofen, corrected 22 December 1987.)

39. The \label command did not work for cross-referencing parts.
(Reported by Paul Karger, corrected 19 January 1988.)

40. Changes made to \l@section command (article style) and \l@chapter
command (book, report styles) for making table of contents entries to
conform to 25 Jan 88 change to \numberline. (Reported by
Gunther Hartmann, corrected 5 February 88.)

41. \protect did not work in the argumment to an \index command
when the showidx style option is used. (Reported by Nelson Beebe.
Corrected 22 Feb 88.)

42. The definitions in the standard style did not allow the labels
in an `enumerate' environment to be changed in the usual way be
redefining `\theenum...'. (Corrected 16 Mar 88.)

43. With \pagestyle{empty}, a \chapter command still produces a page
number on the first page of a chapter. (Reported by Peter Schilling 3
June 88. Deemed not worth correcting.)

44. A bug in the `letter' style caused a number to disappear from
the output if it occurred at the beginning of a paragraph after
a \ps. (Corrected 20 Sep 88.)

45. Report and book styles: Changed macros that produced "part" and
"chapter" table-of-contents entries to improve page breaking.
(Changed 24 May 89, as suggested by Jerry Leichter.)

46. In the fleqn style, \@beginparpenalty and \@endparpenalty were
used instead of \predisplaypenalty and \postdisplaypenalty before and
after a displayed equation made with \[ ... \] or the "equation"
environment. (Reported by Rainer Sch\"opf and Frank Mittelbach.
Corrected 24 May 89.)

47. The fix to the fleqn style reported in number 46 (24 May 89)
re-introduced bug fixed in number 33 (9 Mar 87).
(Corrected 26 Sep 89.)

48. Certain keywords like "height" caused an error in an \index
command with the showidx style option. (Reported by Joachim Schrod,
corrected 11 Oct 89.)

49. A bug in the definition of \part in the book and report styles
made them use the optional argument instead of the regular argument
for the heading printed in the text. (Reported by Richard Roy,
corrected 13 Nov 89.)



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