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With modifications of 06-Oct-1991


- From now on, changes in the system will be documented in the file

- altered so that, among other things coding_scheme from
METAFONT is written into the TFM file. With this change, all BAS
files are also new.

- The previous change has the effect of altering all TFM files -
without any effect on TeX and the printer drivers except for

- ahyphen.tex is now really the correct version - direct from Stanford.

- fmt.bat and fmt.cmd have been changed to store the correct name of
the format into the FMT file (for instance, before: lplain, now:

- The three preceding changes cause changes to all the FMT files.

- MFjob 1.1c: '_' is now allowed.

- gftodvi.mfj to create the gray, black and slant fonts for the modes
epsonfx and hplaser is now supplied.

- bigMETAFONT (BMF package).

- A new version (2.2) of german.sty - the documentation
germdoc.tex/dvi supplied with emTeX is for a somewhat older version:
"S, "A "CK and so on are new as described in german.sty.
Unfortunately hexadecimal constants are not permitted when
german.sty is in use (for example, \char"1a).

- The modifications of H. Partl and others to the LaTeX style files
have been transferred to the newer versions of these files (in


- Error corrected: the printer drivers would not output to a device (such as
PRN) under DOS.



- The TEX package is divided into TEX and GTEX. There are now two batch files
to create the respective FMT files, fmt and gfmt.

- The LATEX package has been divided into LATEX and GLATEX.

- The BTEX package has been divided into BTEX and GBTEX. There are now two
batch files to create the respective FMT files, fmt and gfmt.

- The BLATEX package has been divided into BLATEX and GBLATEX.

- New version of TeXcad.


*** TeX 3.0

*** TeX: command line options changed:
/c name changed to /r, only available in INITEX, the setting will be
stored in the FMT file
/x does not exist any longer, replaced by /c850_tex.
New command line options:
/a* writes the file * when 'E to edit' is selected
/c* set the TCP file (TeX code page)
/mf# set font_mem_size
/mn# set nest_size
/mp# set pool_size
/ms# set save_size
/mt# set trie_size
/8 the input file contains 8-bit characters
/o the output file should contain 8-bit characters
/pv* mechanism for setting default directories
New environment variables: EMTEXOPT, EXTEXED and EMTEXDRV.
For more information see texware.doc.

- TeX (standard version): 'hash size' increased from 2500 to 3500.

- TeX: Ctrl-Z is only taken to mean end of file when it appears at the
beginning of a line.

- TeX: tex.poo is sought first in the current directory, then in the
directories listed in the environment variable TEXFMT and finally in

- bigTeX has become smaller (and also quicker); INITEX now runs under DOS.

- bigTeX now has a quarter_word of 9-bits - this allows ghyphen.max to be

- bglatex.cmd and bglatex.bat have been renamed gblatex.cmd and gblatex.bat.

*** If you are using the FMT files plain.fmt and lplain.fmt (American
hyphenation) the character codes 128..254 will not be converted into TeX
control sequences. If you want this conversion then you must create a new
FMT file using the /c850_tex option.

- New program in the TEXWARE package: maketcp to make TCP (TeX Code Page)

- A newer version of ghyphen.tex, now called ghyphen.min. There is also a
ghyphen.max which can only be used with bigTeX.

- The file 3.tex can be used to create FMT files from TEX files which have not
yet been converted to TeX 3.0 (like LaTeX). This file should be included by
the command \input 3 before the \dump command (see fmt.cmd and fmt.bat).

*** ahyphen.tex has been renamed hyphen.tex - it won't change again.

- New version of german.sty and germdoc.tex/dvi (GTEX package). Unfortunately
there is a problem when using this style with TeX 3.0: if you are using
gplain.fmt or glplain.fmt and do not enter \selectlanguage{german}
(\selectlanguage{german} is the default) or if you are using plain.fmt or
lplain.fmt and you do not enter \selectlanguage{english} you will have to
create new format files for the hyphenation to work. This affects mainly
users in Austria - they should copy gfmt.cmd/bat and, for Austria, replace

\language1 by \language2.

- Instead of the LaTeX format file and modified style files, a new format,
ILaTeX, is supplied. Unfortunately the latex.tex file for ILatex is a little
old so that 3 errors appear in it ...
All the files in \emtex\texinput\german have now gone so this directory
should not appear in the environment variable TEXINPUT. The DOC files (now
in the LATEXDOC package) are those for the standard version of LaTeX,
unfortunately there are none with the ILaTeX alterations.

- A new version of the `LaTeX Summary' (LaTeX-Kurzbeschreibung) is supplied.

- The -e option for TeXconv is now implemented though with limitations. It is
now possible to convert TeX control sequences into accented letters in the
extended character set.

*** TeXconv now uses the conversion table in TCP files. The calling sequence
has altered.

- DVItype: -pv and EMTEXDRV.

- texchk: handles all characters with codes 128-255, new option: -2.

- texchk: new option: -r (allow control characters).

- VFtoVP and VPtoVF are supplied (TEXWARE package).


- BiBTeX now has the standard sizes and uses virtual memory.

- The BibTeX stack has been increased.

- BibTeX: -pv and EMTEXDRV.


- dvidrv: many changes, for instance, virtual fonts and a DeskJet driver. See

- The text file name for makedot can now be entered as -: input will then be
taken from the standard input and output will be to the standard output.

*** dvidrv configuration files now set only the resolution and the font.
aiw.cnf and itoh.cnf have (together) been replaced by ito.cnf, hplj.cnf has
been renamed lj.cnf. There are new configuration files for use with reduced
fonts - for instance, p6l_p6h.cnf for 180dpi with the P6H fonts.
mspitoh.bat/cmd has been renamed mspito.bat/cmd - there is no longer a

- dvidot parameter files for 24-pin Proprinters (IBM 4207, IBM4208):,,,
These correspond to the sequence,,,
You can use the following batch file (prt4207l.bat/cmd):
@echo off
dvidot ibm4207l @p6l.cnf /po=prn /h=12 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

- dvidot parameter files for 9-pin Proprinters (IBM 4201, IBM 4202):,
These correspond to,
You can use the following batch file (prt4201.bat/cmd):
@echo off
dvidot ibm4201 @fx.cnf /po=prn /h=12 %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
These parameter files are almost unusable as the 4201/4202 is unable to do a
1/216" line feed. This causes very poor output quality and extremely slow

*** PCLtoMSP now understands DeskJet graphics. Calling sequence somewhat



- METAFONT: new command line options -
/a* writes the file * when `E to edit' is chosen
/mp# sets pool_size (default 35000)
/gc set CGA graphics mode
/ge set EGA graphics mode
/gv set VGA graphics mode
/pv* mechanism for setting default directories
New environment variables: MFOPT, EMTEXED and EMTEXDRV.
For more information see mfware.doc.

- METAFONT: an error concerned with control characters (TABs!) following file
names has been corrected.

- METAFONT: mf.poo is sought first in the current directory, then in the
directories listed in the environment variable MFBAS, and finally in

- METAFONT: graphics output under Presentation Manager (OS/2).

- A new mode in epsonmx (Epson MX-80, very low resolution, looks
horrible). With this new BAS files as well.

- New options for MFjob:
/2 call mf286
/b call bigMETAFONT
/i ignore METAFONT errors
/d don't use expanded memory
/pv* mechanism for setting default directories

- New environment variable: EMTEXDRV.

- all.mfj corrected (logo fonts with plain instead of cm).

- MFjob: the overlays are now called mfjob1.ovl and mfjob2.ovl instead of
mfjob1.exe and mfjob2.exe .

- and manfnt.tfm are new (they were and manual.tfm before).

- GFtoDVI: -pv and EMTEXDRV.

- GFtoPK can now handle characters more complex than before.


- Correction: the author of "LaTeX: Eine Einfuehrung" is Helmut Kopka.

- help.eng and help.ger (on the first disk) contain frequently asked questions
(with answers!).

- changes.doc has been divided into changes.ger and changes.pre .

- New versions of many other programs.

*** delete: ***ATTENTION***: meaning of -n option changed!


- dviscr/dviscrs: bug fixed: the previewers crashed when used with
a Hercules Graphics Card.

- pkedit: Bug fixed: the previewers crashed when used with a Hercules
Graphics Card.


_ dvihplj: bug fixed.

- cmman.tfm and are now up-to-date.

- cmman.tfm and manfnt.tfm moved from MISC_MF package to TEX package.

- german.sty: bug fixed.

- New mfj files: texbook.mfj and slitex.mfj.


*** dvidrv: see \emtex\doc\english\dvidrv.doc (new dvidot parameter files,
for example).

*** New font libraries. See README.ENG. The font cmtt12 is now available
in all magnifications; lfonts.tex has been changed to use cmtt12 instead
of scaled cmtt10.

*** The fonts circle10 and circlew10 have been renamed lcircle10 (lcircle1)
and lcirclew10 (lcirclew). See README.ENG.

- TeXcad: see \emtex\doc\english\texcad.ver.

- New version of ILaTeX (book.sty, report.sty, latex.tex, lfonts.tex,
lplain.fmt, lplaing.fmt).

- New version of german.sty.

- All MFware and TeXware programs: user interface improved/corrected.

- New mfj files for AMSFonts 2.0 (the fonts are not part of emTeX).

*** All mfj files changed. Now all the paths are set only in modes.mfj.

- MFjob: small optical change.

- Batch files for creating the SliTeX fmt files are now included.

- PCLtoMSP: PCX file support, usage changed slightly.

- METAFONT: some new modes defined in

- makedot: bugs fixed (see makedot.doc).


- New version of TeXcad.


- The dvidrv manual (DVIDRVMA package) is now available in English.

- DVIDRVMA.ZIP moved from diskette 3 to diskette 6.

- TEXCAD.ZIP moved from diskette 6 to diskette 3.


- The emTeX manual (emtex.dvi) is now available in English.

------- End of CHANGES.ENG -------

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