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@ No Printer
a Alphacom Aero, Legend
a Alps 2000, 2100, ALQ 318
b Alps ALQ 324
a Antex ADS 2000
c Apple Dot Matrix Printer
c Apple ImageWriter, ImageWriter II
c Apple Scribe
a BMC BX-80, BX-100
a Brother M-1509, M-1709
a Brother 2024L (data processing mode)
a Canon A-50, A-60/G
a Centronics GLP
a PrintStation 240, PrintStation 351PC
a Citizen MSP-10, MSP-15, MSP-20
a Citizen MSP-25, MSP-50, MSP-55, 120D
b Citizen Tribute 224
d C.Itoh ProWriters 1550, 8510, 8600
a C.Itoh ProWriter Jr
a C.Itoh C-310EP, C-310FP, C-310XP
b C.Itoh 715 (Epson LQ mode)
f C.Itoh 715 (Toshiba 351 mode)
f C.Itoh 815 (Toshiba 351 mode)
a Comrex 420
a DataProd. 8012 (Epson mode)
a DataProd. 8070 Plus (Epson mode)
e DataProd. P-80, 8050 (ETX graphics)
e DataProd. 8052, 8070 (ETX graphics)
e DataProd. 8072 (ETX graphics)
a DataSouth DS-220 (ESC L graphics)
a DataSouth Personal Printer
a Diablo (Xerox) P10i, P12CQi
a Diablo (Xerox) P32CQi, 34NLQ
a Digital Equipment LA-210
a Dynax DM-20
c Epson AP-80
a Epson EX-800, EX-1000
a Epson FX-85, FX-86, FX-185, FX-286
a Epson JX-80
b Epson LQ-800, LQ-1000
b Epson LQ-1500, LQ-2500
a Epson LX-80, LX-86, LX-800
a Epson MX-80, MX-82, MX-100
b Epson SQ-2000
a Fujitsu DL2600, DX2200 (Epson mode)
a Genicom 1020, 3210 (IBM mode)
a Genicom 3320 Quiet, 3410 (IBM mode)
a Hermes Printer I
a HP Thinkjet (sw5 up - Epson mode)
a IBM Graphic Printer
a IBM ProPrinter, ProPrinter XL
a InfoRunner RiteMan, RiteMan Plus
a InfoRunner RiteMan Blue Plus,
a InfoRunner RiteManII, RiteMan F-Plus
a InfoRunner Super F-Plus, 15
a InfoScribe 1100P, 1400 (Epson mode)
e Integral Data 460, 560, Prism 80
e Integral Prism 132, Prism 480
a JDL JDL-850 EWS (Epson mode)
a MannesmanTally Spirit80 (Epson mode)
a MannesmanTally MT-290 (Epson mode)
a MannesmanTally MT-490 (Epson mode)
a Memotech DMX-80
a MPI SX Printer
d NEC P-2, P-3 (C.Itoh mode - ESC S)
a NEC P-2, P-3 (Epson mode - ESC L)
b NEC P-5XL (Epson LQ mode)
a NEC PC-PR105a
i NEC PC-8023, PC-8025, PC-8027
a Newbury OSP-3
a Nissho NP-910
b Nissho NP-2410
g Okidata 182,183 (Microline ETX)
a Okidata 182,183 (IBM model ESC L)
c Okidata 182,183 (Apple model ESC G)
h Okidata 192,193 (Microline ETX)
h Okidata 292,293,294 " "
a Okidata 192,193 (IBM model ESC L)
a Okidata 292,293,294 " "
c Okidata 192,193 (Apple model ESC G)
c Okidata 292,293 (Apple model ESC G)
a Okidata Pacemark 2410 (IBM model)
a Olympia NP 136
a Panasonic KX-P1080, KX-P1090
a Panasonic KX-P1091, KX-P1092
a Panasonic KX-1092I, KX-P1592
a Panasonic KX-P1595
b Printronix P1013 (Epson LQ mode)
a Qantex 7055, 7065
a SCM D-200, D-300
a Seikosha BP-5420AI, MP-1300 AI
b Seikosha SL-80 AI
i Sony SMI-7020
a Star Gemini 10x, 15x
a Star Delta 10, Delta 15
a Star Radix 10, Radix 15
b Star NB24-10, NB24-15, NB-15
a Star ND-10, ND-15, NL-10, NP-10,
a Star NR-15, NX-10, NX-15
a Star SG-10, SG-15, SD-10
a Star SD-15, SR-10, SR-15
a Tandy DMP-130, DMP-2110, DMP-430
a Texas Instruments 855, 865 (dp mode)
a Texas Instruments Omni 880

f Toshiba 1340, 1350, 1351
f Toshiba P-321, P-341, P-351

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: