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copyright 1991

Denis L. Latkowski
417 Tantallion Court
Baltimore, Maryland 21212

VOCAB is a short program that has three functions:

1. teach the person using it new vocabulary words; for each new word:
-- word
-- definitions
-- forms
-- sample sentences using the word

2. quiz on the words just learned
-- if the answer is wrong, an explanation is given about the
correct answer
-- score is constantly updated: words tried, percentage
-- "rating" is given at the conclusion of the quiz

3. test on the words learned and quizzed
-- no help is given on an incorrect answer
-- score is constantly updated: words tried, percentage
-- "rating" is given at the conclusion of the quiz

There are a total of five word lists included with the program; they
all have the extension .VOC, labeled PART01 through PART05. Each
vocabulary file contains ten words. I decided to use ten since any
more than that might too difficult to learn at one sitting.

TEST is a testing program for the words already learned. It consists
of 50 multiple choice questions on the words from PART01 through
PART05. After a student goes through parts 1 to 5, a real test of
words learned is TEST1.

The lists of words have been taken from VOCABULARY WORKSHOP by Warriner's
(which in turn is taken from Warriner's ENGLISH GRAMMAR AND


List of files included:
name size

MANUAL.DOC 9603 manual for TEST and VOCAB
README.DOC 6949 registration benefits and information
REGISTER.DOC 1577 registration form
TEST.EXE 14346 program for taking 50 question vocab test
VOCAB.EXE 15548 program to teach new vocabulary words
TEST1.TST 9050 test data for use with TEST
PART01.VOC 12880 vocabulary words for VOCAB
PART02.VOC 12880 "
PART03.VOC 12880 "
PART04.VOC 12880 "
PART05.VOC 12880 "


Those who register will receive VEDITOR which will create your own
vocabulary files with a maximum of twenty words. This is the program
that created the .VOC files included with this Shareware version.
There is no limitation (except on your time) on the .VOC files you can
create with VEDITOR. The words you select can be course specific;
a chemistry teacher would obviously have a different set of words than,
say, a history teacher. YOU pick the words, definitions, forms, sample
sentences, quiz and test sentences. The same is true with TEDITOR,
discussed below.

VOCAB will not contain the closing shareware screen and the opening
title screen is of a shorter duration.

a caveat: there is no easy method of entering the information. The
program will guide you each step of the way. It will be similar to
using a word processor in Insert mode but being asked for each line
of information.

Using VEDITOR, once you Create a VOC file, you can Add words to it (you
don't have to do all the work at one time), Edit the information (if
you realize that you've made a mistake); Print the contents of any VOC

You also have the Learn, Quiz, and Test sections in the program so you
don't have to exit the program and run VOCAB to see what your new word
lists look like.

You can also Print or view on the Screen all the scores of the work done
by your students, including whether or not the Learning section has been
completed. You can also Reset the score file any time you want.

VEDITOR is completely menu driven, just like VOCAB, and thus very easy
to use.

Registration will also bring you TEDITOR, a program that will enable you
to write your own multiple choice tests, just like TEST1 included with
the Shareware version. You can have up to 50 words with four possible
answers for each word and the students' scores will be saved, just like
when they complete the VOCAB sections.

Registration will bring you:

--> VEDITOR for creating vocabulary files
--> TEDITOR for creating tests
--> VOCAB with no Shareware screen
--> a minimum of five more vocabulary lessons
--> a minimum of one more 50 question test
--> students scores are kept and added to be viewed at a later date
--> installation hints for a network with a site registration
--> .ITM files for installing the three programs using IBM's IClass
(for site registration only)
--> manual on disk (possibly a printed one if time and money allow)

There are two different registrations:

Single user -- $25

you are allowed to run only one copy at a time of VEDITOR or VOCAB
or TEDITOR on ONE machine
-- one teacher, one copy
-- one student, one copy

Site license -- $125

there is no limitation as the number of people who are using VEDITOR
or VOCAB at the same time. If you have a network, the site license
will enable you to pay one fee for any and all users of the program.
Included with the site license will be .ITM files for installing
VOCAB and VEDITOR on a Novell network using IBM's IClass and some
helpful hints and suggestions for working on a network. The same
applies also for TEDITOR.

(A school can purchase a site license, and provide copies to all
the teachers in its school who can then use it with all their
students without incurring any additional expense.)



copyright 1991

Denis L. Latkowski
417 Tantallion Court
Baltimore, Maryland 21212

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