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copyright 1991

Denis L. Latkowski
417 Tantallion Court
Baltimore, Maryland 21212


PC, XT, AT, 386, 486
less than 256K memory
floppy or hard disk
color monitor or b/w capable of grayscale

(MAY work with mono cards but some of the video colors may
not appear as normal colors with a mono card. I cannot
guarantee compatibility with monochrome video cards.)

When VOCAB or TEST is started, both programs will create a
temporary file on your disk (floppy or hard). When you exit
the program, the file will be deleted.
However, in the event of a brown out, you reboot your computer
for some reason, the computer is turned off, the file will NOT
be erased. If you ever get the message about "another copy
of the program is being run," and you are returned to DOS without
the program running, the file needs to be manually deleted.
To manually delete the file, at the DOS prompt, type in

del *.chk (press ENTER)

(This assumes you have no other files with the extension .CHK
on your disk in this directory.)

Once the file is deleted, the program will run.
Remember, you DO NOT have to do this every time, but ONLY in
the event that you do not NORMALLY exit the program.

The error message WILL appear if two people try to run the same
program from the same directory at the same time (on a network).
Only one person is allowed to use the program at a time.
This "safety factor" is eliminated with the purchase of a site


VOCAB and TEST are completely menu driven.


Each time, you run the Shareware version of VOCAB, the message

"Scores reset -- press ESC"

will appear at the top of the screen. Press the ESCAPE key (ESC)
and the program will begin. The message means that each time the
program is started, the scores are reset; old scores are not kept
and there is no way provided for a teacher or parent to see what
a student or child has received on each section. The student will
receive a score and a rating at the end of the Quiz and the Test
section, the scores will be saved; but the next time the program
is begun, the old scores will be erased.

When you start VOCAB, you are presented with this menu:

File Learn Quiz Test Exit

To navigate the menu the easy way, press the capital letter in the
word you'd like to do: F for file, L for learn.

The first thing to be done is to Open a file: File (f) and then Open (o)

A window will open and you'll be given a list of all the vocabulary
files (those with the extension .VOC) that are on the disk. At the
bottom of the window you'll be asked to type in the name (the first
eight letters only) of the file you'd like to work with.

The screen might look like:


If you want to work with PART04.VOC, simply type in part05, press ENTER
or RETURN, and the program will read the vocabulary file into memory.
If you make a mistake typing in the name and realize it before pressing
ENTER, use the BACKSPACE key to erase and type it in correctly.

If you type in a name NOT in the list (for example, typing in part11),
you'll be told at the top of the screen (the message line), that the
file doesn't exist and to try File / Open again.

If your returned to the menu without an error message, that means the
vocabulary file has been read and you're ready to begin working.


File Learn Quiz Test Exit

After opening a file, you will Learn / Learn the words. A window will
open and each screen will present you with
the vocabulary word
forms of the word
sample sentences
Pressing any key after reading the material moves you on to the next word.


George, please read carefully.
word # 1 abhor
verb to hate; to detest; to regard with extreme repugnance: loathe
(adj) hateful; repugnant

verb abhors, abhorred, abhorring; adj abhorrent; adv abhorrently
noun abhorrence; abhorrer

sample sentence(s)
Sally abhors her little brother since he's always bothering her and her
friends. Many people were sickened by the abhorrences of the Nazis.

Press any key to continue.

END sample screen from LEARN

File Learn Quiz Test Exit

After Learning the words, the next logical step is to take the Quiz / Quiz
on the words. You'll be given a sentence using one of the vocabulary
words blanked out "___?___" with four possible answers. Enter the number
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 of the correct answer and press ENTER or RETURN.

You'll be told whether your answer is correct or wrong; your score will
updated at the top of the screen. If your answer is wrong, an explanation
of the sentence and the vocabulary word will appear at the bottom of the
window, hopefully enforcing the meaning of the word.


George, your score thus far is
0 right out of 0 % SCORE: 0.00

No one except Tom could see Kia's ___?___ at the student council meeting
for we all assumed she was as sincere as the rest of us.

1. affectation
2. accessible
3. acclimation
4. adversary

Correct answer is 3

Because we realized, thanks to Tom, that Kia was not at all sincere at our
meeting, we knew of her AFFECTATION, her insincerity. She was "putting
on" an affected air.

END sample screen from QUIZ

File Learn Quiz Test Exit
After Learning the words, taking the Quiz on the words, it's now time
to take the Test / Test on the words. Once again you'll be presented
with a sentence using one of the vocabulary words with four possible
answers. Type in the number, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, and press ENTER or RETURN.
You'll be told if your answer is correct or not; the score will be
updated, and you'll move on to the next word after pressing a key.


George, your score thus far is
0 right out of 0 % SCORE: 0.00

Many of had told him not to be so ___?___ at all times because no one
could tell if he was serious or not, sincere or not.

1. abrasiveness
2. accessible
3. addicted
4. affected

Correct answer is

END sample screen TEST


File Learn Quiz Test Exit
To exit the program, type Exit / Exit. A Shareware screen will be
presented. There will be about a 20 second delay, and you'll be
returned to the DOS prompt.


The menu for TEST looks like:

File Test Exit

You first need to File / Open a file. Once again, a window will open
giving you a list of all test files (files ending in .TST). Type in
the name of the test file (in this case TEST1) and press ENTER or RETURN.

Once the test is in memory, press Test / Test to take the test.
You'll be presented with a short sentence using a vocabulary word and
four possible definitions. Press the number, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, and you'll
instantly be told if it's correct or wrong. There'll be a short delay
and you'll move on to the next word. With each answer, your score will
be instantly updated so you can see how your doing.

After taking the test, press Exit / Exit to quit the program.

See REGISTER.DOC for registration information.

See READ.ME for the benefits of registering
individual: $20.00
site: $125.00

Denis L. Latkowski
417 Tantallion Court
Baltimore, Maryland 21212

Thank you for trying VOCABULARY PRIMER.

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