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UCALC v2.8

Features added
o TSR (allows user to pop UCALC up at any time by pressing a key)
- Takes less than 6K of main memory (when using EMS or file)
- User can choose hot key
- " " " EMS, Main memory, or file
- User can paste the result when exiting
- TSR mode is optional. It's loaded by typing "UCALC /TSR"
- UCALC can be unloaded from memory
o Menu for graphing which supports the following by pressing a key:
- Tracing
- Zooming
- Area filling
- color changing
- grid/axis toggle
- dot/connect toggle
- monochrome toggle
- graph redraw
o Text can be added on the graphic screen at the cursor location
o PPLOT, or PLOT with no arguments recall previous equations for plotting
o Equations in the form y=f(x) can have a domain, ex: "PLOT 1/x, 1 to 5"
o DOS redirection can be turned off for faster screen output
o Built-in support for MCGA
o COLOR command to change text color

Commands which are new, or enhanced include: COLOR, GCOLOR, GRID, AXIS,

o More pages have been added to the help screen
o The commands in the help screen are in alphabetical order
o The PLOTDEMO file has been changed to reflect new graphing features
o The shareware version is the same as the registered version, except
for registration reminders.

Bug fix
o An error message is displayed when the incorrect number of parameters
is entered in built-in functions.
o Axis line markers are centered correctly when fractional numbers are
used in the WINDOW command.

UCALC v2.4 (8-16-94)

Features added
o Graphic plotting:
- Fast plotting
- CGA, EGA, Hercules, and VGA modes
- Cartesian, Polar, and Parametric graphs
- LINE, FILL, and RECTangle commands
- Data from another file can be plotted
- Support for up to 16 supper-imposed multi-color user graphs
- Smart crosshair (moves gradually faster as you hold arrow keys)
- Adjustable screen coordinate system
- Adjustable precision for graphs
o Ucalc now supports the factorial symbol (!).

o The syntax for several commands is more flexible. For instance
Also, the ".." used in SOLVE, SUM, etc.. can be replaced by " to ".
For instance SUM(x,1 to 10) is the same as SUM(x,1..10).
o The variable PI, and the functions SEC (secant), CSC (cosecant),
and COT (cotangent) are now built in.
o The function definition space has been greatly increased, so that
many more user functions can be defined. Each expression however
can use a maximum of 33 operators.
o Due to support for the factorial notation with the "!" symbol,
the "!=" symbol for "not equal" is no longer supported. "<>"
should be used instead.
o So that UCALC can start up a bit faster, UCALC.DEF has been removed.
Users can create their own UCALC.DEF file, or can modify, and rename
o Several extra features are now reserved for those who register.

Bug fixes
o Functions with multiple parameters can be a part of user functions
without giving an error message.

o UCALC /? no longer changes the screen color attribute.

UCALC v1.8 (9-14-93)

Features added
o Support for user functions with multiple parameters.
o Support for implicit multiplication.
o UCALC.DEF can contain any command.
o Variable 'last' contains the value of the previous expression
o Commands to change or remove the "ucalc> " and "Answer: " prompts
o PRINT, SHELL, LOAD, WRITE (save), CLOSE, EXIT (quick exit),
LISTF (list user functions) commands.

o FIX controls number of decimal digits rather than total digits.
o DIG command added to do what FIX used to do.
o Due to support for implicit multiplication, users should now
avoid giving a function the same name as a variable.
o All the features previously reserved only for registered users
are now available in the shareware evaluation copy.

Bug fixes
o F1 and CLS no longer change color screen attributes.
o Variables with embedded numeral digits no longer confuse the parser.
o UCALC.DEF in a different directory no longer causes a problem.

UCALC v1.2 (10-25-92)

This was the first public release.

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