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coll on nyz coLoniZe make a coLony sudd n ness suddeNNess sudden Elliot? re seev reCEIve 'cept after C flaj ah late flageLLate give'em "LL" vill an (bad guy)viLLain VILe AINt he? met al ik (of metal)metaLLic metaL+Lic kon furd confeRRed tare eff (tax)taRiFF always iFFy ka ress caRess when you caRe ah sass in (killer)aSSaSSin ka lah sul (huge)coloSSal loSS here ? ah sess mnt (evaluation)aSSeSSment hiSSSS teer a nee (despotism)tyraNNy but its tyraNt ba tal yun (army unit)baTTalion used in baTTle dih lemm ah (quandry)diLeMMa me dal yun meDaLLion meDaL+Lion diff eh dnt diFFIdEnt mayn tn ns maintEnAnce will EnhAnce ah kurr ns occurrEnce E occurrs sin a gog (holy place)sYnAgogue no sIn here! kum pare ah sin comparIson Paris, son? pro nowns eh bul pronouncEable keep the E ir uh tuh bul (cranky)iRRItAble from irrItAte kum pat tuh bul compatIble pij un (bird)piGeon PI:GEOmty term - H - H - H - H - H - H - 984 H - Complimentary H - Test H - TUFFs 51- 75 H