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If you haven't already done so, you should register your copy of Tinytalk
Personal because:

1) You will receive the latest version of Tinytalk Personal. You will
automatically receive any updates up to and including the next major
release. Upgrades beyond the next major release will be available at
nominal cost.

2) You won't have to hear the "nag message" when you load Tinytalk. (This
is the only difference between the registered and unregistered versions.
In keeping with the shareware concept, the unregistered version is fully

3) You will be able to obtain Braille or audio-tape manuals at cost.

4) You will be entitled to telephone support.

5) You will be able to purchase the Tinytalk Professional add-ins at a
substantial discount when they become available.

6) When new features are added that change the format of configuration
files, you will receive a conversion program to change your old .TTK files
to the new format.

7) You'll sleep better knowing that you're not violating the copyright

8) Last but not least you will be supporting the development of adaptive
software that is marketed directly to consumers and priced for individuals
rather than institutions.


Volume discounts apply to single orders for multiple copies of Tinytalk

-------- -----
1-2 $75.00 each
3-5 $70.00 each
6 and up $65.00 each

Corporate/organization site license: $1200.00 Allows making unlimited
copies of Tinytalk Personal for use at the facilities of a single company,
school district, etc.

Agency distribution license: $4500.00 Allows governmental or private not-
for-profit agencies serving clients with disabilities to distribute copies
of Tinytalk Personal to their clients, so long as clients are not charged
for their copies.

Dealers: Contact OMS Development for information on dealer prices.


By check or money order (or purchase order for governmental/educational
organizations or rated firms):

Send payment in US funds to:

OMS Development
1921 Highland Avenue
Wilmette, IL 60091

All requests for site or agency licenses should be directed to this
address. There is no shipping or handling charge for prepaid orders.
Purchase orders under $250 are subject to a 10% surcharge to defray
processing costs.

If required for corporate orders, our Federal tax ID number is 349-58-4334.

By Visa or MasterCard:

Call or write:

Shareable Software International
P.O. Box 59102
Schaumburg, IL 60159
708-397-1221 outside the United States
708-397-0381 FAX

Please note that these numbers are for orders only. For technical support,
call OMS Development at 708-251-5787.

Credit card orders are subject to a $5.00 processing charge. If writing or
FAXing, include 1) Name as it appears on card 2) Full card number 3)
Expiration date of card and 4) Signature.

Shareable Software International can also be contacted via CompuServe at
76226,2652 or via the Runway BBS at 215-623-6203 (join Conference 77).

Please specify disk media required (5.25" or 3.5") when ordering.

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Archive   : TTALK120.ZIP
Filename : ORDER.DOC

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