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:Ù ***************************************************ú:Ù * History Data entry and Changing Program *>:Ù * To be used with History time warp Program *‚(:Ù * Basic Programming final written by M.P. Kay *Æ2:Ù ***************************************************Î<:ÙôFÉ Ý:‚ Iç Ì 
:É I,"":ƒ:• § ‰ ÈP† M$(),M1$(),M2$():SP$çÖ(O, )êZR()ç:C()ç:F$()çÖ(,:):R()ç :C()ç:F$()çÖ(N,:):R()ç :C()çH:F$()ç":":R()ç:C()ç:F$()çÖ(,:):R()ç:C()ç:F$()çF$():R()ç:C()ç:F$()çF$():R()ç:C()ç:F$()çF$()+dR()ç:C()ç
:F$()çÖ(,:):R()ç:C()ç:F$()çÖ(N,:)~n:Ù ------------------- Menu requesting Instructions -------------------------¿xÀ:Ê 
,:‘ "This Program is for Generating New Questions":‘ê‚Ê  ,:‘ "Do you need instructions ";9ŒÊ ,:‘ "Press ";:¿ :‘ "Esc";:¿ :‘ " to return to History Program ";]–LEç: n:‹ Yç Í Š "HISTORY"y ‹ Y$ç"Y" ï Y$ç"y" Í œª‹ Y$ç"N" ï Y$ç"n" Í ¾ :¡ –ë´:Ù -------------------------- Get Menu Data -----------------------------¾º "MENU.DAT" ‚ … AS #Ȃ Iç Ì BÒ° … #,M$(I):° … #,M1$(I):° … #,M2$(I)L܃ I:»›æ:Ù ---------------- Print Menu Sreen for Changes ------------------------*ðÀ:‚ Iç Ì :‘ × " # - \\\ \ ## - \\\ \";I,M$(I),M1$(I),Ié,M$(Ié),M1$(Ié):ƒ I§úÊ ,
:‘ "To change the menu Type the ";:¿ :‘ "#";:¿ :‘ ". Press ";:¿ :‘ "Esc ";:¿ :‘ "Prev. Screen. ":‘ Ö(O,Ä)¹Ê ,:‘ SP$;æÊ ,D:LEç: n:Açÿ”(A$):‹ Yç Í xC‹ Aç ï Aæ Í Å:Ê ,:‘ "You cannot change Numbers 7 - 13 -14";:‚ Tç Ì Ð:ƒ T:‰ Z"‹ Aè ï Aæ Í ©,:Ù --------------------- Change Menu Variables -------------------------- 6Ê ,:¿ :‘ "Esc";:¿ :‘ " takes you back to Previous Entry ";:¿ :‘ "End";:¿ :‘ " if no changes";:NNçAg@Ê ,:¿ :‘ "You Elected to change this Period and message":¿ ¤JÊ ,:‘ M$(A);M1$(A);Î!)"::::::::::::::::::::::::::::"ÊTÊ ,:‘ M2$(A):Ê ,:‘ Ö(B,:)^Zç:Ê ,!:‘ ":":Ê ,!:LEç: n:‹ Yç Í  Z:Ê ,D:‘ " ";:‰ )h‹ ZçO Í NKr‹ ÿ’(A$)è Í STç: ú:‰ ^§|‹ A$ è"A" ï A$ æ "Z" Í Ê ,:‘ SP$;:Ê ,:‘ "This MUST be a capital letter";:Å:‰ ^ †‚ Jç Ì :‹ A$ ç M$(J) î JèæNN Í Ê ,:‘ SP$;:Ê ,:‘ "First letters of a Subject CANNOT match another";:Å:‰ ^(ƒ J2šX$çA$z¤Ê ,":‘ Ö(,:):Ê ,":LEç: n:‹ Yç Í J :¡ ‹ YçO Í Nœ®‹ ÿ’(A$)è Í STç: ú:‰ ¤§¸X1$çA$ÝÂÊ ,:‘ Ö(B,:):Ê ,:LEçB: n:‹ Yç Í ¤èÌX2$çA$ Ö‹ ÿ’(A$)è
: ú:‰ ÂdàÊ ,:‘ SP$;:Ê , :‘ "Is this information correct. Yes will change the Menu ";:Å{êY$çÞ:‹ Y$ç"" Í ê—ô‹ Y$ç"N" ï Y$ç"n" Í ºþ‹ Y$ç"Y" ï Y$ç"y" Í  :¡ êàM$(NN)çX$:M1$(NN)çX1$:M2$(NN)çX2$1:Ù -------------------- Save new Menu data --------------------------------Qº "MENU.DAT" ‚ OUTPUT AS #`&‚ Iç Ì ‡0‘ #,M$(I):‘ #,M1$(I):‘ #,M2$(I)‘:ƒ I:»âD:Ù----------------------- Get question variables --------------------------N• NN ‰ X,b,l,v,€,Š,”,ž,¨,²,¼,Æ3XHFIL$ç"ONE":‰ ÐIbHFIL$ç"TWO":‰ ÐalHFIL$ç"THREE":‰ ÐxvHFIL$ç"FOUR":‰ Џ€HFIL$ç"FIVE":‰ Ð¥ŠHFIL$ç"SIX":‰ ÐÅ”:Ù------ Seven is Not UsedÝžHFIL$ç"EIGHT":‰ Ðô¨HFIL$ç"NINE":‰ Ð
²HFIL$ç"TEN":‰ Ð"¼HFIL$ç"ELVEN":‰ Ð5ÆHFIL$ç"TWELVE"Rк HFIL$é".DAT" ‚ … AS #eÚ… #,SUB$,PER$´ä:Ù ------------------- Change Question Variables ------------------------ÆîÀ:QUç:QULçøÊ ,:‘ "Subject ";SUB$;:Açêÿ’(SUB$):‹ Aæ Í ‘ Ö(A,:);@‘ Î()"Period ";PER$;:Açêÿ’(PER$):‹ Aæ Í ‘ Ö(A,:); Ê ,:‘ "Question No.";Î<)"Questions Left":‘ Ö(O,Ä):‘:‘ª‘ "Year of the Event":‘:‘ "Question":‘M ‘ "Type of Ans. ";:¿ :‘ "T";:¿ :‘ "/F ";:¿ :‘ "M";:¿ :‘ "ulti Choice ";:¿ :‘ "P";:¿ :‘ "eople Place and Things ";:¿ :‘ "W";:¿ :‘ "ho am I"Œ*‘:‘ "Multi Choice (1)":‘ Î)"(2)":‘ Î)"(3)":‘ Î)"(4)"4‘:‘ "Answer"µ>‘:‘ "Ans. Remarks "ÒH‘:‘ Ö(O,Ä): R:‰ f/ RÊ ,:¿ :‘ ÿ–();:¿ :‘ " Prev. Line ";:¿ :‘ ÿ–();:¿ :‘ " Next Line ";d \¿ :‘ "End";:¿ :‘ " if no changes required";:Ž˜ fÊ ,
:‘ SUB$;:Açêÿ’(SUB$):‹ Aæ Í ‘ Ö(A,:);Ð pZç:Ê ,
:LEç: n:‹ Yç Í ð :¡ ‹ ZçO Í ¶ô z‹ ÿ’(A$)è
: ú:‰ f!„SUB$çA$3!ŽÊ ,0:‘ PER$;:Açêÿ’(PER$):‹ Aæ Í ‘ Ö(A,:);V!˜Ê ,0:LEç: n:‹ Yç Í fx!¢‹ ÿ’(A$)è Í STç: ú:‰ Ž„!¬PER$çA$ !¶º "WORK" ‚ OUTPUT AS #½!À‘ #,SUB$:‘ #,PER$:» #Ð!Ê‚ QUESTç Ì Þ!Ô‚ Kç Ì ï!Þ° … #,B$(K)÷!èƒ K"òÊ ,:‘ × "##";QUEST:QULçêQUEST6"üÊ ,L:‘ × "##";QUL‚"‚ Jç Ì :Ê R(J),C(J):‘ B$(J);:Açÿ’(F$(J))êÿ’(B$(J)):‹ Aæ Í ‘ Ö(A,:);Š"ƒ J˜"‚ Iç Ì à"$Yç:Zç:Ê R(I),C(I):LEçÿ’(F$(I)): n:‹ QUESTç î Iç î Yç Í ð#.‹ Yç î Iç î QUESTæ Í QUESTçQUESTê:‰ ò*#8‹ Yç Í IçIê:‰ $]#B‹ ZçO î Iç Í ‚ Jç Ì :A$(J)çB$(J):ƒ J:‰ â|#L‹ ZçH î Iæ Í IçIê:‰ $¢#V‹ ZçP î Iè
Í A$(I)çB$(I):‰ °³#`‹ Zç@ Í Ã#j‹ Zæ Í $æ#tA$(I)çA$:B$(I)çA$:‹ Ièæ Í °@$~‹ A$()ç"P" ï A$()ç"p" Í A$()ç"1":A$()ç"0":A$()ç"0":A$()ç"0":A$()ç"0":Iç:‰ °š$ˆ‹ A$()ç"T" ï A$()ç"t" Í A$()ç"2":A$()ç"0":A$()ç"0":A$()ç"0":A$()ç"0":Iç:‰ °ô$’‹ A$()ç"W" ï A$()ç"w" Í A$()ç"3":A$()ç"0":A$()ç"0":A$()ç"0":A$()ç"0":Iç:‰ °"%œ‹ A$()ç"M" ï A$()ç"m" Í A$()ç"4":‰ °,%¦‰ $4%°ƒ Ir%ºÊ ,:‘ SP$;:Å:Ê ,:‘ "Is this information correct ";‰%ÄY$çÞ:‹ Y$ç"" Í Ä¥%΋ Y$ç"N" ï Y$ç"n" Í Ð%Ø‹ Y$ç"Y" ï Y$ç"y" Í  R:‰ â :¡ Äì%⺠"WORK" ‚ APPEND AS #&ì‚ Kç Ì :‘ #,A$(K)&öƒ K:» #&ƒ QUEST4&
»:þ‡ HFIL$é".DAT"R&þ„ "WORK" AS HFIL$é".DAT"•&Ê ,:‘ SP$;:Ê ,:‘ "Do you wish to do any more changes ";¬&(Y$çÞ:‹ Y$ç"" Í (È&2‹ Y$ç"Y" ï Y$ç"y" Í ðó&<‹ Y$ç"N" ï Y$ç"n" Í Š "HISTORY" :¡ (A'F:Ù ---------------------- Instruction Menus ----------------------------®'PÀ:Ê  ,:‘ "The Instructions go here":Ê ,:‘ SP$;:Ê ,:‘ "Press Enter to Continue";:Y$ç…$():‰ ¾Ñ'Z‚ Iç Ì :Ê I,:‘ SP$;:ƒ I:Ž(d:Ù -------------------- Alpha - Numeric Input Routine ------------------/(nA$ç"":Ê ,,F(xY$çÞ:‹ Y$ç"" Í xh(‚‹ ÿ’(Y$)æ Í Zçÿ•(ÿ‚(Y$,)):Ž¶(ŒYçÿ•(Y$):‹ Yç î ÿ’(A$)æ Í ‘ ÿ–();":";ÿ–();:A$çÿ(A$,ÿ’(A$)ê):‰ x×(–‹ Yç
Í ‘ Ö(LEêÿ’(A$), ):Žæ( ‹ Yç Í Ž÷(ª‹ Yè Í x
)´A$çA$éY$:‘ Y$;%)¾‹ ÿ’(A$)çLE Í Ž :¡ x9)È‹ ÔçÐ Í ¨ îT)Ò‹ Õç4 î ÔçÞ Í ¨ òo)Ü‹ Õç> î ÔçÞ Í ¨ òŠ)æ‹ Õç5 î Ôç
 Í ¨ ¢)ð‘ Õ;" in line ";Ô:ï)úÊ ,:‘ SP$;:Ê ,:‘ "You must have ";ST;" letters in this field ";:Ž *‘ #,SUB$:‘ #,PER$:»<*À:Ê  ,:‘ "All files saved and closed ";:»: *À:Ê ,:¿ :‘ "I N S T U C T I O N S F O R G E N E R A T I N G Q U E S T I O N S":¿ +"Ê 
,:‘ "Do you wish instructions to print on ";:¿ :‘ "S";:¿ :‘ "creen or ";:¿ :‘ "P";:¿ :‘ "rinter ";6+,Y$çÞ:‹ Y$ç"" ï ÿ’(Y$)æ Í ,g+6‹ Y$ç"S" ï Y$ç"s" Í CONç:PAGELEN ç :‰ r+@‹ Y$ç"P" ï Y$ç"p" Í CONç:PAGELEN ç 6:‘ Y$:‰ T§+J‰ ,,TÊ ,:‘ "Do you want to pause for paper change ";:Y$ç…$():‹ Y$ç"Y" ï Y$ç"y" Í PRIç<,^Ê ,:¿ :‘ "Is the Printer on and ready (Y/N) ";h,hY$ç…$():‹ Y$ç"Y" ï Y$ç"y" Í | :¡ hÙ,rÀ:Ê ,:¿ :‘ "I N S T U C T I O N S F O R G E N E R A T I N G Q U E S T I O N S":¿ :‘ Ö(O,Ä):‘H-|‹ CONç Í  Î ) "I N S T U C T I O N S F O R G E N E R A T I N G Q U E S T I O N S": Ö(O,_):]-†‚ Iç  Ì PAGELENf-‡ A${-š‹ A$ç"END" Í Â-¤‹ CONç Í ‘ Î)A$ :¡  Î )A$¸-®ƒ I:‹ CONç Í  ÿ–( )÷-¸‹ PRIç Í Ê ,:‘ "Press any key to continue ";:Y$ç…$()¢.‹ CONç Í Ê ,:‘ "Press any key to continue ";:Y$ç…$():À:Ê ,:¿ :‘ "I N S T U C T I O N S F O R G E N E R A T I N G Q U E S T I O N S":¿ :‘ Ö(O,Ä):‘/Ì‹ CONç î A$èæ"END" Í  Î) "I N S T U C T I O N S F O R G E N E R A T I N G Q U E S T I O N S": Î)Ö(O,_):O/Ö‹ A$ç"END" Í Š :¡ Ê ,:‘ SP$;:Ê ,:‰ †?0à„ "Changing the Menu"," "," You first have the opportunity to change the Menu. The menu","displayed will be simular to the selection menu on the History part","of the program. You select the period to be changed by entering the"ì0ê„ "corresponding number."," "," There are two rules associated with changing the menu."," "," (1) The first letter of the subject MUST be a capital letter."," "£1ô„ " (2) This first letter CANNOT be the same as the first letter"," of any other subject."," "," The reason for the above two requirements is that the selection"R2þ„ "on the History Menu screen, uses this First letter to take you to","the period you wish to study. The computer will not let you violate","either of the above rules.")3„ " Having made your selection, you may now change the Subject and","add your own brief description or explanation of that subject."," ","When the Entry is completed, you will be asked if the information"Ò3„ "is correct. Please check carefully, as your mistakes are there for","everyone to see."," "," If you do not want to change the Menu but wish to change the"4„ "questions. Pressing the End key (#1 on the numeric pad) will take","you to the next screen leaving the Menu unchanged."," "," The field length is designated by a series of colon's, one for"t5&„ "each character and cannot be exceeded. At the end of a field the","computer will go to the next field, without you pressing Enter"," "," After making changes you will be asked if the information is"X60„ "correct. Pressing 'N' allows you to go back and make corrections,","pressing 'Y' will save the changed Menu.","Generating or Changing Questions"," "," There is a Minimum and Maximum of 25 questions for each period"7:„ "and once you have started, all 25 questions must be entered before","switching the computer off. In other words, you can not quite in","the middle of entering your questions."," "ï7D„ " You are now asked two questions 'Subject', the subject is used","many times in the History program. Examples 'American History'","'World Space History', 'Baseball Stats'. The second question is the"Ç8N„ "Time period, Examples '1873-1983','1941-1945'. Notice NO spaces and","all the field length is used. The History program finds, it's start","and finishing dates from this entry. If you do not wish to change"£9X„ "this part press the End key and you will go into the Question phase"," "," The first question will now be displayed for you to view or","change. If you don't wish to change that question, pressing the End"X:b„ "key, will save the question unchanged and display the next question","It is advisable to view one set of questions, before attempting to","change or generate your own."," "0;l„ " You should have noticed on your run through the questions that","when the questions are printed, they are often followed by colons","This is to show you the remaining characters that could be added to"”„ "is required. The computer will only accept one of the valid letters","which are highlighted, T-M-W-P."," If you choose a Multi choice you are then required to fill in"(?ž„ "the next Four fields with selections of possible answers. Any other","selected type of answer, will automatically take you to the Answer","field. If you selected True/False only T or F will be entered in"ü?¨„ "this field. If 'Who am I' then use the Last name Only. Lastly you","enter the remarks (78 characters maximum). This field will only be","displayed if a wrong answer is given, when playing the game"," "Ô@²„ " After all the fields have been entered, you will be asked if","the information is correct. Pressing N will move the cursor back to","first field. The Up-Down arrows will move the cursor to the next or"¬A¼„ "previous field. If you wish to change a field, you must reenter the","entire field again. When you have finished the corrections, press Y","and you go to the next question. Repeating this proceedure until"kBÆ„ "all 25 questions have been enterd."," "," "," "," We have allowed space for Four extra Catagories if you desire","to use them. You can put in more History questions, or maybe you"=CЄ "would like questions about Sports, Science, Astronomy or another","subject of your choosing. You are limited to 11 Catagories total","(four un-used at present) and you must have 25 questions in each"»CÚ„ "catagory. This is a fun game which teaches American History while","Teleporting backwards and forwards in time.","END"Ú„ "catagory. This is a fun game which teaches Am

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: