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À:É Ý:‘ Î)Ö(
,Í);" MYPRO Inc Teaching division ";Ö(
‘ Î)"Independently supported student training group":‘:‘ Ö(O,"$")
‘ "$";ÎO)"$"j
(‘ "$ These programs are courtesy of the Students of MYPRO inc teaching group $"Á
2‘ "$ The teaching group is solely supported by the instructors and donations $<‘ "$ from fellow computerist. If you like these programs please contribute $"fF‘ "$ ($5.00 suggested) Send contributions to :-";ÎO)"$":‘ "$";ÎO)"$"ÜP‘ "$";Î#)"MYPRO Inc";ÎO)"$":‘ "$";Î!)"P.O.Box 4463";ÎO)"$":‘ "$";Î)"Anaheim CA.92801";ÎO)"$":‘ "$";ÎO)"$"4Z‘ "$ Regardless of whether you make a contribution, $"‹d‘ "$ you are encouraged to copy and share this program. $°n‘ "$";ÎO)"$":‘ Ö(O,"$"):Ê ,x‘ "Press C for Mypro's Catalog.";Î5)"Hit any key to continue...":Y$ç…$():‹ Y$ç"C" ï Y$ç"c" Í ‚ :¡ †s‚À:Ê ,:¿ :‘ "M Y P R O ' S C A T A L O G":¿ :º "CATALOG.ASC" ‚ … AS #çŒÊ 
,:‘ "Do you wish instructions to print on ";:¿ :‘ "S";:¿ :‘ "creen or ";:¿ :‘ "P";:¿ :‘ "rinter "; –Y$çÞ:‹ Y$ç"" ï ÿ’(Y$)æ Í –: ‹ Y$ç"S" ï Y$ç"s" Í CONç:PAGELEN ç :‰ Üpª‹ Y$ç"P" ï Y$ç"p" Í CONç:PAGELEN ç 6:‘ Y$:‰ ¾z´‰ –Õ¾Ê ,:‘ "Do you want to pause for paper change ";:Y$ç…$():‹ Y$ç"Y" ï Y$ç"y" Í PRIçÈÊ ,:¿ :‘ "Is the Printer on and ready (Y/N) ";;ÒY$ç…$():‹ Y$ç"Y" ï Y$ç"y" Í æ :¡ ҂ÜÀ:Ê ,:¿ :‘ "M Y P R O ' S C A T A L O G":¿ :‘ Ö(O,Ä):‘Ææ‹ CONç Í  Î) "M Y P R O ' S C A T A L O G": Ö(O,_):Ûð‚ Iç  Ì PAGELENéú° … #,A$û‹ ÿ£() Í ,‹ CONç Í ‘ Î)A$ :¡  Î)A$7ƒ I:‹ CONç Í  ÿ–( )v"‹ PRIç Í Ê ,:‘ "Press any key to continue ";:Y$ç…$()ø,‹ CONç Í Ê ,:‘ "Press any key to continue ";:Y$ç…$():À:Ê ,:¿ :‘ "M Y P R O ' S C A T A L O G":¿ :‘ Ö(O,Ä):‘K6‹ CONç î A$èæ"END" Í  Î) "M Y P R O ' S C A T A L O G": Î)Ö(O,_):x@‹ ÿ£() Í Š :¡ Ê ,:‘ SP$;:Ê ,:‰ ð³J:Ù *********************************************îT:Ù * Time warps into history Program *)^:Ù * Basic Programming final *dh:Ù * Written by Carl K. Wogomon *Ÿr:Ù *********************************************§|:Ù"†­ AêZ:SP$çÖ(O, ):É Ý:SQ$()ç"IA":SQ$()ç"FT":SQ$()ç"QP":SQ$()ç"ED":SQ$()ç"NS":SQ$()ç"EW":SQ$()ç"TW":SQ$()ç"EP"e† R(),C(),M$(),M1$(),M2$(),B$(,),A(,):M1ç:KLçÖšR()ç:C()ç:R()ç:C()ç:R()ç:C()ç:R()ç :C()ç:R()ç
)ç4:R( )ç :C( )ç4:R( )ç
:C( )ç4:R(
)ç4:R()ç:C()ç4ƒ®:Ù-------------------------- Load Menu Dataž¸º "MENU.DAT" ‚ … AS #­Â‚ Iç Ì ÚÌ° … #,M$(I):° … #,M1$(I):° … #,M2$(I)äÖƒ I:»à:Ù----------------------- Print Selection Screen=êÀ:Ê ,':¿ :‘ "History":‘:‘‚ô¿ :‘ Î)M$();:¿ :‘ M1$();:¿ :‘ Î3)M$();:¿ :‘ M1$():‘Çþ¿ :‘ Î)M$();:¿ :‘ M1$();:¿ :‘ Î3)M$();:¿ :‘ M1$():‘¿ :‘ Î)M$();:¿ :‘ M1$();:¿ :‘ Î3)M$(
);:¿ :‘ M1$(
):‘U¿ :‘ Î)M$();:¿ :‘ M1$();:¿ :‘ Î3)M$( );:¿ :‘ M1$( ):‘œ¿ :‘ Î)M$();:¿ :‘ M1$();:¿ :‘ Î3)M$( );:¿ :‘ M1$( ):‘ã&¿ :‘ Î)M$();:¿ :‘ M1$();:¿ :‘ Î3)M$(
);:¿ :‘ M1$(
):‘*0¿ :‘ Î)M$();:¿ :‘ M1$();:¿ :‘ Î3)M$();:¿ :‘ M1$():‘V:‘:¿ :‘ Î&)"Select ";:¿ :‘ "_":¿ ˆD:Ù --------------------------- DRAW MENU BOX¡NRç:Cç:CCç8:RCçÒXCC1$çÿ–(É)éÖ(CC,Í)éÿ–(») :Ù --- Top line
bCC3$çÿ–(Ç)éÖ(CC,Ä)éÿ–(¶) :Ù --- Line under HeadingAlCC4$çÿ–(È)éÖ(CC,Í)éÿ–(¼) :Ù --- Bottom LineRvÊ R,C:‘ CC1$€‚ IçRé Ì RéRC:Ê I,C:‘ ÿ–(º) :Ù---- Draws down lines©ŠÊ I,CéCCé:‘ ÿ–(º):ƒ I¼”Ê Ré,C:‘ CC3$ÒžÊ RéRCê,C:‘ CC3$ç¨Ê I,C:‘ CC4$:Nç,²‹ PPæ Í Ê R(PP),C(PP):‘ M1$(PP) :Ù ----- Prints subject normalŽ¼Ê ,,:‘ SP$;:CCç(Pêÿ’(M2$(N)))ìé:Ê ,CC:‘ M2$(N); :Ù---- Prints Menu Explanation LineÒÆÊ R(N),C(N):¿ ,:‘ M1$(N):¿ ,:Ù---- Prints subject inversedÐ:Ù--------------------- Selection Input RoutineÚPPçN'äY$çÞ:‹ Y$ç"" Í ä<î‹ ÿ’(Y$)æ Í 4Rø‹ ÿ•(Y$)ç
Í fa‚ Jç Ì ž ‹ Y$çM$(J) Í NçJ:‰ f :Ù---- Checks for matching inputæ‹ ÿ•(Y$)ê çÿ•(M$(J)) Í NçJ:‰ f :Ù---- Check for low case match ƒ J:‰ ä:Ù ---- Error trap for input on MenuL*:Ù ---------------------- Arrow input routine„4Yçÿ•(ÿ‚(Y$,)):NçPP:CNç:‹ YçH î Næ Í NçNê:‰ ²£>‹ YçM î Nè Í NçNé:‰ ²ÃH‹ YçP î Nè Í NçNé:‰ ²âR‹ YçK î Næ Í NçNê:‰ ²ì\‰ ä.f• N ‰ p,z,„,Ž,˜,¢,¬,¶,À,Ê,Ô,Þ,è,òCpFIL$ç"ONE":‰ üXzFIL$ç"TWO":‰ üo„FIL$ç"THREE":‰ ü…ŽFIL$ç"FOUR":‰ ü›˜FIL$ç"FIVE":‰ ü°¢FIL$ç"SIX":‰ üܬŠ "QUEST":Ù---- Generate New Questionsó¶FIL$ç"EIGHT":‰ ü ÀFIL$ç"NINE":‰ ü ÊFIL$ç"TEN":‰ ü6 ÔFIL$ç"ELEVEN":‰ üN ÞFIL$ç"TWELVE":‰ üp è‰ Œ
:Ù--------Instructions” òÀ:Ê  , :‘ "Have a nice day":° üº FIL$é".DAT" ‚ … AS #Ì ° … #,SUB$:° … #,PER$Û ‚ Iç Ì é ‚ Jç Ì ü $° … #,B$(I,J)!.ƒ J!8ƒ I:»(!B‹ TESTç Í ˆ :¡ ØŠ!LÊ ,:‘ SP$;:Ê ,:‘ "enter ";:¿ :‘ "Y";:¿ :‘ "es ";:¿ :‘ "N";:¿ :‘ "o";:Ê ,Ñ!VY$çÞ:‹ Y$ç"Y" ï Y$ç"y" Í Yç:Ž :¡ ‹ Y$ç"N" ï Y$ç"n" Í Yç:Ž :¡ V"`‚ Rç Ì :Ê R,:‘ SP$;:ƒ R:Ê ,:Ž :Ù---- Clears bottom of board4"j‚ Tç Ì  ëSEC:ƒ T:Žv"tCCç(Pêÿ’(MES$))ì:Ê R,CC:‘ MES$;:Ž :Ù---- Centers Messages¥"~:Ù ----------------------------FIRST MENUþ"ˆÀ:Ê ,":¿ :‘ "Time Travel ":¿ :‘:‘:TESTç:YPçÿ”(ÿ(PER$,)):YRçÿ”(ÿ‚(PER$,))êYP)#’‘ Î)"An Educational Game of ";SUB$:‘s#œ‘ Î)"I will Timeport you to study the years":‘:‘ Î)"From ";PER$:‘­#¦‘ Î)"Enter your Name":‘:‘ Î)"Enter current year " $°‚ Iç Ì @:Ê ,I:‘ ÿ–(ß):Ê ,I:‘ ÿ–(Ü):ƒ:‚ Iç Ì :Ê I,:‘ ÿ–(Þ):Ê I,@:‘ ÿ–(Ý):ƒd$ºÊ ,(: <
:A$çZ$:Ê ,(: <
:Y2$çZ$:Y2çÿ”(Y2$):YYçY2:‹ Y2èl Í Y2çléY2:YYçY2n$Ĺ (X)¡$Î:Ù -------------------------TRAVEL BACK CLOCKö$ØYYçYPéÿ…(ÿˆëYRé):À:MES$çA$é" you are being transported back in time":Rç
: tV%â‚ Iç Ì 1:Ê  ,I:‘ ÿ–(ß):Ê ,I:‘ ÿ–(Ü):ƒ:‚ Iç Ì :Ê I,:‘ ÿ–(Þ):Ê I,2:‘ ÿ–(Ý):ƒ±%ì‚ IçY2 Ì YY Ïê:Ê 
,$:‘"Year ";I:‚ Tç Ì :ƒ T:ƒ I:Ê 
,$:‘ "Year ";YY:SECç: jß%ö:Ù ------------------------START OF GAMEC&À:Aç:Bç:Dç:R1ç: ’ :MES$çSUB$é" "éPER$:Rç:¿ : t:¿ :Gçè:ROç:COLç:M1ç:CAç:TRçv&
Ê  ,,:‘ YY:Ê  ,>:‘ × "#### Gold Pieces";G¶&Rç:MES$çA$é", you have arrived in the year "éÿ“(YY): t'‘ Î)"Search the time portals for the Key of time.";:SECç: j:‰ P;'(Ê ,:‘ SP$;:Ê ,:‘"Press any key to continue";d'2Y$çÞ:‹ Y$ç""Í 2 :¡ Ê ,:‘ SP$;:ŽŸ'<QU$ç"":‚ Iç Ì ÿ’(E$):Yçÿ•(ÿƒ(E$,I,)):‹ Yæ` Í YçYê ¾'FQU$çQU$éÿ–(Y):ƒ I:E$çQU$:Žå'PCçÿ…(ÿˆëé):Dçÿ…(ÿˆëé):A(C,D)ç (ZAçA(C,D) :Ù---- Reads value port5(d• A  ¤,¸,Ð,ò,,0,:,hF(n‹ KLç Í  n(x‹ Gèç Í † :Ù ----Check if BrokeÆ(‚COLçCëé:ROçDëé:Ê RO,COL:¿ :‘ ÿ–():¿  :Ù---- Prints Position of time shipê(ŒMES$ç"Your move "éA$:Rç: tˆ)–Ê ,:‘ SP$;:Ê ,:¿ :‘ ÿ–();:¿ :‘" North ";:¿ :‘ ÿ–();:¿ :‘" South ";:¿ :‘ ÿ–();:¿ :‘" East "; :Ù ---- Message Line # 25Ì) ¿ :‘ ÿ–();:¿ :‘" West ";:¿ :‘"Esc";:¿ :‘" Escape"; *ªÊ  ,:‘ YY:Ê  ,>:‘ × "####";G :Ù---- Prints Gold amount#*´Y$çÞ:‹ Y$ç"" Í ´c*¾‹ ROæ î COLæ Í Ê RO,COL:‘ SQ$(A) :Ù---- Prints Port type‹*ÈM1çM1é:‹ Kç î M1æF Í  (:‰ €±*Ò‹ ÿ’(Y$)æ Í Yçÿ•(ÿ‚(Y$,)):‰ æÜ*ÜYçÿ•(Y$):‹ Yç Í  :¡ M1çM1ê:‰ ´4+æ `:‹ YçH Í ð :¡ ‹ YçP Í , :¡ ‹ YçM Í  :¡ ‹ YçK Í J :¡ M1çM1ê:‰ ´o+ð‹ Aç Í ‘ Î)"You are in an East-West corridor":‰ n§+ú‹ (Dê)ç Í ‘ Î)"You are at the North wall":‰ š·+DçDê:‰ Zó+‹ Aç Í ‘ Î)"You are in a North-South corridor":‰ n*,‹ (Cé)ç Í ‘ Î)"You are at the East wall":‰ š:,"CçCé:‰ Zu,,‹ Aç Í ‘ Î)"You are in an East-West corridor":‰ n­,6‹ (Dé)ç Í ‘ Î)"You are at the South wall":‰ š½,@DçDé:‰ Zù,J‹ Aç Í ‘ Î)"You are in a North-South corridor":‰ n0-T‹ (Cê)ç Í ‘ Î)"You are at the West wall":‰ š@-^CçCê:‰ ZP-h‹ Kç Í ŠÉ-rÅ:Ê ,:‘ SP$;:¿ :Ê , :‘"You cannot exit the Time Zone, you don't have the Key of Time";:¿ :SECç: j:‰ n).|Å:Ê ,:‘ SP$;:¿ :Ê ,:‘"Sorry, you are not at an Exit portal";:¿ :SECç: j:‰ n’.† `:‘ Î)"You lost all your Gold and you are locked in this Time Zone forever." :Ù -----GOLD ZEROÒ.‘ Î)"Do you wish another game ? ";: L:‹ Yç Í Ø :¡ /šÅ:‘ Î)"You cannot pass through, try another direction":‰ nW/¤KTçÿ…(ÿˆëé): `:‘ Î)"You are in a glowing Time Portal" /®‘ Î)"the light is fading, the portal is Inactive":‹ Aç Í Ž :¡ ÂÒ/¸‘ Î)"You are in a dust filled portal":‰ ®0‘ Î)"A fellow traveler is in this chamber"60ÌTDçÿ…(ÿˆë
é):G1çÿ…(ÿˆë^é):‹ GêG1è Í G1çGT0ÖYçÿ…(ÿˆëé):‹ Yèç Í þ«0à‘ Î )"He is unfriendly and as he leaves he steals ";G1;" Gold pieces":SECç: j1êGçGêG1:‹ TDç î Kç Í  `:‘ Î)"You search the chamber and find the Key of Time":Kç1ôŽà1þ‘ Î)"He is friendly and gives you ";G1;" Gold pieces.":GçGéG1:‹ TDç î Kç Í SECç@: j: `:‘ Î)"He also gives you the Key of Time":Kç:‘ Î)"and wishes you a safe journey home":SECç@: jæ1Ž.2 `:‘ Î)"You search the chamber and find the Key of Time":Kç:Žc2 `:‘ Î)"You enter a North-South corridor ";­2&‘ "thru a Secret door":‘ Î)"The door closes and locks behind you":Žç20 `:‘ Î)"You enter an East-West corridor ";:‰ &33: `:‘ Î)"You entered ..a Time Warp .. in this chamber" :Ù-----TRAP|3DTDçÿ…(ÿˆëé):‹ TDè Í ‘ Î)"Boy you're lucky it didn't activate":Ž±3NTTç:‘ Î)"and it is Activated":SECçÍÌ ‚: jâ3X:Ù ----------------------ACTIVATE TIME WARP$4bCçÿ…(ÿˆëé):Dçÿ…(ÿˆëé):G1çÿ…(ÿˆëéK):GçGêG1:‹ Gè Í Gç¾4l `:‘ Î)"You have been Teleported to an unknown":‘ Î)"location and you lost some of your Gold.":‘ Î)"You have ";G;" Gold pieces left": (:Ž5v `:‘ Î)"You are at an Exit portal.":‘ Î)"The Key of Time is required to escape":Ž5€ `:‘ Î!)"Before you proceed":‘ Î)"you look on the ground and":‘ Î )"find the Key of Time":Kç: (:‰ æí5Š `:‘ Î)"You enter the Exit portal and insert":‘ Î)"the Key of Time into the slot"$6”‘ Î)"the machine begins to Buzz":SECç ‚: j6žÀ:Ê ,:‘ "You found your way back to the Present":‘:‘ Î)"and you have acquired";G;" Gold pieces":‘Ê6¨Rçÿ…((GëCAêXé)ìM1):‘:‘ Î )"Game Rating is ";R:‘:‘97²‘ Î)"You took ";M1;" turns to find the way out":‘:‘:‘ Î)"You answered ";CA;" Question(s) Correctly,":‘j7¼‘ Î)"out of ";TR;" Questions asked.":‰  7Æ:Ù --------------------START OF QUESTION ROUTINE8Ѝ `:‘ Î)" You are in a . Time Warp . a Pulsating Blue Glow indicates Activation":SECç: jL8ÚQçÿ…(ÿˆëé):YYçÿ”(B$(Q,)):IDçÿ”(B$(Q,)):E$çB$(Q,): <:AD$çE$¡8ä `:TRçTRé:MES$ç"You have arrived at the Year "éÿ“(YY)é" in "éSUB$:Rç: tø8î‘ Î
)"You must answer this Question to continue your journey":Ê  ,,:‘ YY: (9ø `:‘ B$(Q,):‹ IDèæ Í HX9:Ù ------------RANDOM ORDER OF MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS9 Yçÿ…(ÿˆëé):• Y ‰ , ,*,4î9MES$ç"1--"éB$(Q,)é" 2--"éB$(Q,)é" 3--"éB$(Q,)é" 4--"éB$(Q,):Z()ç:Z()ç:Z()ç:Z()ç:‰ >]: MES$ç"1--"éB$(Q,)é" 2--"éB$(Q,)é" 3--"éB$(Q,)é" 4--"éB$(Q,):Z()ç:Z()ç:Z()ç:Z()ç:‰ >Ì:*MES$ç"1--"éB$(Q,)é" 2--"éB$(Q,)é" 3--"éB$(Q,)é" 4--"éB$(Q,):Z()ç:Z()ç:Z()ç:Z()ç:‰ >5;4MES$ç"1--"éB$(Q,)é" 2--"éB$(Q,)é" 3--"éB$(Q,)é" 4--"éB$(Q,):Z()ç:Z()ç:Z()ç:Z()çF;>Rç: t:‘u;H‘ "Question Type ";:• ID ‰ \,f,z,„Á;R:Ù ------TYPE OF QUESTION-MULTIPLE CHOICE,T/F,PEOPLE,PLACES AND THINGSù;\‘ "People, Places, or Things ";:° … E$: <:‰ ¬6¶GçGêG1:‘ "Incorrect -- You Lose ";G1;" Pieces of Gold ":Ê ,:‘ B$(Q,);:SECç: j: `:Ê ,:‘ SP$;:Ž[>ÀA(C,D)çÿ…(ÿˆëé)ƒ>ÊSECç: j: `:CAçCAé:‹ Kç Í Žž>Ô‹ CAçK4 Í  :Ž :¡ Ž§>ÞZTçÞ>èXçÿ…(ÿˆëé):Yçÿ…(ÿˆëé):‹ A(X,Y)èç Í A(X,Y)ç:Ž+?ò‘ Î)"On the wall is a Glowing Screen, below the screen is a Red Button"i?ü‘ Î)"Do you wish to Push the button ?": L:‹ Yèæ Í Ž‰? KTçÿ…(ÿˆëé):KLçÿ…(ÿˆëé)¬? ‹ KT æ Í ` :¡ ‹ KTèç Í V ú?  `:‘ Î )"You are in a narrow corridor, there is a door on your right"3@$ KTçÿ…(ÿˆëé):‘ Î)"Do you wish to open the door ?"H@.  L:‹ Yèæ Í Žl@8 ‹ KLæç Í ` :¡ ‹ KL èç Í V ‡@B G1çÿ…(ÿˆëÈé):GçGéG1è@L  `:‘ Î)"The door opens, revealing a closet":‘ Î)"where you find ";G1;" Gold Pieces":Ž
AV ‘ Î)"but the door is locked":Ž|A` Ê ,:‘ "The door opens and suddenly everything begins to Spin":G7çÿ…(Gì):G1çÿ…(ÿˆëG7é):MMçÿ…(ÿˆëé)“Aj SECç: j:GçGêG1ÏAt  `:‘ Î)"You are Timeported and returned instantly"(B~ ‘ Î
)"However you lost ";G1;" Gold Pieces and wasted ";MM;" moves":M1çM1éMM: (:Ž]Bˆ :Ù --------------------DRAWS GAME BOARD SQUARES‘B’ R2çÿ…(AëÅUUé€):X$çÖ(Aê,Ä):X1$çX$éÿ–(Â)ÎBœ T1$çÿ–(Ú):‚ Iç Ì Bê:T1$çT1$éX1$:ƒ I:T1$çT1$éX$éÿ–(¿)C¦ X$çÖ(Aê, ):X1$çX$éÿ–(³):T2$çÿ–(³):‚ Iç Ì B:T2$çT2$éX1$:ƒ IjC° X$çÖ(Aê,Ä):X1$çX$éÿ–(Å):T3$çÿ–(Ã):‚ Iç Ì Bê:T3$çT3$éX1$:ƒ I:T3$çT3$éX$éÿ–(´)µCº X1$çX$éÿ–(Á):T4$çÿ–(À):‚ Iç Ì Bê:T4$çT4$éX1$:ƒ I:T4$çT4$éX$éÿ–(Ù)÷CÄ À:Cç(Pêÿ’(T2$))ì:RçR1:Ê R,C:‘ T1$:‚ Iç Ì DëR2:‘ ÎC)T2$:ƒ I6DÎ RçR1:‚ Iç Ì Dê:RçRéR2:Ê R,C:‘ T3$:ƒ I:RçRéR2:Ê R,C:‘ T4$…DØ Ê ,:¿ ,:‘ " Year you are in ":¿ ,:Ê ,B:¿ ,:‘ " You have ";:¿ ,¸Dâ :Ù ------------------------SET PORT VARIABLESEì ‚ Xç Ì :‚ Yç Ì :A(X,Y)çÿ…(ÿˆëé):ƒ Y:ƒ X :Ù -----SET UP PORTALSTEö Hçÿ…(ÿˆëé):‚ Nç Ì H:Xçÿ…(ÿˆëé):Yçÿ…(ÿˆëé):A(X,Y)ç:ƒ N :Ù ----- TrapsE
‚ Xç Ì :‚ Yç Ì :‹ A(X,Y)ç Í BçBé‹E

ƒ Y:ƒ XœE
‹ Bæ Í (
QçêB:‚ Nç Ì Q:Xçÿ…(ÿˆëé):Yçÿ…(ÿˆëé):A(X,Y)ç:ƒ N :Ù ----- Question PortGF(
Sçÿ…(ÿˆëé):‚ Nç Ì S:Xçÿ…(ÿˆëé):Yçÿ…(ÿˆëé):A(X,Y)ç:ƒ N :Ù---- Exit portalsMF2
Z$ç"":Ê ,,fFF
‹ Xæ¼ Í Xçê¼¢Fd
‹ Y$ç"" ï ÿ’(Y$)æ Í F
Yçÿ•(Y$):‹ Yç
Í ŽÿFx
‹ Yç î ÿ’(Z$)æ Í Z$çÿ(Z$,ÿ’(Z$)ê):‘ ÿ–();" ";ÿ–();:‰ F
Z$çZ$éY$:‘ Y$;:‰ F
À:Ê ,:¿ :‘ "I N S T U C T I O N S T I M E T R A V E L I N H I S T O R Y":¿ íG–
,:‘ "Do you wish instructions to print on ";:¿ :‘ "S";:¿ :‘ "creen or ";:¿ :‘ "P";:¿ :‘ "rinter ";H 
Y$çÞ:‹ Y$ç"" ï ÿ’(Y$)æ Í  
‹ Y$ç"S" ï Y$ç"s" Í CONç:PAGELEN ç :‰ æ
‹ Y$ç"P" ï Y$ç"p" Í CONç:PAGELEN ç 6:‘ Y$:‰ È
Ê ,:‘ "Do you want to pause for paper change ";:Y$ç…$():‹ Y$ç"Y" ï Y$ç"y" Í PRIçIÒ
Ê ,:¿ :‘ "Is the Printer on and ready (Y/N) ";AIÜ
Y$ç…$():‹ Y$ç"Y" ï Y$ç"y" Í ð
:¡ Ü
À:Ê ,:¿ :‘ "I N S T U C T I O N S T I M E T R A V E L I N H I S T O R Y":¿ :‘ Ö(O,Ä):‘Jð
‹ CONç Í  Î )"I N S T R U C T I O N S T I M E T R A V E L I N H I S T O R Y": Ö(O,_)*Jú
‚ Iç  Ì PAGELEN3J ‡ A$HJ ‹ A$ç"END" Í 6 iJ ‹ CONç Í ‘ Î)A$ :¡  Î)A$„J" ƒ I:‹ CONç Í  ÿ–( )ÄJ, ‹ PRIç Í Ê ,:‘ "Press any key to continue ";:Y$ç…$()mK6 ‹ CONç Í Ê ,:‘ "Press any key to continue ";:Y$ç…$():À:Ê ,:¿ :‘ "I N S T U C T I O N S T I M E T R A V E L I N H I S T O R Y":¿ :‘ Ö(O,Ä):‘‹K@ ‹ CON ç î A$ç"END" Í ê•KJ ‰ ú
ßKT „ " This is an Educational game using time travel and memory drill")L^ „ "to teach history. The program is designed so that you can alter"sLh „ "the questions to teach or memorize any history period or subject."½Lr „ "To read the instructions on changing the Question and Menu, Press"þL| „ "G, then read the instructions contained in that program."M† „ " "RM „ " There are two ways of selecting the subject or period you wish"œMš „ "to study. You may have noticed on the menu that the first subject"æM¤ „ "was printed inversed and that there was an explanation line at"0N® „ "bottom of the screen. By using the arrow keys you can move the"zN¸ „ "Inversed around the menu and the explanation line will change to"ÄN „ "to suit the subject or period. If you Press ENTER when a subject"OÌ „ "is inversed. You will automatically go to that period. The second"XOÖ „ "method of selecting the period you wish, is to Press the first"¢Oà „ "Letter. You will notice that the first letter of each period is"ìOê „ "flashing and brighter then the rest of that line. This highlights"
Pô „ "the letter to be pressed.Pþ „ " "aP „ " Next you will be asked to Enter your Name. Your name is used"«P „ "many times in the program to make it more personal. After your"õP „ "name Press Enter and then you will be asked to Enter the year.":Q& „ "You can use 83 or 1983, both are acceptable to the computer."DQ0 „ " "ŽQ: „ " You will now start traveling back in time to sometime in the"ØQD „ "time period you have chosen. Your mission, if you chose to accept""RN „ "it, is to find the Crystal Key of Time. It is imperative that the"lRX „ "key be found before history is changed forever. If the key gets"¶Rb „ "into the wrong hands, it will change the balance of power, giving"Sl „ "the key holder the power to control the world, thus becoming the"Sv „ "first world dictator."(S€ „ " "rSŠ „ " You will be given 1000 pieces of gold, guard it well. There"¼S” „ "are many pitfalls and unfriendly travelers that will steal your"Tž „ "Gold. There are also friendly travelers who may give you Gold."PT¨ „ "You do not know what any other portal holds. It could be goodies"šT² „ "or trouble. To move you use the arrow keys, as you pass through a"äT¼ „ "portal, the computer labels it for future reference. The labels".UÆ „ "IA= Inactive time portal, FT= Fellow time traveler, QP= Question"xUÐ „ "portal, NS=North South corridor (you can only move North or South"ÂUÚ „ "EW= East West corridor, TW = Time warp portal (It will not always" Vä „ "activate), EP = Escape portal (you will have to be at an Escape"VVî „ "portal with the key of time to return to your present) and lastly" Vø „ "there is ED = Escape Door. Be careful of this one, it holds great"êV
„ "rewards, gold, the key, or hazards, you could be time warped and")W
„ "lose some of your gold. The door could also be locked."3W
„ " "}W
„ " You may travel all over the time/space station without finding"ÇW*
„ "the key. It's there, you just did not see it, so go around again."ÑW4
„ " "X>
„ " When you have completed your mission, you will be graded on"eXH
„ "your performance. The Number of questions answered correctly, the"­XR
„ "amount of gold you returned with and the number of moves taken."·X\
„ " "îXf
„ " Good Luck, you will need it"úXp
„ "END" returned with and the number of moves taken."·X\
„ " "îXf
„ " Good Luck, you will need it"ú

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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