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Enclosed is a list of three software packages that Mypro Inc. has
released into Public Domain. Most of these programs are old favorites
that have been converted to the IBM-PC, then polished by our pupils.
Presentation (How you see the program) is 90% of the value of a good
program and presentation is what they are graded on. I hope you enjoy
them. Although the programs are free and you are encouraged to give
them away. If you wish a copy from Mypro Inc there is a $10 charge to
cover expenses, copying, handling and postage. Sorry.


A well presented educational game, which teaches American History
whilst having fun. There are 7 periods of history covered and 4 periods
left open for you to use on each disk, each period having 25 questions.
You travel back in time, then have an adventure trying to return to the
present. Winning and losing gold, getting trapped in time warps, etc.

Questions can be changed or new questions added at anytime, without
going into the program code. This is achieved by a second program which
generates a Data file. Instructions for this program are contained on
the Disk. There is no end to the possible uses of this program.


The Games Disk #1 contains 14 games. All using graphics and de-
signed to run on the IBM-PC Monochome monitor. Presention is Good.

Fighter Pilot -- You have to destroy 15 enemy ships before you run out
of rockets.
Concentration -- Matching pairs of symbols. You probably played this
with cards when you were a child.
Mini Concent -- A smaller version of Concentration designed for the
younger children.
Reversing No. -- Sixteen numbers in a 4 x 4 box are scrambled. Your task
if you choose to accept it, is to rearrange the numbers
into order by reversing two adjacent numbers.
Etch a Sketch -- Gives you a blank screen, so that you can draw pictures
using all of the IBM-PC character set.
Solitaire -- Peg board game which will challange your intellect.
Jumping Men -- A computer version of the old leap frog game.
Hi - IQ -- Another peg board game, found in many restraunts.
Guess O -- A Game for the very young. A good graphic version of
Guess My Number.
Towers -- The peg and disk game. Very well presented.
Andriod Tac Toe. Tic Tac Toe in grachics, using men and robot Symbols.
Wall Prison -- Build the wall around the prison.
Photron Mines -- Guide your damaged space ship through the Photron mine
field to home base.
Numbers -- The game of rearranging the numbers into order by
moving into the blank square.

A good disk to have around when there are children. It keeps them
happy for hours.

Twelve of the most used programs in calculating investments and
loans. Do not confuse these programs with the normal presentations. They
are well presented. Not only does it give you the answers but upon
request will give you a breakdown, on the screen or to the printer.

1) Future value of a set investment -- This gives the value of an
investment over yy years at xx interest rate with zz compounding

2) Annuity value of a regular deposit -- How much you will have if you
save $xxx per month for yy years at xx interest. Handy to work out
your retirement or your IRA.

3) Deposits to meet a specified goal -- The amount you should deposit
monthly to meet a specified value. If you know how much you wish to
withdraw each month after retiring. By using 'Regular withdrawals
from an investment' and this program, you will know how much to
invest per month now.

4) Regular withdrawals from an investment -- The amount you can
withdraw per month before your investment becomes zero. It allows
for different periods and interest rates.

5) Withdrawals for Initial investment -- This program works out the
amount needed to be invested to meet a given withdrawal amount for
a specified period of time.

6) Starting investment for a future value -- You specify the future
value you wish to reach, the years invested and the interest rate,
then this program will tell you the amount you must invest now.

7) Nominal interest on an investment -- Given initial investment and
the final value, this program calculates the interest rate and
gives you a beakdown by period.

8) Principal on a loan -- You can afford to pay $xxx per month. How
much can you borrow at zz interest rate over yy years.

9) Loan payments -- You need to borrow $xxxxx for yy years at zz
interest. What will the payments be?

10) Balance on a loan -- What is the pay off value of a loan after
payment No. nn.

11) Interest rate on a loan -- This calculates the interest on a given

12) Monthy payments on a given loan -- Calculates the payments,
interest paid and total interest paid.


Routines in Basic.

This disk was originally designed as a teaching tool for our pupils.
To reduce a 1 year Basic language course down to 2 1/2 months. It worked
so well and was used to write most of the programs in the FREE SOFTWARE
that we decided to sell it. For the beginner it can be a valuable
learning tool. For the programmer, it reduces the time needed to write
programs considerably. The disk contains 40 routines written in IBM-PC
basic for use with the Monochone Monitor but most of the routines will
work with the color board. There are also included a number of valuable
machine language utilities and batch files. It comes with a 43 page
manual and you are shown how to use this disk by writing programs.

Here is a very brief description of what they will do.

Boxes Draws any number of boxes across and down that will fit on the
screen. All this by altering four numbers.
numboxes This routine will number the boxes that have been drawn by the
above routine. No changes are required in this part.
Funckeys With this, you can detect if a function key has been pressed
and if so which key. This can be used to send your programs to
do special functions.
Checkrit Used to turn a numeric dollar amount into words. Can be used
in many home and business applications.
Numeric This will restrict all inputs from the keyboard to numeric
inputs and decimal point. It will not allow you to enter any
other character. Unless you change the code.
A-Ninput The alpha numeric input will accept any printable character
from the keyboard including some you did not know were there.
It detects each individual key pressed so it can be used with
Funckeys to make your programs more User Friendly.
Menus Menus are a pain to write and consume a lot of time. There are
a number of Menu programs to reduce the frustration and time
required. There are even cursor controlled menus.
Menubox Used to draw a box around the menus you create to make it look
Menurun This ties many smaller programs together to make it appear
that it is one program.
Inpdate A special routine for entering dates. You may be surprised at
the number of times you are requested to Enter the date in
business programs.
Day This program gives the Day, Month and date by converting the
numeric input of Inpdate. It converts it into words and covers
all dates in this century but can be modified to cover all
dates if required.
Low-Up Converts any string into lower case. Required when comparing
two strings in games are business programs. It is very
annoying to type an answer to a question in a game and be told
that my answer is wrong because I typed in all caps and it
compared my answer to One in caps and lower case.
Up-low Converts any string to all Upper case. See Low-Up

LineMes A very handy routine when writing business programs. It shows
you how to use special message on the screen to prompt
Inpname A routine used in game programs to advertise your company and
ask for a Name to be entered.
Yes-No A single key stroke to answer Yes or No with a return that
allows you to detect the response.
Continue Press enter to continue routine.
Man A graphic character for a human. Used in games.
Robot Robot figure to represent the computer.
Screen Used to design Instruction screens easily
NumScrn Line numbers a screen, generated by Screen so that it can be
included in your program.

These are some of the routines on this disk. There are others which
you will find very useful. Search, In memory sort, Random access sort,
Disk Sort, Color40, Mono80, NumlocOf, NumlocOn, Lowcase, Upcase, Screen
dump, Inverse Name, Ect.

In the Machine langauge, included are.

1) Clear Screen for Batch files or any DOS program.
2) Files works in DOS just the same as in Basic.
3) Unprotect -- Unprotects a Basic program saved using the 'P' option.
4) Look at any sector of the Disk. Handy to change or recover Data.
5) Set up a disk by transfering the system track and basic.
6) Auto-up will format a disk, then transfer Basica, Format and other
programs to make a useful starting disk.
7) Back-up formats a disk then copies all the information from another
disk onto the newly formated disk.

Cost $25.00 Plus $5.00 Postage and Handling. California residents
include 6% sales tax.

We are transpossing many of these routines into 'Pascal' and 'C'.
Together with many other functions and screen attributes. They should be
available by September 1983. If you are interested, drop us a line and
we will inform you when ready.


This program, is designed, to change your behavioral patterns. It
covers five Patterns that most people wish to change.

1) Reduce hyper-tension, thus reducing blood pressure.
2) Stop smoking the easy way.
3) Lose Weight -- This gives you the willpower.
4) Assertiveness training -- Personal
5) Assertiveness training -- Management.

Changing the behavioral pattern is achieved by using subliminal
suggestions. A form of self hypnosis. This worked on me.

Cost $35 Plus $5 for Postage & Handling. California residents include
6% sales tax.
Mypro Casino.

This is a beautifully presented series of gambling games with lots
of graphics. Blackjack, Craps, One arm bandit, Faro, Wheel of fortune,
Roulette, Draw Poker, Baccarat, Four Card Monte and Keno.

The games are played by the Vegas Rules and are fully explained.
You should enjoy this disk.

Cost $20. Plus $5 for postage & Handling. California residents include
6% sales tax.

Card file.

This is a simple in memery Data Base. Simple but very powerful,
uses Alpha-Numeric, Numeric only, Compute (will calculate a field using
another field and a constant or using two fields.). It has :-

Add to the end of file

Find an expression in a field.

Total a Numeric field.

Sort by any field.

Print reports.

This is being used by many Clubs and Churchs to gernerate Mailing
lists, Record Dues paid and out standing. Personal use, Reciepies,
Inventory of books, Records, Magazine articals.

Cost $20 Plus $5 Postage & Handling. California residents include 6%
Sales tax.
f books, Records, Magazine articals.

Cost $20

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