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Turbo Braille Installation Notes

Turbo Braille consists of three files: TBRL.EXE, the program
itself; TBRL.XLT, the translation table; and TBRL.HLP, the "help
file" for on-line assistance. To install Turbo Braille, copy
these three files to your hard disk or to a formatted floppy disk
using the guidelines described below.

Hard Disk Installation

Create a subdirectory with a unique name (we recommend "TB")
on your C: drive. Modify your "PATH" command to include "C:\TB;"
within its argument list. Copy the Turbo Braille files into the
new directory, and then reboot your computer. You should
generally use Turbo Braille when logged onto a directory
containing your document files, and not while logged onto the
Turbo Braille "TB" directory.

Floppy Disk Installation

Format a floppy disk with your operating system installed on
it, and prepare it with your preferred assortment of utilities.
Be sure you have at least 120K free space on the diskette for
your Turbo Braille files. Include a "PATH" command in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file (or modify an existing one) to include "A:\;"
on your path. Copy your Turbo Braille files to the diskette, and
then reboot the system from this disk. You should do your
processing on drive B: using a diskette formatted without an
operating system to afford maximum file space.

To start the program, log onto your device and/or directory
containing the files you wish to process and type "TBRL" at the
prompt. You may include the "/H" switch to go directly into the
"help file"; if you type only "TBRL" you will be reminded how to
get help. If your copy of Turbo Braille is a demonstration copy,
you will be so advised during the sign-on sequence. The only
limitation is that only one page of braille will be produced at a
time. You may use all the other features without limitations,
including the conversion of source documents to "BIF" files. The
one page limitation allows you to examine the translation and
formatting of typical or challenging problems and allows you to
evaluate its performance. We hope you like Turbo Braille.

Chuck Hallenbeck and David Andrews
1016 Ohio St.
Lawrence, KS 66044
Telephone: (913) 843-0351

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