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Season Two - Block One Episode Guide
By J. Shaun Lyon (72571,3002)


Captain Picard -- Patrick Stewart Executive Producer: Gene Roddenberry
William Riker -- Jonathan Frakes Co-Executive Producers: Maurice Hurley,
Geordi LaForge -- LeVar Burton Richard Berman
Lt. Worf -- Michael Dorn Producers: David Livingston, Burton Armus,
Dr. Kate Pulaski -- Diana Muldaur John Mason, Mike Gray & Peter Lauritson
Deanna Troi -- Marina Sirtis Creative Consultant: Tracy Torme
Lt. Cmdr. Data -- Brent Spiner Story Editors: Leonard Mlodinow, Scott
Wesley Crusher -- Wil Wheaton Rubenstein, Melinda Snodgrass


"THE CHILD" Episode #1 (#27)
Premiere: Week of 11/20/88 Stardate 42073.1
Paramount Coding: Episode 127

Writers: Guest Stars:
Jaron Summers & Jon Povill Seymour Cassel -- Lt. Cmdr. Hester Dealt
and Maurice Hurley R.J. Williams -- Ian
Director: Colm Meaney -- Transporter Chief
Rob Bowman Dawn Armenian -- Miss Gladstone
Music: Zachary Benjamin -- Young Ian
Dennis McCarthy Dore Keller -- Crewman
Special Guest Star:
Whoopi Goldberg -- Guinan

SUMMARY: The Enterprise completes a rendezvous with USS Repulse (NCC-2524) for
crew transfers, most notably that of the ship's new Chief Medical Officer, Dr.
Katherine Pulaski, and then heads for the planet 'aucdet Nine. A plague is ra-
ging out of control in the Rachelis System; the Enterprise's mission is to
transport samples of various other strains from the Federation Medical Collec-
tion Station on 'aucdet to Station Tango Sierra where the antidote can be cre-
ated. While the ship proceeds on impulse power due to the necessity of using
warp power for the replicators to create a suitable containment unit, an un-
usual speck of glowing energy penetrates the ship and enters Troi's quarters.
The next day, the crew learns that Troi is pregnant. The fetus is developing
at a fantastic rate -- she will be giving birth to a male half-human, half-
Betazoid being in 36 hours. Meanwhile, Wesley Crusher, who is preparing to
leave the Enterprise to join his mother as she heads up Starfleet Medical, is
convinced by Guinan, the tender of the new Ten-Forward crew lounge, that he
should remain. The Enterprise arrives at 'aucdet and the samples are trans-
ported up along with Hester Dealt, chief supervisor and medical trustee. Troi
gives birth to a young boy and names him after her father, Ian Andrew. But
when Picard and Pulaski see him only hours later, he has grown to a boy of
four years who can speak and walk. Ian seems unusual; he holds a fascination
for puppies in the nursery and purposely burns his own hand for the experi-
ence of it. Geordi, who is now the Chief Engineer of the Enterprise, and
Hester detect that one of the containers, Module L-73, is growing due to ex-
posure to Eichner radiation, and this particular strain could destroy all life
on the starship. It is discovered that Ian is the source of the radiation.
Knowing this, the young man wills himself to death to stop the radiation and
assumes proper form -- the glowing white light, who tells Troi that he was
born to her to experience humanity, and thanks her for the opportunity. The
ship arrives and transfers its deadly cargo to Tango Sierra where an antidote
can be developed, and Wesley notifies Picard of his decision to stay. The
Enterprise continues toward the Morgana Quadrant.
== Diana Muldaur joins the cast as Dr. Kate Pulaski, though she is billed
in this episode with a "Special Appearance", not in the main cast. Whoopi
Goldberg also joins in a recurring role as Guinan.


"WHERE SILENCE HAS LEASE" Episode #2 (#28)
Premiere: Week of 11/27/88 Stardate 42193.6
Paramount Coding: Episode 128

Writer: Guest Stars:
Jack B. Sowards Earl Boen -- Nagilum
Director: Charles Douglass -- Mr. Haskell
Winrich Kolbe Colm Meaney -- Transporter Chief
Ron Jones

SUMMARY : En route to the Morgana Quadrant, Riker and Worf are engaged in a
test of wits on the holodeck that both are barely able to escape. Meanwhile,
the Enterprise is scanning a remote area of space and stumbles upon a "hole"
in space, a patch of darkness that they approach cautiously. After sending
two probes in, the hole literally devours them, trapping the starship in its
darkness. Picard orders the ship away from the cloud and it moves, but the
boundaries seem limitless where they were once very near. A marker buoy is
deposited but keeps reappearing, confirming their suspicions that they are
travelling in a circle within the void. A pattern approaches which proves to
be a Romulan vessel in cloak that fires on the Enterprise. The Federation
ship returns fire via photon torpedoes, one shot destroying the Romulan ship
all too easily. Soon, another Federation ship approaches, the USS Yamato,
NCC-1305-E, the Enterprise's sister ship. Riker and Worf beam over to the
Yamato but arrive away from where they want -- and after exploring the bridge
find a connecting bridge they are on as well. The ship is evidentally a mind
trap. Contact is lost with the Yamato while a hole opens up back into real
space. Picard avoids using the hole and abandoning his comrades; when he
refuses to leave, the hole closes and Riker and Worf are beamed back safely.
When all are safe, a huge face appears outside the ship, belonging to Nagilum,
an advanced alien for whom all this is, as Dr. Pulaski puts it, a laboratory;
in essence, the Enterprise is the mouse in this research lab. Nagilum is stu-
dying life and death, and to satisfy a small part of his curiosity kills Lt.
Haskell, a bridge officer, on a whim, then promises that between one third
and one half of the Enterprise crew will die. Picard and Riker activate the
self destruct mechanism. Picard is visited by Troi and Data who seem strange-
ly curious about death and realizes that they are spectres sent by Nagilum --
they vanish and the void begins to open. The ship speeds away, Picard keeping
his bluff until the last second when the ship is gone. Nagilum reappears for
a final time, Picard informing him that both races share one thing in common:
curiosity. Nagilum vanishes; the Enterprise continues....
== Writer Jack B. Sowards also worked on the story and screenplay for the


"ELEMENTARY, DEAR DATA" Episode #3 (#29)
Premiere: Week of 12/4/88 Stardate 42286.3
Paramount Coding: Episode 129

Writer: Guest Stars:
Brian Alan Lane Daniel Davis -- Professor James Moriarty
Director: Alan Shearman -- Inspector Lestrade
Rob Bowman Biff Manard -- Ruffian
Music: Diz White -- Prostitute
Dennis McCarthy Anne Elizabeth Ramsay -- Asst. Engineer
Richard Merson -- Pie Man

SUMMARY : The Enterprise arrives three days early at its rendezvous with the
USS Victory, giving the crew a much needed bit of respite. Data's fascination
with Geordi's creativity in constructing a naval model leads the two into the
holodeck, where Geordi has recreated Victorian London -- specifically, the
London of Sherlock Holmes. Data solves a particular case without any evidence
and Geordi becomes fed up -- after all, if Data knows how each case is going
to turn out, why bother? Kate Pulaski shares Geordi's opinion, leading her to
challenge Data to solve a REAL mystery in the holodeck. Geordi programs the
holodeck to create a mystery equivalent to the intelligence of Data, not
Holmes. Geordi, Data and Pulaski are watched when they arrive by Professor
James Moriarty, Holmes' longtime nemesis; it is here that a glitch in the
holodeck machinery -- due to the challenge to DATA's intelligence -- develops
and it diverts more power unto itself. Moriarty's ability to call the "arch",
or the exit to the ship, is created by the glitch, and out of Geordi's error
Moriarty begins to gain knowledge of the ship. Dr. Pulaski is kidnapped by
men and taken to Moriarty's study, while Geordi and Data attempt to learn ex-
actly what has happened to her. A murder of a London local leads Data and
Geordi to conclude that the computer is running programs independent of the
main task -- therefore, something faulty has developed. But when they ask for
the program to be terminated, they are unable -- the holodeck computer has
taken over. Data and Geordi take the situation to Picard, who joins the two
(with Worf remaining outside for security) in the holodeck to find Dr. Pulaski
and stop Moriarty. Moriarty, who has gained knowledge of the Enterprise --
including tracing its form on a chalkboard in his laboratory -- holds Kate
for information on the outside world when he is confronted by Picard. Mori-
arty has become more and more aware of the fact that he is a holodeck crea-
tion -- indeed, the very walls of the holodeck are beginning to show through
because of the increasing sense of reality -- and less and less the Holmesian
nemesis. In fact, he has ceased being Moriarty and has become a conscious
human being who wants to leave the holodeck. Picard promises him that it is
impossible -- but he will come back for him when it is possible. Moriarty
says his goodbye to Pulaski and promises he will miss her in whatever exis-
tence he leads. The London sequence is erased from the holodeck and the En-
terprise completes its rendezvous with the USS Victory.


"THE OUTRAGEOUS OKONA" Episode #4 (#30)
Premiere: Week of 12/11/88 Stardate 42402.7
Paramount Coding: Episode 130

Story: Guest Stars:
Les Menchen & Lance Dickson and William O. Campbell -- Captain
David Landsburg Thaddiun Okona
Teleplay: Joe Piscopo -- The Comic
Burton Armus Douglas Rowe -- Debin
Director: Albert Stratton -- Kushell
Robert Becker Rosalind Ingledew -- Yanar
Music: Kieran Mulroney -- Benzan
Ron Jones Special Guest Star:
Whoopi Goldberg -- Guinan

SUMMARY : While in the Omega Sagitta Twelve star system, the Enterprise comes
across a disabled starship, the SS ERSTWHILE, and meets its captain, the ro-
guish Thaddiun Okona. Okona is a cargo trader who runs a shipping line
between Atlek and Streleb, the two planets of the Coalition of Madina in this
system, and is a very lonely and vibrant young man whose first move is toward
the ladies of the Enterprise. He makes a suitable impression upon Wesley, who
is taken with Okona's sense of vagrancy, and upon Data, who becomes curious at
Okona's attempts at humor. To alleviate his curiosity Data pays a visit to
Guinan in Ten-Forward, who can't seem to help him. Geordi is put to work on
repairing Okona's damaged control system. Data creates a comedy club in the
holodeck, circa 20th century, where he meets an artificial stand-up comic who
tries -- and fails -- to show him the ropes of comedy. Meanwhile, another
vessel approaches the Enterprise, its lasers locked onto the mighty vessel.
Captain Debin, from the planet Atlek, accuses Okona of crime and demands that
Picard surrender the rogue to him. Picard is in no position to accept the
demand; Federation policy warns against involvement in domestic affairs. When
a second ship appears, though, belonging to Captain Kushell of the rival pla-
net Streleb, Picard begins to get suspicious. Neither man will admit to what
Okona has done. But when Debin finally admits that Okona has fathered a yet-
unborn child by his daughter, Yanar, Picard agrees with Okona that the best
thing to do might be to let Okona go to avoid war. A revelation from Kushell
that Okona has stolen Streleb's prized Jewel of Thesia does not help matters.
Eventually, Picard asks that both parties beam aboard the Enterprise, where
they confront one another. Both men are stubborn until the realization that
Yanar and Benzan, Kushell's son, are lovers; Benzan took the Jewel of Thesia
to present to Yanar as a wedding gift and Yanar's child is his. Okona merely
acted as a transport between the two worlds. Picard agrees to let Kushell and
Debin argue about where the couple will end up after they both realize that
such a marriage may be the best thing. Data creates an audience for his jokes
in the holodeck and realizes that he can program them to laugh, but it won't
make up for the real thing. Guinan has helped Data realize that laughter is
not the only thing that makes one human. Back on the bridge, Picard and crew
bid farewell to Okona; all is calm until Data makes an interesting wisecrack
that shows that he may very well develop a sense of humor....


"LOUD AS A WHISPER" Episode #5 (#31)
Premiere: Week of 1/08/89 Stardate 42477.2
Paramount Coding: Episode 132

Writer: Guest Stars:
Jacqueline Zambrano Howie Seago -- Riva
Director: Marnie Mosiman -- Woman
Larry Shaw Thomas Oglesby -- Scholar
Music: Leo Damian -- Warrior / Andonis
Ron Jones Colm Meaney -- Transporter Chief
Richard Lavin -- Warrior #1
Chip Heller -- Warrior #2
John Garrett -- Lieutenant

SUMMARY: The Enterprise arrives in orbit around Ramatis Three, home of Riva,
a universally famous mediator. Among Riva's credits are the securement of the
Federation / Klingon peace treaty, and his talents are needed again to help
two warring factions on the planet Soleis Five achieve peace, something both
sides have requested. Picard, Troi and Worf beam down to greet Riva and are
suddenly confronted by the fact that the mediator is deaf. Riva's communica-
tion relies on his Chorus, three people who speak for him via telepathy --
a woman who speaks for harmony and wisdom, a warrior who speaks for strength,
and a scholar who speaks for intellect and logic as well as Riva's more artis-
tic side. All beam back aboard the Enterprise for the journey to Soleis.
Riva becomes taken with Troi, whom he invites to dinner, where the Counselor
learns that without his Chorus, Riva CAN communicate through sign language.

Geordi is told by Dr. Pulaski that she may be able to give him normal vision.
The journey to Soleis is free of incident, and when the ship arrives in orbit
Riva's group and Worf and Riker beam down. Both factions appear, but one of
the members of one becomes suddenly violent and before anyone can stop him,
he kills the three members of Riva's Chorus. Riker beams the rest of the away
team back to the ship, where Riva is furious -- his friends and his only
means of communication are dead. Picard orders Data to learn sign language,
and he does so at incredibly rapid speed. However, when Picard is able to
communicate with Riva again through Data's signing, Riva tells him to return
him to Ramatis, because he is no use to the Solari. In essence, he tells the
Captain, the three members of his chorus allowed him to perceive things in
different ways, enabling him to make decisions. Troi challenges Riva to take
advantage of his disadvantage, and Riva's mind is swayed. An away team beams
back down to reestablish the talks, and Riva asks everyone to leave -- he will
stay and teach the Solari sign language. The process will take many months,
but in learning to communicate with him, they will learn to speak with each
other, thereby forging peace on that planet. The Enterprise leaves Riva to
his significant task...


"THE SCHIZOID MAN" Episode #6 (#32)
Premiere: Week of 1/22/89 Stardate 42437.5
Paramount Coding: Episode 131

Story: Guest Stars:
Hans Beimler & Richard Manning W. Morgan Sheppard -- Dr. Ira Graves
Teleplay: Barbara Alyn Woods -- Kareen Brianon
Tracy Torme Suzie Plakson -- Lieutenant Selar
Dennis McCarthy

SUMMARY: The Enterprise receives a distress call from Graves' World, the dis-
tant home of Dr. Ira Graves, a brilliant molecular cyberneticist. Enterprise,
en route to a rendezvous with the doomed liner USS Constantinople, drops Data,
Troi, Worf and Lt. Selar, a medical officer, off on Graves' World via a "touch
and go" downwarping, where the foursome meets Kareen Brianon, Ira's young as-
sistant. Kareen, worried about Ira's condition, called the Enterprise in
secret because she knew of his unwillingness to summon aid. The group meets
Dr. Graves, a tetchy old man whom Selar prescribes as having Darnay's Disease,
which is completely terminal. Graves takes an interest in Data, who calls him
"grandpa"; Dr. Sung was a student of Graves long ago. Alone with Data in his
study, he begins a discussion with the android after acknowledging another
"mechanical man" in Earth lore -- the tin man of The Wizard of Oz -- and he
tells Data of his most recent discovery: the process of transferring a living
mind into a computer. When Dr. Graves dies alone with Data, the android seems
somehow changed. The Enterprise returns to Graves' World and the four beam
back aboard, eulogizing Graves in a burial ceremony (in which Data seems to
eulogize just a bit more than everyone else), then sets course for Starbase
Six to drop Kareen off to begin a new life. Data seems curiously interested
in the mourning Kareen, who loved Ira as more than a father -- her own died
many years ago, and Ira loved her in return from a distance, wary because of
his age and failing health. Data becomes agitated with everyone, especially
Picard when he escorts Kareen on a tour of the bridge. Data confronts Picard,
and the Captain becomes suspicious that there is something wrong with the
android -- for the first time in his life, he distrusts Data. After a psy-
chotronic stability examination orchestrated by Troi, Picard concludes that
Graves transferred his mind into Data before he died, and that his original
personality is being crushed and soon will be destroyed itself. Data/Ira con-
fronts Picard on the Engineering Deck, where he has rendered Geordi and other
crewmen unconscious by "accident". After striking Picard, Data/Ira realizes
his time is up, and the sudden accessibility of new life is beginning to make
him insane. When Picard wakes up, he discovers Data returned to normal, and
all of Ira's knowledge transferred into the Enterprise's memory banks. The
Enterprise drops Kareen off on Starbase Six, then proceeds out of the system,
with its own Data, suffering from a healthy amnesia, back among them.


"UNNATURAL SELECTION" Episode #7 (#33)
Premiere: Week of 1/29/89 Stardate 42494.8
Paramount Coding: Episode 133

Writers: Guest Stars:
John Mason & Mike Gray Patricia Smith -- Dr. Sara Kingsley
Director: Colm Meaney -- Chief O'Brien
Paul Lynch J. Patrick McNamara -- Captain Taggart
Music: Scott Trost -- Transporter Ensign
Dennis McCarthy

SUMMARY: While en route to Star Station India, the Enterprise intercepts a
distress call from USS Lantree, a class 6 cargo ship in the Gamma Seven sec-
tor. Locking in on the Lantree's bridge, the Enterprise crew discovers that
all, including 35-year-old Captain L.I. Tolaka, have died of old age. Picard
determines that the Lantree three days previous visited the Darwin Genetic
Research Station on Gagarin Four, and that the ship's crew were in perfect
health, save for the first officer's small bout with Thelusian Flu. The
Enterprise makes way for Gagarin Four, convinced the affliction was caused
there. When it arrives, the Enterprise is contacted by Dr. Sara Kingsley, the
station administrator and an admirer of Dr. Kate Pulaski's, who tells her that
the affliction could not have been created here because while they show the
same symptoms of geriatric aging, the Lantree's crew died first. Kingsley de-
mands that the "children" be brought aboard the Enterprise -- genetically cre-
ated children, telekinetic and appearing post-maturity -- because they have
been kept in isolation and have been given an immune system that has rejected
the aging virus. Kate Pulaski has one of the children beamed aboard while
under suspended animation and encased in styrolite, and determines that the
boy is not carrying the virus. However, Captain Picard will not let her take
him out of the styrolite case to continue the study, so Pulaski and Data take
a shuttlecraft outside and release him. Mere minutes later, Pulaski contracts
the virus, leading her to determine that the children are carriers. After the
shuttle, which is now under quarantine, lands at Darwin, Pulaski and Kingsley,
together with Data, determine that the immune systems of the children have
caused the acceleration of the DNA of normal humans -- their antibodies have
attacked the DNA as a result with their contact with the Thelusian Flu from
the Lantree first officer. Picard has Transporter Chief O'Brien construct a
mechanism for the transporter that will filter out the virus, but they need
a sample from Pulaski's DNA -- and a hair follicle, found in her quarters, is
enough to secure her release from the effects of the virus. The symptoms are
removed from the Darwin researchers the same way. The Enterprise departs Ga-
garin Four, where the researchers stay to one day release their children from
isolation, while the ship itself makes a final statement for the search for
knowledge, via photon torpedoes, in the fiery destruction of the USS Lantree.
== Colm Meaney, who has appeared in both seasons of ST:TNG as Transporter
Chief, gains a name in this episode: Chief O'Brien.


"A MATTER OF HONOR" Episode #8 (#34)
Premiere: Week of 2/5/89 Stardate 42506.5
Paramount Coding: Episode 134

Story: Guest Stars:
Wanda M. Haight & Gregory Amos John Putch -- Ensign Mendon
and Burton Armus Christopher Collins -- Captain Kargan
Teleplay: Brian Thompson -- Lieutenant Klag
Burton Armus Colm Meaney -- Chief O'Brien
Director: Peter Parros -- Tactics Officer
Rob Bowman Laura Drake -- Vekna
Ron Jones

SUMMARY: The Enterprise arrives at Starbase 179 to pick up several new crew-
members as well as Ensign Mendon, a Benzite and part of the new Starfleet
Officer Exchange Program. Picard informs Riker that he has been hoping some-
one from the Enterprise would volunteer and Riker accepts the challenge. The
Enterprise rendezvouses with the Pagh, a Klingon Bird-of-Prey class vessel
commanded by Captain Kargan. Riker beams over to the Pagh where he is ques-
tioned about his loyalty by Kargan and the ship's second officer, Lieutenant
Klag, who takes an immediate disliking to Riker -- but accepts him when Riker
bests him in a bridge battle. Meanwhile, Mendon detects some strange life
patterns on the hull of the Pagh but fails to notify anyone -- it is due to
Benzite custom that one tries to gather as much knowledge as possible in order
to make a full, accurate report. Riker eats with his Klingon shipmates --
having eaten Klingon cuisine before on the Enterprise -- who taunt him but
realize his good humor. Riker is most interested to discover that Klingons
do have a sense of humor, and they wonder if he is a "typical Starfleet offi-
cer". Kargan detects several holes in the ship's hull caused by the micro-
biotic lifeforms while on the Enterprise, the same is discovered and Mendon is
both denigrated due to his failure to notify anyone but praised for his suc-
cess in detection. Kargan rationalizes that the Enterprise transferred the
microbes onto the Pagh's hull during a two minute sensor scan (the very scan
Mendon used to detect them) and informs Riker he is going to attack the En-
terprise, after telling him that the Enterprise has been on course for inter-
ception of the Pagh for hours (Picard's detection took place long before Kar-
gan's.) The Pagh decloaks in the Enterprise's vicinity and nearly attacks
the Enterprise, but Kargan is beamed aboard the ship when Riker activates a
transponder that Worf gave him before he joined this ship. Riker, taking com-
mand of the Pagh, avoids a nasty confrontation between the two allied powers
by ordering the Enterprise to surrender, Picard accepting because of his
realization that Riker could never attack his own ship. Kargan, beaming back
aboard, hits Riker, ordering him off the ship, but Klag, who has realized that
Riker did what was best for his ship, helps him reach the transporters. Back
aboard the Enterprise, Riker is welcomed aboard, while Mendon realizes that
his trip aboard the Enterprise is analogous to the old expression, "When in
== John Putch also played the Benzite, Mordock, in COMING OF AGE.


"THE MEASURE OF A MAN" Episode #9 (#35)
Premiere: Week of 2/12/89 Stardate 42523.7
Paramount Coding: Episode 135

Writer: Guest Stars:
Melinda M. Snodgrass Amanda McBroom -- Capt. Philipa Louvois
Director: Brian Brophy -- Commander Bruce Maddox
Robert Scheerer Clyde Kusatsu -- Admiral Nakamura
Music: Colm Meaney -- Chief O'Brien
Dennis McCarthy Special Guest Star:
Whoopi Goldberg -- Guinan

SUMMARY: The Enterprise stops off at Starbase 173, a brand new outpost con-
structed on the Neutral Zone border, for general port-of-call functions. While
Data learns the intricacies of poker from Riker, Kate, Geordi and O'Brien,
Picard encounters Captain Philipa Louvois, an old acquaintance. Louvois, the
head of the Judge Advocate General's office on Starbase 173, prosecuted during
the Stargazer court-martial hearings ten years previous and Picard still holds
a grudge, exemplified in their conversations. Admiral Nakamura, base comman-
der, boards the Enterprise with Picard and Commander Bruce Maddox, from the
Daystrom Technological Institute, who curiously has his eye on Data and for
good reason: Maddox has been given the go-ahead to disassemble Data in order
to study him. Furthermore, under Maddox, who has supposedly successfully
constructed a positronic brain, Data will be reproduced by the thousands --
yet there is no guarantee that the original will be spared. Angered by the
sudden transfer of Data, Picard confronts Philipa for his options, finding
only one: resignation. Data resigns from Starfleet, his fellow officers hol-
ding a small farewell celebration for him. Maddox pressures Philipa into
stopping the resignation, and does so; a late 21st century clause prevents
the action. Picard challenges the notion and ends up defending Data in a
hearing....with the prosecution being the next senior officer, Riker, who is
forced into the role and now must use all his power to prove his friend a
machine or automatically have Philipa rule in Maddox' favor. At first, it
seems as though Picard and Data fight a losing battle, for Riker accesses
Data's personal files and discovers his off switch. But after a talk with
Guinan, Picard realizes that what Maddox proposes is nothing short of slavery.
His defense, constructed on the "what is life?" prospect, confuses Maddox by
utilizing Data's self-awareness and bond of friendship with Tasha Yar and then
reassures Philipa that Data IS a machine, but is NOT Starfleet property. She
grants Data the right to choose....and Data refuses to take part in Maddox'
experiment. Back aboard the Enterprise, Data invites a shameful Riker to his
celebration, informing him that he did the only thing possible, and that he
will never forget that William Riker saved Data's life nearly at the cost of
his own career.


"THE DAUPHIN" Episode #10 (#36)
Premiere: Week of 2/19/89 Stardate 42568.8
Paramount Coding: Episode 136

Writers: Guest Stars:
Scott Rubenstein and Paddi Edwards -- Anya
Leonard Mlodinow Jamie Hubbard -- Salia
Director: Colm Meaney -- Chief O'Brien
Rob Bowman Peter Neptune -- Aron
Music: Madchen Amick -- Teenage Girl
Dennis McCarthy Cindy Sorenson -- Furry Animal
Jennifer Barlow -- Ensign Gibson
Special Guest Star:
Whoopi Goldberg -- Guinan

SUMMARY: The Enterprise arrives in orbit around Klavdia Three, where the young
future leader of the planet Daled Four awaits. The Enterprise transports up
two people: Salia, the Dauphin of the people whose fate supposedly lies in her
hands, and her overprotective guardian, Anya. Salia seems entranced by the
Enterprise, which she has studied during her life on Klavdia, while Anya seems
to want to keep her away from any sort of close investigation. En route to
her quarters, Salia spots Wesley Crusher, and immediately an attraction forms.
Wesley goes to Geordi and Worf for help but when they cannot provide necessary
answers, he turns to Riker and Guinan. Meanwhile, in Salia's quarters, Anya
is revealed as an allasomorph, a shapeshifter who can change to meet her sur-
roundings. Anya undertakes a tour of the Enterprise and flaunts her wisdom,
telling Geordi that she will check up on his progress of an overhaul on the
deuterium control circuit later. But it is during her trip to sickbay that
Anya reveals her secret to the crew, when she demands that Dr. Pulaski kill
a patient infected with Andronesian encephalitus, normally not contageous --
Anya becomes a hideous alien that seems to nearly kill Worf before Picard ar-
rives on the scene and orders her back to her quarters under guard. When she
returns she finds Salia gone -- the young girl has gone to meet Wesley, who
has introduced her to Thalian chocolate mousse and ten-forward, and to the
holodeck, where she longs to see worlds that she probably never will. All of
this makes Salia doubt her destiny, and in a confrontation with Anya, she re-
veals her form to Wesley, who has been ordered to stay away from her by Picard
without reason. Devastated, Wesley rejects her. The Enterprise arrives at
Daled Four, and Salia demands to speak to Wesley, though he will not say good-
bye to her, a fact which leaves her drained. But before Salia leaves, Wesley
meets her in the transporter room, seeing her true form -- pure light. Salia
beams down, while Anya, who did all she did only to protect Salia -- a fact
that Worf acknowledges and respects -- beams to the third moon of Daled Four,
her own home. Lovestruck Wesley takes consolation in Ten-Forward from Guinan,
wondering if his damaged heart will ever mend...



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