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STS-60 Press Kit Update

STS-60 Press Kit Errata and Updates
(changes are in quotations)

We will attempt to integrate this information into the correct location within
the document as soon as possible.

1. Page 7, STS-60 Quick Look:
Spacehab Experiments, Line 12: SOR/F ("Stirling" Orbiter

2. Page 8, STS-60 Quick Look:
Add under Spacehab Experiments: "SRE (Sample Return Experiment)"

3. Page 9, STS-60 Quick Look:
"DTO" 700-7: "Orbiter Data for Real-Time Navigation Evaluation."

4. Pages 10-11, STS-60 Summary Timeline:
Throughout Flight Days 1,2,3,4,6,7,8: Change "Spacehab vestibular
experiments" to "vestibular experiments. The vestibular experiments
will be performed in Discovery's middeck, not in the Spacehab

5. Page 13, STS-60 Orbital Events Summary:
For WSF Thrust, MET 02/03:51:00, Wake Shield Facility's "single
thruster will fire" to provide separation from Discovery's vicinity.

6. Page 13, STS-60 Orbital Events Summary:
From WSF Thrust through the NC-4 burn, Discovery will be at
distances as stated "ahead" of WSF, not "behind" WSF. The NC-4 burn
will begin Discovery on a course that will move it from 40 nautical
miles "ahead" of WSF to a point 8 nautical miles "behind".

7. Page 14, STS-60 Orbital Events Summary:
For Plume MNVRS at MET 04/03:43:00, Commander "and Pilot" will
fire a series of thrusters at differing angles to WSF while flying in
front of and behind WSF at ranges of 400, 300 and 200 feet. The
thruster firings will gather information on how to avoid contaminating
"and disturbing" rendezvous targets with thruster exhaust during close

8. Page 15, STS-60 Crew Responsibilities:
For Remote Manipulator System, primary is Davis, backups/others are
"Krikalev, Sega" only. For PSB, "Sega" is primary, the backup/other is
Bolden. For SAREX-II, Krikalev is primary, backups/others are
Bolden, "Sega". For DSO 200 (radiological), Reightler is primary,
the backup/other is Krikalev. For DTO 700-2 (laser range), primary is
Reightler, backups/others are "Chang-Diaz, Sega". For DTO 700-7,
title is "(Orbiter Data For Real-Time Navigation Evaluation)."

9. Page 24, Release:
Paragraph 2, Sentence 3: "Mission Specialist Franklin Chang-Diaz" will
use a hand-held laser...

10. Pages 24-25, Rendezvous:
Paragraph 2, Sentence 1: The retrieval of the Wake Shield Facility will
begin with an engine firing by Discovery that will have the Shuttle
leave its stationkeeping position 40 nautical miles "ahead" to close in
on a point 8 nautical miles behind the facility.

11. Page 25, Shuttle Plume Impingement Tests:
Paragraph 1, Sentence 1: Bolden "and Reightler" will brake Discovery's
approach to....
Sentence 2: At that point, Bolden "and Reightler"...
Sentence 3: The jet firings comprise a plume impingement test that
will help characterize the "behavior" of the exhaust...
Last Sentence: Information from these test will be valuable in
planning future retrievals and dockings by the Shuttle with other
spacecraft in a method that avoids contaminating or "significantly
disturbing" those spacecraft with the exhaust plumes.

12. Page 37, Space Experiment Furnace:
Paragraph 1, Sentence 1: The Space Experiment "Facility" ...
Paragraph 3, Sentence 1: ... temperatures up to approximately "800
degrees C"

13. Page 59, Crystallization Facility Experiments
Eliminate subhead, CFE is part of Commercial Protein Crystal Growth
Paragraph 4, Sentence 5: This information is graphed on the screen of
the Powerbook for the astronauts to view "and react to".

14. Page 62, Space Acceleration Measurement System
Paragraph 6, Sentence 1: Insert subhead "Stirling Orbiter

15. Page 73, STS-60 Crew Biographies, Dr. Ronald M. Sega:
Paragraph 4: Sega has logged more than "4,000" flying hours as
of Jan. 27, 1994.

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