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This is the readme file for the SSIIM program, version 1.1


The program can be downloaded from the following addresses:

- "" from the directory "/pub/os2/ssiim".
- "" from the directory "/pub/os2/2.x/education"

Version 1.1 of the program is also uploaded to


The program is made for use in River/Environmental/Hydraulic/
Sedimentation Engineering.

SSIIM is an abbreviation for Sediment Simulation In Intakes with
Multiblock option. The program solves the Navier-Stokes equations
with the k-epsilon model on a three-dimensional almost general
non-orthogonal grid. The grid is structured. A control volume method
is used for the discretization, together with the power-law scheme
or the second order upwind scheme. The SIMPLE method is used
for the pressure coupling. The solution is implicit, also over the
boundary of the different blocks.

The convection-diffusion equations for different sediment sizes are
also solved.


The following improvements have been made:

- Optimization for the Pentium processer
- Improved Users Manual
- A number of bugs have been corrected
- A number of new options are added, including:
- Calculation of sediment concentration for multi-block domain
- Block-correction and TDMA solver for multi-block domain
- Calculation with the SOU scheme for multi-block domain (implicit)
- Accelerated sediment deposition routine

Version 1.1 replaces version 1.0, and input files are backwards


The program runs only under OS/2 2.x. The program
may be ported to UNIX, but not within at least a year, and this
version will not be public domain. There are no plans of porting
the program to other operating systems.


Processer requirement is a 386 with math co-processer or better.
The water flow calculations typically takes from some hours to
some days to run on a 486. Memory requrements are at least 8 MB RAM.
This depends upon the grid size. The program and manual takes under
1 MB space on the harddisk. However, one result file may take
several MB.


The binary code includes a simple pre and post-processer with
2D graphics.


The file contains:

ssiim.exe : main executable file
(optimized for the 486)
ssiim_p.exe : executable file optimized for Pentium
(compiled with the /P5 switch with IBM C Set ++)
manual : User's Manual written in WP5.1
readme.11 : this readme file
koordina.cur : koordina file for curve example
control.cur : control file for curve example
koordina.x : koordina file for x-shaped channel example
control.x : control file for x-shaped channel example
koordina.y : koordina file for y-shaped channel example
control.y1 : control file for y-shaped channel example 1
control.y2 : control file for y-shaped channel example 2
koordina.kar : koordina file for fish farm tank example
control.kar : control file for fish farm tank example

Some examples accompany the code. The input files for the
program are called "control" and "koordina". The different examples
have extensions and need to be renamed/copied to "control" /


The program can only calculate with non-compressible fluid with
density and viscosity of water. Rough boundary conditions are used,
and wall laws for smooth boundaries are not included.
Non-orthogonal diffusive terms are neglected. The grid lines in
the vertical direction have to be completely vertical, and the grid is
structured. Beside from this, the grid is general non-orthogonal.
Only non-transient (steady) flow can be calculated.


I disclaim all warranties with regard to this software and the
information in the accompanying documents, whether expressed or
implied, including without limitation, warranties of fitness and
merchantability. In no event shall I or my employer, SINTEF NHL,
be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or
any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits,
whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortious action,
arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of
this software. It is not recommended that the program
be used for solving a problem whose incorrect solution could lead
to injury to a person or loss of property. If you do use the program
in such a manner, it is at your own risk. It is necessary to know
that to understand and interpret the program results properly it
is required that the user has knowledge and experience in
computational fluid dynamics and hydraulic engineering.

Provided the user complies with the above statements, the program
can be used freely. The program can be distributed freely on
condition and that an unchanged copy of the User's Manual is
distributed with the program.

Future versions/upgrades of the program may not be public domain.

Trondheim 16th October 1993

Nils Reidar B. Olsen

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Archive   : SSIIM11.ZIP
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