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Spice TR3e2bl is a 32-bit PC(386/486) shareware version of SPICE 3e2.
Spice TR3e2 may be run in either interactive or batch mode, and is
intended for anyone who may want learn how to use Spice thru
interactive practice (i.e. trial and error) -> without spending lots of
money for the honor.

SPICE 3e2 (simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis version
3e2) was developed in the Electronics Research Laboratory at the
University of California at Berkeley. Those who want the source code,
or some real(?) documentation (the SPICE3 Version 3e1 User's Manual is
the most useful), may call Berkeley at (510) 643-6687 and ask for a
Research Software catalog.

Spice is a general-purpose circuit simulation program for nonlinear
dc, nonlinear transient, and linear ac analyses. Circuits may contain
resistors, capacitors, inductors, independent voltage and current
sources, four types of dependent sources, switches, transmission lines
(both lossy and lossless), and the most common semiconductor devices:
diodes, BJTs, and JFETs.

Those who find Spice TR3e2 a great tool, but need more than basic Spice,
may wish to spend lots of money on a commercial version of Spice.

Those who continue using Spice TR3e2 should register it. See form at
the end of this file.

Spice TR3e2bl was complied using the Intel 386/486 C Code Builder Kit
vesion 1.1. The stack size is set to about 1 meg byte, this may be too
large for systems with 4-5 meg bytes RAM and may be too small for systems
with more than 8 meg RAM. If this is a problem let me know.


To keep the executable files small enough, only OP, AC, DC,
transient, and fourier analysis are supported in Spice 3e2bl. Also,
only the following device models are supported: resistors,
capacitors, inductors, coupled inductors, linear sources, arbitrary
non-linear sources, diodes, bipolar junction transistors, junction
FETs, lossless transmission lines, lossy transmission lines, and
voltage controlled switches.

System requirements:
a hard disk with at least 2 Meg free, a 386 or 486 with 4meg RAM,
VGA display (for graphics), and a postscript
printer (for hardcopy output). A math co-possessor
is recommended.

User requirements: Spice knowledge and/or trial and error

files included on disk(s):
spice.exe Spice TR3e2bl compiled with Intel's C Code Builder 1.1
demo The demo command file
*.cir sample circuits
readme.doc this file
spice3.doc a short spice manual
news The Spice news file, read on startup in
interactive mode
lf156 a LTC subcircuit model

*********** known bugs **************

some notes from Berkeley:
Models defined within subcircuits are not (always) handled correctly.
Switch models, for example, must be defined outside of the ".subckt"
and ".ends" lines or the model is not found.

Sufficient detail is sometimes not preserved in transient analysis,
use the "TMAX" parameter to avoid this problem.

The base node of the bipolar transistor (BJT) is modelled
incorrectly, use a semiconductor capacitor to model base effects.

************* DEMO information ********************
Three demo circuits are included to help you get started. All three
may be run by typing "demo" at the Spice prompt.
DEMO.cir a 7th order Chebyshev filter (1db ripple)
DEMO1.cir a third order elliptic active filter.
DEMO2.cir an opamp with darlington power boost

to exit Spice TR3e2bl, type "quit" while at the Spice prompt.

************* registration propaganda *************************

Spice TR3e2b is released as shareware. It is intended for anyone who
may want to do learn about spice and/or is willing to pay a
registration fee. Remember that shareware is user supported software,
and your support will make my life easier.

To make support easy, three levels of support shall be graciously

$0.00 ____ I'm too cheap but send money, but at least I
will tell other people about Spice TR3e2.

$45.00 ____ Spice TR3e2 is wonderful!! This seams to be a
small price to pay for this software.

for those with more money than sense:

$1,000,000 ____ Spice TR3e2 is even better than since sliced bread!
Rather than give the money to the people at
Berkeley (who did almost all the Work), I want to
help your retirement plan.

$10,000,000 ____ We hate Spice TR3e2b.
We are a commercial firm and we don't like the
competition. Reformat your hard disk, burn all
your spice documentation and move to Russia and
teach THEM about joys of competition.

please send your comments and/or money to

Howard LeFevre
22 Santa Bella Rd
Rolling Hills Est.
Ca., 90274

upgrade plans: upgrade the documentation, add some Help files

From: name ___________________
address ___________________
city ___________________
state & zip ______________


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