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¤ék>}†1x5 Sb - edge-on/dust laneþ¸–Vh=€
¢?y(60x40 central star mag: 11.4þ¸Î%…=¤/¿Jb725x3 SBp or Irtar mag: 11.4þ¸\×=$ ¡¿RAh23 III (47 Tuc)- splendid GC0˜>†?U21
number: 35c)- splendid GCÔ>û¿Jy†5x1 S(B)b - edge-onplendid GC'g >ÿ?o…7 number: 5dge-onplendid GCæ|>Q ¾{2.8x2.1 Scmber: 5dge-onplendid GCñ@.>•ôW?ˆ¹3.5x2.8 E0 - companion to M31d GCJ‚4>0>:?qÍn8.0x3.0 E6 - companion of M31d GCÉ>>˜6?jÝ 3.6x3.1 E0 - companion of M31d GCÉ>>™a8?Dà160x40 Sb - Andromeda Galaxyd GC¿éA>yŠ?Zá12 nmber: 15 - W-shape groupaF>ñ¢¾?e¼15 nmbr:120 - oldest cluster~ÿQ>‡aT¾iö240x210 central star mag: 11.3terßqR>’¹¾l÷18.2x4.5Sentral star mag: 11.3terÈ­T>ïá¾JZý22x6 Scp - Sculpter Galaxy3ter÷Èh>˜tT?€1.3x1.3 E0p - very compact spiral¤ék>'ä|?b23x27
spectrum: O5empact spiral¤ék> í¾Je 10 X - loose structurespiralªKu>é^(¿Jj,20x10 S - S-shape, loose struct‰V}>›lˆ?-10x5 spectrum: B0neoose struct…
›>g•?~”1.3x1.3 E0ectrum: B0neoose struct
number: 80B0neoose struct2¾¶>f¨»=B{è3.5x3.0 Sb - delicate spiraltructìq½>¡a*>B~ 1.8x1.7 E1 - delicate spiraltructV÷Ë>Êqõ½€H1.6x1.0 E4 - delicate spiraltructdŠÏ>áfû½‡T1.5x1.2 E2 - delicate spiraltruct÷5Ð>蚇?^Eg5 nmbr: 25 -arrowhead shapeMÆÑ>
ò?PSV!60x35 Sc - Pinwheel Galaxyshape«Ò>Wo¿Jxe4x2 SBc - fine many-armed SGe¦Ø>
>BotJ9.0x9.0 Sc - fine face-on spiraleˆÃä>îff??ŠL140x70 cnt str:17-Little DumbellǏè>ª?Š?UŽ5 nmbr:50 -NGC 663 in fieldøÈè>蚇?c“5 nmbr:40 -NGC 663 in fieldhÎì>uՈ?Z—16
number: 80GC 663 in field
ñ>‰%õ>P€ 4.5x1.7 SBc - coarse spiral fieldÆqü>Êqu¾yÐ1.6x1.1 E3c - coarse spiral fieldx•?é^(?Lð45 number: 60 - large arealdgB??ï©>€5x3 Sb - strong arm NW sideldÈ´?KFÕ½… 3.7x0.9 Sb - edge-onarm NW sideld—l? ˜D>€51.2x0.9 E2 - edge-onarm NW sideld¶C?AY??@e30 n:200-half Double Clusterô? 3??Bt30 n:150-half Double Cluster%I?¼8=?x{12x1 Sb - edge-onouble Cluster"‰$?A
?P~9.4x4.0 S(B)c - coarse spiralsterìÞ$?Šl¤¼~¨3.3x2.5 SBa - thick central barerJ‘*?ÖG‰?U22
number: 40k central bareruY+?N>‰?P50x44 spectrum: B0central barerÔ 1?®Kî½…þ1.8x1.4 Sb - compact spiral barer$+3?2.??sÿ4.0x1.2 E7p - lens shaperal barerOó3?r¾ƒ1.3x1.0 E2p - lens shaperal barer«ô4?c(???K"35
number: 60 shaperal barerÖ¼5?[‚˜¹l,M6x5 Sbp - Seyfert glx.(3C 71)}l9?؇¾$~<2.1x1.1 Scp - Seyfert glx.(3C 71)FÂ9?§N¿%qI9.0x5.5 S(B)b Seyfert glx.(3C 71)ßÞ9?5ú¼‚?2.3x1.3 Sc - course, compact armsé¢L?þ‡?x4
spectrum: AOecompact arms6T?7ï·¾$vÐ7.0x5.5 Sc - fine many-arm spiral>V?FM?[23 number: 30 - Tr 3m spiralÍV?ßµv¿)gí2 IImber: 30 - Tr 3m spiralc{Y?rS??gÝ10 number: 200- Tr 3m spiralkb?6&¿%l$3.5x2.5 S(B)0p - radio sourceiralwpf?ñ¢¾¾${43.4x1.0 E7B)0p - radio sourceiral\l?“Î&??V>15
number: 40adio sourceiralï—n?þq!¿%sU8.0x3.5 SBmber: 40adio sourceiralt?íÓ;$…s2.1x1.4 E3mber: 40adio sourceiralt?bd¿%vw1.4x1.4 E1pber: 40adio sourceiral~ƒt?"Që¾%tv4.5x3.8 SBbber: 40adio sourceiral<÷u?ð¦¾$~1.1x1.1 E0bber: 40adio sourceiraloáz?È¥??j120x60 sp:A1 - around Omicr PerlÇ|?ÍÞÕ>N?30x30 spec:B5ne - around Meropeº}?4‚×>N -110 nmber: 130 - The Pleiades´~?ۚ??8x6 central star mag: 14.8des§n†?֚#??<Û145x40 sp: O7n - California Neb.ió‰?Òˆ? ™Ý56x48 cent str m:13.4-blue diskWŠ?A‹? LÞ8
number: 45:13.4-blue diskö-‹?Š ?N€ê120x90 central star mag: 9.7disk˜ÌŒ?„Ù¿$Šü5.0x1.0 Sb - edge-on mag: 9.7diskÙø?ƒ’c¾$qÿ20x17 cnt str:11.8 - pale bluekl¤Ž?©éd??Qø25
number: 40.8 - pale bluek̶‘?ç„`??Q 18
number: 20.8 - pale bluekz7’?2®>Nq spec: Gpe-Hind's Variablez7’?2®>Nq spec:dG5e-Hind's Variable‡»Ÿ?¡aª>NSo45 number: 200ind's Variable¶”¢?ä@C?_€18
number: 400ind's VariableûÑ¥?¯ô­½$Š¤0.9x0.8 E1mber: 400ind's Variable?éÓÔ>NPÒ45
number: 200ind's Variable²tª?¶)¿y3x1 Sbmber: 200ind's VariableÁg«?>ú¾$180x60 spec:cB8ep-illum by Rigel=O®?Ž;•>Nc15
number: 60-illum by Rigel1m¯?óñ2¿];5.3 II - X-ray sourceby Rigelr™°?Ý?P18x30 s:O9p - Flaming Star Neb.[Õ²?GÑ/?ZA6
number: 45aming Star Neb.Ì:´?Ž;?_e12 nmbr: 60 - crescent shape(<µ?ƒaÛ¾0gpO3.2 Vmbr: 60 - crescent shape”0·?àË?es7
number: 30 crescent shape©”·?Ù ?Tx&21 number: 100crescent shapeîѺ?)¾Ä>Ne 6x4 SNR (1054) - Crab NebulaePD»?xlÀ½< J19" 7+v+7+5+7+7 - TrapeziumaeœR»?‚ν<1¸*66x60 Great Orion Nebulaeziumaeè`»?¯ô­½<A¹40x25 Great Orion Nebulaeziumae5o»?è@¼½<Y¾+20x15 detached portion of M42ae²¶»?[‚?P¨$12
number: 60ortion of M42aeþÄ»?¦’«¼<%Æ50x50 spec:BOe - around Eps Ori×
½?h0ý½<E11x11 spectrum: A3round Eps OridH¾?´%/½<&è30x30 s:BOne-cmplx inner detailüd¾?¹V0½<6x4 opacty:4-Horsehead NebulaIs¾?¦’+½<(60x10 s:BOne-B33, Horsehead Nebɾ?w¨½<bç10x10 spectrum: B2Horsehead NebiÁ?<v11x20 spectrum: B2Horsehead NebA¢Á?ˆÃd:<}N8x6 spec: B8 - comet shapedeb:ÑÄ?Oo?K3%24 number: 150comet shapedeb±§Å?ˆÃä;<j@11
number: 500comet shapedebÖþÆ?
N?v15x10 central star mag: 14.0debËÊ?aw:><q]10 number: 100r mag: 14.0deb/@Í?\×>&jn5 nmbr: 40 - on edge of M35ÝÀÍ?Qy><Oy7
number: 30 on edge of M35ZÎ?ÛqÙ>&Ix#28 number: 200on edge of M35¼zÎ?”0·><_~40x30 spec:O6e - around NGC2175‰Î?-µ><V18
number: 60 around NGC2175ñÄÐ?ˆÃd><o’10
number: 80 around NGC2175—tÔ?¶éÏ>&_8x4 spectrum: B9round NGC2175aÊÔ?B+¾7j§11
number: 20B9round NGC2175Û?I‚´=7½80x60 spec: O6 - Rosette NebulaR(Û?¯ô­=7DÄ24 number: 16 - in Rosettela‘ôÞ?i>7xÕ2 spec:Bp-Hubble's Variable¡çß?;ï0>7BØ60x30 spectrum: O7n-Cone Nebula9à?ú¢0>7;Ø20 Xmas Tree near Cone Neb.az0á?øùð>&vÚ7
number: 50near Cone Neb.aÊOã?\F¹¾Aï)38
number: 80near Cone Neb.a“¥ã?ab½7_î15
number: 50near Cone Neb.a¿mä?|Ù ¿Dqú1.8 VImber: 50near Cone Neb.a£˜ä?Õ|7?Jé15
number: 30near Cone Neb.aþå?r<7Ný12
number: 80near Cone Neb.a\ì?Mï¾7O 210.0x5.5
number: 80near Cone Neb.aëì?Q –<7h 8
number: 70near Cone Neb.a®kí?t;?¾7Z85x25
spectrum: Bopr Cone Neb.a%Bî?64¾7[ 12
number: 35Bopr Cone Neb.aò?ôå¾U2 20 number: 100opr Cone Neb.a÷¹ò?W8¾7Z1 20
number: 300opr Cone Neb.a~ƒô?G‹¾[8 13
number: 800opr Cone Neb.axõ?‘ôÞ¾<: 8 nmbr: 60 - striking clstr·Þø?™»?&–C 50x30 cnt str:15.5 - double neb/µù?Ãr>&d[ 12
number: 30.5 - double neboáú?Ãéº>&gX 47x43 cnt str:10.5 - Eskimo Neb“Øþ?x;¸¾Dgu 10
number: 70.5 - Eskimo Nebxÿ?À’¾DAv /30
number: 30.5 - Eskimo Neb\.ÿ?C’? gc 16.8x10 Sc - well resolved spiralõJÿ?ÓÓw>DYw 20
number: 40resolved spiralïÙÿ?~»-?3{s 1.7 II - most distant GCpiral @º¸À>&gt 10 number: 100istant GCpiralü­@ßi
¿DY‡ 10
number: 800istant GCpiralzõ@ˆ¨ƒ¾D…† 65 cnt str:16.8-M46 in fieldzõ@+g„¾DP… .27 n:100 - NGC 2438 in field¥½@KFÕ¾DQ ]22
number: 80C 2438 in fieldÖö@þ¢)¿D/“ 45
number: 40C 2438 in fieldä@9>,¿DL­ 27 number: 300 - globular?ldgò@¤éë¾Do£ 4x4 spectrum: B - globular?ldú@š%Ù¾D]² 12
number: 40B - globular?ldéú@ÓV¿Dc¹ 8
number: 45B - globular?ld
‘@9ú‡¿9Ô 30
number: 80B - globular?ldÞ@º¸@¾7_Ê 7 number: 150 - globular?ldœ<@¡aª¾DqÍ 8
number: 700 - globular?ld @
\e¾DYë 21
number: 500 - globular?ld @& \¿UBó 20
number: 800 - globular?ldå @3QϽ*Nô 054
number: 800 - globular?ldB< @ýÞ¿D^
number: 400 - globular?ldµQ @Ù¿DZ
number: 300 - globular?ldŽš @©Î¿Do
number: 400 - globular?ldK^@ZQ¾*œ2
38x31 central star mag: 15.7vldK^@k;;E{5
6.4x1.5 Sb - edge-on mag: 15.7vldu@aѿEgC
number: 60on mag: 15.7vldD=@¢’²> 2H
,95 Praesepe - Beehive Clustr.)@°á¿Eob
number: 80 Beehive Clustr™@‚0S> Yz
C30 nmbr:200 - interesting OCÂ@žN?3t{
8.0x1.3 Sb - edge-onnteresting OC7û@úHe?S{y
2.8x2.5 Sa-cmpct cntr,dstnct armsW‘@Ú¼®? y_
5.0x3.4 Sa - diffuse armsnct arms4ë@þ‡?Sˆ¶
2.5x1.0 Sc - diffuse armsnct arms9¬@áfû= {×
2.3x1.9 Sa - diffuse armsnct arms) @¢†?SxÐ
1.6x0.8 E5 - diffuse armsnct armsÁ%@Ý鐿Sø
7 I5 - diffuse armsnct armsŸ/@#˜š?S€ã
2.0x1.3 Sap- diffuse armsnct arms¤ð@¤¸c?Sq 6.4x2.4 Sb - symmetrical whorlsms•@Ñ8?/~+ 4.4x3.5 SBa - faint outer ringsmsÓÉ@7 À>.lW 11.0x4.6Sb - many-armed spiralsmsO±"@àxƒ?S‚† 1.3x0.9 Sap- many-armed spiralsmsÁÆ"@¢N?.…” 2.2x1.1 Scp- many-armed spiralsmsƇ#@T ¿~µ 6x5 Scp- many-armed spiralsmsN$@0º—?Sy  3.5x1.3 Scp-spiral pattern uncrtn=^$@žN?/ˆ» 5.0x0.9 S(B)c - edge-onern uncrtnìÞ$@†{¡?S}© 4x3 Sb - fine spiral whorlstnÐ %@ ç?/ˆÍ 1.1x0.5 Sb - fine spiral whorlstn©R&@âKš?SY× Q18x10 Sb - fine spiral whorlstnõ`&@¬›?SgÚ R8x3 Pec - fine pair with M81n0(@§Ëx?S~ 8x1 Sb - edge-on, long streak y(@?™?Sv 2.3x1.9 E2p - member M81 groupeakô)@áé ¾Mo+ 4.0x1.2 E6 - Spindle Nebulaoupeak­³)@j¨4¿Ue< 84x53 cnt str:10 - Eight-Burstk_E,@(ú£?"€K 3.0x2.3 Sbt str:10 - Eight-Burstkiw,@CdO¿UX 7.7 X - loose structured GCtkt©,@+
9?Svp 5.6x5.6 Sc -face on/Mu UMa in fld!z.@R‚¦¾*jª 40x35 Ghost of Jupiter/Eye Neb.Ó[2@Q
o?S€î 3.0x2.0 S(B)bpof Jupiter/Eye Neb.ø²3@P¨Þ>/x
6.0x5.1 Sc - fine face-on spiral.jÈ3@P¾…¿F,
85x80 Eta Car & Keyhole Nebula.·Ö3@ºQ>.t
_6.1x3.9 S(B)b - theta structurea.âž4@‚0S>.o(
`5x4 Sbp - pair with M95turea.9ß4@œéy>.y1
1.9x1.0 E5p - pair with M95turea._æ4@9ä`>.o3
i2.2x2.0 E1 -group with 3384, 3389
4.4x1.4 E7 -group with 3384, 3389j5@uÿ_>.Š=
2.3x1.0 Sc -group with 3384, 3389üÃ5@óÈo>.~T
2.4x1.1 E5 -group with 3384, 3389!k8@Ÿl?/{ž
5.5x4.2 Sc - fine multiple-arm SGL39@œéù>/ƒ°
2.0x1.8 Sb - fine multiple-arm SG˜A9@OFξŠ·
4.6x2.0 Sc - fine multiple-arm SG+í9@[‚º.lÁ
6x4 Sb - multi-arm spiralm SG:@ƒ¿2Ì
55 number: 150 - fine object§„;@—¸x?Syä
l7.7x1.3 Sc - edge-on/M97 in fieldU<@Q
ï¾*x1.5x0.8 E5 - edge-on/M97 in field‘p<@Ñu?SŒa3.4x3.0 cnt str m:14 - Owl Nebula±=@ÝK¡>.x1.7x1.5 E1t str m:14 - Owl NebulaÆj=@S ¿*v%5x2 Sc - coarse structurebula«•=@ÜÓi>.q'A8.0x2.5 Sb -M66, NGC3628 in fieldtë=@(ú£>.€*1.6x1.1 Sb (NGC 3622)28 in field›ò=@U
h>.n+B8.0x2.5 Sb -M65, NGC3628 in fieldÁù=@Às>.s,12.0x1.5 Sb - edge-on3628 in fieldË+>@ m?S{/4.3x3.2 Sc -bright face-on spiralÖ]>@6´>.ƒ>3.2x1.9 Sc -bright face-on spiralc˜?@q»B?S~[3.5x1.3 Sb - elongated N-S spiraliA@©m?S}†3x3 SBap - central dust lanel›A@ž%R?S{Ž5.0x3.4 Sc - well defined spirallÚ¾A@êfm?S…‘1.8x1.3 SBp - NGC 3718 in fieldll’ÁC@*ïL>.€â3.6x2.5 Scp - NGC 3718 in fieldll).E@g;T?S€%4.4x0.8 Sb - edge-on18 in fieldllâàE@ «Y?S‚53.7x1.9 Sc - edge-on18 in fieldlluŒF@ü­¿*yS2.0x1.2 E3 - edge-on18 in fieldllIG@=>%?Sve1.8x1.2 E3 - edge-on18 in fieldll»)G@`‘‡?S~i5.2x2.2 SBa - outer ringn fieldllzMG@ÍÞU?S‚m2.3x1.1 Sba - outer ringn fieldll TG@ÜÓi?Syq6.0x2.8 Sb - fine multiple arm SG÷”G@Zy¾~z1.1x0.9 E2 - fine multiple arm SGHdH@ބn?Sv˜m6.2x3.5 SBb -barred spiral galaxyöäH@¤¸c?S~º3.6x0.7 E8 - edge-on/lens-shapedys,I@mF¼Vƒ¾3.1x2.2 Sc - fine face-on spiralyðsI@2IŠ?S~Ä2.4x0.9 E6 - spindle-shapedpiraly¯—I@˜¨¾~Æ2.5x2.5 Sc - Ringtail Galaxyiraly!­I@¤ÎŠ?SƒÉ2.4x1.8 Sc - NGC 4036 in fieldalyžôI@úF?S{Ó4.2x3.0 Sc - thick spiral armsaly1 J@ Üa?S}ø4.5x1.4 Sc - NGC 4085 in fieldalyÔîJ@®ÿ¿*Œ 1.5x1.5 E2 -interacting with 4106l K@xl@?S€3.3x0.6 E7/S0-lenticulr or edgeonéRK@÷ž‘?"ƒ2.2x1.1 E5pS0-lenticulr or edgeon%¾K@o
‚/1.4x0.9 E4pS0-lenticulr or edgeonfêL@Î%…>y`b8.4x1.9 Sb-knotty, bright spindlekM@ÁV"?
tv6.6x5.8 Ir -possible early barred†€M@ák>Vxx7.4x0.9 Sb - long streak, edge-on·¹M@¥0›?"tŒ22x5 SB -large loose structureèòM@l÷(?
y”14.5x1.0S - narrow streak/edge-onÌN@#³û>y›2.3x0.8 Sa - lens shapeak/edge-on×ON@Ԁ>vžc4.6x3.9 Sc - lens shapeak/edge-on#^N@£VS?
g¢j18.2x7.0Sbp- lens shapeak/edge-on¼zN@¶éÏ=V{¥2.0x1.7 E2p- lens shapeak/edge-onT—N@T?€²6.7x1.3 Sb/Saturn-like inner ringǬN@ÕÖ?{¶1.4x1.3 E1 - NGC 4283 in fieldingu-O@w¨Ÿ=VtÏ=5.7x5.5 Sc - large face-on spiral3QO@i?S o(50" Winnnecke 4 - sep. 50"ral_O@ …?€Ú3.1x2.9 SBa - faint outer armsralòtO@ÎV>qád5.3x4.5 Sc - fine spiralr armsralTçO@ÅÃ>V‚
2.0x1.3 E2 - fine spiralr armsralTçO@˜ÿ§¾€ 81 central star mag: 12.8ral8P@Î@f>VqT2.0x1.8 E1 - center Virgo Cluster«'P@â|¢>qU2.1x1.7 Ep - center Virgo ClusterCDP@ ç?
y+10x8 S - 3-branch, loose SGterÛ`P@Óqg>Vo6V3x2 E3 - center Virgo Cluster(oP@7z ?{>3.2x1.5 Sc - center Virgo Cluster¥¶P@Ñ­F>VyM3.3x1.0 S0 - oval with outer ringÌP@ÜÓi>V€S1.3x0.8 E4 - pair with NGC 4438ng=ÓP@×¢h>VyV4.0x1.5 Sap-long angular filamntsÖïP@k
qa4.1x3.4 Ir - rectangular shapentsHQ@{¨˜>yb3.0x2.5 Sb - rectangular shapents)Q@œéy>€k1.2x1.0 E2 - internal dust ringts-0Q@C=V
”1" LY in millions - Quasarts7bQ@5ú>Vgx14.0x3.4 E4 in millions - Quasarts7bQ@5p>yy1.6x0.9 E4 in millions - Quasarts„pQ@C¨s>{}2.5x2.0 S(B)a millions - Quasartsh›Q@ÿ:?
vŠ5.6x2.1 Sc - Cocoon Galaxyuasarts´©Q@l]>Vj†W3x3 E1 - X-ray & radio source™ÔQ@îfæ>vŽ1.3x1.2 E1 - X-ray & radio source~ÿQ@Ԁ>s•X5.5x2.4 Sb - multiple-arm spiralexŽR@  >Vt®3.3x1.0 E7 - lenticular, edge-oneê£R@C>Vv·6x4 S(B)c - fine S-shaped SGe7²R@i=V{¸7x2 Sc - highly tiltedped SGeŽòR@À’>yÄ[3.7x3.2 SBb- barred spiral galaxy´ùR@ԇ½V{Â1.8x0.8 E6b- barred spiral galaxyS@¶K`>VvÈY2x2 E0 - bright, round galaxyå2S@u0è>tÕ14.4x1.2Sb - superb edge-ongalaxy£VS@"Qk>VsÙZ7.0x2.5 Sb - well formed ovallaxyú–S@‚0S>Vvã:4.0x3.5 Sb - fine compact spiraly¨T@Q
ï¾*eîD2.8 Xb - fine compact spiralyg;T@tO¾Vgòh7.0x1.5 Sb - Sombrero GalaxyiralyaÊT@÷5P>Vv
;2.0x1.8 E3 - Sombrero Galaxyiraly‡ÑT@>\?
q12.6x1.4 Sc - edge-ono Galaxyiraly’U@öÓ?=Vt1.4x1.3 E1 - edge-ono GalaxyiralyP'U@0É
=V~#1.5x0.9 SBa - projecting ansaealyéCU@plN>Vl)<3.0x2.5 E1 - NGC 4647 in fieldaly[YU@ظ?
{019.5x2.0Sc -interacting w/NGC4657}U@ÖÞG>V‚41.3x0.6 E5 -interacting w/NGC4657þ§U@r¼V€:3.8x0.8 Sc - NGC 4668 in field6574¢V@3QϽVqY2.5x1.3 E4 - NGC 4668 in field657;V@dä¾Vt[3x2 Sa - NGC 4668 in field657â"W@ÄÞã>ou10.0x5.5SBb- NGC 4668 in field657¡FW@¶7?
e€^5.0x3.5 Sbp- NGC 4668 in field657¶ªW@ß@J>V~’2.5x1.0 SB0 - pair with NGC 47627ܱW@¦’«¼Vv‘2.8x2.0 Pec - pair with NGC 47627›ÕW@™ÃH>Vyš3.7x0.4 SB0- edge-on,thick streakòX@'‚ì½Vˆ§1.7x1.6 Sc - compact face-ontreak×@X@è@<¾Vƒ­2.3x1.1 Sc - coarse spiralontreak#OX@¶éO?
ƒÀ1.2x1.0 Sb - coarse spiralontreakCåX@žÃÁ>iÚ@7.8x1.5 Sb - Black-Eye Galaxyreak"ŸY@ÓV†¾V{ø2.5x0.7 S(B)aBlack-Eye GalaxyreaküY@¸2=V‡$1.7x1.5 Sc - compact spiralxyreak7S[@é]¿oQ11.5x2.0
SBc - edge-onspiralxyreakÏo[@vF¾V}^1.7x0.7 E6 - edge-on lenticularak†\@©ÿ ¾V‚ƒ2.2x1.5 Sb - dense spiralicularakgÜ\@~Š%?
v4.4x1.7 Sb - dense spiralicularakak]@ÁV¢>` 53.3 Vb - dense spiralicularak]@Ƈ#?
y©9.9x4.8 Sb - dense spiralicularak^@"g’¾V‚´0.9x0.9 E0 - NGC 5037 in fieldrak²:^@†Î;?
j¿?10x5 Sb - Sunflower Nebuladrak—e^@1+ž>v½3.5 XI - Sunflower NebuladrakP_@§ô»¾V€Ì6.0x5.5 SBc - coarse spiralladrakíõ_@ç­#¿tî6.0x2.5 S0c - coarse spiralladrak#ð`@G3@¿Z10x8 S0/pec - Centaurus AadrakMa@V(T¿923 VIII - Omega Centauridrak°*b@AäR?
gJ310.0x5.5Sc - Whirlpool GalaxydrakÖ1b@‚0S?
tK2.0x1.5 Pec - connected to M51rakB&d@r¿*etS10x8 Scc - connected to M51rakJd@³Ã> y€6.1x4.4 Scc - connected to M51rakÿ™e@Ê¢ý>
T˜16 VI - superb object M51rak‘•g@ó|†?SxÊ1.4x1.1 E2 - superb object M51rak±{i@f¨»=Vyó1.7x1.5 Ep - pair with NGC 5364aký‰i@b
ƒ3.0x0.6 Sap - outer ringGC 5364akBwk@Ör?S`Qf22x20 Sc - Same as M101C 5364akBwk@Ör?S`Qe22x20 Sc-splendid large face-on…k@T¨×½V…32.0x1.6 Sc - pair w/5426, face-on¯l@ðùþ> oZ5 XII- pair w/5426, face-on·=p@,˜Œ=V}¾5.8x1.3 Sb - 2 faint glx in fieldØÓp@›CE¿2~100x37 central star mag: 14.7eldÖr@ÍÞÕ½Vt4 IV - 10m star on E edgelds¡u@©í¾*y>2 VII - one of most distantVw@'g =V~r6.2x0.8 Sb - edge-on w/dust bandtâ¦y@ëÈ}=V…3.6x0.5 Sb - edge-on w/dust bandtÆq|@H¾¿2nÀ1 Ib - edge-on w/dust bandt~$}@ˆÃäL€15x11 central star mag: 11.3ndt9jˆ@Œa;I[ÍP3.3 II -incl Nova T Sco(1860)#V‰@©í¾IOé26 IX -incl Nova T Sco(1860) ‰@ûfѾ;A140x70 spec: B5n -around Rho Ophdډ@×¢è¾Io3.3 XIec: B5n -around Rho Oph°è‰@^•-¿Ixû1.3 IIec: B5n -around Rho OphNŠ@\ì¾I 85x80 spec:cM1 - around Antares BŠ@¶Kà¾IE30 spec:B3n - around 22 ScosC”Š@Z;i¾;ek2.2 Xpec:B3n - around 22 Scos݋@Dï"?(O=
10 V - Hercules Cluster Scos1AŒ@éÓÔ>(tB20x13 cnt str m: 12.5 - bluishs´¡Œ@'g ½;UJ 9.3 IXt str m: 12.5 - bluishsԍ@¢Ã:¿IPW15 number: 100+2.5 - bluishs’Ž@C’½;Un
8.2 VIIber: 100+2.5 - bluishs–Ž@¿;Uz>4.3 IV - Burnham's under Scosl¤Ž@Ãþ;20x9 central star mag: 17.4cosÁŽ@½‡1¿Is|6
number: 30ar mag: 17.4cos*Ȏ@Ÿ¸ê¾;[4.3 VIIIer: 30ar mag: 17.4cos @+Qݾ;nŒ1.5 IXIIer: 30ar mag: 17.4cos͏@½V)¿IJ‰8 number: 25 - triangularosÒ׏@ í¾;e•1.9 IVmber: 25 - triangularosíT@¯Ã%¿Ixž50 fig-8 shape, Bug Nebulaos†q@ˆ¨¿;g 1.6 VIg-8 shape, Bug Nebulaos–¼@áfû¾;n¬1.1 III-8 shape, Bug Nebulaosuΐ@º¸@?(UÅ\8.3 IVI-8 shape, Bug Nebulaos…‘@nw¥¾;c½ 2.4 VIII8 shape, Bug NebulaosýG‘@g•¿Il¾30 s:A0-curious,complex neby9³‘@‚0Ó¾;30x3 opacity:6 - S-shapex neby̶‘@6Ÿ¾;gÔ1.7 IIacity:6 - S-shapex neby¶ú‘@çSX¿eÐ2.5 XIacity:6 - S-shapex nebyŠ‚’@‡aÔ¾;”á28 cnt str 16.6-perfect ring"G“@_‚¿IKï5
number: 40.6-perfect ringÀ|“@ÖÞG¿IYô3.4 IIIber: 40.6-perfect ring7«“@–Vh½;_3 IIIber: 40.6-perfect ring””@ ò¿I=15 n: 80 - Butterfly Cluster”@óÈo¿Lý19 IX - possibly nearest GCr™”@%¿Il8
number: 60bly nearest GCrÚI•@ãÞ²¾H—-38x29 cnt str:19 -6440 in fieldQ•@s·œ?"yg4.5x1.0 Sbt str:19 -6440 in field˜m•@~Š%¿I^)2.3 III str:19 -6440 in fieldÚñ•@÷¿I4K80 nmbr:80-fine naked-eye OC‚Y–@?奄HK^27 number: 150e naked-eye OCٙ–@<ܔ?"l22x16 cnt str m:11.4 - bluishOCÓ(—@íÓ;Hnr29x27 spec: O7 - Trifid NebulaCÓ(—@—¸ø¾H4.5x3.0 opcty:5 -next to NGC 6520lE—@Qù¾H_x5 nmbr:25+ - B86 on W edge0¸S—@=äÙ¾HX{80x40 spec: O7e - Lagoon NebulaPp—@ÚɾHOƒ13 number: 70 - M20 in fieldww—@ÛqÙ¾HA‚10 nmbr: 25 - in M8 (Lagoon)ww—@ÃC¿Hs€0.5 V - NGC 6522 in fieldoon)Øé—@ä@C¿U6.3 III NGC 6522 in fieldoon)f|˜@GÙô=;n¬16x13 cnt str 12.0-blu/grn discíõ˜@â|¢¾H12x6 opacity:6 - near M24 discø'™@-+¥¾HAË4 number: 50 - star cloudsc$H™@6¾¯¾H_16x15 spectrum: B5 star cloudsc¼d™@jNi¿Oo¸2.5 VIIItrum: B5 star cloudscâk™@Vv¾LTÓ25 neb & clust- Eagle Nebula4“™@Ý™¾HYÕ9
number: 20t- Eagle Nebula_³™@›¾H_Ú46x37 Swan or Omega Nebulaebulaoþ™@Ó¢ï¾HªÜ5 cnt str m: 15.8 - stellarš@ø­¿Hgà2 VI - X-ray source stellar 7š@î5Þ¾HYâ6 IV - X-ray source stellar…bš@3QϾH~å16x14 central star mag: 13.6larªš@Ÿ¸ê=;Aé20
number: 30ar mag: 13.6lard›@ÄÞã¾Hoî1.4 VImber: 30ar mag: 13.6larC.›@‹Š¿H`íE2.5 VImber: 30ar mag: 13.6lari5›@¬¾HA32 number: 30 - open cloudar"@›@]ÙѾHlò2 V? - 1 deg WNW of M22udarŠË›@ö^¿Hlü1.7 VI - 1 deg WNW of M22udarüà›@Œ’Õ¾HF17.3 VII - one of finest GCsarµë›@„Ù¾Kb16 n:50 - Alpha Sct in fieldë=œ@‚ÎÂ=LA70
number: 80ha Sct in field Ԝ@ZQ¿HeF4 Vumber: 80ha Sct in field‰@˜ÿ'¾Kd&15
number: 30ha Sct in fieldû0@]¿H‘8x6 central star mag: 15.6eldmî@uÿß½KN1 14 n:200 - Wild Duck Cluster¹ü@ú8>V513
number: 40ld Duck Clusterê5ž@æ|¾Ke82.1 IXmber: 40ld Duck ClusterÉGž@'˜?4q@91.3x1 cnt str:15 - Ring Nebularg}ž@j3¿H`;66 III str:15 - Ring NebularAŸ@ç­#¿H]C5.8 VII - near CrA borderular— @Å@ô½10x3 opacity:6 - on Sct cloudr[C @VQ—=_c15 number: 100 on Sct cloudrã¼ @H¾“<oh1.9 IXmber: 100 on Sct cloudrè}¡@EÜ?4g{81.8 XXmber: 100 on Sct cloudrÒi¢@YÙØ<…†2 cent str m:18 - stellardrY‹£@†3>…“5 cent str m:14.1 - stellarü¤@ÖP?X›13
number: 70:14.1 - stellarS¤@C\
¿HZ™715 XImber: 70:14.1 - stellarXÛ¤@E³C>30 opacity:6 - C-shapedellarËð¤@uŠ3?]£5 n: 150 - Foxhead ClusterrMQ¥@'ä|¾Hv¢22x15 cnt str:15 -greenish discæm¥@ìµa?lª27x24 cnt str: 10.8 -"Blinking"yq¥@ A„¾Hx¦10x9 Ir - Barnard's Galaxying"ƒK¦@. Î>Xc®12
number: 20rd's Galaxying"“–¦@Ô£>G`7
number: 15rd's Galaxying"™¯¦@wÙ§>Gg¶G6.1 class not certainlaxying"}Ú¦@ÕÖ?Xœº50x45 central star mag: 14.1ng"ê~§@‚ÿÊ>X_Å8x4 Dumbbell Nebulag: 14.1ng"`¨@¨á?K×20
number: 15ebulag: 14.1ng"@g¨@fÙþHjÐK1.9 I - near Cap border4.1ng"‡©@5+—>Gß5 cent str m:15.2 - stellar%:©@G¨ì>Xoå7
number: 35:15.2 - stellar*S©@¢’²>Gæ9x6 central star mag: 16.6lar†¬©@úb> …ë15x7 central star mag: 11.6larkש@¼’?£î44 cnt str m:17 - ring-shape?_ª@ﭕ>G…2 cnt str m:13.7v - stellarâ­ª@¦Ã³> Šù44x37 cnt str m:14.2 - bluisharèƪ@À86?^þ8
number: 5014.2 - bluishar€ãª@(+,?U7
number: 5014.2 - bluisharzr«@¸2?*45x25 spectrum: cF8p - bluishar•ï«@Çt‡?b8
number: 80cF8p - bluishar«S¬@ A> l1.5 VIIIer: 80cF8p - bluishar÷a¬@'äü>XS31
number: 60cF8p - bluishari¬@[`†?l"9.0x7.5 Sc - one of nearest SGsarºî­@N> ?d070x6 SNR - Veil Nebula (west)r¥®@_(F?Z85x75 spec: cA2e - Pelican Neb.‰¯@uÿ_¾qEH2.0 IXec: cA2e - Pelican Neb.1m¯@ ¶
?dP60x8 SNR - Veil Nebula (east).û¯@OF?PX120x100 spec: cA2e- North AmericaŽÆ¯@üÈa¾nRI2.8 asterism of 4 starsmerica}#°@›> ~^1.1 I - very remote GCsmerica6.°@:\˜?Xo18x18 spec:B5e -cmplx structureÿƒ°@£%K¾ga44x26 cnt str:12- Saturn NebulaÏ°@_YN?’r25x5 central star mag: 14.8ula¨ë°@J³>T¦7.4 IV - fine object blu/grna0´@ÿyf?g®9
number: 50object blu/grna×l´@÷fX?A´'32
number: 30object blu/grnaO›´@›‡i¼U±13 IImber: 30object blu/grnazcµ@Ìt€?750
number: 50object blu/grnazcµ@Ìt€?K165x135
spectrum: O6nect blu/grnañ‘µ@+Ͼ_»5.7 Vpectrum: O6nect blu/grnaŸ¶@$p?tØ3.1
number: 35O6nect blu/grna2f·@‚0S?x12x12 spectrum: B1 - Cocoon Nebg¹@•ÃO?-V)25
number: 25B1 - Cocoon Nebêh¹@Ê% ?>y12.6x2.3 Sbmber: 25B1 - Cocoon Neblqº@á^?-TK21
number: 40B1 - Cocoon Neb‘p¼@ÞÞ¹¾U}900x720 cnt str:13 - Helix Nebula¦|½@pÆ?>s£10.0x2.3Sb - similar to Milky WayIJÀ@Ԏ>>ˆ2x1 Sc - similar to Milky WayiÁ@Œ™†?e70x45 central star mag: 11.9Way¢¼Â@€
¢=Bˆu2.9x0.9 Scntral star mag: 11.9Way“Ã@ܸˆ?YÓ205x180 spec: B2 - Bubble Nebulay5Ä@”‰?Yæ413 number: 100Bubble NebulayùLÄ@>?lî32x28 cent str m:13 -blue/green¦Æ@¾g¾ƒ+3.6x2.6 Sbnt str m:13 -blue/greendAÆ@åÓ[¾~/2.7 S - faint outer armsgreenŸ¤È@ª|}?Vm16 number: 300uter armsgreen7ÁÈ@o•¿Joq6x4 Sd - large oval, loose SGªÖÈ@dˆ?in17
number: 40 oval, loose SG

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