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:ÙSKY.BAS: Displays positions of sun, moon and planets from any location onr :Ùearth at any time from 1977 into the distant future. From COMPUTE!° :ÙMagazine "Skyscape" November 1985 by Robert M. Simons.¸
:ÙÏdÉ Ý:  P:¿ ,,:ÀÙn ¢'xD$ç"000031059090120151181212243273304334":K1ç :† HC():MM$ç"041079040"o‚M$ç"286317345011041072102133164194225255":D$()ç"S":D$()ç"N":ESç]¼ŒA$ç"JANFEBMARAPRMAYJUNJULAUGSEPOCTNOVDEC":OO$ç"OUT OF RANGE!":DG$çÿ–(ø)þ–MD$ç"312831303130313130313031":D9çÿŽ()ì-:‡ EE:‡ M9:† P(,) — ÑR(X)çÿ…(Xë
:ª— ÑS(X)çÿ…(Xëdé€)ìdc´‚ Yç Ì :‚ Xç Ì :‡ P(X,Y):ƒ:ƒ:Y炾‚ Xç Ì :‡ P$(X),P(X,):ƒšȂ Xç Ì :‡ PP(X):ƒÉÒJ$ç"SATSUNMONTUEWEDTHUFRI":‚ Xç Ì  :‡ F$ÜCC$çCC$é" "éF$:ƒ:CC$çCC$éCC$:F$çÿ‚(CC$,):CC$çF$éCC$æ‚ Xç Ì :‡ PH$(X):ƒ>ð‚ Xç Ì :‡ HC(X):ƒ:‰ p^úCCçMTêÐ:‹ CCè Í CCçCCéK1¤CCçCCìx:CDçCCêÿ…(CC):CCçÿ…(CC):CDçÿ…(CDëéÍÌL~):CCçQê(CCëéCD)½  :‹ LLè Í  2
É‘ CD$:ŽÝ"Ê ,:‘ Ò();,Ê ,SL:‘ "** DAYS SKY **":Ê ,SL:‘ "--------------"O6Ê ,SL:‘ "INPUT THE TIME:":Ê ,SL:‘ "---------------"†@Ê ,SL:‘ "HOUR (0-23)";: ’ :‹ I$èæ"" Í T1çÿ”(I$)±J‹ T1è ï T1æ Í Ê 
,SLé:‘ OO$:‰ @ëTÊ  ,SL:‘ "MINUTE (0-59)";: ’ :‹ I$èæ"" Í T2çÿ”(I$)^‹ T2è ï T2æ; Í Ê  ,SL:‘ OO$:‰ TRhR$çÿ‚(ÿ“(T1),):T$çÿ‚(ÿ“(T2),):‹ T2è
Í T$ç"0"éÿ‚(T$,)qrÊ ,SL:‘ "TIME-- "R$":"T$’|Ê ,: ¶:‹ I$ç"N" Í "Æ¿ ,:À:T3çT1ë<éT2éAAêÐ:‹ T3è Í T3çT3éK1ڐ‹ T3æK1 Í T3çT3êK1úšMTçT3êh:‹ MTè Í MTçMTéK1¤PTçT3éh:‹ PTæK1 Í PTçPTêK1M®Ê ,:‘ "DAY'S SKY-- ";: :‘ " "R$":"T$ˆ¸Ê ,:‘"--------------------------------------------"ºÂ¿ ,:TMçÿ”(R$é"."éT$):‹ TMè ï TMæ Í ¿ ,çÌXXçéLC:‚ Xç Ì :Ê éX,:‹ XçXX Í àùÖ‘ Ò();:‰ ê+à‘ " - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ";`êƒ:Ê ,:¿ ,: ú:Ê ,:¿ ,:‹ LLè Í ˆô‹ LLæ Í ‘ "E"Ò)"S"Ò)"W":‰ ¿þ‘ "UP-NORTH ----OVERHEAD DOWN-SOUTH":‰ è‹ LLèê Í ‘ "E"Ò)"N"Ò)"W":‰ ‘ "UP-SOUTH ----OVERHEAD DOWN-NORTH"0T4çAA:  :Y8çxC&‹ Y9çç Í N`0 œ :Y8çY9:‹ A1è Í Ny:‹ U9æ ï U9è Í N—D¿ ,:Ê U9,;êY9:‘ ÿ–(*)ºNT4çAAéM2ëK1:‹ T4æK1 Í T4çT4êK1ÛX¿ ,:‹ TMè ï TMæ Í ¿ ,ôb  :‹ Y9çç Í ŠlMMçÿ…(M1ìRU„)é: \/v œ :‹ U9æ ï U9è Í Š|€Ê U9,;êY9:‘ ÿ–(MM):‹ ÿ†(Y8êY9)èç€ Í ¿ ,:Ê U9,;êY9:‘ ÿ–(O):¿ ,–Š‚ Xç Ì :‹ Xç Í . ¹”T4çP(X,):  :‹ Y9çç Í ÚåžU9çÿ‰((P(X,)ì)ì(ìD9)):U9çêëU9é€ï¨ ¦ ²‹ U9è ï U9æ Í Ú¼ZçÈ(U9,;êY9)JÆ‹ Zèæ î Zèæ- Í U9çU9éÿ„(LL)é(LLç):‰ ¼fÐÊ U9,;êY9:‘ ÿ–(PP(X));lÚƒ¢äÊ ,:¿ ,:‚ Xç Ì :‘ ÿ–(PP(X));P$(X);" ";:ƒÚîÊ ,:‘ "*SUN )O(MOON NEW MOON + SUN ";B$øøÊ ,!:¿ ,:‘ "O":¿ ,<Ê ,:‘ "T- NEW TIME,P- P. TABLE,D- DATE,L- LAT";:SLç>:‰ ¼U Y9çç:‹ MTèPT Í 4m‹ T4èMT î T4æPT Í ŽŒ ‹ T4èMT ï T4æK1 Í T4çT4éK1–*‰ >®4‹ T4èMT ï T4æPT Í ŽÚ>Y9çÿ…((T4êMT)ìé€):‹ Y9ç( Í Y9ç'àHŽRU9çÿ‰((T4ì)ì(ìD9)):U9çÿ…(êëU9é€):ŽH\MMçÿ”(ÿƒ(MM$,ëMMê,)):‹ Lè î MMèæQ Í MMçÿ†(MMêQ)NfŽ§p¿ ,:À:Ê ,:‘ "************** SKYSCAPE **************":Ê ,
:‘ "DATE INPUT":S1ç×zÊ ,
:‘ "----------":‹ Yèæ Í Ê ,(: „Ê ,:‘ "YEAR";: ’ :‹ I$èæ"" Í Yçÿ”(I$)0Ž‹ Yè¹ Í ‘ "MUST BE AFTER 1977":‰ „l˜ X:Ê ,:‘ "MONTH (1-12)";: ’ :‹ I$èæ"" Í Mçÿ”(I$)‹¢‹ Mè ï Mæ Í ‘ OO$:‰ ˜À¬DIçÿ”(ÿƒ(MD$,ëMê,)):DIçDIê(Mç)ëLY:DI$çÿ“(DI)ø¶Ê  ,:‘ "DAY (1-"DI$")";: ’ :‹ I$èæ"" Í Dçÿ”(I$) À‹ Dè ï DæDI Í ‘ OO$:‰ ¶f ÊH$çÿƒ(A$,(Më)ê,):Ê 
,:‘ "LATITUDE (0-90)";: ’ :‹ I$èæ"" Í LLçÿ”(I$)p ԍ Ä Ž Þ‹ ÿ†(LL)æZ Í ‘ OO$:‰ ÊÌ èD1çÿ”(ÿƒ(D$,(Më)ê,))éD: €:‹ Mæ Í D1çD1éLY:Y1çY1éLY !òSç: :Ê ,(: :Ê ,(:‘ "------------------------",!üÊ ,: ¶:‹ I$ç"N" Í p@!Ê ,:‘ Ò();~!D2çÿ”(ÿƒ(M$,(Më)ê,))éD: €:‹ Mæ Í D1çD1éLY:Y1çY1éLY¬!D3çD2ê¹:‹ Mç î Dè Í D2çD2éLY:D3çD3éLYË!$‹ D3èç Í Aç´ëD2ì¹:‰ 8ä!.Aç(´ëD3ì(´éZY))é´ "8‹ Aè´ Í Sçvw;…ëÿ‰(D9ëD2ë´ì¹)+"B‹ Aæ´ Í Sçêvw;…ë(ÿ‰(D9ëD3))B"L‹ Aæçh Í AçAêhN"VAçÑR(A)"`SçÑR(S):A1ç(ÿ„(LL)ê(LLç))ëSéZêÿ†(LL):A1çÑR(A1): Ò:  ·"jWçê(LLè):‹ A1æZ Í A1ç´êA1:WçêWè"tÊ ,$:‘ "DAY OF THE YEAR----------- ";D1#~Ê ,$:‘ "SUN'S GEOCENTRIC ANGLE---- ";ÿ“(A);DG$V#ˆÊ ,$:‘ "SUN'S DECLINATION--------- ";ÿ“(S);DG$–#’Ê 
,$:‘ "SUN'S ALTITUDE AT NOON---- ";ÿ“(A1);DG$;D$(W)É#œÊ  ,$:‘ "SUN'S RIGHT ASCENSION----- ";A3$ü#¦Ê  ,$:‘ "R.A. AT 9:00PM------------ ";A5$6$°Ê 
,$:‘ "MOON'S AGE---------------- ";ÿ“(M1);"DY"s$ºÊ ,$:‘ "MOON'S ELONGATION--------- ";ÿ“(M8);DG$;L$š$ÄÊ ,$:‘ "MOON'S PHASE - "PH$(M3)Ð$ÎÊ ,:‘ "-P- PLANET TABLE, -D- NEW DATE";:‰ ¼%Ø¿ ,:À:Ê ,:‘ "SKYSCAPE- ";: :S1ç@%âÊ , :‘ "** PLANET TABLE **":Ê , :‘ "------------------"s%ìÊ ,:‘ "PLANET DIST. ANG. W/ SUN R.A."¦%öÊ ,:‘ "------------------------------------"Ô%‚ Xç Ì :A2çY1ìP(X,)êÿ…(Y1ìP(X,)):Q3ç&
A2ç(A2ëh)éP(X,):‹ A2æh Í A2çA2êh&Eç´éA:‹ Eæh Í EçEêhA&E1çÿ†(EêA2):‹ E1æ´ Í E1çhêE1l&( :E1çE1ëD9:P5çP(X,):‹ Xç Í  ø±&2P(X,)çÿ‡(éP5íêëP5ëÿŒ(E1)):XXç((P5íêêP(X,)í)ì(êëP(X,)))'<P(X,)çêÿŽ(XXìÿ‡(êXXëXXé))éÿŽ()ë:P(X,)çÿ…(P(X,)ë]é€):P(X,)çP(X,)ìD99'FP(X,)çÑS(P(X,)):Q1$çÿ“(P(X,)):Q2$çÿ“(P(X,))Y'PQ1çÿ’(Q1$):Q2çÿ’(Q2$): |š'ZÊ Xé,:‘ P$(X);ÎêQ1);Q1$;ÎêQ2);Q2$;:‹ Q3çê Í ‘ DG$"W";±'d‹ Q3ç Í ‘ DG$"E";í'n ®:Q4$çÿ“(Q4):Q5$çÿ“(Q5):‹ Q5è
Í Q5$ç"0"éÿ‚(Q5$,)(xQ5$çÿ‚(Q5$,):Q4$çQ4$é":"éQ5$:Zçÿ’(Q4$)V(‚‘ Î );QQ$;Î(êZ);Q4$:ƒ:Ê ,:‘ "* - VISIBLE AT 9 P.M."¨(ŒÊ ,:‘ "SUN'S R.A. -------";ÒQ8);A3$:Ê ,:‘ "R.A. AT 9:00PM ---";ÒQ9);A5$é(–SLç4:Ê ,:‘ "-S- FOR DAY'S SKY, -D- FOR NEW DATE";:‰ ¼ ) A2çK1ëAìh:‹ A2æK1 Í A2çA2êK1D)ªA3çÿ…(A2ì<):A4çA2êA3ë<:A5çA3é:‹ A5æ Í A5çA5êu)´A4çÿ…(A2êA3ë<é€):‹ A4ç< Í A4ç:A3çA3éˆ)¾‹ A3ç Í A3çž)ÈAAçA3ë<éA4:‰ 0Ò)ÒM1ç((Y1ìM9)êÿ…(Y1ìM9))ëM9é
:‹ M1æM9 Í M1çM1êM9÷)܍ Ô:M8çhëM2:‹ M8æ´ Í L$ç"W"
*æ‹ M8èç´ Í L$ç"E"%*ð‹ M8æ´ Í M8çhêM8?*úM1çÑR(M1):M8çÑR(M8):Žp*YYçÿ…(ë(Y1ìêÿ…(Y1ì))éÍÌL~):‹ YYç Í YYç‹*K$çÿƒ(J$,(YYë)ê,):Ž«*Q3ç:Q1çEé´:‹ Q1æh Í @Ä*"‹ A2æE î A2èQ1 Í 6Ï*,Q3ç:ŽÛ*6Q3çê:Ž+@Q1çQ1êh:‹ A2èçh î A2æE Í 6+J‹ Q3èæ Í Ž*+T‹ A2æ î A2èçQ1 Í 6:+^‹ Q3èæ Í ŽL+h‹ A2æQ1 Í ,R+rŽz+|Q5çQ3ëP(X,)ëéAA:‹ Q5è Í Q5çQ5éK1‘+†‹ Q5æK1 Í Q5çQ5êK1Ù+P(X,)çQ5:Q4çÿ…(Q5ì<):Q5çÿ…(Q5êQ4ë<é€):‹ Q5ç< Í Q5ç:Q4çQ4éì+š‹ Q4ç Í Q4çò+¤Ž),®SUçA5ë<éA4:PSçSUéh:MSçSUêh:‹ PSæK1 Í PSçPSêK1?,¸‹ MSè Í MSçMSéK1Q,‹ MSæPS Í às,Ì‹ P(X,)èPS î P(X,)æMS Í þ,ÖQQ$ç" ":Ž£,à‹ P(X,)èK1 î P(X,)æMS Í þ¹,ê‹ P(X,)èPS Í þÃ,ô‰ ÖÑ,þQQ$ç"*":Ž
-LL$çÿ‚(ÿ“(ÿ†(LL)),):‹ ÿ†(LL)è
Í LL$ç" "éÿ‚(LL$,)L-‘ K$;"-- ";H$;ÿ“(D);",";Y;" ";LL$;DG$;:‘ ÿƒ("SN",(LLè)é,);`-‹ Dè
Í ‘ " ";f-&Ž{-0A4$çÿ‚(ÿ“(A4),)›-:‹ A4è
Í A4$ç"0"éÿ‚(A4$,)Å-DA3$çÿ“(A3)é":"éA4$:A5$çÿ“(A5)é":"éA4$å-NQ8çêÿ’(A3$):Q9çêÿ’(A5$):Ž.XLYç:‹ Yìçÿ…(Yì) Í LYç1.b‹ Yìdçÿ…(Yìd) î Yìèæÿ…(Yì) Í LYç`.l‹ Yìèçÿ…(Yìè) î Yì çÿ…(Yì ) Í LYçf.vŽˆ.€Y9çYé:‹ Y9ìçÿ…(Y9ì) Í ZYçº.Š‹ Y9ìdçÿ…(Y9ìd) î Y9ìèæÿ…(Y9ì) Í ZYçí.”‹ Y9ìèçÿ…(Y9ìè) î Y9ì çÿ…(Y9ì ) Í ZYç/žY1çYê¹:Y1çY1ëméÿ…(Y1ì)éD1:‹ YèÐ Í ²U/¨Y1çY1êÿ…((YêÑ)ìd)éÿ…((YêÑ)ì)êÿ…((Yê)ì )[/²Že/¼ Àx/Æ‹ I$ç"D" Í p/Ћ (I$ç"S" ï I$ç"T") î S1ç Í "°/Ú‹ I$ç"P" Í ØÊ/ä‹ I$ç"L" î S1ç Í ì Ô/î‰ ¼é/øP5ç
,0:K5çA2ë'0K5çÿ†(K5ê\7‹)ëZìK1:K5çK5ëD9:K5çÿ‰(K5)ë])%:P5çP5éK5:Ž>0 ‹ CCèç Í CCçCCéT†0CD$çÿƒ(CC$,CCê):‹ ÿƒ(CD$,,)èæ" " î ÿƒ(CD$,,)ç" " Í CD$ç" "éCD$Á0 ‹ ÿƒ(CD$,(,)ç" " î ÿƒ(CD$,),)èæ "" Í CD$çÿƒ(CD$,)Ø0*CD$çÿƒ(CD$,,():Ž14„ 356.26,29.53059,59.818184,42.719626,262.364394,52.9196763E1>„ 134.69697,218.79464,87.97,224.7,686.98l1H„ 4332.79813,10759.7195,30686.5884¯1R„ "MERCURY",.3871,"VENUS",.7233,"MARS",1.5237,"JUPITER",5.2028Õ1\„ "SATURN",9.5308,"URANUS",19.182ô1f„ 4,232,229,21,237,157,23162p„ "SA","SC","LI","VI","LE","CA","GE","TA","AR","PI","AQ","CP"z2z„ "NEW","WAXING CRESCENT","1ST QUARTER","WAXING GIBBOUS","FULL"±2„„ "WANING GIBBOUS","3RD QUARTER","WANING CRESCENT"î2Ž„ 1770,1719,1620,1500,1418,1365,1335,1310,1290,1275,1260%3˜„ 1238,1220,1200,1178,1115,915,720,660,640,625,610I3¢À:Ê , :‘ "**** SKYSCAPE ****"O3¬Ž~3¶‘ "-N- TO RE-INPUT OR RETURN TO CONTINUE";·3ÀI$ç"":±é ÿ’(I$)ç:I$çÞ:²:‹ I$æ"Z" Í I$çÿ–(ÿ•(I$)ê )½3ÊŽã3ÔM2çM1ìM9:‹ M1è ï M1æd… Í M3ç4Þ‹ M1æç î M1èÍÌ\ƒ Í M3ç 4è‹ M1æçÍÌ\ƒ î M1èç Í M3ç=4ò‹ M1æ î M1è33c„ Í M3ç_4ü‹ M1æç33c„ î M1è33s„ Í M3ç4 ‹ M1æç33s„ î M1èÍÌ,… Í M3ç¤4 ‹ M1æçÍÌ,… î M1èçÍÌ4… Í M3çÆ4 ‹ M1æÍÌ4… î M1èçd… Í M3çÌ4$ Žî4. B$ç"":‹ YèæÁ î YèæÂ Í Ú58 ‹ (YçÁ î D1è1) ï (Yç î D1æ•) Í Ú@5B HDçD1ém:‹ HDæ Í HDçHDêmf5L H1ç(HDê')ì
:HDçÿ…(H1):H1çH1êHD¢5V T4çHC(HD)êHC(HDé):T4çHC(HD)êH1ëT4:‹ T4æ  Í T4çT4ê »5`   :‹ Y9çç Í Úá5j  R:‹ T4æ[ î T4æ° Í U9çU9éø5t ‹ T4æ
 Í U9çU9ê6~ ‹ T4æg î T4è[ Í U9çU9éH6ˆ U()çU9:B$çÿ–(PP())é"HALLEY'S COMET":‰ ¨V6’ … "";I$:Ž`6œ  R€6¦ ‹ LLæç Í U9çLCé
éU9:‰ º ™6° U9çLCé
êU9:Y9ç'êY9Ÿ6º Ž¾6Ä LL$ç"@N":‹ LLè Í LL$ç"@S"à6Î L1çÿ†(LL):‹ ÿ†(LL)è Í L1ç(7Ø LCçÿ…((L1ê()ìé€):D1çÿ”(ÿƒ(D$,(Më)ê,))éD7⠎/7ì Ê ,:‘ Ò();e7ö Ê ,SL:‘ "NEW LATITUDE":Ê ,SL:‘ "--------------"›7
Ê ,SL:‘ "LAT (0-90)";: ’ :‹ I$èæ"" Í LLçÿ”(I$)Ã7

‹ ÿ†(LL)æZ Í Ê 
,SLé:‘ OO$:‰ 
Ê ,: ¶:‹ I$ç"N" Í ì ú7
Ê ,SL:‘ ÒPêSL);8(
 Ä :I$ç"S":‰ Ð!82
C1$çÿƒ(CD$,CI,):‹ C1$èæ" " Í P
C2$çC1$éC2$:CIçCIé:‰ Z
‹ CIè) Í <

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: