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Win SignMaster
(C) 1991 MikeSoft
All rights reserved

Developed in co-operation with

SignMaster for Windows 3.0 is a tutor for sign language. SignMaster
has two options, Tutor and Test. Use Tutor to learn the sign for each
letter of the alphabet. When mastered, use Test to test your ability
to recognize each sign.

Test has several options, you can use either the mouse or the
keyboard for your answers, and you can vary the speed. Either option
can be changed while Test is running. Each time you stop the test your
score is displayed. If you do not guess correctly, Test will tell you
the letter at the end of the time. However, Test has one strange habit,
if you make a guess at the end of the timer, it will not display the
letter. Not sure if this can be corrected, if so it will be fixed in a
latter release. Test can also be put in the Tutor mode. Stop the test
and press Tutor, then press the letter to be displayed.

SignMaster is free for private use. However, if you wish to continue
using SignMaster, a contribution of $10 for further programming support
would be greatly appreiciated. Send donations to:

Michael Browning
PO Box 29161
Columbus Ohio 43229

SignMaster for commercial or Government use must be licensed. Send
enquires for commercial license fees to the above address.

It is recomended that SignMaster be put in its own sub-directory or
in one with other Windows applications and not in the Windows directory.
Make the sub-directory and unzip the files as follows;

c:\windows> md sign 'make the sub-directory under Windows
cd sign 'change to it
pkunzip a:signmast 'unzip (if on a floppy or where ever)

Then add the program to Windows Presentation Manager as usual.

I make no warranty of any kind, express or implied, including without
limitation, any warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a
particular purpose. Michael Browning shall not be liable for any damages,
whether direct, indirect, special or consequential arising from a failure
of this program. Michael Browning shall not be liable for any damage to
data or property which may be caused directly or indirectly by the use of
this program.

In no event will Michael Browning be liable to you for any damages,
including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential
damages arising use or inability to use this product or for any claim by
any other party.