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Archive   : SIGN51-2.ZIP
Filename : TSMALL.BAS

Output of file : TSMALL.BAS contained in archive : SIGN51-2.ZIP

É Ý:À:È :¿ ,Ò
‹ XX ç  Í nÜ

 4!ý
A ç :‚ T ç  Ì :À:þ’ "S14" ¹ þ”:Lçÿ…(ÿˆë)é:‹ LçSV Í )TRç3 –Y• L  ª,¾,æ,,",@,r‡Ê ,:‘"1=BEE:2=BUTTERFLY:3=SPIDER:4=FROG K3$çÞ:‹ K3$ç"" Í Ã‹ ÿ•(K3$)ç Í þŒ "TEST2",,ALLæGçÿ•(K3$)ê0:‹ Gæ ï Gè Í -‹ LçG Í Aç A é:Ê ,:‘"CORRECT!":• XX  ¢:‚ Xç  Ì Ð:ƒ:‰ 2d#TRçTRé:‹ TRç Í Ê ,
: ‘"TRY AGAIN.": (#:‰ ‹(Ê ,:‘"NO, IT'S "; L :• XX  À²-FR$(T)çLS$(L):‚ X ç Ì Ð:ƒ:‰ 2½2SVçL:ƒ <À:‘ Î
)"YOUR SCORE = ";A " OUT OF 10.":‹ A èæ
Í ‘:‘ Î
)"MISSED WERE:"=‘/A‚ Iç Ì :‘ Î
) FR$(I):ƒ5B‘ZFÊ ,
:… "PLAY AGAIN (Y/N)";AN$nP‹ AN$ç"Y" Í ŽZ‹ AN$ç"N" Í þŒ "TEST2",,ALL˜d‰ F´nÀ: – :Ùdisplay menuÍpK3$çÞ:‹ K3$ç"" Í pðr‹ ÿ•(K3$)ç Í þŒ "TEST2",,ALLtGçÿ•(K3$)ê0:‹ Gæ ï Gè Í p$xLçG:þ’ "S14"J‚• L  ª,¾,æ,,",@,rW‡þ’ "S14"aŒ‰ n–Ê ,:‘"1=BEE:2=BUTTERFLY:3=SPIDER:4=FROGµ›Ê , :‘"5=TURTLE:6=MOUSE:7=SNAKEí Ê ,:‘"PRESS THE NUMBER FOR MENU":Ž&ªB1$ç"U3H3U12E1R1F1D6U9E1R1F1D7U9E1R1F1D8U8E1R1F1D10"K«B2$ç"R3L5F2R1D3U3L1H2R5F2D4G3D4"Z¬B$çB1$éB2$¦­ E1$ç"U3H3U6E1R2D2G1L1H1F1R1E1U3E1R2D4G1L1H1F1R1E1U4E1R2D5G1L1H1F1R1E1"Û®E2$ç"U5E1R1F1D4G1L1H1F1R1E1F2L7F2R1L1H2R7D4G3D3"ë¯ E$çE1$éE2$°  ¸ : Ð: Ú:þ’ "C0M120,220C3XBD$;"<± þ’ "S8C0M145,130C3XB$;": (#U² þ’ "C0M145,130XB$;"y³ þ’ "C0M130,140S08C3XE$;": (#’´ þ’ "C0M130,140XE$;"¶µ þ’ "C0M120,145S08C3XE$;": (#϶ þ’ "C0M120,145XE$;"Õ·Ž/¾ A$ç"U4E2U3 E3u2H1L1d1G3u1E2u4H1L1G1d2G2U9H1L1G1D7G1H1U8H1L1G1D11G2L2H1L3d1F4R2d1F2d4‰¿ B$ç"U4H2U3 h3u2e1r1d1f3u1h2u4e1r1f1d2f2U9E1R1F1D7f1e1U8E1R1F1D11f2r2e1r3d1g4l2d1g2d4Å  ¸ : Ð: Ú:þ’ "C0M120,220C3XBD$;S10":‚ TMç Ì à þ’ "C0M170,140C3TA-45XA$;TA0C0M175,140C3TA+45XB$;TA0": (#=Ä þ’ "C0M170,140TA-45XA$;TA0C0M175,140TA+45XB$;TA0"OŃ: þ’ "S14":Ž®æ D$ç" R3F2 R7F2D2G1H1U1H1L1F2D2G1H1U1H2L1F3D3G1H2U1H2L1 F2D2G1 H2U1H2L1G1D1F2L2H3U3 H1
ç B$ç" L3G2 L7G2D2F1E1U1E1R1G2D2F1E1U1E2R1G3D3F1E2U1E2R1 G2D2F1 E2U1E2R1F1D1G2R2E3U3 E1+ú ¸ :þ’ BD$: Ð: Ú:aüþ’ " C0M160,125C3S10XB$;C0M160,115C3XD$;": (#Žýþ’ "S10C0M160,125 XB$;C0M160,115 XD$;"Áþþ’ "S12C0M170,130C3XB$;C0M180,130C3XD$;": (#ëÿþ’ "C0M170,130 XB$;C0M180,130 XD$;"úþ’ "S14":Ž[ F1$ç"U2H3U4E1R1u1e1r1H4U1E1R1F4E4R1F1D1G4 F2R1F1D3G2D3 "• B$ç"U4E5 R4F1D1L1R1F1D1L1R1F1D1L1R1F1D1G3L2G1Î   ¸ : Ð: Ú:þ’ "C0M120,220C3XBD$;":‚ TMç Ì ò þ’ "S8C0M170,140C3XF1$;": (#  þ’ "C0M170,140XF1$;"- þ’ "C0M170,125C3XB$;": (#I þ’ "C0M170,125XB$;S14"Qƒ:Ž‹" B$ç"U4E5U3F2D1L2R4F1D1L1R1F1D1L1R1F1D1L1R1F1D1G3L2G1Ö# C$ç"H3U4H5L14G7D1F1R1E6G5D1F1R1E7G6 F1R2E7G5 F1R2F2H2E6G3 F1R2E3F1$  ¸ : Ð: Ú:þ’ "C0M120,220C3XBD$;S8"%‚ TMç Ì I)þ’ "S8C0M165,130C3XB$;S6C0M190,120C3XC$;": (#s*þ’ "S8C0M165,130XB$;S6M190,120XC$;S14y+ƒ<Ž²@ A$ç"S10U3E4R1E5R1F1D1G5E1F1D2U1F1D2U1F1D2G3"âA B$ç"R3F4D1F4D1G1L1H4F1G1L2R1G1L2R1G1L2H3"E  ¸ : Ð: Ú:þ’ "C0M120,220C3XBD$;":‚ TMç Ì >J þ’ "S8C0M150,115C3XA$;": (#WT þ’ "C0M150,115XA$;"xY þ’ "C0M160,100C3XB$;": (#—^ þ’ "C0M160,100XB$;S14TA0"Ÿhƒ:Žr A$ç"U2 E3U5L2G2F1R1E1G1L1H1E2u2L2G2F1R1E1G1L1H1 E2U7H1L1G1D7 U3H3L1G1d1 F2G2 R3F1d1G1L2R2E1u1H1L4G1d5F2d2Ks D$ç" H1 L 7 G1L3G1D1F1R2G1D1F1R1E2G1F1R2L1F1R3E1|  ¸ : Ð: Ú:þ’ "C0M120,220C3XBD$;S10"š þ’ "C0M190,140C3XA$;": (#¸Ÿ þ’ "C0M190,140 XA$;"Ý  þ’ "C0M190,140C3TA40XA$;": (#û¡ þ’ "C0M190,140 XA$;TA0"¤ þ’ "S12C0M135,140C3XD$;": (#:¥ þ’ "C0M135,140 XD$;"P© þ’ "S14": (#:Ž{þ A$ç"U6H5L10G1D1F1R5G1D1F1D1F1D1F1R3D2Ñÿ B$ç"r2f2d16r14r7F4D4G1 H1U3D4G1L1H1U3D4G1L1H1U3D3G1L1H1U1H2u3D2L19H2U14ëþ’ "C0M130, 50C3XB$;" þ’ "C0M200,130C3XA$;": (#&þ’ "C0M200,130 XA$;":Fþ’ "C0M180,130C3XA$;": (#aþ’ "C0M180,130 XA$;":{þ’ "C0M130, 50C3XB$;" Ž¾ÐH$ç"L3H4U5E3R5F3D5G4L3C0BE1BU1C3R2L1BU1U3H1L2R2F1E1R2":ŽßÚþ’ "C0M185,100C3S16":þ’ H$:Žúä PT$ç"U9H2F2R12E2G2D9"åþ’ "C0M140,130C3S16XPT$;S14":ŽT¸ BD$ç "C0M140,150C3S18U8E2R3E1U2F2R2E2D2F1R3F2D8":Žn Rç
:‚ IçêR Ì R Ï ‡ªTU ç ÿ‡((RëR)ê(IëI))Ï´Xç ZéI:YçxéTU:þ’ "C0M=X;,=Y;":þ’ "C3":þ’ A$:þ’ "C0M=X;,=Y;":þ’ A$Õ¾ƒêÈ‚ Iç R Ì êR Ï êÒTU ç ÿ‡((RëR)ê(IëI))KÜXç ZéI:YçxêTU:þ’ "C0M=X;,=Y;":þ’ "C3":þ’ A$:þ’ "C0M=X;,=Y;":þ’ A$gæƒ:þ’ "M 90,120C3XA$;":Ž¢þ“ "L64O3CDEFGAB>C"…¶ŽšÀ‚ Xç‚ Ì s Ï ê¨ÊÄ X,:ƒ:Ž¿XWR$(T)çÿ–(L(T)é/)ÖbFR$(T)çLS$(L(T)):Ž @„ BEE,BUTTERFLY,SPIDER,FROG,TURTLE,MOUSE,SNAKE" 4!‚ Iç Ì :‡ LS$(I):ƒ> f!‚ Tç Ì :FR$(T)ç"":ƒ:ŽV (#‚ DLç Ì ÜéZZ:ƒ:Žÿ