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É Ý:À:È :¿ ,Ò
‹ XX ç  Í nÜ

 4!ý
A ç :‚ T ç  Ì :À:þ’ "S14" ¹ þ”:Lçÿ…(ÿˆë)é:‹ LçSV Í )TRç3 –Y• L  ª,¾,æ,,",@,rrK3$çÞ:‹ K3$ç"" Í •‹ ÿ•(K3$)ç Í þŒ "TEST2",,ALL¸Gçÿ•(K3$)ê0:‹ Gæ ï Gè Í ÿ‹ LçG Í Aç A é:Ê ,:‘"CORRECT!":• XX  ¢:‚ Xç  Ì Ð:ƒ:‰ 26#TRçTRé:‹ TRç Í Ê ,
: ‘"TRY AGAIN.": (#:‰ ](Ê ,:‘"NO, IT'S "; L :• XX  À„-FR$(T)çLS$(L):‚ X ç Ì Ð:ƒ:‰ 22SVçL:ƒÝ<À:‘ Î
)"YOUR SCORE = ";A " OUT OF 10.":‹ A èæ
Í ‘:‘ Î
)"MISSED WERE:"ã=‘A‚ Iç Ì :‘ Î
) FR$(I):ƒB‘,FÊ ,
:… "PLAY AGAIN (Y/N)";AN$@P‹ AN$ç"Y" Í `Z‹ AN$ç"N" Í þŒ "TEST2",,ALLjd‰ F†nÀ: – :Ùdisplay menuŸpK3$çÞ:‹ K3$ç"" Í pÂr‹ ÿ•(K3$)ç Í þŒ "TEST2",,ALLåtGçÿ•(K3$)ê0:‹ Gæ ï Gè Í pöxLçG:þ’ "S14"‚• L  ª,¾,æ,,",@,r&Œ‰ nR–Ê ,:‘"1=VACUUM:2=FOLD:3=PICK UP:4=SEWx›Ê ,:‘"5=FIX/REPAIR:6=MOW:7=RAKE° Ê ,:‘"PRESS THE NUMBER FOR MENU":Ž÷ª B$ç"U7H5L7H2G2F3R4L4H3L10D1F2R7F7 R1D4 "4¬C$ç"R7F7D1G1H3DD4G1L1H1U2D3G1L1H1U4 D3G1L1H1U3D2G1L1H1U4Q¯ Ð: Ú: ¸ :þ’ BD$tµþ’ "S10C0M200,160C3XB$;": (#ƒ¶‚ TMç Ì ¦·þ’ " C0M160,100C3XC$;": (#øþ’ " C0M160,100 XC$;"æ¹þ’ " C0M170,110C3XC$;": (#ºþ’ " C0M170,110 XC$;
»ƒ:Ž\¾ B$ç" U7 H3 L6 D1F2 R2G5D1F1 E3G4 D1F1 E3G3 D1F1 E2G2 D1F1 E6R1"®¿ C$ç" U7 E3 R6 D1G2 L2F5D1G1 H3F4 D1G1 H3F3 D1G1 H2F2 D1G1 H6L1"ÌÀ ¸ :þ’ BD$: Ð: Ú:ÜÁ‚ TMç  Ì Âþ’ "C0S08M180,130C3XB$;C0M180,130C3XC$;": (#;Ãþ’ "C0S08M180,130 XB$;C0M180,130 XC$;"È D$ç"E3U2E12R1F1 G6E9R1F1 G7E9R1F1 G8E8R1F1D1G11 H3L1G1D1 F1D1 G2E2U1H1U1E1R1F4D1G7L1G5ÿÉ E$ç"E3U2E12R1F1 G6E9R1F1 G7E8R1F1 G7E6R1F1D1G10 D3G7L1G4Dʍ Ð:þ’ "S7 C0M185,125C3XD$;": (#:þ’ "C0M180,120C3XE$;": (#{ˍ Ð:þ’ "S7 C0M185,125 XD$;C0M180,120 XE$;":ƒ:Ž¸æA$ç"R7F7D1G1H3DD4G1L1H1U2D3G1L1H1U4 D3G1L1H1U3D2G1L1H1U4îç B$ç"S8E7U3E5R8D3G3E4D3G3E4D3G3E3D3G3E3D3G3L5G5" è ¸ :þ’ BD$: Ð: Ú:/éþ’ "S10C0M160,125C3XA$;": (#Iê þ’ "C0M160,125 XA$;"iëþ’ "C0M140,125C3XB$;": (#„ì þ’ "C0M140,125 XB$;"¡íþ’ "C0M210,115XB$;S14":Žè B$ç"U7H5L7H2G2F3R4L4H3L10D1F2R7F7 R1D4 "FA$ç"R1E1R3E4R2F2D1L1H1L1G1R2F2D1L1H1L2G1R3F3D1L2H1L2G1F3D2G2L1U3H1L2 G1D1F1 D1G1L1H2U2"d ¸ :þ’ BD$: Ð: Ú:‡þ’ "C0S08M220,170C3XB$;":  ¤þ’ "C0S08M220,170 XB$;"ªŽ&" A$ç"U3H3U6E2R2F2D1G1H1F1E1U1H2U1E1R1F2D1G1E1U1H2E1R1F3D2G1L1H1F1R1E1U2H1F0R1F2D1 D2L2U1H1G1L1G1D2r1f1r1e1u2r1f1d3g3d3"`# B$ç"L4G5L3F2R1U2D4F1R1U1D1F1R1U1D1F1R1U1D1F1R1E3U2E1Ü$ C$ç"U3E3U6H2L2G2D1F1E1G1H1U1E2U1H1L1G2D1F1H1U1E2H1L1G3D2F1R1E1G1L1H1U2E1G0L1G2D1 D2R2U1E1F1R1F1D2L1G1L1H1u2L1G1d3F3d3"% D$ç"U4E5 R4F1D1L1R1F1D1L1R1F1D1L1R1F1D1G3L2G1>' ¸ :þ’ BD$: Ð: Ú:‚ TMç Ì y(þ’ "S10TA-90C0M150,130C3XA$;TA0C0M200,130C3XB$;": (#®)þ’ "S10TA-90C0M150,130 XA$;TA0C0M200,130 XB$;"Þ*þ’ "C0M150,130C3XD$;C0M195,130C3XC$;": (#+þ’ "C0M150,130 XD$;C0M195,130 XC$;",ƒ:ŽQ@A$ç" E5R7F4D4G1D1H1R1L1H1U3D4G1L1H1U3D4G1L1H1U3D3G1L1H1U1H2’AB$ç" H5L7G4D4F1D1E1L1R1E1U3D4F1R1E1U3D4F1R1E1U3D3F1R1E1U1E2ÎD  ¸ : Ð: Ú:þ’ "C0M120,220C3XBD$;S10":‚ TMç Ì Eþ’ "C0M105,130C3S10XA$;C0M260,130C3XB$;": (#+Fþ’ "C0M105,130 XA$;C0M260,130 XB$;"^Gþ’ "C0M105,120C3S16XA$;C0M260,120C3XB$;": (#ˆHþ’ "C0M105,120 XA$;C0M260,120 XB$;"™Iƒ:þ’ "S14":ŽÕJ þ’ "S12C0TA90M150,100C3XA$;": (#:þ’ "C0M150,100XA$;"
Lþ’ "M150,100C3XC$;": (#:þ’ "C0M150,100XC$;TA0"Mƒ:Žsr A$ç"F1R1F3R4F2D2G1H1U1H1L1F2D2G1H1U1H2L1F3D3G1H2U1H2L1 F2D2G1 H2U1H2L1G1D1F2L2H3U3E1H1U1´s B$ç"U5e5r1f1 D1G2E6R1f1D1G4E5R1f1D1G4E4R1f1D1G4E3R1f1D1G9l2Ñw ¸ :þ’ BD$: Ð: Úôxþ’ "C0S11M220,150C3XB$;": (#|‚ TMç Ì &€þ’ "C0S10M220,120C3XA$;": (#Cþ’ "C0S10M220,120 XA$;"f‚þ’ "C0S10M200,120C3XA$;": (#ƒƒþ’ "C0S10M200,120 XA$;"¦„þ’ "C0S10M190,110C3XA$;": (#Å…þ’ "C0S10M190,110 XA$;":ƒË†ŽÐH$ç"L3H4U5E3R5F3D5G4L3C0BE1BU1C3R2L1BU1U3H1L2R2F1E1R2":Ž*Úþ’ "C0M185,100C3S16XH$;S14":ŽEä PT$ç"U9H2F2R12E2G2D9"håþ’ "C0M140,130C3S16XPT$;S14":ŽŸ¸ BD$ç "C0M140,150C3S18U8E2R3E1U2F2R2E2D2F1R3F2D8":Ž³ ‹ ZZç Í ZZçXÁ¢KKç¸ ìZZÛ¥Rç
:‚ IçêR Ì R Ï KKôªTU ç ÿ‡((RëR)ê(IëI));´Xç¾éI:YçxêTU:þ’ "C0M=X;,=Y;":þ’ "C3":þ’ A$:þ’ "C0M=X;,=Y;":þ’ A$A¾ƒWÈ‚ Iç R Ì êR Ï êKKpÒTU ç ÿ‡((RëR)ê(IëI))·ÜXç¾éI:YçxéTU:þ’ "C0M=X;,=Y;":þ’ "C3":þ’ A$:þ’ "C0M=X;,=Y;":þ’ A$Óæƒ:þ’ "M190,120 XA$;":Žçç‹ ZZçX Í ZZçíèŽ ¢þ“ "L64O3CDEFGAB>C" ¶Ž À‚ Xç‚ Ì s Ï ê. ÊÄ X,:ƒ:ŽE XWR$(T)çÿ–(L(T)é/)x @„ VACUUM.FOLD,PICK UP,SEW,FIX/REPAIR,MOW,RAKE,‘ 4!‚ Iç Ì :‡ LS$(I):ƒ­ f!‚ Tç Ì :FR$(T)ç"":ƒ:ŽÅ (#‚ DLç Ì ÜéZZ:ƒ:Žÿ