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É Ý:È :  P:¿ ,,Ì
À‘" Welcome to S I G N F R I E N D S by Fran O'Gorman (c)1989-91."Y¿  ,,:‘" }}}...MENU (B)...{{{t   P:¿ ,,¥‘"1. Emotions 21. OppositesÛ‘"2. More feelings 22. More Opposites
‘"3. Relationships 23. AttributesD‘"4. Expressions 24. More Attributesp‘"5. Animals 25. Toysž‘"6. Small Animals 26. Sportsב"7. Zoo Animals 27. Indoor recreation
‘"8. Setting the table 28. OccupationsB‘"9. Appliances 29. More Occupations}‘"10. House parts 30. Further Occupations¹‘"11. Carpentry 31. Activities of the AMõ‘"12. Chores 32. Activities of the PM(‘"13. More chores 33. PossessivesX‘"14. Office words 34. Shopping†‘"15. Application form 35. Civics¹ ‘"16. Countries 36. More civics!‘"17. More countries 37. ";:¿ ,,:‘"FOR MORE":¿ ,,`"‘"18. Countries & continents 38. ";:¿ ,,:‘"PREVIOUS TESTS (FIRST LESSONS)" :¿ ,,§#‘"19. Natural formations 39. ";:¿ ,,:‘"TO QUIT":¿ ,,$‘"20. Places 40. Speed adjustment utility ";:¿ ,,:‘" ":¿ ,,@(Ê ,:… "Press number for choice";Q$M2Qçÿ”(Q$)d<‹ Qæ( ï Qè Í (u>‹ Qæ$ Í Z™@À:… "PRACTICE OR TEST (P/T)";R$«B‹ R$ç"" Í @ñD‹ ÿ•(R$)æZ Í ‘"Be sure CAPS LOCK is on.":‚ DLç Ì ¸ éZZ:ƒ:‰ @F‹ R$ ç "P" Í PH‹ R$ èæ "T" Í @3J…"SOUND (Y/N)";XX$SK‹ XX$èæ"Y" î XX$èæ"N" Í JnL‹ XX$ç"Y" Í XXç:‰ Z}MXXç:‰ Z†PXXç0Z• Q ‰ e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,x,‚,Œ,–, ,ª,´,¾,È,Ò,Ü,æ,ð,ú,,,,",,,6,@,J,T,^,h,r,|,†,DeþŒ "TEMOT",,ALLYfþŒ "TMFEEL",,ALLogþŒ "TRELATE",,ALL†hþŒ "TEXPRESS",,ALLœiþŒ "TANIMAL",,ALL±jþŒ "TSMALL",,ALLÄkþŒ "TZOO",,ALLÙlþŒ "TTABLE",,ALLòmþŒ "TAPPLIANCE",,ALLnþŒ "THOUSE",,ALLoþŒ "TCARP",,ALL1xþŒ "TCHORES",,ALLH‚þŒ "TMCHORES",,ALL^ŒþŒ "TOFFICE",,ALLs–þŒ "TAPPLY",,ALLŠ þŒ "TCOUNTRY",,ALL¢ªþŒ "TMCOUNTRY",,ALL¶´þŒ "TCONT",,ALL;þŒ "TNATURAL",,ALLâÈþŒ "TPLACE",,ALLõÒþŒ "TOPP",,ALL ÜþŒ "TMOPP",,ALLæþŒ "TATTRIB",,ALL6ðþŒ "TMATTRIB",,ALLIúþŒ "TTOY",,ALL^þŒ "TSPORT",,ALLtþŒ "TINDOOR",,ALL‡þŒ "TOCC",,ALL›"þŒ "TMOCC",,ALL¯,þŒ "TFOCC",,ALLÁ6þŒ "TAM",,ALLÓ@þŒ "TPM",,ALLçJþŒ "TPOSS",,ALLûTþŒ "TSHOP",,ALL^þŒ "TCIVIC1",,ALL'hþŒ "TCIVIC2",,ALL5r• § ‰  Jw þŒ "TEST3",,ALLXx• § ‰ f|• § ‰ ¸ { þŒ "TEST1",,ALL‰‚• § ‰ †þƒ¦þŒ "PREMENU",,ALLê¸ À:‘"IF USING FLOPPIES, REMOVE THIS DISK AND INSERT FIRST DISK."  ‘" - PRESS KEY TO CONTINUE -"8Ö K1$çÞ:‹ K1$ç""Í Ö Lê þŒ "TEST1",,ALL À:‘"IF USING FLOPPIES, REMOVE THIS DISK AND INSERT THIRD DISK."ƪ‘" - PRESS KEY TO CONTINUE -"Þ¾K1$çÞ:‹ K1$ç""Í ¾òÒþŒ "TEST3",,ALLÿÿ