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º ÉÍÍÍ» º
º ÈÍÍͼ presents ... C R A Z Y S H U F F L E 1.0 º
º º
º CRAZY SHUFFLE is a fun game for any age. It challenges your memory º
º and concentration skills. It is a specially joyful learning º
º experience for young children . In this game, players try to match º
º pictures with pictures or try to match words with pictures. º
º º
º CRAZY SHUFFLE features : 3 different Games plus self-demo, 5 levels º
º of difficulty, totally menu-driven operation, on-line help, keyboard º
º or optional mouse support, score-keeping, game speed control, great º
º graphics in BW or color for: CGA, EGA, VGA, Tandy, Hercules or MCGA º
º It Requires IBM PC or compatible and only 190K of RAM memory. º
º º
º CRAZY SHUFFLE is distributed as Shareware: if you like the program, º
º then please become a registered user. Print or list file : º
º REGISTER.CS for registration benefits and more information. º
º Distribution of this shareware program is encouraged. º
º º
º The CRAZY SHUFFLE source code, object code, library images and º
º manuals on paper or on disk, are (C) copyright 1989 by ALIVE SOFTWAREº
º Concept and Design of this program by Bill Dedes 1989. º
º º


1.................. DISCLAIMER
2.................. PROGRAM CONTENT
3.................. DISTRIBUTION
4.................. OPERATION
5.................. DOCUMENTATION
6.................. REGISTRATION


This program is provided "as is" and it is without warranty of any kind
that it will work correctly in any or all situations. No liability
shall be assumed for direct or consequential damage caused by the use
of this software. The only claim ALIVE SOFTWARE makes is that there
are no intentional bugs or fatal errors in any original copy of the
program that you received directly from ALIVE SOFTWARE.


#1. ALIVE.LG0 ............ Opening screen.
#2,3. CSDEMO_1.LG0, CSDEMO_2.LG0 .... Demos
#4. CS.DOC ............ Documentation ( This file )
#5. CS.EXE ............ Crazy Shuffle Program
#6,7,8. 1JUNGLE.CS0, 1PRESID.CS0, OBJECTS.CS0. .... Pictures
#9. README.CS ............ Important information ( Text )
#10. REGISTER.CS .......... Registration order form ( Text )

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Distribution of this program is encouraged as long as the following
Shareware principles are observed :
All of the above mentioned 10 files should be included in the
distributed disk and should not be altered in any way. ALIVE SOFTWARE
authorizes the distribution ONLY of the 10 above mentioned files. Any
additional picture files will be distributed only to registered users
exclusively and directly by ALIVE SOFTWARE.

If archiving this program for BBS use or library use, please include
all files and use the name: CSHUF1, ( ie: CSHUF1.ARC or CSHUF1.ZIP )
this will provide consistency for future updates.


COMPUTERS : IBM/PC/XT/AT or compatibles. 190 K memory.
DISPLAY : CGA, MCGA, EGA, VGA, Tandy 1000 and Hercules
Mouse is optional.

OPTIONS : Even though the program detects your system
configuration and sets up the program accordingly, you can still
override this feature. You do this by typing one of the following
switches after you typed CS :

C CGA 320 x 200 4 Colors ( default )
G CGA 640 x 200 Monochrome
E EGA 640 x 350 16 Colors
H HERCULES 720 x 348 Monochrome
L 64K -EGA 640 x 200 16 Colors
M MCGA 640 X 200 Monochrome ( default )
N MONO-EGA 640 x 350 Monochrome
Q MCGA 640 X 480 Monochrome
V VGA 640 x 350 16 Colors
K disables access to mouse.
P disables access to second graph page.

For example : if your CGA is monochrome use CS G , to get
monochrome higher resolution with more graphical detail .


GENERAL : The program will detect your display card and will auto-
adjust the graphics. It will also sense if there is a mouse
attached by checking for the mouse driver. If you plan to use the
mouse, then please install the mouse driver before running CS.
All of the CRAZY SHUFFLE files must be present at your current disk
drive and directory, otherwise you will get an INPUT FILE ERROR.

MENUS : When using the mouse, click on the left button to select
items, click on the right button to skip a selection.
When using the keyboard, use the arrow keys to move around, press the
or the key to select menu items, press to
exit from the menu selection. The main menu is accessible by
pressing the key corresponding to the first letter of the menu
selection, that is press 'H' for HELP, 'P' for PICTURES, 'O' for
OPTIONS and Q to QUIT . ( Also will work instead of 'Q' )

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OPERATION ( Continued )
: HELP : There is on line help that will explain the game
:------------: objective and what keys to use.

: PICTURES : Select one picture file from the PICTURES menu. This
:------------: will load a picture using the current game Options.

: OPTIONS : Allows you to select PICTURE, GAME, LEVEL, SPEED etc.
: START : Gets Things started
: PICS : The same as PICTURES option. Added here for convenience.
: GAME :
1. DEMO will keep on displaying all available pictures
and samples of registered version until a key is pressed.
2. PAIRS : You try to match the same cards .
3. TRIPLETS : You try to match three pictures in a row.
4. MATCHIT : If the picture name starts with 1, for instance
1JUNGLE, try to match a card with a word
associated with it. This is educational and fun. If the
picture name does not start with 1 try to match a card with
its negative image.
: LEVEL : Changes the level of complexity by loading more or fewer
picture cards. The number of cards is also affected by
which GAME mode is active . ( Please note that pictures
starting with 1 , for instance 1JUNGLE, will only work in
Level 1 because their size limits how many can fit on
screen, these pictures contain subjects appealing to kids )
: SPEED : Controls how long a card is displayed on the screen. What
speed you should choose depends on how fast is your system
and who is playing the game. Children or some adults might
prefer a slow pace . If your system is slow use FAST SPEED.
: SOUND : Turns on or off the sound effects. Also When music is
playing you may press any key or hold the mouse button down
to abort the music.
: MOUSE : Turns on or off the mouse, if the mouse driver is loaded.

: QUIT : Allows you to end the game and return to DOS.

TO START : At the DOS prompt type CS followed by ENTER. Then the
theme song will be played. You can either wait until the whole song
is played or you can press a keyboard key or keep a mouse button
pressed for a while to stop the music before it finishes. Then the
program information will be displayed. Now you are ready to start.

TO PLAY : For a quick start just pick a picture from the PICTURES menu.
* Mouse : Use the mouse to move around and click on a card. Then select
another until they match. Of course your first few attempts are just
guesses, use them to memorize the location of the cards.
* Keyboard : Same as above except that you use the arrow keys to
move around and the SPACE-BAR or ENTER key to select cards. Press
H for Help. Continue until all pictures match .

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OPERATION ( Continued )
Your Current Level, Game and Score is displayed at the bottom of the
screen. Scoring is very simple. You start out with a score of 100.
Then you only need to select a card at most twice, the first time to
memorize the card's position and the second time to actually match it.
Any additional selection of this card will result in subtracting one
point from your present score.

After this sample game you may want to experiment with the rest of
the OPTIONS, LEVEL, GAMES, SPEED, different pictures etc. SPEED
controls the pace of the game, change it to fit your mood or your
systems speed. Children like a slower pace.


If you have a printer, please print out and read the documentation
file CS.DOC. Simply type : COPY CS.DOC PRN at the DOS prompt.


CRAZY SHUFFLE is distributed as Shareware: if you like the program,
please become a registered user by sending $20 to ALIVE SOFTWARE.
If you ever get bored with the pictures included you can order
more. List or print file REGISTER.CS for more information.

* + You will receive the latest version of this program. *
* + A future release will include Multi-player mode, Matching *
* pictures with sounds, VGA support in the 256 Color mode, etc. *
* + Technical support . Please write to : *
* You may send E-mail to the programmer, Bill Dedes at : *
* PRODIGY .... ID # RGCP92A *
* PACIFIC EXCHANGE BBS (408) - 946-8561 *
* PDS-SIG BBS (408) - 270-4085 Or write to : *
* GENIE .... Mail # B.DEDES *
* COMPUSERVE .... CIS # 73677,1344 *
* + Registered users receive more free shareware from ALIVE SOFTWARE *
* You will receive 1 floppy disk packed with OVER 264 colorful *
* Crazy Shuffle cards of great quality. Here is a sample of them: *
* 1) Fun Learning for young children ( Matching pictures teaches *
* basic pattern recognition. Matching words and pictures teaches *
* new words and concepts ). The collection includes *
* 2) Educational subjects sharpen knowledge for pre-teens, includes : *
* 3) for Adults who love Challenges: HATS, OBJECTS, SHADOWS, SYMBOLS *

ALIVE SOFTWARE also sells through Shareware another program called
PC-JIGSAW. This is an excellent and challenging JigSaw puzzle game.
It loads a picture on screen and then shuffles the pieces around. Your
goal is to assemble the original picture. Registered version includes
32 puzzles and features 4 level of skill, score keeping, mouse support,
menu driven. Uses: 196 K, CGA, EGA, VGA, Hercules, MCGA, mouse optional.
Endless fun for any age. Registration for PC-JIGSAW is only $ 15

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