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The Mineral Mastery package comes on 3 disks. The demo disk is a
combination demonstration and tutorial and requires CGA graphics. The
program may be run on a floppy system or a hard disk. IMPORTANT: We
have no control over how ShareWare distributors and BBS's archive or
package the Mineral Mastery files. Therefore, it's up to you to check
that the files are on the right disks.

These files must be on the respective disks:
Disk #1(program disk): mm.exe, drive.dat, readme.doc,
register.prt, (installing DOS: see below)
Disk #2(data disk): advanced.dbf, advanced.dbt, minterms.dbt,
minterms.dbf, introduc.dbf, les1.les, les2.les
Disk #3(demo & documentation disk): mm.doc, various demo
files(*.txm, *.pic),, demo.bat, st.exe, st1.pdr

Make sure the files are on the right disks(see the above). If
you intend to run Mineral Mastery on a two floppy system, you
must install DOS on a new formatted disk and then copy the Disk
#1 files to it. This becomes your program disk. Don't put
unnecessary files on this disk or you may run out of disk space.

To run the demo: A> DEMO
To run Mineral Mastery, see "Installation" on page 4 of the
To print the documentation, find the file MM.DOC and print it from
DOS: A> COPY MM.DOC PRN Be aware that the documentation file on
your Shareware disk does not depict actual screen displays like the
printed registered version. We've simulated some screens as best we

Write us to report errors, for help using the program, or to get the
latest disks. We'll send the 3 disks for $12. Scientific questions
are best answered by your local museum, college faculty, State mining
office, or experienced collectors.

When searching the NOTES category for text terms, be aware that the
category is case sensitive. The search 'magnetic'$notes will not pick
up the word 'Magnetic' because of the capital M. The best way to
handle this is to search by skipping the first letter;
'agnetic'$notes. Also, some key words may appear in different forms
like: radioactive or radioactivity. The search 'adioact'$notes will
pick up all occurences.

To register your program: A> COPY REGISTER.PRT PRN

DataWave Software P.O. Box 42213 Mesa, AZ 85274 (602) 820-8041

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Archive   : ROCKS1.ZIP
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