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QuizMaker is an Educational tool and a Trivia game. Quiz questions can
be created for almost any subject - English, History, Geography or Sports,
World Records etc. The Quizzes which Intelligent Educational Software will
produce and distribute through Bulletin Boards will deal largely with
subjects that Dr E.D. Hirsch has defined in his best seller 'Cultural
Literacy - What every American needs to know'.

QuizMaker has three types of Quizzes :

- Question and Answer pairs, where a number of questions is presented
with their answers in random order, and you match the question with
the answer.

- Multiple-Choice Quizzes, where a question is posed and you choose
the correct answer from a number of answers presented.

- Standard Quizzes (Tests), where a question is posed and you type
in your answer.

The program has two Modules - QUIZPLAY and QUIZMAKE. QUIZPLAY presents
Quizzes to the player. QUIZMAKE allows you to create Quizzes.



Type QUIZPLAY and choose from the Menu the type you want to play - Quiz,
Test or Multiple-Choice.

You will be shown the available Quiz files of the type you have chosen.
Highlight the file you want and press .

If you choose QUIZ, you can either Play immediately or Review the Quiz.

The Review option will list all the questions contained in the Quiz in
a Menu format. If you highlight an entry and press you will be
shown the answer to that question. This is useful when the Quiz is being
used for Education e.g. learning State Capitals etc. The player can 'study'
the subject before trying the Quiz.

When you Play, you will be told how many questions are in the Quiz and
asked how many you want to try. The minimum is five questions. The number
you have requested will be chosen randomly from the questions available
and presented, eight at a time, on screen. The answers to these eight will
also be shown, in random order. You choose a question, then choose its
answer. If you have correctly matched the question and answer, your score
will be increased.

As each screen is completed, you will be given the choice of Continuing
with the next screen or Quitting, until the desired number of questions
has been presented. When the final question has been answered, a comment
on your performance will be given.


If you choose TEST or MULTIPLE-CHOICE, then you may be offered an option
to Review the questions, but not always. The author of the Quiz can decide
whether to allow Review or not. If the Review option is available, you will
be shown a Menu of Subjects in the Quiz, and when you highlight and select
one, the information available on that subject will be presented.


When you take a TEST, you will be told how many questions the Test contains
and asked how many you want to try. The desired number of questions will
be chosen at random from the Test, and presented one at a time. You type
in the answer to the question, and if it is correct, your score will be
increased. At the end of each question, you can choose to Continue or
Quit. You may also be presented with a choice - Information. If this
appears on the Menu, it means that there is extra information available
on this subject. Highlight and choose Information to see the extra material.


Taking a MULTIPLE-CHOICE is almost the same as TEST, but the question is
presented together with up to five answers, only one of which is correct.
If you choose the correct one, your score will be increased and you may
have the Information Option described above. (If you play later and get
the same question, the answers will be in a different order because they
are presented randomly each time).



Type QUIZMAKE and choose the type of Quiz you want to create. If any
files of that type are available, you will be given a list of them. If
this is a new Quiz, type in a file name. QuizMaker will automatically
add an Extension to the filename - QRC for a Quiz, TRC for a Test and
MRC for a Multiple-Choice. These are the 'souRCe files'.

All three types have the same initial information. You will be asked to
give the Quiz a Title and to type in the Author's Name. The Title and
name will be presented at the top of the screen when the Quiz is played.
You will also be given the opportunity to 'customize' the Comment which
will be given to the player when the Quiz is completed. If you do not
customize these, the default Comments shown will be used.

If you are creating a Test or a Multiple-Choice, you will be asked whether
you want to allow the Review Option. If you do, the player will be able to
look at the questions and answers before playing. With the Quiz, the option
to Review is always allowed.

Then you will be given the opportunity to add an Introduction which will
be shown at the start of play.

Pressing F1 will give you Help on any screen entry you are making!!!


If you are creating a QUIZ, type in the Question and the Answer. Continue
until all the Questions and Answers are in. The Quiz will hold a maximum
of 100 Questions and Answers. The Edit function allows you to make changes
to items already entered. When you Quit from the program, QuizMaker will
create the Quiz file which will have the same filename, but the Extension
will be QIZ. The file QRC will still be there. This is the SouRCe file and
you use it to add delete or modify your Questions and Answers. A point to
note is that QuizMaker will not create a QIZ file if the source file has
fewer than 5 Question and Answer pairs!!


If you are creating a TEST, type in the Question and the Answer you want
to be displayed after the question has been attempted. Then type in one or
more MATCHes. When the player types in an answer, if it contains any of
the MATCHes it will be assumed correct. The matching process converts
everything to UPPER case and removes all spaces.

If you are going to allow Review, fill in the Key. This is the entry which
will appear in the Review menu.

If you want to provide further Information, fill in the Text.

N.B. Text with no Key will be shown as Information when the question has
been answered. Text with a Key will also be shown as Information,
but in addition, it will be available for the Review option. A Key
with no Text will be ignored.

Pressing F1 will give you Help on any screen entry you are making!!!

A Test file can have up to 100 Questions but the file will be very large
(approximately 100K ). 50 Questions per file is recommended (50K).

When you Quit, QuizMaker will create a Test file with the Extension TST.
Only Questions which have an Answer and at least one Match will be
included. Others will remain in the souRCe file ( TRC) but will not be
copied to the TST until they meet these requirements.


Creating a MULTIPLE-CHOICE is the same as creating a Test, but instead of
Matches you provide a Correct Answer and up to four Wrong Answers. The
order in which the Wrong answers are entered is not important. When the
Quiz is presented, all the answers will be shown in random order, and the
order will be different every time the question is presented.

Everything else is the same as Test, described above.

Pressing F1 will give you Help on any screen entry you are making!!!

When you Quit, Quizmaker will create a Multiple-Choice file with the
Extension MLT. Only questions with a Correct Answer and at least one
Wrong answer will be included. The others will be retained in the souRCe
file (MRC) until they meet these requirements.



When you have created your Quizzes, Tests or Multiple-Choice Quizzes,
you can pass them to others by giving them a copy of QUIZPLAY and the
finished Quizzes i.e. the QIZ, TST and MLT files. You do not need to
pass out the souRCe files - QRC, TRC and MRC. These are used to make
changes in the Quizzes, either adding or deleting questions or modifying
existing questions.


And now that you have created them, why not upload them to your local
Bulletin boards? Or to Compuserve (the IBMAPP Forum - Education library
or the Education Forum - ShareWare library). Identify your files with the
key word Quizmaker so others can find them easily. And watch for more of
ours on Compuserve!

Have fun!

Intelligent Educational Software.

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