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General Knowledge I'What happened? Better do some studying!(Not too good. Back to the books I think!#It's a start I suppose. Keep at it!
M.G. WightA bit to go yet. Keep trying!!Sneaked over the half way mark!! (Over the half but still needs some work. Pretty good. Keep working at it!&Terrific. You seem to know this stuff! Excellent. You're almost there!!'Fantastic! Go to the top of the class!!" This is the first in a series of" General Knowledge Mult- Choice %Quizzes. Look for more on Compuserve#IBMNEW or Education Forum or on the# Intelligent Educational Software Bulletin Board.4As an actor he is known as Tony Curtis. What was hisssssoriginal name ?Bernard SchwartzAlphonso D'AbruzzoMaurice MicklewhiteReginald CareyArchibald Leach Tony Curtis'His original name was Bernard Schwartz. Reginal Carey
Michael Caine)His original name was Maurice Micklewhitee8As an actress she is known as Lauren Bacall. What is heroriginal name ?Betty Joan PerskePeggy MiddletonPatsy McClennyEdythe MarrinerMargarita Cansino
Lauren Bacall'Her original name was Betty Joan Perskee5As an actor he is known as Rex Harrison. What is his originaoriginal name ?Reginald CareyAlphonso D'AbruzzoMaurice MicklewhiteBernard SchwartzArchibald Leach Rex Harrison$His original name was Reginald Careyy9As an actress she is known as Susan Hayworth. What is heroriginal name ?Edythe MarrinerBetty Joan PerskePeggy MiddletonPatsy McClennyMargarita CansinoSusan Hayworth%Her original name was Edythe Marrinerr Cary Grant%His original name was Archibald Leach9As an actress she is known as Rita Hayworth. What was heroriginal name ?Margarita CansinoBetty Joan PerskePeggy MiddletonPatsy McClennyEdythe Marriner
Rita Hayworth&Her original name was Margarita Casino8What was America's favorite television program in 1988 ?Bill Cosby ShowA Different WorldRoseanne
60 MinutesCheersAmerica's Favorite TV ShowAccording to Nielsen the fiveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetop shows in 1988 were1. Bill Cosby Show2. A Different World 3. Roseanne4. 60 Minutes
5. Cheers John N. GamerHenry A. WallaceHarry S. Truman"Herbert C. Hoover's Vice PresidentCharles Curtis)Who was Woodrow Wilson's Vice President ?Thomas R. MarshallCharles W. FairbanksJames S. ShermanCalvin CoolidgeCharles G. DawesWoodrow Wilson's Vice PresidentThomas R. Marshall7In what year was Saul Below awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature ?19761974197519771978 Saul Below - Literature Nobel&Saul Below was awarded the Nobel Prizefor literature in 1976:In what year was Herbert Simon awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics ?197800197781976919791119802Herbert A. Simon Herbert A. Simon was awarded the!Nobel Prize for Economics in 19789In what year was Bruce Merrifield awarded the Nobel Prizefor Chemistry ?19841982198319851986Bruce Merrifield Bruce Merrifield was awarded the!Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1984:In what year was Kenneth G. Wilson awarded the Nobel Prize
for Physics ?19821980198119831984Kenneth G. Wilson!Kenneth G. Wilson was awarded theNobel Prize for Physics in 19820Who won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1986 ?999999Larry McMurtry - Lonesome DoveAlison Lurie - Foreign Affairs#Peter Taylor - A Summons to MemphisAlice Walker - The Color PurpleWilliam Kennedy - IronweedLarry McMurtry&Larry McMurtry won the Pulitzer Prize #for Fiction in 1986 - Lonesome Dove4Which newspaper won the Pulitzer Prize for National ReportinReporting in 1983 ? Boston GlobeKansas City TimessNew York TimesPhiladelphia EnquirerDallas Morning News%Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting'The Boston Globe won the Pulitzer Prizefor National Reporting in 19838Which newspaper won the Pulitzer Prize for InternationalReporting in 1981 ? Miami HeraldWashington PostNew York TimesLos Angeles TimesWall St Journal$Pulitzer for International Reporting(The Miami Herald won the Pulitzer Prize #for International Reporting in 19816Who won the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning in1987 ? Berke Breathed - Washington Post!Richard Lochner - Chicago TribuneJules Feiffer - Village Voice$Doug Marlette - Atlanta ConstitutionPaul Conrad - Los Angeles TimesBerke Breathed*Berke Breathed - Washington Post - won the/Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning in 19874Who won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1980 ? Sissy Spacek Sally Field
Jane FondaKatherine Hepburn Meryl StreepBest Actress 1980&Sissy Spacek won the Academy Award for,Best Actress in 1980 - Coal Miner's Daughter2Who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1975 ?Jack Nicholsonn Peter FinchRichard Dreyfus
Art Carney Jack LemmonBest Actor - 1975(Jack Nicholson won the Academy Award for4Best Actor in 1975 - One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest4Who won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1986 ?
Marlee MatlinGeraldine Page Sally FieldCher Jodie FosterBest Actress - 1986'Marlee Matlin won the Academy Award for/Best Actress in 1986 - Children of a Lesser God3Who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1986 ? Paul Newman William HurtMichael DouglasDustin Hoffman
Robert DuvallBest Actor - 1986%Paul Newman won the Academy Award for'Best Actor in 1986 - The Color of Money/What is the name given to the young of a hare ?LeveretCheeperCygnetElverSquab A young hare A young hare is called a Leveret What do you call a young quail ?CheeperCygnetLeveretElverSquab
A young quail!A young quail is called a Cheeper#What is the name for a young swan ?CygnetCheeperLeveretSquabElver A young SwanA young swan is called a cygnetWhat is a young eel called ?ElverSquabLeveretCygnetCheeper A young eelA young eel is called an Elver%What is the name for a young pigeon ?SquabLeveretCheeperElverCygnetA young pigeon A young pigeon is called a Squab3What is the collective name for a group of whales ?PodBevyMurderSkeinMusterA group of whales!A group of whales is called a Pod'What is the name for a group of quail ??BevyPodMurderSkeinMusterA group of quail!A group of quail is called a bevy'What is the name for a group of crows ?MurderSkeinMusterPodBevyA group of crows#A group of crows is called a murder'What is the name for a group of geese ?SkeinPodMurderBevyMusterA group of geese"A group of geese is called a skein*That is the name for a group of peacocks ?MusterMurderBevySkeinPodA group of peacocks&A group of peacocks is called a muster&Which team won the Superbowl in 1976 ?Pittsburgh SteelersMiami DolphinsDallas CowboysOakland RaidersSan Francisco 49ersSuperbowl 1976The Pittsburgh Steelers won eeethe Superbowl in 19767Who was the Baseball Writers' Association's MVP for theNational League in 1971 ? Joe Torre Johnny Bench Pete Rose Steve GarveyWillie McCoveyNational League MVP - 1971Joe Torre was the NationallLeague MVP in 19718Who was the Baseball Writers' Association's MVP for the American League in 1979 ?D
Don BaylorJim Rice Rod Carew George BrettRollie FingersAmerican League MVP - 1979Don Baylor was the AmericananLeague MVP in 19797Who was Baseball Writers' Association's National LeagueeRookie of the Year in 1984 ?
Dwight GoodenDarryl Strawberry
Vince Coleman Steve SaxFernando Valenzuela'National League Rookie of the Year 1984Dwight Gooden was the National!League Rookie of the Year in 19847Who was Baseball Writers' Association's American LeagueRookie of the Year in 1982 ?
Cal Ripken
Ron Kittle Alvin Davis
Dave RighettiiJoe Charboneau'American League Rookie of the Year 1982"Cal Ripken was the American LeagueRookie of the Year in 1982 Mike ScottSteve Bedrosiann
John Denny
Dwight Gooden
Rick Sutcliff#National League Cy Young Award 1986!Mike Scott won the Cy Young Awardfor the National League in 1986 Stefan Edberg John McEnroe
Jimmy ConnorsWimbledon Mens' Singles 1987Pat Cash won the WimbledonMen's Singles in 19877Who won the Women's French Open Tennis Championship in 1987 ? Steffi GrafChris Evert LloydMartina NavratilovaHana MandlikovaArantxa Sanchez Steffi Graf"Steffi Graf won the Women's FrenchnnnnnOpen Championship in 19877:Who won the United States Open Golf Championship in 1984 ?
Fuzzy Zoeller
Andy North Ray Floyd Larry Nelson
Tom WatsonUS Open Golf Champion - 1984Fuzzy Zoeller won the US OpenGolf Chapionship in 1984

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