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Program: Periodic Table - Version 1.1
Author: J. Clary \ Europa Software
Revised: April - 1988
Purpose: Graphic Display of the Periodic Table of the Elements
Implementation: Quick Basic v.5.0

Requirements: IBM or compatible
CGA Graphics Card & Color Monitor
128K Memory

"PERIODIC.EXE" requires the data file "ELEMENTS.DAT" be in current directory.

Rational for the revision:

The first version of Peirodic Table contained a small bug in the Help
function. Actually that bug was fixed earlier, I uploaded the wrong copy,
programmers are always on the ball, huh! ). The bug was minor, so I waited
until I had made sufficiant changes and improvements to the program before
releasing a new version.


Of course the Help bug has been squashed.

The Screen loading has been greatly enhanced (from about 7 sec. to
under 2 sec. on my machine), however there is always a price to pay,
in this case a significant increase in overall program size (up about
20,000 bytes ). That shouldn't be too much of a problem , we all have
80 Meg Seagates, right. Anyway, I think the ends justify the means.

The cursor movement has been altered slightly. It is now possible to
hold down one of the arrow keys and move throught the entire table.
The previous version stayed in the same row or coloum. Also, it is not
documented, but the Home and End keys are active.

The only other major change has been to add access to DOS. It is now
possible to Shell to DOS and execute any EXE, COM or BAT file. I'm not
really sure if there is a need for this, but it added very little to
the program size and was a breeze to code, so it's there if you need it.

In addition some minor changes have been made:

A box around the Color Codes.
Active keys description shuffled around.
The color group identifiers have been changed from rectangles to cubes.
This seems to make the table a little more readable and less congested.

***** Help improve shareware ****

Relax, I'm not going to ask for a donation. However to help me improve
the program, I need your help! If you have an idea for the program, or
just a comment, take the time to jot it down on a card and drop it in
the mail. It's only 25 cents and a few moments out of your life, I
think you can handle it.

If you have access to Bob Mahoney's EXEC PC in Milwaukee, you may leave
a message to the user name MICHEALLE LESKANIC. I believe it is the
French spelling of Michealle, it is somewhat unusual to say the least.
She is a very good friend of mine and doesn't mind receiving messages
for Europa Software. In actuality I use the account about 99% of the
time, she rarely ever dials-up. I just renewed the subscription in
April 88, so the account will be valid for the next 350 or so days.


J. Clary - Europa Software Enjoy - J.

Please send any mail response to: Europa Software

314 Pleasant Meadows
Gaffney, SC 29340

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