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Downloadable Chemistry Freeware and Shareware, 1991 - 1992

This is a listing of chemistry-related public domain software,
freeware, and shareware for MS-DOS and Macintosh computers that
can be downloaded from commercial information services, such as
Compuserve, GEnie and America On Line, and from FTP Internet
archives. The files are grouped by source and include a brief
description, date, size, location, author, and other
information. This particular list covers the period from
Summer, 1991 through Dec. 1992. Earlier material is listed in a
larger file that is available on in

Compiled by:
Prof. Thomas C. O'Haver
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
[email protected]
(301) 405-1831
GEnie file number: 20891 Name: CHEMISTRY HTB 1.0.SIT
Address: APOSTASY Date: 910831
Approximate # of bytes: 54272
Accesses: 54 Library: 15
Introductory HyperTextBook on Chemistry. Information on obtaining
updates is included. Another fine StudySystems product from your friends
at All-American Software Development Corp.
Keywords: Chemistry, HyperTextBook, StudySystems, All-American Software

GEnie file number: 21224 Name: GROUP 1 ANALYSIS
Address: CHEMTEACH Date: 911005
Approximate # of bytes: 70784
Accesses: 35 Library: 15
This compressed (sit) stack is a simulation of the qualitative analysis of
Group 1 metal ions (Silver, mercury and lead). It offers help from the flow
chart and will prepare an unknown and evaluate the users answers. It war or
rather was written at the Woodrow Wilson Summer Institute in 1990. Dr. Flick
Coleman was the director of the institute. The stack is freeware.
Keywords: chemistry,lab,simulation,high school,educational

GEnie file number: 21225 Name: MOLECULE SHAPESQUIZ.SIT
Address: CHEMTEACH Date: 911005
Approximate # of bytes: 27648
Accesses: 30 Library: 15
This educational stack was written for high school chemistry students who
are studying covalent bonding. It offers hints to help the students get
the correct answer. Stack is freeware.
Keywords: chemistry,educational,high school,quiz,molecule

GEnie file number: 21226 Name: IONS2.SIT
Address: CHEMTEACH Date: 911005
Approximate # of bytes: 18944
Accesses: 44 Library: 15
A second ions quiz for chemistry students. Concentrates on sulfate, sulfite
nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, phosphite, hydroxide, and ammonium ions.
Keywords: chemistry,high school,quiz,ions

GEnie file number: 21227 Name: SIGNIFICANTCALCS.SIT
Address: CHEMTEACH Date: 911005
Approximate # of bytes: 31488
Accesses: 19 Library: 15
This stack presents multiplication,division,subtraction, and addition probs.
with answers rounded off to correct number of significant figures or digits.
Flash card format. Includes explination as to why the rounding off was done as
seen. Also some intro to the rules for rounding off. Works well with the
stack "Sig Figs" which is also on GEnie.

GEnie file number: 23791 Name: FORM.SIT
Address: S.BOOMER Date: 920706
Approximate # of bytes: 39936
Accesses: 22 Library: 12
The Chemical Formulas Game is an interactive program for practicing
chemical symbols and formulas with teacher-edited ions and comments
on student responses. The computer displays ions or formulas based on
the teacher-edited list. The student types his answer and receives
immediate feedback on his answers, including the correct response if
his answer is incorrect. The correct answer must be typed before
proceeding to the next. Each game consists of ten questions.
The Formula Game Editor is for the teacher to use to edit the comments
and ions. Class and school in-jokes make for extra fun.

Formula Club sea July 14, 1992
SOURCE: America Online JanF
File: Formula Club.sea (42970 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 5 minutes Download count: 20
AUTHOR: Preston & Sarah Boomer EQUIPMENT: any Macintosh
NEEDS: Knowledge of (or desire to learn) Chemistry SHAREWARE: $10.00
LOCATION: MED:Science/Health
KEYWORDS: Chemistry Chemical Elements Compounds Ions Symbols
A note from the authors:
Formula Club Game & Formula Club Editor
The Formula Club Game is an interactive program for practicing chemical
symbols and formulas with teacher-edited ions and comments for student
responses. Here's how the game works:
The Macintosh randomly generates chemical formulas from the ion list saved in
the program. The name of the formula is displayed in large font so several
kids can participate. The student types in and enters the formula.
If the answer is correct, a "correct answer" comment is randomly selected
from the "praises" list and the next question is asked.
If the answer is incorrect, a comment is selected from the "wrong answers
(teases)" list. The correct answer is then displayed so that the students can
see what was wrong, and then the correct answer must be entered before
continuing to the next question.
After ten formulas have been done, the score is given and another set may be
done. The Formula Club Editor is the program used by the teacher to add,
delete, or change the comments or ions used by the game. We use the
traditional notation for ions placing the + or - before the charge number
(Al+3) so that the computer will know when to superscript it. Without the +
or -, numerals are automatically subscripted. The student does not have to
hassle with any scripting. Much fun is had when the comments are school or
class "in-jokes" that the students can relate with. The more comments, the
better. This decreases the frequency that each one is displayed. The program
also prints beautiful study sheets made from the ions list.
Any questions? -- call "The Boom" for assistance. 408 426-2617.
Preston Boomer
60 Verde Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
PS: The reason that it is called a "Club" is that I have the kids having
trouble with formulas come in at lunch to practice. Hence it became known as
"The Formula Club".

Number: 24711 Name: CHEM.SIT
Address: S.BOOMER Date: 921017
Approximate # of bytes: 44160
Number of Accesses: 19 Library: 12
This is an interactive program for practicing chemical symbols and
formulas with the teacher-edited ions and comments on student
responses. The computer displays questions and answers in LARGE
FONT based on the teacher-edited lists. The students type their
answers and receive immediate feedback. Each game consists of 10
questions. The Editor program is for the teacher to use to edit
the comments and ions.
Shareware $15.

Compuserve [70302,2501] Lib: 7
FORM.SIT/Bin Bytes: 41856, Count: 10, 15-Jun-92
This program is an update of FORCL.SIT and FORMED.SIT and combines both in
this compressed file along with a READ.ME file. FORMCL is an
interactive program for practicing chemical symbols and formulas with
teacher-edited ions and comments on student responses. Student types
answer and receives feedback, including correct answer if required. The
score is then displayed. The Editor enables the teacher to add delete and
change the comments and formulas. Program author: Preston Boomer

GEnie file number: 23814 Name: PERIODIC.TABLE.ROUL.SIT
Address: CHEMTEACH Date: 920708
Approximate # of bytes: 55040
Accesses: 18 Library: 15
Chemistry game...learning tool. Roulette game. Bet on a group of elements of a
period, or a single element. Pay offs are based on the odds of a
period or element being selected. Also includes data base of information
aabout the elements on the periodic table.

GEnie file number: 23835 Name: LAB.EQUIP.PICS.SIT
Address: CHEMTEACH Date: 920710
Approximate # of bytes: 27520
Accesses: 34 Library: 15
Here are some bit mapped pitures of chemistry laboratory equipment that we
use in our high school classes to help students learn the name and use
(click on the pic. for a brief use description) of basic lab supplies
beakers, flasks, TT racks, tongs, TT holders, also some more complex stuff
otoo like Hoffman appar. centrifuge, pH meter, also includes a distill.
setup with instructional buttons. Use the graphics as you see fit. Have
fun with your students.

GEnie file number: 23924 Name: CHEMISTRY CLIPART.SIT
Address: RONLEMAY Date: 920717
Approximate # of bytes: 29568
Accesses: 43 Library: 15
Included are some sketches we have produced for use in handouts for our
chemistry classes. Orbital diagrams, redox setups, molecule sketches
a few graphs (equilibrium, change of state, kinetic Energy of molecules
icons for lab safety considerations, manometers, barometers, etc.

GEnie file number: 24057 Name: CHEM.TXT
Address: S.BOOMER Date: 920801
Approximate # of bytes: 14052
Accesses: 17 Library: 12
This file is an historical introduction to chemistry with demos
for the chemistry teacher.

GEnie file number: 24209 Name: ELEMENTS.TXT
Address: S.BOOMER Date: 920821
Approximate # of bytes: 12249
Accesses: 44 Library: 12
This text file gives the derivations of the names
of 103 of the chemical elements. It also gives the
discoverers of the elements.

GEnie file Number: 29026 Name: PTOE153.ZIP
Address: C.ALLBRIGHT Date: 920618
Approximate # of bytes: 80384
Number of Accesses: 222 Library: 5
This is an extensive periodic table application for Windows from
SMI Enterprises, Inc.
It was previously downloaded 642 times as previous revisions.
Version, 1.53 adds additional information about each element.
This program was created as a learning tool to demonstrate the
different aspects of a Windows application.
Shareware registration - $10.00
Copyrighted source code - $20.00
Uploaded by authors, SMI Enterprises, Inc.
Keywords: chemistry,periodic table,windows,shareware,SMI,win

GEnie file Number: 27549 Name: CHEM4WIN.PAK
Address: J.BILLHEIM3 Date: 920310
Approximate # of bytes: 129152
Number of Accesses: 410 Library: 5
Make, view, and edit different chemical compounds. Choose the
elements you want from the periodic chart, and combine them to make
certain compounds. You can rotate what you make to see how the
elements join (i.e for H2O - you can see how the 2 hydrogen atoms
connect to the oxygen atom. Plus a whole lot more. Neat program -
Check it out. Remember - It's Shareware!!! IBM-PC

GEnie file Number: 25683 Name: HMO 1.4
Address: A.WISSNER Date: 921215
Approximate # of bytes: 153088
Number of Accesses: 16 Library: 12
HMO 1.4 is a Hckel Molecular Orbital calculator with a graphical
interface. This new version of the program will perform simple Huckel
calculations as well as w-Technique and ITPOT calculations. The output
includes the secular determinant, eigenvalues, total energy,
delocalization energy, delocalization energy/-electron eigenvectors,
charge densities, total charge, electron density - bond order matrix
electrophilic, radical, and nucleophilic superdelocalizabilities,
free valences, dipole moment, and atom polarizabilities.
All results are displayed graphically.
Keywords: chemistry,huckel,molecular,orbital, Macintosh

GEnie file Number: 25179 Name: CHNOTE.SIT
Address: S.BOOMER Date: 921122
Approximate # of bytes: 14464
Number of Accesses: 25 Library: 12
This 20 page text file reviews the terms, principles, and
definitions of General and Organic Chemistry.
Keywords: Chemistry, terms, notes, definitions, principles, review

GEnie file Number: 31162 Name: CHEMH.ZIP
Address: S.BOOMER Date: 921206
Approximate # of bytes: 5760
Number of Accesses: 37 Library: 3

This text file gives an historical introduction for Big Chem
teachers. It covers from the ancient Greeks through Mendeleev.
Keywords: Chemistry, chemical, history, introduction

GEnie file Number: 30910 Name: ELEM.ZIP
Address: S.BOOMER Date: 921114
Approximate # of bytes: 4480
Number of Accesses: 103 Library: 3
This text file gives the derivations of the names of 103
of the Chemical Elements.
Keywords: Chemical, chemistry, elements, names

GEnie file Number: 31032 Name: FORM.ZIP
Address: S.BOOMER Date: 921126
Approximate # of bytes: 94976
Number of Accesses: 61 Library: 3
Chemistry Formulas Game v 1.0
This is an interactive program for practicing chemical symbols and
formulas with teacher-edited ions and comments on student responses
The computer displays questions and answers in LARGE FONT for
several participants. Immediate feedback is given for each answer.
The comments are most fun when they are school or class in-jokes.
Shareware: $15 for site license. Have fun!
[SysOp Note: There is a 60-Second delay prior to execution of
Shareware version]
Keywords: Chemistry, chemical, formulas, symbols, ions, valences, game

GEnie file Number: 626 Name: PT200.ZIP
Address: C.ALLBRIGHT Date: 921125
Approximate # of bytes: 494592
Number of Accesses: 108 Library: 11
Periodic Table 2.0 is a shareware program for Microsoft Windows 3.1
or greater. Periodic Table incorporates more than 30 data items on
each element, printing capability, and decay trees, as well as many
other features. As we continue to upgrade the program, we welcome
suggestions from users about new features to be included in future
Features of Preiodic table 2.0:
Mutiple Document Interface to allow multiple elements to be viewed
Keywords: chemistry,periodic table,windows,shareware,SMI,win

GEnie file Number: 30119 Name: INTEGSCI.ZIP
Address: LYMAN Date: 920903
Approximate # of bytes: 329472
Number of Accesses: 70 Library: 15
THE INTEGRAL SCIENTIST v1.11 - An Information Utility for the
Scientist. Includes a periodic table element database with 5 screens
of information per element, 450 unit conversion calculator, chemical
solutions calculator, dilutions calculator, molecular weight
calculator, solvents database, user customizable indexed data
viewer, flashcard drill function, context sensitive help and
hypertext/printable documentation. ASP Shareware by Integral
Scientific Software.
Keywords: Periodic,Element,Dilution,Report,Chemical,Solution,Table

Compuserve CHEMEQ.SEA/Bin Bytes: 551424, Count: 2, 04-Sep-92
Title : Chemical Equilibrium Tutorial Stack
A self extracting archive of a HyperCard stack that teaches aboutchemical
equilibrium at the high school or first year university level. A USD Chem
Tutorial, part of the HyperChem modules by Dr. D.B. Petersen, supported by
NSF's Program for Undergraduate Course and Curriculum Development and the
Camile and Henry Dreyfus Foundation. This is a excellently designed stack,
contains tutorial plus self-quiz.Obtained off InterNet, contains no
copyright or distribution notice.

Compuserve [71042,2034] Lib: 9
CHEM.HIS/Asc Bytes: 6383, Count: 13, 23-Jul-92
Title : Chemistry Historical Introduction
Outline notes on the development of Chemistry from the ancient Greeks to
recent times.

Compuserve [71042,2034] Lib:15
LO3ELE.TXT/Asc Bytes: 12265, Count: 11, 26-Aug-92
Title : Names of 103 Elements Derived
This text file gives the derivations of 103 of the chemical elements. It
also gives the discoverers of the elements.

Compuserve [71042,437] Lib:15
BOOKS.TXT/Asc Bytes: 19737, Count: 8, 23-Jul-92
Title : Rare Book Reprints of Works on Alchemy and Early
Rare Book Reprints of works on Alchemy and Early Chemistry. These books
are very hard-to-find anywhere else.

Compuserve [76260,3535] Lib: 3
WINCHE.EXE/Bin Bytes: 110312, Count: 238, 19-Feb-92(19-May-92)
Title : Chemical for Windows Version 1.4
Chemical for Windows Version 1.4 is a molecular modeling program that makes
full use of the Windows interface. Atoms are selected from a periodic
table and bonded into molecules. Version 1.4 is updated to work with
Windows 3.1.

Compuserve [70740,2323] Lib: 3
NMR.ZIP/Bin Bytes: 192565, Count: 28, 06-Jan-92
Title : NMR
NMR spectra for up to 7 nuclei. Displays the calculated NMR spectrum, with
adjustable peak broadening, for simple molecules as well as for complex
proteins. Good program for organic chemistry or other classes where access
to an actual spectrophotometer is limited. Not much documentation, but
program is menu-driven and menues are easy to follow. Compiled BASIC code.

Compuserve [70740,2323] Lib: 3
PC-CAL.ZIP/Bin Bytes: 148184, Count: 17, 01-Jan-92
Title : PC-CALIB
PC-CALIB, a calibration program for chemistry laboratory analytical
instruments. Develops a calibration curve based on measured values of
selected standards, fits data to least-squares 1st or 2nd order polynomial,
and evaluates concentration of unknown samples by comparing measured values
to the calibration curve. Shareware for IBM compatible PC's. Can accept
direct data input from instruments.

Compuserve [70740,2323] Lib: 3
ICP.ZIP/Bin Bytes: 16512, Count: 11, 21-Dec-91
Title : ICP.ZIP
Text file on principles and applications of Inductively Coupled Plasma
(ICP) atomic emission spectrometry.

Compuserve [70740,2323] Lib: 3
CRYSTA.LZH/Bin Bytes: 113748, Count: 41, 21-Dec-91
"CRYSTAL" modeling program, companion to "CHEMICAL". COmputes and
displays crystal lattices and structure. Requires EGA or VGA monitor

Compuserve [70740,2323] Lib: 3
CHEMVI.LZH/Bin Bytes: 151808, Count: 57, 21-Dec-91
CHEMVIEW molecular modeling, view a molecule created with CHEMICAL in
3-D, and can rotate to view from various angles. EGA or VGA monitor req'd.

Compuserve [70740,2323] Lib: 3
CHEMST.LZH/Bin Bytes: 107264, Count: 41, 21-Dec-91
Video Chemistry! Practice with determining valence of various
elements. Suitable for high school and beginning chemistry students.

Compuserve [72357,1017] Lib:15
CHEMIC.EXE/Bin Bytes: 39408, Count: 76, 23-Nov-91(21-Dec-91)
Title : Chemica Elementum
Periodic Table of the elements display program for Windows 3.0.
Interesting display. This version to fix 4 typos.

Compuserve [72411,436] Lib: 3
OZONE.THR/Asc Bytes: 34367, Count: 28, 28-Nov-91
Title : CFCs and stratospheric ozone - an online lecture
A series of messages from James Killus giving a brief history and
chemistry tutorial of the depletion of stratospheric ozone from CFCs and
other sources of chlorine.

Compuserve [71321,2544] Lib:15
CHEM1A.SIT/Bin Bytes: 80316, Count: 12, 31-Oct-91
Title : Macintosh file "CHEM1A.sit"
Compute grams per mole, moles per gram, percent compostition and more.
Stuffit archive includes HyperCard stack (requires HyperCard 2.0) and Full
Impact spreadsheet (requires Full Impact).

Compuserve [71511,2162] Lib: 3
MMCALC.ZIP/Bin Bytes: 23270, Count: 68, 26-Oct-91
Title : Softshell Molecular Mass Calculator V 1.7
Softshell Molecular Mass Calculator v. 1.7 by Softshell Int'l Ltd., a free
*Windows* program by the makers of ChemIntosh(R), and ChemWindow, Chemical
structure drawing programs. MM Calculator calculates molecular masses and
percentages of elements in a molecular formula (good for elemental
analyses). SoftShell International LTD 303-242-7502.

Compuserve [71511,2162] Lib: 3
CWCDEM.ZIP/Bin Bytes: 171433, Count: 27, 26-Oct-91
Title : ChemWindow Classic Demo program.
Chemwindow Classic is a Chemical structure drawing program for
Microsoft Windows. A "paint" program specifically for drawing rings, bonds,
hashed bonds, etc. Exports to WPG or EPS, or cut/paste to any Windows
program. Works with Windows 2 or 3, and any monitor or printer that works
with Windows. Produced by Softshell International LTD. 303-242-7502

America Online
America Online: CALCURVE: Analytical Chemistry September 26, 1992
File: (31313 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 3 minutes
Download count: 34
AUTHOR: Dr. Jan Zenka
NEEDS: An UnZIPing Utility
KEYWORDS: Zenka, Calibration, Curve, Analytical, Chemistry
TYPE: Shareware
CALCURVE was developed for analytical chemistry but it has
broader utilization. It serves to the construction of calibration
curve (linear regression) and to the reading of data from it.
Saving of calibration curve is also possible. (EGA/VGA)
Received direct from author.

America Online: More Chemistry Jokes & Riddles December 27, 1992
From: RonLeMay
File: new jokes.sit (32387 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 3 minutes
Download count: 38
NEEDS: HyperCard 2 and Stuffit
LOCATION: MHC:Miscellaneous
Keywords: chemistry humor riddles
More chemistry jokes and riddles. You don't need to know any
chemistry to get the jokes. Based on English words begining with
para, meta, ortho, cis and trans. The chemist has ways of
denoting these prefixes in sketches. Can you decode the sketches
and figure out the English word?

America Online: Science Boyle's Law Simulation December 10, 1992
From: LBratcher
File: Boyle's Law Simulation (165054 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 19 minutes
Download count: 38
AUTHOR: Lorraine Bratcher
EQUIPMENT: Macintosh
NEEDS: Hypercard 2.0 or better, Stuffit to unstuff
Keywords: Chemistry, Gases, Boyle's Law, Graphing, Algebra,
Dimensional Analysis, Pressure, Volume, Physics, Physical Science
This is a simulation that the student controls to investigate
the relationship between pressure and volume. Animation helps
the student understand graphical and mathematical expression of
data. Algebraic manipulation of equations and unit analysis is
taught through student-controlled animation. This innovative
stack is worth the download time. Other stacks are available
from the same author. Watch for them.

America Online: Decomposition Simulation sea December 6, 1992
From: LBratcher
File: Decomposition Simulation (887780 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 101 minutes
Download count: 20
AUTHOR: Lorraine Bratcher
EQUIPMENT: Macintosh Computer
NEEDS: Hypercard
LOCATION: MED:Science/Health
KEYWORDS: HC Stack Chemistry Laboratory Physical Science Experiment
This is a simulation of a laboratory typically done in a
first-year chemistry class or a physical science class. Through
animation and sound effects, students experience, observe, and
process scientific data to draw conclusions based on
experimentation. The simulation is interactive and self-paced.
Students are entertained as they learn about the chemistry.
Some of the experiences would not be available to them in a real
lab setting because of cost and safety.
It's worth the download time. This stack is truly innovative.

America Online: Buckyball QT September 13, 1992
From: Ror
File: Buckyball.sea (339993 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 39 minutes
Download count: 53
EQUIPMENT: SPARCstation 2, Quadra 700
NEEDS: Quicktime
LIBRARY: MGR:QuickTime (3012)
KEYWORDS: animation 3D molecular modeling flythrough
This is a bit of animation I ran up on a SPARCstation 2,
converted it to Mac, and then put into QuickTime. The object is
a buckminsterfullerene molecule, rotating. Hope you like this.

America Online: DNA movie QT August 16, 1992
From: SkylineBBS
File: DNA 12bp.sea (222624 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 25 minutes
Download count: 107
AUTHOR: U/L by Mike Kuenne
NEEDS: Mac, Quicktime. Color Strongly Recommended
LIBRARY: MGR:QuickTime (3012)
KEYWORDS: dna strand molecular 3DSIG
This is a full color, no sound Quicktime movie of an exapmle of
DNA rotating in a clockwise manner. It looks best when looped.
The movie is rather large (1/4th of the screen) and it approx
3-4 seconds long. Enjoy!

America Online: CHEMVIEW v2.0 Molecular 3D Anim. January 3, 1993
File: (109701 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 12 minutes
Download count: 176
AUTHOR: Larry Puhl
NEEDS: UNZIP Utility, companion for CHEMICAL program (CHEM42.ZIP)
Keywords: Puhl, Chemistry, Science, Molecules, CHEM42.ZIP
Type: Shareware
CHEMVIEW, version 2.0 is a companion program that shows
3-dimensional animation of the molecular models generated with
Documentation: CHEM.DOC

America Online: CHEM42: v4.2 Molecular Modeling January 3, 1993
File: (174600 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 20 minutes
Download count: 276
AUTHOR: Larry Puhl
EQUIPMENT: 640K RAM & CGA or EGA graphics
Keywords: Puhl, Chemistry, Molecules, Science
Type: Shareware
Chemical, version 4.2, is a molecular modeling program to aid in
the formation of three dimensional pictures of chemicals. Atoms
are selected from the Periodic Table and electron orbital
information retrieved. The Atoms are then bonded and the
chemical is displayed as it is being constructed. The chemical
can be viewed from different directions by using the up and down
cursor keys and the V command. If desired, the Hybrid and Ionize
commands can be used to alter the orbitals before bonding.
Requires 640K or RAM and a CGA or EGA monitor. You may need to
eliminate RAM resident programs to run this program. See also
the separate CHEMVIEW companion 3-dimensional animation program
that available in this library.
To Run: CHEM
Documentation: CHEM.DOC

America Online: CHEMPAC3:v1.1 Solvent Properties March 13, 1992
From: JohnDuchek
File: CHEMPAC3.EXE (60635 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 7 minutes
Download count: 96
AUTHOR: John R. Duchek
NEEDS: CGA monitor
Keywords: Duchek, Chemistry, Reactions, Compounds,
Type: Shareware
NOTE: This is a self-extracting file.
Chempac3 is an organic solvent database. Designed for use in
the laboratory, the shareware version contains 178 solvents in a
form searchable by MW, boiling point, melting point, flash
point, water solubility, name, formula, heat of vaporization,
dielectric constant and more. Searches can also be carried out
by minimum/maximums and multiple properties.
To run, enter: FINDSOLV
Documentation: CHEMPAC3.DOC

America Online: CHEMIST: Molecular Weights September 26, 1992
File: (15533 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 2 minutes
Download count: 78
AUTHOR: Dr. Jan Zenka
NEEDS: An UnZIPing Utility
KEYWORDS: Zenka, Chemistry, Molecular, Weights, Compounds
TYPE: Shareware
CHEMIST program serves to calculate the molecular weights of
compounds, in the preparation and dilution of solutions and in
the calculation of centrifugation parameters. Received direct
from author.
To run, enter: CHEMIST

America Online: FLI: Cubic Molecular Model August 2, 1992
File: MOLECULE.ZIP (829601 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 94 minutes
Download count: 9
AUTHOR: Unknown
NEEDS: An UnZIPing Program and A FLI Player
Keywords: FliTrader, Chemistry, Ray trace, VGA, PD
Type: Public Domain
Molecular model comprised of blue and gray spheres put together
in the style of tinkertoys.The model revolves round and round
against a starry background
Downloaded by Flitrader from Dregal BBS : Edinburgh, Scotland

America Online: GIF: Raytraced Vitamin B2 March 26, 1992
From: PCA Rich
File: VITAM_B2.GIF (59177 bytes)
DL time (2400 baud): < 7 minutes
Download count: 26
AUTHOR: Steven Cox
Keywords: Chemistry, Molecule, Super VGA, PD
Type: Public Domain
Molecular structure of the Vitamin B2 Riboflavin. Raytraced from
the data file VITAM_B2.V provided with Vivid2.
(Image size 640 X 480, 256 colors)

Science/Math forum

Displays elemental information -- name, symbol, atomic number,
atomic mass -- at a click of a button. Information may also be
retrieved from list boxes or by typing in the information.
Written using Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 and Foundation Classes.
Version 1.0. Shareware. Registration $0.

1992, 40 atom/mol. ver. Molecular modelling/graphics.
Input/review of X-ray crystallographic coordinate data; draws 3D
molecules with any type of atom; reads/writes MMX/MM2 files;
automatically identifies hybridization states; adds/deletes Hs
and lone pairs; manipulates two independent models
simutaneously. Molecular database support available. IBM
compatible VGA/EGA/CGA systems. Read STR*.DOC files stored in
ZIP. Binary file.

Microsoft Windows Chromatography Equations Demo Program.
Calculations for GC, LC, and IC: volumetric to linear flow,
HETP, resolution, effective plate counts, capacity factor,
tailing factor, and more. Also contains tables on CArrier Gas
properties (densities, thermal conductivities, viscosities, and
more) Solvent properties (UV cutoff, refractive index, boiling
point, polarity, miscibility, and more) and Limiting Equivalent

MOLECW.ZIP (24K) Molecular weight calculator. Enter
a chemical formula such as H2O, and the program
calculates its molecular weight. No more flipping to
the back of the chemistry book and entering numbers in
the calculator. Handles subscripts up to 99 and five
levels of parentheses. Perfect for chemistry students.
Includes a PIF for Windows users. Shareware. Upl/auth:
Bob Goodsell

PTOE15.ZIP (61 K)
This is a colorful and extensive
Periodic Table application for Windows from SMI
Enterprises, Inc. It was made to demonstrate the
different aspects of a Windows Application. Great
sample for beginning Windows programmers. This version
contains a change in documentation to include
information for European Registration and Support.
Copyrighted source code is available.
Shareware. Upl/Auth:MArk Allbright.
Internet FTP sources:

Mindtool for Sunview. Molecular analysis, shows 3-D structures of molecules Organic chemistry ID of unknowns simulator
Location: /systems/ibmpc/msdos/simtel20/education
FILE -rw-r--r-- 172682 Apr 21 1992
Location: /pub/msdos/education
FILE -rw-r--r-- 172682 Apr 21 1992
Location: /mirrors/msdos/education
FILE -rw-r--r-- 172682 Apr 21 1992 pub/pc/win3/demo 920131 Windows Port of ChemIntosh: Chemistry
Drawing Program
/chemistry/ibmpc 1199295 Apr 16 1992 semi-free running
demo of AutoDesk's HyperChem
periodic-hc2.hqx 149330 May 10 1992 Hypercard 2.0 periodic table

ftp info-mac/app
by N. A. B. Gray and W, D. Wilbowo, Univ. of Wollongong, NSW 2500
The ChemEdit program combines a template-based structure editing
package with a molecular modeller. Structural diagrams of typical
organic molecules can be rapidly created; these diagrams may be
copied into word-processing documents. The program also creates
models of the three dimensional forms of the structures entered,
and allows these models to be viewed. Creation of 2-dimensional
template-based diagrams and views of 3-dimensional models that
can be copied into reports and documents; Use as a teaching aid
for students learning how stereochemistry and molecular shape are

Converts data file into ortep drawing for laser printing/export
-rw-r--r-- 1 22 anon 2858 Dec 17 18:41 ortep-112.readme
-rw-r--r-- 1 22 anon 195167 Dec 17 18:40 ortep-112.sit.hqx
Verion 1.3 of Barry Wise's Partial Least Squares package for MatLab
-rw-r--r-- 1 22 anon 90880 Feb 4 19:43 PLSManual13.sea
-rw-r--r-- 1 22 anon 407808 Feb 4 19:47 PLS_Toolbox13.sea
Self-running demo of Textronix CACHE molecular modeling software
-rw-r--r-- 1 22 anon 313 Sep 15 18:22 CAChe_Demo.readme
-rw-r--r-- 1 22 anon 1434582 Sep 15 18:21 CAChe_Demo.sea.hqx
drwxrwxrwx 2 22 anon 512 Feb 1 15:18 NCSA_GelReader
drwxr-xr-x 2 22 anon 512 Feb 4 15:32 MacPattern_v2.1

cd pub/chemcai
-rw-r--r-- 2 105 10 258763 Oct 14 1991
-rw-r--r-- 2 105 10 5168 Nov 2 15:56 c1news.doc
-rw-r--r-- 1 105 10 990 Nov 6 16:32 index.doc
-rw-r--r-- 1 105 10 1476 Oct 12 21:07 orgtut.doc
-rw-r--r-- 1 105 10 102191 Oct 12 21:08
-rw-r--r-- 1 105 10 3920 Nov 7 23:37 orgxdemo.doc
-rw-rw-rw- 1 11 ftp 605254 Oct 30 21:43 orgxdemo.exe

Instructional software for chemistry: files for downloading

This collection is maintained as a public service. Additions are welcome;
please contact S.K. Lower ([email protected]) for information. Note: all non-.doc
files must be downloaded in BINARY mode.

c1news.doc List of Chem1 CAI files for downloading.
These include lessons for PC, Windows, and Mac;
stored in a separate directory /pub/chem1; 102k PC Organic reaction drill/practice by Roy Butler.
orgtutor.doc This demo consists of the alkene section,
offering over 44,000 reaction selections.

orgxdemo.exe 605k PC A set of organic chemistry exercises by Tom Forrest
orgxdemo.doc 4k of Dalhousie University. Covers structure and
mechanisms, nomenclature, and IR, NMR, UV spectra.
See the .DOC file for instructions on the
self-expanding .EXE archive.

ORGTUTOR has been designed to allow the student to gain mastery of organic
reactions by exploration of thousands of examples via a user-friendly
interface. The molecules and their reactions are graphically represented in a
form that should be very familiar to every student. The student is in control
at all times, and decides whether to explore the reaction types in a random
mode, user-selection mode or a combination of the two. For example, the
alkene reaction module presents the user with over 44,000 reaction situations
to explore-- certainly enough to establish the relationship between structure
and reactivity.

In the user-selection mode, several of the sections include animated
simulations of reaction mechanisms. For example, each of the 22 possible
alkene reactions can be viewed mechanistically whenever a particular reaction
has been completed. In this way the "drill" aspect of ORGTUTOR is
complemented by the details of each reaction type. Also in the alkene module,
the user has the option of selecting the product and having the program
evaluate the choice.

This demonstration version contains only the alkene module. The other modules
presently available are alkyne reactions, carbonyl reactions, Diels-Alder
reactions, electrophilic aromatic substitutions, and dehydration of alcohols.

For information or comments please contact Roy Butler, butler@Norwich
Dept of Chemistry, Norwich University, Northfield VT 05663 802-485-2351

(Falcon Software Inc., PO Box 200, Wentworth NH 03282)
150 lessons on "homework"-type problems; PC only.

The current releases are: Version 2.0 (3.5in disks for VGA/EGA/MCGA) and
Version 1.2 (5.25 in disks other displays)
These have been available from the publisher, Falcon Software,
since early 1991. Version 2.0 displays proper subscripts and other
special characters. Updates to these lessons can be downloaded
from this server; see downloading section below.

A Version 2.0 DEMONSTRATION, containing seven of the lessons, is available
from Falcon, or by anonymous FTP; see listing at end of this document
for file name and downloading information.

See the file C1PPNEWS.DOC for information about updated lessons for
current licensed users.

(Chem1Ware Ltd, 7248 Ridge Dr, Burnaby BC V5A 1B5, Canada)

The BASIC SERIES consists of the following lesson groups:
CB01 Square One - CB02 Atoms - CB03 Moles

CB04 Qualitative acid-base - CB05 Oxidation-reduction
This series is for IBM-PC and similar MS-DOS systems only.
It was released in late 1989 and is still current.

For a demonstration of parts of these lessons, download
This is mostly a program that allows instructors to see the major
screen displays in the lessons without taking the time to go through
the lessons as a student would.

CHEM1 CONCEPT BUILDER ADVANCED SERIES provides thorough coverage of
individual topics. These will be available for both the Macintosh
and the PC; the PC versions will run ONLY under Windows 3.x (mouse required).
The Macintosh packages include versions for both "small" (512x342 pixel)
displays (in monochrome) and for the larger Mac-II (640x480 pixel) displays;
the latter utilizes the 256-color palette and requires a color monitor.

CHEM1-GASES 11 lessons covering the various ideal gas relations,
the barometer, simple kinetic-molecular theory, and real gases.
Macintosh and PC-Windows versions available from Chem1Ware Ltd.

CHEM1-CHEMICAL BONDING 20 lessons covering observable properties of bonds,
Lewis structures and the octet rule, polar covalence, multiple bonds,
VSEPR theory, hybridization, simple m.o. theory, d-orbital complexes,
metals and semiconductors.
Macintosh and PC-Windows versions available from Chem1Ware Ltd.

Downloading information: The following files may be downloaded by
anonymous FTP. They are located in subdirectory /pub/chem1 on, Internet Address

Files for IBM-PC and clones: (80 col. displays, VGA recommended) 259k binary demo/screen ref of C1CB Basic Series 84k binary demos of parts of C1PP and C1CB
chem1dem.doc 3k ascii documentation on above 31k binary lessons on ionic nomenclature
chem1nom.doc 3k ascii documentation on above 140k binary demo of Chem1 Problem Proctor lesssons
c1news.doc ascii [this file]
c1prices.doc ascii current Chem1Ware prices

[the following are only for registered users of Chem1 Problem Proctor] binary Update 1 to C1PP, Version 1.2 1990 10 29 binary Update 2 to C1PP, Version 1.2 1991 5 14 binary Update 1 to C1PP, Version 2.0 1991 10 29 binary Update 2 to C1PP, Version 2.0 1991 5 14

Files for PC with MS-Windows 3.1 (requires VGA and mouse) 593k binary demo of Chem1-Chemical Bonding lessons

Files for Macintosh systems. These are 512x342 pixel monochrome
versions, offered for limited-time evaluation. They are not for
regular instructional use. Subdirectory /pub/chem1/mac; files are
stored as Compact-Pro self-expanding archives; simply
double-click on the icon, and de-archive to hard disk.

c1gas.sea 473k binary Chem1 Properties of Gases
c1bonding.sea 427k binary Chem1 Chemical Bonding, part 1 of 4

If you experience difficulty in locating or downloading these files,
or if you have any questions or comments about the Chem-1 lessons,
please contact me directly:

Stephen K. Lower - Dept of Chemistry - Simon Fraser University
Burnaby BC V5A 1S6, Canada
(604)-291-3353; FAX: (604)-291-3765
E-mail: [email protected]

Here is an updated list of CAI files that demonstrate some of the
computer-based lessons that support the first-year Chemistry course
at our institution. These files are available for downloading by
anonymous FTP. They include a number of complete lessons and a few
excerpts from longer lessons. The files that are in the form of compressed
.ZIP archives must be downloaded in binary mode and decompressed with
PKUNZIP. Most of the lessons require an EGA, VGA, or MCGA display adaptor
to properly show subscripts and other special characters.

Downloading information.
Host:, Internet Address

Anonymous FTP: Give "anonymous" as login ID, use anything as password.
When connected, cd to the appropriate subdirectory.

The following IBM-PC files are in subdirectory /pub/chem1 259k binary * demo of Chem1 Concept Builder lessons 84k binary demos of parts of C1PP and C1CB
chem1dem.doc 3k ascii documentation on above 31k binary P.D. version of lessons on ionic nomenclature
chem1nom.doc 3k ascii documentation on above 140k binary demo of Chem1 Problem Proctor lessons
(seven of the 150 lessons)

* Recent addition; this is the "Instructor's Screen Reference", which
provides an overview of the C1CB lessons without requiring one to
go through the lessons as a student.

Macintosh software
Host:, Internet Address
Subdirectory: /pub/chem1/mac [cd to this subdirectory when connected]
c1bonding.sea 825k binhex Chem1 Bonding, sections 1-2 of 4
c1gas.sea 520k binhex Chem1 Properties of Gases
These files are Compactor-produced self-extracting archives.
These particular lessons are in 512x342 pixel (small-screen)
monochrome format; Mac-II versions (640x480, 256-color)
are included in the commercially-available package.


Here is the contents of /mac/misc/chemistry/00index.txt


799 9/5/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.02
A chemistry tutorial designed for undergraduates. Sections on:
Basic Concepts, pH, Strong Acids and Bases, Weak Acids and Bases.
Includes a self test and a handy index to look up certain
keywords. Part one of two related but standalone tutorials.

957 9/5/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.02
A chemistry tutorial designed for undergraduates. Sections on:
Neutralization, Titration, pH of Salts, Buffers.
Includes a self test and a handy index to look up certain
keywords. Part two of two related but standalone tutorials.

676 9/5/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.02
A chemistry tutorial designed for undergraduates. Sections on:
Electromagnetic Radiation, Atomic Spectra, Bohr Model
Includes a self test and a handy index to look up certain
keywords. Part one of two related but standalone tutorials.

847 9/5/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.02
A chemistry tutorial designed for undergraduates. Sections on:
Orbital Types, Orbital Energy, Orbital Filling, Electronic
Configuration. Includes a self test and a handy index to look up
certain keywords.
Part two of two related but standalone tutorials.

374 1/25/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
Molecular graphics program from Austria. This is version 3.04
(demo). Shows wire frame and stickball models of molecules.
Doesn't work on old (64k) ROMS. With documentation and samples.
Realtime transforms, color support, 2 independent windows, quite

812 8/26/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.0.1
A stack designed for undergraduates to learn Chemical
Equilibrium. Sections include: Equilibrium State,
LeChatelier's Principle, calculating equilibriums, Heterogenous
Equilibriums. Includes a subject lookup function and a self test.

770 8/26/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.0.1
A stack designed for undergraduates to learn Chemical
Kinetics. Sections include: basic concepts, rate laws,
temperature, and catalysis. You can look up keywords in an
index and includes a self test. Quite graphical.

120 11/16/91 BinHex4.0,StuffItDeluxe
A stack that quizzes basic and advanced knowledge of high school

35 11/15/91 BinHex4.0,StuffItDeluxe
Hypercard stack uses very lame riddles to help high school
students remember names of elements.

185 11/16/91 BinHex4.0,StuffItDeluxe
Introduce Chemistry terms and elements to high school students
with this stack.

180 2/1/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
A set of seven stacks illustrating the basic ideas of solid state
structure and geometry.

764 8/29/92 BinHex4.0,Stuffit3.01
A chemistry tutorial designed for undergraduates. Sections on:
States of Matter, Ideal Gas, Using the Ideal Gas Law,
Calculating Molar Mass, and Dalton's Law. Includes a self-test
and a handy index to look up certain keywords.

90 10/30/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.0
Program to create and observe molecular orbitals with
Huckel theory.

75 11/8/91 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
A short hypercard history of the discoveries of the atom (30
virtual "pages" with illustrations).

42 11/8/91 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
Designed for high school students to test their knowledge of
chemical bonding found in common compounds. Hypercard Stack.

80 10/14/91 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
Chemistry utility. Enter the molecular forumla of a compound and
you'll see the relative intensity of the various elements both
numerically and on a display graph.

557 10/11/91 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
This package has two stacks. The first is a hypertext version of
the Table of the Isotopes, the well known from the wall chart
distributed by General Electric. The Isotopes stack onsists of a
navigation system and 2,523 isotope cards describing the
properties of 2,398 radioactive and stable isotopes and their
isomers. The data used in the stack was downloaded as public
domain information from the National Nuclear Data Center at
Brookhaven National Laboratory, which is supported by the Office
of Energy Research of the US Department of Energy. The isotope
data was current as of November 15, 1989.

720 9/5/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.02
A chemistry tutorial designed for undergraduates. Sections on:
Basic Principles, Major Conclusions, Speed Distribution, Graham's
Law. Includes a self test and a handy index to look up certain

350 5/6/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
Used with Ball & Stick, Chem-3D or MacMolecule, this program will
help automate the production of images of large bulk structures or
super-structures of crystal lattices. Powerful.

18 7/26/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt1.5.1
Calculate the molucular mass of a substance from its chemical
formula. Will not background in System 7, but otherwise works

216 11/19/91 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
Display, build and compare molecular structures easily. Demo
version only allows you to work with limited number of atoms, tho.

290 5/6/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
A molecular modeling program for the Mac. Display images as
Space Filling, Ball and Stick or Wireframe, and export in a
variety of formats including PICS. Requires 32-bit Color Quickdraw
and a math coprocessor. See also MI/MOLIMAGES

390 5/6/92 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
Many many more sample molecule files for use with UT/MOLECULE.

72 11/19/91 BinHex4.0,StuffItDeluxe
MacPaint documents containing various structures of compounds.
Including antibiotics, vitamins, "designer drugs", etc.

755 8/29/92 BinHex4.0,Stuffit3.01
A chemistry tutorial designed for undergraduates. Sections on:
what a mole is, why to use it, Molecular Mas, Formula Mass,
Mole Calculations. Includes a self test
and a handy index to look up certain keywords..

78 8/9/91 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
Displays and plots orbitals for various functions, as well as some
compounds. You can create and save your own.

860 9/5/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.02
A chemistry tutorial designed for undergraduates. Sections on:
Basic Concepts, Oxydation Number, Balancing Equations. Includes a
self test and a handy index to look up certain keywords.

1024 9/5/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.02
A chemistry tutorial designed for undergraduates. Sections on:
Organization, Major Trends, Trends in Chemistry. Includes a
self test and a handy index to look up certain keywords.

783 9/5/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.02
A chemistry tutorial designed for undergraduates. Sections on:
Chemical Formulas, Percent Composition, Formula from Percent
Composition, Molecular Formula.
Includes a self test and a handy index to look up certain
keywords. Part one of two related but standalone tutorials.

754 9/5/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.02
A chemistry tutorial designed for undergraduates. Sections on:
Chemical Equations, Calculated Yields, Limiting Reagent, Observed
Yield. Includes a self test and a handy index to look up
certain keywords.
Part two of two related but standalone tutorials.

784 9/5/92 BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.02
A chemistry tutorial designed for undergraduates. Sections on:
Energy/First Law, Heat and Work, Heat of Reaction, Hess's Law,
Heat of Formation. Includes a self test and a handy index to
lookup certain keywords.

32 11/24/91 BinHex4.0,Compact1.33
An introduction and quiz to help students in learning one of
chemistry's important analysis techniques: titration.
------------------------ (

PROB Homework-Manager Program, generates individual homework
data for each student on numerical problems. For students,
PROB (1) generates the individual data, (2) distributes it via
the network stations, (3) later takes in answers and grade them
on the spot, (4) provides practice data sets that can be tried
graded before the "for-score" set if desired, and (5) offers
"retries" for reduced credit.

File name Size Format Contents
------------ ---- ------ ----------------------------------
probinfo.doc 15k ascii A description of PROB.
proclist.doc 14k ascii The lesson-writer's vocabulary.
tecstuff.doc 23k ascii Description with more gory detail.
chemdemo.exe 260K binary Student's-eye demo package.

IBM PC Software Index
The University of Houston Gene-server (
NSF grant 9111695
Location: /pub/gene-server/dos
Size | last | program |
(bytes)| update | name | description
142257 Jan 1 14:26 alx3.uue Gotoh's alignment pgms
94522 Jan 1 14:26 alx3src.uue Source for above
2768 Nov 20 19:39 decode directions for decoding .UUE files
55703 Jan 7 01:47 elbamap.uue Electrophoresis band manager
177486 Jan 1 14:26 emacsexe.uue MicroEmacs, executables
192098 Jan 1 14:26 emacsman.uue MicroEmacs, documentation
97777 Jan 1 14:26 gelpgm.uue Thompson Gel program
2927 Nov 20 19:40 help help file (see note below)
19370 Jan 1 14:26 linear.uue Miller and Myer linear time
alignment pgm EXCELLENT!!!!!!
280066 Jan 1 14:26 molecule.uue Thompson Molecule pgm; C/EGA & Herc. vers
101496 Jan 1 14:26 msker232.uue MS-Kermit 2.32/A, executable only
194484 Jan 2 17:05 mskerdoc.uue Documentation for MS-Kermit (>300kb)
104185 Jan 1 14:26 oligomak.uue Beadles et al. oligo mutant maker
126261 Jan 2 17:05 pak201.uue archiver used by UH & EMBL
110237 Jan 2 17:05 pcfldsrc.uue RNA sequence folding source
165382 Jan 2 17:05 pcfoldex.uue RNA sequence folding executables
166401 Jan 1 14:26 plasmid.uue Plasmid Paint, requires all others
22431 Jan 1 14:26 plasmids.uue Plasmid Paint sources
121723 Jan 1 14:27 tdalnexe.uue Thompson and Davison alignment executables
130067 Jan 1 14:27 tdalnsrc.uue Thompson and Davison source
19430 Nov 20 19:40 uud.c C source to a uudecoder (see note below)
5415 Nov 20 19:40 uud19.bas bootstrap uudecoder, use on uuembl.uue
6238 Nov 20 19:40 uue.c C source to a uuencoder (see note)
33118 Oct 18 17:10 uuembl.uue REQUIRED. Creates UUDECODE needed
for converting all these .UUE files
to self-extracting .EXE files
uud19.bas BASIC source code for UUDECODE. Use
to create UUDECODE file that *DECODES*
NOTE: You MUST use the UUDECODE from
UUEMBL.UUE to uudecode all other UUE
files on this server.
See the file HELP, retrieve with
uud.c, uue.c C source code for uuencode/uudecode.
Same caution applies. Use these only
commmand "uud uuembl.uue" after com-
piling with your favorite C compiler.

HELP A file which gives general guidelines
and tips on retrieving sw from this

If you have picked up files off the UH server before 1 January 1990
and not been able to unpack them, get PAK201.UUE, UUDECODE it to
PAK201.EXE, type "PAK201.EXE" which will extract several files from
PAK, then run PAK on the files you retrieved:
(if the MOLECULE.UUE file uudecoded to MOLECULE.EXE),
and a working version of the software will be produced.

The UUEs were produced from files made by PAK, but without the
/EXE option, which makes self-extracting archive files.

New Additions:

*186384 Feb 24 20:53 clones.uaa Clone, strain mgmt db., pt. 1
* 45419 Feb 24 20:53 clones.uab Part II of above
*193584 Feb 24 20:53 fast.uue prot. struct. pred.
11572 Jan 31 13:07 fv126.uue ARC, PAK, PK, etc. File Viewer-contents
46698 Jan 31 13:07 lharc112.uue LHarchive utility
74254 Feb 24 20:53 ligate.uue ligation conditions calculation
94719 Jan 31 13:07 list72a.uue "more"-like utility
126261 Jan 31 13:07 pak201.uue PAK archiver/unarchiver
33795 Jan 31 13:07 pkfind11.uue Phil Katz archive file viewer
167835 Jan 31 13:07 pkpak361.uue Phil Katz archive/unarchiver
190775 Jan 31 13:08 pkzip102.uue Katz ZIP file archive/unarchiver
*107636 Feb 24 20:54 pronet.uue Neural net prot. struct. pred.
49563 Jan 31 13:08 scanv55.uue Version 55 file scanner
159950 Jan 31 13:08 shez50.uue Full-screen arhive manipulator-friendly
5122 Jan 31 13:08 validat3.uue uncorruptable checksum calculator
116224 Jan 31 13:08 zoo201.uue ZOO archiver/unarchiver
* 44740 Apr 23 16:59 detar.uue MS/PC DOS version of unix "tar" pgm
* 79196 Apr 23 16:59 digiseq.uue Digitizer input of sequence data
*171923 Apr 23 17:00 ezfit.uue enzyme kinetics fitting
* 28411 Apr 23 17:00 hydrasc.uue plot 2 prot.regions w/ sim. hydro, 2nd st
* 47138 Apr 23 17:00 motif.uue motif searching program
* 56056 Apr 23 17:00 pattern.uue pattern searching pgm
*117350 Apr 23 17:00 predict.uue prot. 2nd stru. predictions
*186190 Apr 23 17:00 sdse.uaa simulation of DNA seq. evol., pt. 1
* 48094 Apr 23 17:01 sdse.uab simulation of DNA seq. evol., pt. 2
* 62291 Apr 23 17:01 sigseq.uue pred. of sig. seq. cleavage site
* 56638 Apr 23 17:01 typeseq.uue seq. input with keyboard
a few May 30 13:25 authorin.uue How to get a free copy of Authorin,
the sw for submitting sequences to
* 91314 Sep 8 01:22 cutcost.uue Cost of restriction enzymes. In Marks
* 119894 Sep 8 01:22 enzkin.uue Enzyme kineetics
* 129317 Sep 8 01:22 epiplot.uue Epitope plotting program
* 117756 Sep 8 01:24 mars.uue Make A Restrction Site: find seqs
that are almost the site you need
* 79758 Sep 8 01:24 prntgl.uue Print HPGL files on var. printers
* 49997 Sep 8 01:24 prosrch.uue Search the PROSITE db (get db from
EMBL File Server)
128000 Oct 10 17:15 esee109d.uue Very nice sequence editor (uuencoded)
1701 Oct 10 17:15 esee109d.lis
* 94984 Nov 3 23:52 cosy.uaa Enzyme kinetic program
* 94986 Nov 3 23:52 cosy.uab by M. Eberhard, in Pascal
* 94986 Nov 3 23:52 cosy.uac CABIOS 6:213 1990
* 94986 Nov 3 23:52 cosy.uad .....etc.

116699 Feb 12 22:47 prosea12.uue NOT .PAK'd. ProSite search
engine for DOS
32518 Feb 12 23:21 sim-src.uue fast local linear alignment pgm
for DOS. C language source code
89214 Feb 13 00:35 sim-all.uue fast local linear alignment pgm,
compiled with MS Quick C 5.1,
large memory model. Not tested!
62694 Dec 19 00:26 easiplot.aa Pedigree analysis & drawing software
62733 Dec 19 00:26 easiplot.ab by D. Curtis.
62734 Dec 19 00:26 and other parts
62692 Dec 19 00:26 pedhelp.aa
1745 Dec 19 00:26 pedhelp.ab
1304 Dec 19 00:26 pedigree.msg
62567 May 4 12:42 pedraw.aa
62608 May 4 12:42 pedraw.ab
62608 May 4 12:42
62608 May 4 12:42
12548 May 4 12:42
62692 Dec 19 00:26 pedutil.aa
62732 Dec 19 00:26 pedutil.ab
62732 Dec 19 00:26
62732 Dec 19 00:26
41968 Dec 19 00:26
91915 Jun 26 21:56 cutcost.uaa New version. Estimate cost of restiction
14568 Jun 26 21:56 cutcost.uab enzyme use. C.G. Meinhof
95068 Jun 26 22:14 dnaclone.uaa Revised DNACLONE, clone
95071 Jun 26 22:14 dnaclone.uab and strain management
85386 Jun 26 22:14 dnaclone.uac
88005 Apr 23 1990 dnaclone.uue
137922 Jul 4 00:54 plasmidg.uue
62570 Jul 25 23:32 pedhlp13.aa D. Curtis' new PEDRAW
2055 Jul 25 23:32 pedhlp13.ab Decodes to a .ZIP file, get
62570 Jul 25 23:32 pedraw13.aa PKUNZIP from this archive
62609 Jul 25 23:32 pedraw13.ab to unwrap these files
62609 Jul 25 23:32
62609 Jul 25 23:32
38741 Jul 25 23:32
100601 Jul 25 23:36 sqaid381.uaa Roufa and Rhodes' SEQAID
100604 Jul 25 23:36 sqaid381.uab bugfix release
97152 Jul 25 23:36 sqaid381.uac
58682 Aug 10 00:49 sc15pf13.uue Solution calculator R. Lewis
28440 Aug 10 23:10 comp430d.uue Unix-compatible compress for DOS
94303 Sep 13 13:24 bigmouth.uaa Sounds, for TypeSeq and DigiSeq
94306 Sep 13 13:24 bigmouth.uab by H. Jenson
48963 Sep 13 13:24 bigmouth.uac
91153 Sep 13 13:24 clustalv.uaa Higgins' et. al new version of CLUSTAL,
91156 Sep 13 13:24 clustalv.uab in C.
91156 Sep 13 13:24 clustalv.uac
6241 Sep 13 13:24 clustalv.uad
97243 Sep 13 13:24 easyclon.uaa Simulation of cloning with plamid drawing
47338 Sep 13 13:24 easyclon.uab by E.J. Shillitoe (BioTechniques 10:768 '91
36949 Sep 13 13:24 mapsrt.uue Sorts GGG MapSort by no. of cuts and name
79758 Sep 13 13:24 melprot.uue prot. sec. str. pred and plot.
94299 Sep 13 13:24 multalin.uaa multiple sequence alignment
30713 Sep 13 13:24 multalin.uab F. Corpet NAR 16:10881 (1988)
14202 Sep 13 13:24 subsis.uue subdir handling for PROSIS or DNASIS(tms)
11370 Sep 13 13:24 tfd2prosite.c TFD db to prosite format
18552 Sep 13 13:24 uud.c UUDECODE source, use to decode UUEMBL.UUE
5889 Sep 13 13:24 uudecode.pas ditto
58539 Sep 13 13:24 uuembl.uue ONLY uudecoder to use on Gene-Server/EMBL files
251843 Jan 3 23:06 prograph.uaa Latest PROGRAPH by K. Hoffman
252000 Jan 3 23:06 prograph.uab self-extracting ZIP file
252000 Jan 3 23:06 prograph.uac remove mail headers, append all four pieces
146899 Jan 3 23:06 prograph.uad together, and UUEMBL-uudecode
170993 Feb 24 17:21 clean86b.uue THESE ARE FROM SIMTEL thru WUARCHIVE.
136666 Feb 24 17:22 netsc86b.uue and uuencoded on my PC. No guarantees
154349 Feb 24 17:22 scanv86b.uue but they *should* be clean. Again,
132047 Feb 24 17:22 vshld86b.uue no guarantees!!!!
216928 Feb 24 17:22 wscan86b.uue
91138 Mar 3 13:51 cm.uaa and other parts
62842 Mar 6 14:43 linkage.uaa and other parts
91145 Mar 3 13:51 lstsq.uaa and other parts
39412 Mar 16 10:57 sim.shar
91146 Mar 3 13:51 sscan.uaa Signal scan by D. Prestride
91150 Mar 3 13:51 sscan.uab
80101 Mar 3 13:51 sscan.uac
37872 Apr 28 20:41 nih398-dos.uue PHS 398 forms template for MS Word/W4W
62483 Jul 18 12:03 pedhelp.aa* New ver. of D. Curtis' PEDRAW. Req.
3791 Jul 18 12:03 pedhelp.ab* PKUNZIP, see pedutil.* earlier in
62485 Jul 18 12:04 pedraw14.aa this index
62484 Jul 18 12:03 fastmap.aa
1641 Jul 18 12:46 pedraw.readme README about the three programs
122390 Jul 18 12:47 ramha1.uue random mutagenesis program
595 Jul 8 13:20 esee109e.lis Multiple sequence alignment program
182652 Jul 18 14:21 esee109e.uue update
(*) courtesy EMBL File Server. dbd last change 7/18/92

Index file for Macintosh Software
Note these are not in alphabetical but (mostly) in date order!
Be sure to scan the entire list

size, bytes| date |name | comments
286959 Nov 20 19:48 1618srrna.hqx ribosomal rna sequences
3212 Nov 20 19:48 rrna sequences readme file
104922 Nov 20 19:49 macip.hqx Mac IP program
43346 Nov 20 19:49 macify.hqx Convert ascii files to Mac text files
82629 Nov 20 19:49 microemacs.hqx MicroEmacs for the Mac
2134 Nov 20 19:47 readme.kermit readme file for Mac Kermit
11219 Nov 20 19:49 Setfile.hqx set type/owner of Mac file
31736 Nov 20 19:44 antipan.hqx anti-viral program
1420 Nov 20 19:44 antiviral.doc doc on anti-viral programs
3125 Nov 20 19:45 binhex.doc doc on BinHex 4.0
107317 Nov 20 19:45 enzkin.hqx enzyme kinetics
2730 Nov 20 19:45 enzyme kinetics readme
172014 Nov 20 19:46 gelfra.hqx gel fragment mobility analyzer
2951 Nov 20 19:46 gelfrag.doc readme for gel fragment pgm
49596 Nov 20 19:47 kermit.doc mac kermit
2134 Nov 20 19:47 kermit.readme mac kermit readme
64942 Nov 20 19:48 macdna.hqx MacDna
3625 Nov 20 19:48 macdna.readme MacDna readme
49596 Nov 20 19:47 mackermit.bin mackermit executable
229363 Nov 20 19:48 mandm.hqx materials and methods hints
3421 Nov 20 19:48 mandm.readme readme for material and methods
1296 Nov 20 19:49 readme.stuf readme for stuffit pgm
12959 Nov 20 19:44 repair.hqx anti-viral, I think
131644 Nov 20 19:49 stuftool.hqx Tool for use with StuffIt
* 236221 Apr 23 17:02 dnaid.hqx Sequence analysis
* 120832 Apr 23 17:02 maclade.hqx McClade for cladistic analysis
* 53293 Apr 27 10:31 molbiol.txt molecular biology methods
* 148233 Apr 27 10:32 refstack.hqx hypercard stack for references
* 82190 Apr 27 10:32 three.hqx Align three sequences
236829 Apr 27 12:41 dottyplot.hqx Fixed dot plotter
3713 Apr 27 12:41 readme for dot plotter
+ 414069 May 3 09:44 misc.hqx useful tidbits
403588 Apr 14 20:46 mmstax.hqx materials&methods stack update
213195 Jul 26 20:52 mumac.1.hqx Linkage analysis
213240 Jul 26 20:52 mumac.2.hqx package.
213467 Jul 26 20:52 mumac.3.hqx Entirely in French.
213351 Jul 26 20:52 mumac.4.hqx ....and other parts
+ 84448 Aug 27 22:36 bufstack.hqx Updated buffer now!
* 40812 Sep 8 00:08 cgr.hqx
+ 285952 Sep 8 00:26 macfitch.hqx weighted parsimony procedures
& 148137 Nov 3 23:06 contigasm.hqx NCSA contig assembly program
& 622 Nov 3 23:08 contigasm.readme read docs carefully
+ 99329 Nov 3 23:06 endocytosis.hqx Companion to macligand.hqx, below
& 193482 Nov 3 23:06 gbsearch.hqx D. Gilbert stack for searching GenBank
& 1800 Nov 3 23:08 gbsearch.readme via network
& 156661 Nov 3 23:06 loopviewer.hqx view RNA folding program output files
& 1888 Nov 3 23:08 loopviewer.readme from Zuker, Olsen, and other pgms
& 290905 Nov 3 23:07 mulfold.hqx D. Gilbert hypercard stax for
& 1575 Nov 3 23:08 mulfold.readme RNA sequence folding, Zuker et al. alg.
+ 94638 Nov 3 23:06 plota-ggr.hqx P. Markowtiz' port of PLOTA pgs: Garnier
+ 129976 Nov 3 23:07 plota-ggr2.hqx al protein struct. pgms. GET BOTH FILES,
use newer ggr (94638 byte version)
+ 84541 Nov 3 23:06 plota-helwheel.hqx Helical wheel prot struct plotting
+ 105005 Nov 3 23:07 plota_kas.hqx Protein struc prediction
107631 Nov 3 23:07 ridata.hqx Inbred mouse strain database
151385 Nov 3 23:07 ridoc.hqx and info manager by K. Manly et al.
1365 Nov 3 23:08 rimgr.readme required.
172863 Dec 6 21:58 rimgr167.hqx Updated RI manager main program
& 197752 Nov 3 23:07 treedraw.hqx D. Gilbert Hypercard stack for
& 1217 Nov 3 23:08 treedraw.readme drawing phylogenetic trees all possible
+ 52703 Dec 6 21:48 plota-doc.hqx P. Markowitz port of the PLOTA DOCs
+ 131162 Dec 6 21:48 plota-hyd.hqx programs || hydropathy calculation
+ 121445 Dec 6 21:48 plota-pow.hqx power spectra of proteins
+ 107196 Dec 6 21:48 plota-sig.hqx signal sequence detection
+ 132175 Dec 6 21:48 plota-gor.hqx protein secondary str. pred.
+ 103102 Dec 6 21:48 plota-kd.hqx Kyte/Dolittle prot. sec. str. pred.
+ 112003 Dec 6 21:48 plota-mh.hqx Yet Another Prot. Sec. Str. Pred. Pgm.
55422 Dec 6 22:16 gatekeeper-aid-11.hqx updated gatekeeper aid
+ 169219 Dec 6 22:17 macligand.hqx Updated macligand, previous removed
427081 Jan 30 19:35 seqlogo1.hqx T.Schneider's logo representation
40337 Jan 30 19:35 seqlogo2.hqx of nucleic acid sequences: retrieve
180330 Jan 30 19:35 seqlogo3.hqx all four pieces! (updated 2/8/91)
33958 Jan 30 19:35 seqlogo4.hqx NOTE: FIRST PIECE WILL NOT PASS BITNET!
& 349753 Feb 12 22:31 dnatranslator.hqx Don Gilbert's Hypercard 2.0 stak
+ 150862 Feb 12 22:31 mactargsearch.hqx P. Markowitz protein motif finder
400633 Mar 24 18:43 macplasmap.hqx Latest version of MacPlasmidMap
483680 May 3 23:17 dnastack.hqx new DNA translator stak, req.
400116 Apr 12 15:21 dnatranslator.hqx older ver. hypercard 2.0
124775 Apr 24 17:29 mactargetsearch.hqx updated target sequence search
146772 Apr 2 21:26 plota_dot.hqx new PLOTA programs from P.
138611 Apr 2 21:25 plota_ploth5.hqx Markowitz
131699 Apr 8 12:33 plota_sim.hqx
212730 Apr 12 09:09 trna-search.hqx find tRNAs in sequences, by
148579 Apr 2 21:28 trna_euk.hqx P. Markowitz
148117 Apr 2 21:38 trna_pro.hqx
46557 Jun 5 01:43 nih-app-template.hqx NIH grant app form templates
97986 Jun 26 22:01 dbconv1.hqx Convert flat file to tab-delimited
46765 Jun 26 22:01 dbconv2.hqx by J. Valverde
97990 Jun 26 22:01 embl-search1.hqx R. Fuchs db retrieval for EMBL
48613 Jun 26 22:01 embl-search2.hqx CD-ROM only
97988 Jun 26 22:00 seqspeak1.hqx Sequence entry with sound
98072 Jun 26 22:00 seqspeak2.hqx by K. Conover
30110 Jun 26 22:00 seqspeak3.hqx
653681 Jun 26 22:24 internet-tour.hqx A tour of the Internet
6808 Jun 26 22:24 internet-tour.readme readme for above
9073 Jun 26 22:52 mse.hqx Hypercard 2.0 stak for 6-seq align & ed
345976 Jul 6 12:56 wayebox.hqx* From EMBL don't know
108252 Jul 6 12:56 wayecas.hqx* what it is
76742 Aug 10 15:48 maccompress-32.hqx Unixc-compatible compress
from Info-mac archives
97223 Sep 13 13:21 cheminventory1.hqx Chemical inventory tracking
97307 Sep 13 13:21 cheminventory2.hqx by D. Swartling, requires HyperCard
51406 Sep 13 13:21 cheminventory3.hqx 2.0
97223 Sep 13 13:21 clustalv1.hqx Higgins et. al multiple seq.
66491 Sep 13 13:21 clustalv2.hqx alignment
97223 Sep 13 13:21 covariation1.hqx ID compensating base changes
19422 Sep 13 13:21 covariation2.hqx CABIOS 7:391
97223 Sep 13 13:21 dbconv1.hqx Line-oriented db to tab-delim. format
46003 Sep 13 13:21 dbconv2.hqx
97223 Sep 13 13:21 embl-search1.hqx Entry retrieval from EMBL CD-ROM
47846 Sep 13 13:21 embl-search2.hqx
211572 Sep 13 14:43 gbsearch.hqx Note size! Gilbert's BLAST hypercard pgm
56146 Sep 13 13:21 maccompress.hqx Mac version of Unix-compat. compress pgm
97223 Sep 13 13:21 macpattern1.hqx Ver. 1.4 of MacPattern by
97307 Sep 13 13:21 macpattern2.hqx R. Fuchs
35639 Sep 13 13:21 macpattern3.hqx
60432 Sep 13 13:21 macreview.1 P. Markewitz' review of Mac mol bio sw
25330 Sep 13 13:21 macreview.2
97276 Sep 13 13:21 macreview1.2
97224 Sep 13 13:21 matmeth1.hqx Mol. bio. protocols, hypercard
61549 Sep 13 13:21 matmeth2.hqx 2.0 stax
97223 Sep 13 13:21 minimim1.hqx More protocols, any hypercard
97308 Sep 13 13:21 minimin2.hqx version
19692 Sep 13 13:21 minimim3.hqx
23353 Sep 13 13:21 multidna.hqx Edit several seq. simultaneously
65422 Sep 13 13:21 readseq.hqx D. Gilbert's seq. file format conversion
97224 Sep 13 13:21 refstack1.hqx Management of reference dbs
50463 Sep 13 13:21 refstack2.hqx Hypercard, any version
97225 Sep 13 13:22 stuffit_161.hqx Latest StuffIt
97307 Sep 13 13:23 stuffit_162.hqx
97307 Sep 13 13:23 stuffit_163.hqx
97307 Sep 13 13:24 stuffit_164.hqx
97307 Sep 13 13:24 stuffit_165.hqx
25524 Sep 13 13:24 stuffit_166.hqx
97223 Sep 13 13:24 unstuffitdeluxe1.hqx Latest UnStuffit
76002 Sep 13 13:24 unstuffitdeluxe2.hqx
49284 Sep 13 13:24 uud.hqx uudecoder for Mac
522664 Sep 18 18:45 dnatranslator997.hqx Latest DNA Translator
321934 Sep 18 18:45 e-mail_info.hqx intro to e-mail
72473 Oct 7 18:52 Pete's_Program_List.txt P. Markewitz programs
135908 Oct 7 18:52 Mac_in_Mol_Biology.txt mac molbio pgms
265236 Oct 7 18:52 FORMAT.hqx Note Caps. P. Markewitz editor, neat!
219978 Oct 7 18:51 ALIGN.hqx P. Markewitz port of Doliittle align pgm
695292 Jan 27 22:38 DNAstacks_1h.hqx Formerly DNATranslator, hypercard
205081 Jan 27 22:38 aligner_1h.hqx aligner functions alone w/o DNAstacks
4111 Mar 5 00:11 rival-mbdf-vaccine.hqx
292864 Apr 28 20:22 gopherapp.hqx D. Gilbert's Gopher app. Neat!
1926 Apr 28 20:37 gopherapp.readme
24144 Apr 28 20:35 nih392we2.hqx New NIH PHS 398 forms as
31906 Apr 28 20:35 nih398.hqx mac word/excel templates,
38294 Apr 28 20:35 nih398we.hqx different formats
932470 Apr 28 20:23 seqapp.hqx D. Gilbert's AWESOME seq. analysis pgm,
4063 Apr 28 20:37 seqapp.readme includes e-mail to all servers. GET THIS!
219264 Jul 18 13:28 disinfectant29.hqx Latest Disinfectant
55422 Jul 18 13:28 gatekeeper-aid-11.hqx
309196 Jul 18 13:28 gatekeeper126.hqx Latest Gatekeeper
3429 Oct 5 12:03 aligner.txt ALIGNER readme
281659 Oct 5 12:03 aligner10k6.hqx Doug Eernissee's alignment stack
761825 Oct 5 12:03 dnastacks10k6.hqx translates many, many formats
12261 Oct 5 12:03 dnastacks10k6.txt DNAstacks v. 10K6 readme
64918 Oct 5 12:05 dnastacks10k6aa Split version of
65000 Oct 5 12:05 dnastacks10k6ab files for
65000 Oct 5 12:05 dnastacks10k6ac bitnet transfer
46907 Oct 5 12:05 dnastacks10k6al

1) All .hqx files must be decoded by Stuffit 1.5.1 and BinHex 4.0.
If you know of a way to put binhex on this server (not .hqx'd, of
course!) please let me know.
2) (*) courtesy EMBL file server
3) anti-viral programs are usually NOT latest versions, unless
otherwise noted.
4) (+) Courtesy P. Markowitz
5) (&) Courtesy Don Gilbert and his anonymous FTP archive at, login anonymous
6) Be sure your mailer will accept files of > 300KB!!

last change dbd 10/5/92

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