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A printed registration form follows after a few paragraphs. You
may print it on your printer by selecting the menu option
"print registration form." You may also use the "print file"
option or copy the form by hand, if you wish.

Purchase orders from corporations and businesses are accepted.
Site, LAN licenses and custom programming to use the PC-LEARN
high speed menu system or tutorials with your software is
available. Custom startup (cover) screens with your company
logo, address and telephone and the PC-LEARN tutorials or menus
(or other information of your choice) is available.

Special arrangements are available for non-profit users:
job training centers, battered/abused women and children
education, unemployment retraining, inner city minority
education and computer training, etc. Many of our users are
non-profit groups! If you have a favorite non-profit, pass
a copy of PC-LEARN to that group!

A WORD ABOUT SHAREWARE: If you are new to computers you may not
have heard the term SHAREWARE. Basically this means an author or
group has prepared a software program which you are free to copy
and share with others, but the author of this software requests
a REGISTRATION FEE. This fee is also a matter of good conscience.
The idea is that if the program is useful you evaluate it for a
limited period (usually 30 days) and then become a legally
registered user of the program by paying the registration fee.
If you do not wish to register, you are expected to cease using
the program. Shareware is an honor system.

Registered owners receive: 1) Two BONUS DISKS which extend the
usefulness of PC-LEARN!
2) Latest version/update of PC-LEARN.
3) Registration number and legal
right to full and continued use of
the PC-LEARN program.

TO REGISTER PC-LEARN, a $25.00 fee is requested and appreciated!

| Use the "print registration" option on main menu to print this form |
| OR the "print file" option OR you may copy it by hand to paper. |
| |
| To: Seattle Scientific Photography In the space below: who |
| Dept PCL5 provided your copy of |
| POB 1506 PC-LEARN? |
| Mercer Island, WA 98040 |
| Telephone (206) 236-0470 _______________________________ |
| |
| From: __________________________ You are using version 5.4 |
| of PC-LEARN |
| |
| __________________________ If you have a comment or |
| question, feel free to |
| __________________________ include it on a another |
| sheet of paper. |
| qty ordered: ____ |
| $25.00 postpaid (Check in US funds) |
| Washington residents add 8.2% sales tax |
| |