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| |
| P C - J I G S A W 1.00 |
| |
| PC-JIGSAW is an educational game of skill and intellect. |
| It starts out by drawing an image on the screen and then it |
| shuffles around the pieces. The object of the game is to |
| assemble the pieces to match the original image on the screen. |
| You can use the keyboard or a mouse. |
| |
| PC-JIGSAW is distributed as Shareware: if you like the program,|
| please become a registered user by sending $ 15 to the author. |
| This registration entitles you to 2 disks packed with great |
| quality colorful images for the PC-JIGSAW. |
| |
| Any commercial use of the program without prior written |
| permission from the author is prohibited. The PC-JIGSAW, |
| source code, object code, library images and manuals on paper |
| or on disk, are (C) copyright 1988 by Bill Dedes. |


1.................. DISCLAIMER
4.................. OPERATION
5.................. DOCUMENTATION
6.................. REGISTRATION


This program is provided "as is" and it is without warranty of
any kind that it will work correctly in any or all situations.
No liability shall be assumed for direct or consequential
damage caused by the use of this software. The only claim
the author makes is that there are no intentional bugs or
fatal errors in any original copy of the program that you
received directly from the author.

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2.1 CONTENTS : You should have the following files after
de-archiving PCJIGSAW.ARC :
2. JIG.DOC Documentation ( This file )
3. DOG.GRF Image file

2.2 DISTRIBUTION : Distribution of this program is encouraged
as long as the following shareware principles are observed :

All of the above mentioned 6 files should be included in the
distributed disk and should not be altered in any way.
I authorize the distribution ONLY of the 6 above mentioned files.
Any additional GRF Image files will be distributed only to
registered users exclusively and directly by the author.


COMPUTERS : IBM/PC , XT , AT or compatibles.
Mouse is optional.

OPTIONS : Even though the program detects your system
configuration and sets up the program accordingly, you can still
override this feature. You do this by typing one of the following
switches after you typed JIG :
C CGA 320 x 200 Color
E EGA 640 x 350 Color
G CGA 640 x 200 Monochrome
H HERCULES 720 x 348 Monochrome
L 64K -EGA 640 x 200 Color
M MCGA 640 X 480 Monochrome
N MONO-EGA 640 x 350 Monochrome
V VGA 640 x 350 Color

K disables access to mouse.
P disables access to second graph page.

* example 1 : if you have an EGA card and you want to force the
program to CGA color just type: JIG C, at the DOS prompt.

* example 2 : if your CGA is monochrome use JIG G , to get
higher resolution.

* example 3 : If you have any problem with the mouse due to
compatibility issues just type : JIG K to disable it.

* example 4 : To speed up the viewing of the original picture
the program is using 2 graphic pages, if the graphics card
hardware makes it possible ( ie: EGA, VGA and HERCULES )
If any problem arises due to compatibility of your card,
then try JIG P to disable this second page feature .

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GENERAL : The program will detect your display card and will
auto-adjust the graphics. It will also sense if there
is a mouse attached by checking for the mouse driver.

MENUS : When using the mouse, click on the left button to select
items , click on the right button to exit from the menu or to call
the main menu. When using the keyboard , use the arrow keys to
move around, press the or the key to select
menu items , press to exit from the menu or to call the menu.

TO START : At the DOS prompt type JIG followed by ENTER.
Press to start.
Note that GRF Image files must be present at your current disk and

IMAGES : Then select one Image file from the IMAGES menu.
Finally select START from main menu to begin playing the PC-JIGSAW
After you assemble the puzzle, you can select another

VIEW : At any time you may view the original Image by pressing
the V key or you can access it through the main menu.
If you have a LOGITECH mouse press the middle key to VIEW.

HELP : There is on line help that will guide you through the
PC-JIGSAW. Just select HELP from the main menu.

SOUND : Turns on or off the sound effects.

LEVEL : Changes the level of complexity by making the PC-JIGSAW
pieces smaller or larger.

MOUSE : Turns on or off the mouse.

QUIT : Allows you to return to DOS.

SCORE : Your score appears on the top of the screen, when you have
solved the puzzle. The score is based on how many pieces you
swapped to get the puzzle solved. The fewer pieces you swapped ,
the better score you will get. Also every time you VIEW the image,
points are subtracted from your score, so VIEW only when needed.


If you have a printer, then please print out and read the
documentation file JIG.DOC. This file can be printed out by
simply typing : COPY JIG.DOC PRN at the DOS prompt.


PC-JIGSAW is distributed as Shareware: if you like the program,
please become a registered user by sending $15 to the author.
There are a lot of good reasons for registering your program.
Here are some :

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* You will receive the latest version of this program.
* I will answer any questions addressed to me.
* Getting a copy from the author as opposed to getting it from
your local BBS assures you that this program will not have any
nasty intentional virus ( You know where I live ).
* The PC-JIGSAW Images are created by scanning photographs into
the computer, then extensive editing is done to compress the
information and finally the color shades for different graphics
cards is added . If you send me an old unwanted picture of yours,
or your friend's , or your pet's, or grandpa's old truck, or
anything else that might make a nice Image for the PC-JIGSAW
puzzle , I plan to include some of these user donated pictures in
in my upcoming Image collections. If you don't want to give away
your favorite photograph, a decent ZEROX photo-copy will do just
fine. ( Sorry but pictures will not be returned, but if I use your
photograph in my upcoming Image collections, your name and the
title of your picture will be honorably mentioned in the next
release of the program. I hope you have a sense of humor because
your photograph might end up in the fantasy and magic collection
or even worse, in the Alien Creatures collection )

* I am currently working on another program with fast animation,
super graphics and a touch of AI. Just when you thought it was
safe to go back to water here come "SHARKS" . ( Coming soon )

* If there is interest in this program, I will consider adding
joystick support, full VGA graphics with 255 colors and
any other suggestions that some of you people may come up with.
I can be reached either at PRODIGY service , my user number is :
RGCP92A or at the address that follows .

* There are a lot more Image files for the PC-JIGSAW , available ONLY*
* through the author. A $ 15 registration entitles to two of the *
* following disk collections, packed with GRF Images, which I am *
* currently developing. Each disk has an average of 20 Images *
* # 1 ANIMALS/FISH ( DOG.GRF and and AQUARIUM.GRF are samples) *
* # 2 MYTHOLOGY ( PEGASUS.GRF is a sample ) *
* Above disks will be available in early 1989. *
* Future collections will include USERS'S PICTURES, FANTASY AND *

| My mailing address is : |
| 4193 CHEENEY ST. |
| 95054 |

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