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Note to shareware vendors: You may distribute this disk
under the guidelines of the Association of Shareware
Professionals Vendor Policies. All files must remain intact
and unchanged. You may charge a reasonable copy fee for
distribution, but you must let purchasers know that users of
the program are expected to register with TexaSoft if they
use the program.

Vendor catalog information:

Program: PC-CAI - Computer Aided Instruction System
Version: 1.00
Reason for version: Initial Version

Registration fee: $35.00 plus P&H

BBS filename: PC-CAI.ARC

User support: Registered user receives 3 months phone support,
Compuserve support on 70721, 3145. Also gets printed, bound
manual with illustrations, newsletter, information on upgrades,
changes and discounts on new versions.

Vendor upgrade policy: Registered users can upgrade to next
version for reduced fee.

Disks needed: 2 Floppy or a Hard Disk

Description: Create computer driven tutorials on any
subject. PC-CAI authoring program lets you create tutorials
without programming. Use sound, graphics, animation, color
and more. Teach concepts, ask questions, record answers,
grade results. PC-CAI requires at least 360K of memory and a
CGA compatible monitor. Can be run on floppy or hard disk.
ASP Shareware. Register through TexaSoft, PO Box 1169, Cedar
Hill, Texas 75104, or by phone (MC/VISA) at 214-291-2115.