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Here are three easy tips that will help you when sharing Pass-Around


The first thing to remember is Pass-Around is easy to use and fun to
share with others.


Always get a name, address, and phone number of the people you are
giving disks to. Communicate with these people and let them know of any
new programs that are released.


After you have entered your registration number, print extra
registration forms and give these out with your disks. This provides a
visual aid for your contacts, and encourages registration.


"The market is probably saturated."
Hardly. With thousands of personal computers sold each day and millions
already in use, the need for quality and reasonably priced programs
will only increase.

"Why should I register?"
There are many reasons to participate in Pass-Around. By providing an
income opportunity and high quality software to personal computer
users, the rate of registration has gone up dramatically (in comparison
to shareware industry averages). Income from registrations goes to
support the authors who, in turn, put more time and effort into
programming. This "cycle" of events raises the quality of software
available, compensates authors for their time and effort, and rewards
you with cash for sharing the software. Everyone benefits with

"How does Pass-Around work?"
Simply register a Pass-Around software program. When you register, you
are assigned a personal registration number which you enter into your
copy of the program. Each time you share that program with a friend and
they register, your number will appear on their registration form. When
we receive that form or get the numbers by phone, your account is
credited $1.00. Every month accounts are processed and checks are sent.

"Can I get Pass-Around programs directly from PAS Software?"
Like shareware, Pass-Around is based on the honor system. You are
expected and encouraged to receive all PAS Software programs from the
individual or company that you originally received them from. If the
program(s) you would like to register are not available from this
"source", you are encouraged to notify this source of your request.
Should this source be unable or unwilling to comply with your request,
you are encouraged to locate the individual or company that passed the
software to your source (thus tracking "upline" to receive the
software). It may be necessary for you to contact PAS Software directly
for a distributor should all attempts fail to determine where your
program originally came from.

PAS Software encourages your comments, questions, and suggestions. An
assortment of these will be enclosed in your Pass-Around Newsletter
along with new product information, industry news, events, and highest
income amounts. Please contact:

PAS Software
Customer Service Dept.
Post Office Box 3679
Federal Way, Washington 98063

(206) 838-3989
(800) 553-3968
(206) 927-8431 FAX

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Archive   : PASCASTL.ZIP
Filename : CASTLE.TIP

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