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iXO October 27, 1988ADemonstration Schematic(COMPLEX)OrCAD Systems Corporation1049 SW Baseline St Suite 500Hillsboro, OR 97123'(503) 640-9488 (Sales & Administration)"(503) 640-5007 (Technical Support)
–P CIN ²Ò(PCOUT ¨dPS0 ¨nPS1 –d X0 –n X1 –È Y0 –Ò Y1¾PP¾ddd¨d¾n6nvn¨nxx†ŒŒ†ªª6¾¾¾v¾¾ÈȾҐÒÒ²Ò6n6¾†Œ†ªxŒvnv¾WF‚<ûó®
 demofa1.sch fulladd_1 "X 6Y®ÿ6 CARRY_OUTÞÿ"SUM CARRY_INW ‚<üó®
 demofa2.sch fulladd_2 "X 6Y®ÿ6 CARRY_OUTÞÿ"SUM CARRY_IN ZÜZ ÜZÜ Ü Z (–X is a 2 bit number(úY is a 2 bit number ÜZÜ Ü Z 2If this circuit were <used in a larger adder, FCIN would be a carry in ŠPŽP ŽPŽ¾ Ž¾Š¾ Š¾ŠP Š¾Šú ŠúŽú ŽúŽ¾ žŒS is a 2 bit number that $ž–represents the sum of X and Y ²æCOUT is carry generated ²ðby the addition of X & Y b@This connector is for bJconnecting this 2 bit bTadder to a larger design¤T@T@T@h6hÿ]M91/«¹iT0T0T0h
0hVCCYÂ"@€ÿ^1/[ Ö!JP1 HEADER 1010HH100 6f ff† f†,† ,†, ,6xxxÈ
^PCin ^dX0 ^xY0 ^¾X1 ^ÒY1 0dS0 0¾S1 0ÒCout
†JCin †,X0 †6Y0 ,X1 6Y1 †@S0 @S1 JCout†,¤,†6¤6†@¤@†J¤J,:,6:6@:@J:J GND POWER HEADER 10