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There are large rivers also
Hay r¡os grandes tambi‚n
The principal mountains of the north are the Rocky Mountains
Las monta¤as principales del norte son las Monta¤as Rocosas
The principal mountains of the south are the Andes
Las monta¤as principales del sur son las Andes
The river Mississippi is a principal river
El r¡o Misisipi es un r¡o principal
The river Amazon is a large river
El r¡o Amazona es un r¡o grande
Which mountains are high?
¨Cu les monta¤as son altas?
Which river is in Brazil?
¨Cu l r¡o est  en Brasil?
I live in Ecuador (Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, -uays & others need article el)
Vivo en el Ecuador
Is Costa Rica in South America?
¨Est  en Sur Am‚rica Costa Rica?
Is Mexico a continent?
¨Es M‚xico un continente?
There are two continents in America
Hay dos continentes en Am‚rica
North and South America
Norte y Sur Am‚rica
Canada, the United States and Mexico are in North America (el Canad )
El Canad , los Estados Unidos y M‚xico est n en Norte Am‚rica
The six republics of Central America are in North America also
Las seis rep£blicas de Centro Am‚rica est n en Norte Am‚rica tambi‚n
There are ten republics in South America
Hay diez rep£blicas en Sur Am‚rica
Columbia and Venezuela are in the northern part
Columbia y Venezuela est n en la parte norte
Argentina and Chile are in the southern part
Argentina y Chile est n en la parte sur
In the west are Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia
En el oeste est n el Ecuador, Per£ y Bolivia
In the east are Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay
En el este est n el Brasil, el Paraguay y el Uruguay
There are high mountains in the two continents
Hay monta¤as altas en los dos continentes

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Archive   : OLEBON.ZIP
Filename : UNIT408.DAT

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