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SERVNET Commands and GTESLIP.NET References

SLIPNET Command Reference

1. Startup GTESLIP.NET

When a MODEM user types FTP, MODEM.EXE shells out to call SERVNET.EXE.
This program uses a file called \GTESLIP.NET similar to NET/NOS's use

GTESLIP.NET must be in the root directory of BBS drive.
It is read and executed as though its contents were typed on the
console as commands. This is needed for setting the local IP
address and host name, initializing the IP parameters, and starting
the FTP server. Only FTP service are available, TELNET and SMTP are
not supported.

2. Other files needed are \HOSTS.NET and \FTPUSERS.
These can be same files (shared) as those you use for NET.EXE.

3. This section describes each of the commands recognized while in command
mode or read in from GTESLIP.NET.

3.1. #

Commands starting with the hash mark (#) are ignored. This is mainly
useful for comments in the \GTESLIP.NET file.

3.2. hostname []

Displays or sets the local host's name (an ASCII string such as "ka9q-
pc", NOT an IP address). Currently this is used only in the greeting
messages from the SMTP (mail) and FTP (file transfer) servers.

3.3. ip

3.3.1. ip address []

Displays or sets the local IP address.

3.3.2. ip ttl []

Displays or sets the default time-to-live value placed in each outgo-
ing IP datagram. This limits the number of switch hops the datagram
will be allowed to take. The idea is to bound the lifetime of the
packet should it become caught in a routing loop, so make the value
somewhat larger than the diameter of the network.

3.4. start ftp

Starts the FTP Internet server, allowing remote connection

3.5. tcp

3.5.1. tcp irtt []

Display or set the intial round trip time estimate, in seconds, to be
used for new TCP connections until they can measure and adapt to the
actual value. The default is 5 seconds. Increasing this when operating
over slow channels will avoid the flurry of retransmissions that would
otherwise occur as the smoothed estimate settles down at the correct
value. Note that this command should be given before servers are
started in order for it to have effect on incoming connections.

3.5.2. tcp mss []

Display or set the TCP Maximum Segment Size in bytes that will be sent
on all outgoing TCP connect request (SYN segments). This tells the
remote end the size of the largest segment (packet) it may send. Chang-
ing MSS affects only future connections; existing connections are

3.5.3. tcp window []

Displays or sets the default receive window size in bytes to be used
by TCP when creating new connections. Existing connections are unaf-

4. Changes from Phil Karns NET 890421.1 code.

As you have probably noticed, many normal IP commands are missing. This
is because of the "slip-only" configuration, those commands are no longer
applicable (example: route is no longer needed since EVERYTHING is routed
out the slip port).

4.1 Commands no longer applicable.

attach (still there, but syntax and meaning has changed)
escape (not need for this IBM-PC only version)
log (all logging is sent to the screen)
trace (removed to reduce code size and not really needed in slip)

4.2 New commands.

4.2.1 baud
The baud command is used to change the commport speed. It is available
only from the command mode. Remember after changing the baud to go into
modem mode and issue the "AT" command to the modem. Most modems use this
command to figure out the new commport baud.

4.2.2 attach port
Configure and attach the commport interface to the system.

is the number of the commport, ei COM1: would be 1.

is the Maximum Transmission Unit size, in bytes. Datagrams
larger than this limit will be fragmented at the IP layer into
smaller pieces.


# Attach the commport normally known as "com1" (the first
# controller)
# Outgoing packets larger than 1024 bytes are fragmented.

attach port 1 1024

note: only ONE comm port may be attached and is MUST be the same one
used for MODEM.EXE (should have been obvious, right?)

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