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Harry Iwatsuki, president Äij ³o ³ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ
MoonStone Software ³ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÁÐÄÄ¿ ³ Association of
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MoonStone Software
dedicated to making software tools
for the body, mind and spirit
available to those who know computers are
for more than just taking care of business.

Leaner: the Lean Body Mass Program
Real Weeks: Leaner's Companion Intensive
AeroChart: Aerobic Exercise Logbook and Graphing Program
Me & My Metabolism: Reviewing Your Metabolic Energy Equation
pcCHING: the I Ching's Crystal Oracle

LEANER: the Lean Body Mass Program

I do not believe there is any other program that supports the notion of weight
control through permanent changes in lifestyle. LEANER nudges the user toward a
healthy lifetime diet and increased exercise by self-monitoring, pre-planning,
goal setting and other behavioral modification techniques. Numerous
self-assessment tools are provided to encourage and educate the user. LEANER
helps find your ideal weight and formulate a set of easy to reach goals. Graphs
and reviews track your daily and monthly progress. Calculates aerobic points
and calories expended from 48 different exercises. Estimates body fat and
computes your Body Mass Index. Assesses health risks. Discovers your eating
style. Accommodates health organizations, weight control clinics, corporate

wellness programs, and even large families. Insures privacy for personal
charts. Incorporates your personal weight loss strategies and techniques. And
that's just a few of the many features! $35.00 registration.

REAL WEEKS: Reviewing Your Metabolic Energy Equation

REAL WEEKS guides you through an intense multidisciplinary examination that
results in identifying problems and issues relevant to your weight control
efforts. The program calculates your basal metabolic rate, assesses your total
energy expenditure and estimates your metabolic set point range. The
comprehensive food diary provides insight into the skills and strategies that
will be most effective for the restrained, external, hungry or emotional
eater. Of course you can continue to use the log sheets and analysis tools for
longer, but two weeks provides a solid base for kicking off or revitalizing
your leaner lifestyle.

$25.00 or pay just $10.00 when you register LEANER.
Available exclusively from MoonStone Software.


Understand the dynamics of your metabolic processes by balancing the energy
costs of life and the pursuit of happiness with daily caloric consumption. The
complex interactions between the food you eat, your level of physical activity,
and your baseline metabolic needs are clearly shown in terms of calories and
per cent of your calculated basal metabolic requirement. The balance is summed
up in terms of annual and weekly weight gain or loss.

Why do I eat like I do? What is it that triggers my need to eat? How can I
take control? Get off autopilot! Shed some light on the forces that can play
havoc with your health. Knowing what triggers your feeding frenzies leads to
creating weight control strategies that work for you. This Eating Style Self-
Assessment is derived from Sara Gilbert's book, The Psychology of Dieting.

How much exercise must I do to significantly raise my activity level? Maybe
none. The physical activity calculator shows you what it really takes to move
from a sedentary to an active lifestyle. You'll be surprised at how little
changes can make a big difference. Try sitting instead of sprawling on the
couch when you're watching the tube. Or how about leaving the car behind and
walking the 5 blocks to the quick mart? Research findings indicate there's no
statistically significant differences between the factorial method Me & My
Metabolism uses and clinical assessment methods like measuring oxygen
consumption using a respirometer or heart rate/energy expenditure regression

Registered version ($20.00) includes a bonus package, MoonStone Software's way
of saying "thanks for registering", that guides you through a step by step
examination of your food related behaviors, your daily level of physical
activity, and the genetic influences that effect your shape and size. A print
utility creates the forms you need to get the "real numbers" for your energy

AeroChart: Aerobic Exercise Logbook and Graphing Program

No traditional diary method can provide so many different ways of reviewing
your progress without forcing you to do the plotting and charting. Supports
groups. Calculates aerobic pts and calories expended for 45+ activities. Add
your own exercises, routines, and strategies. Graphs provide detailed plots of
daily entries and annual overviews. Monthly reports include graphs and
summaries of aerobic performance as well as daily information.

Daily entries into a personal chart track exercise related items for a calendar
year. The specific fields are: date, exercise (1 user definable, 3 entries
per day), weight, lifestyle (5 pt. subjective assessment of the day's physical
activity level), and eight user definable check list items (filled with popular
exercise options by default) and a progress notes line for free text entry.

Registered version ($25.00) includes bonus self-assessment program that
examines cardiovascular risk factors and checks out your head with Modified
forms of the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, the Beck Depression Index and the
CAGE questionnaire. Calculates Lean Body Mass and much more.

pcCHING: the crystal oracle

pcCHING gives you instant access to the wisdom of the I Ching. Turtle shells
and ox bones served the bone oracle during the barbarian times. Yarrow stalks
were the medium of the vegetable oracle. The metal oracle spoke through the
toss of coins. In this age, charged silicon forms the hexagrams of the crystal

Consult the oracle interactively or by batch file. Enter your own line
sequences to explore relationships between hexagrams through the effects of
changing lines. Reference hexagrams directly for study.

pcCHING is intended as a companion to the following works. Of course, there's
the classic Wilhelm-Baynes. Then there's Greg Whincup's translation of the
original Book of Changes, which tells the story of the rise to power of a
feudal lord and is an instructional manual to guide ambitious noblemen in
dealing with concrete situations in their lives. And lastly, Thomas Cleary's
translation of Cheng Yi's look at relationships and power configurations within

Please note that money received is for my transcription and programming
efforts. To avoid that waxy karmic build up, you should have or intend to
purchase a copy of the translator's work. If you desire I will provide you
with a utility program that will transform text files into binary files that
pcCHING can use, that way you can key in any translation or create your own
commentary using your own word processor.

$25.00 Additional translations $10.00 each.
Specify translation or ask for utility when ordering.
Available exclusively from MoonStone Software.

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