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MIDI Stream Analyzer 1.0 April 26, 1988

MIDI Stream Analyzer 1.0

copyright 1988 by
Lewis A. Etheridge

CIS : 72376,120

MIDI Stream Analyzer (MSA) is an MPU-401 utility that will "decipher"
what is coming into your computer's MIDI port. Instead of those
programs that simply fill your screen with raw hex dumps, MSA will
translate the incoming data into readable MIDI commands.

Simply type MSA at your DOS prompt to start the program. Hit
any key after the welcome screen appears, and you will be presented with
a blank screen (except for the title bar across the top). At this
point, any incoming MIDI data will be translated and displayed on the
screen. Hitting any key will exit the program.

This is version 1.0, but I have yet to find any bugs in this first
release version. MSA can translate the following MIDI commands:

Note On
Note Off
Poly Pressure
Program Change
Channel Pressure
Pitch Bend
System Exclusive Dumps (Begin/End)
Mod Wheel
Breath Controller
Foot Pedal
Porta Time
Data Entry
Controller Release
Parameter Number
Pan Position
Damper Pedal
Porta Pedal
Sostenuto Pedal
Soft Pedal
Second Pedal Release

Your synthesizers may or may not support all of these commands.

Each 'translation' will supply the relevant data bytes that go with each
command. For instance, if MSA receives a Note On command, it will

MIDI Stream Analyzer 1.0 April 26, 1988

display the note number and the on-velocity. System Exclusive dumps are
still a little messy. MSA will display the System Exclusive message,
followed by the entire dump in hex, and ending with a End of System
Exclusive message.

I have placed MSA into the public domain. However, this is a
copyrighted program. Do not attempt to modify, hack, patch,
disassemble, decompile, or otherwise alter this program. Feel free to
distribute original copies of this program with this documentation

If you have any comments about MSA or any suggestions for it's
improvement, please contact me at the above electronic service

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Archive   : MSA10.ZIP
Filename : MSA.PRN

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