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^Additional Exercises - The Link System\

Whenever you have a list of items that you need to remember, for any reason,
try applying the Link System to help you remember that list.

It might be your weekly shopping list, or perhaps a list of items you need
to take when you are going out somewhere. Apply the Link System to that
list, and you will be sure to remember it.

In the previous training session - Association of Ideas - you were forming
Links of items which had no logical connection. The system works even
better when you apply it to lists of items for a $practical\ reason.
If you really %want\ to remember a particular list of items, then you will
concentrate on it harder - your %Initial Awareness\ will be increased.

Make an effort to try some practice Links over the next few days. If you
find Linking fifteen items fairly easy, then try Linking thirty, or more.
Once you have mastered the basic technique, there really is no limit to the
number of items than you can Link in this way.~