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AN: EJ364468
CHN: UD513333
AU: Myers,-Dowell
TI: Community-Relevant Measurement of Quality of Life: A Focus on Local Trends.
PY: 1987
JN: Urban-Affairs-Quarterly; v23 n1 p108-25 Sep 1987
DT: Journal Articles (080); Reports - General (140)
LA: English
DE: Citizen-Participation; Community-Involvement; Influences-; Measurement-; Models-
DE: *Community-Problems; *Community-Surveys; *Local-Norms; *Quality-of-Life; *Trend-Analysis; *Urban-Environment
AB: Efforts to measure the quality of life in cities have emphasized comparisons among different places. This is useful for citizens and businesses but not for communities. The advice of local residents must be sought to develop community-oriented measures which define the quality of life in terms of the local context. (VM)
DTN: 080; 140

AN: EJ361562
CHN: RC506602
AU: Reeder,-Richard-J.
TI: Nonmetro Governments Becoming More Self-Reliant.
PY: 1987
JN: Rural-Development-Perspectives; v3 n2 p34-36 Feb 1987
DT: Journal Articles (080); Reports - Descriptive (141)
TA: Community
LA: English
DE: Economic-Factors; Federal-Aid; Local-Norms; Retrenchment-; Trend-Analysis
DE: *Expenditures-; *Financial-Policy; *Income-; *Local-Government; *Rural-Economics; *Rural-Urban-Differences
ID: Debt-Financial
ID: *Local-Autonomy
AB: Provides extensive information about where nonmetro governments get their revenue and how they spend it. Shows that between 1977 and 1982 nonmetro local governments raised additional revenue from local sources, increasing the fiscal pressure on their communities. Graphs compare metro and nonmetro revenues, spending, and debt. (JHZ)
DTN: 080; 141

AN: EJ353332
CHN: TM511881
AU: Yen,-Wendy-M.; And-Others
TI: Valid Normative Information from Customized Achievement Tests.
PY: 1987
JN: Educational-Measurement:-Issues-and-Practice; v6 n1 p7-13 Spr 1987
DT: Journal Articles (080); Reports - Descriptive (141)
LA: English
DE: Elementary-Secondary-Education; Goodness-of-Fit; Item-Analysis; Scoring-; Test-Items; Test-Validity
DE: *Achievement-Tests; *Latent-Trait-Theory; *Local-Norms; *National-Norms; *Norm-Referenced-Tests
AB: This paper discusses how to maintain the integrity of national nomative information for achievement tests when the test that is administered has been customized to satisfy local needs and is not a test that has been nationally normed. Alternative procedures for item selection and calibration are examined. (Author/LMO)
DTN: 080; 141

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Archive   : MED2GO.ZIP
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