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Mathematical Function Plotting Program

A "shareware" program

Phillip H. Sherrod

Member, Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP)

Mathplot allows you to specify complicated mathematical
functions using ordinary algebraic expressions and
immediately plot them. Four types of functions may be
specified: cartesian (Y=f(X)); parametric cartesian (Y=f(T)
and X=f(T)); polar (Radius=f(Angle)); and parametric polar
(Radius=f(T) and Angle=f(T)). Up to four functions may be
plotted simultaneously. Scaling is automatic. Options are
available to control axis display and labeling as well as
grid lines. Hard copy output may be generated to HP
LaserJet printers as well as screen display. Mathplot is an
ideal tool for engineers, scientists, math and science
teachers, and anyone else who needs to quickly visualize
mathematical functions.

Hardware requirements: IBM PC compatible computer with at
least 512KB memory and a CGA, EGA, or VGA display adapter.
A numeric coprocessor is used if it is present but is not

Mathplot is a shareware program. Users are granted a 30 day
trial use. If it is used beyond the trial period a
registration fee must be sent to the author. The
registration fee is $20 for shipments in the USA or $25 for
shipments outside of the USA. Registered users receive the
most recent version of the program, a laser-printed, bound
manual, and three months of telephone support.

You are welcome to make copies of this program and pass them
on to friends or post this program on bulletin boards or
distribute it via disk catalog services provided the entire
Mathplot distribution is included in its original,
unmodified form. A distribution fee may be charged for the
cost of the diskette, shipping and handling. However,
Mathplot may not be sold, or incorporated in another product
that is sold, without the permission of Phillip H. Sherrod.
Vendors are encouraged to contact the author to get the most
recent version of Mathplot.

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Archive   : MATHPL32.ZIP
Filename : VENDOR.DOC

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