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Mathplot is a mathematical function plotting system which allows you to
enter functions using ordinary algebraic notation and immediately plot them.
Cartesian, polar, and parametric functions are supported, and up to four
functions may be displayed simultaneously. A variety of built-in functions
are provided. Plotting commands may be executed from command files.
Mathplot is an ideal tool for engineers, scientists, math and science
teachers, and anyone else who needs to quickly visualize mathematical

Mathplot is a "shareware" product. You are welcome to make copies of this
program and pass them on to friends or post this program on bulletin boards
(in its original, unmodified form).

As a shareware product, you are granted a no-cost, trial period of 30 days
during which you may evaluate Mathplot. If you find Mathplot to be useful,
educational, and/or entertaining, and continue to use it beyond the 30 day
trial period, you are required to compensate the author by sending the
registration form in REGISTER.DOC with the appropriate registration fee to
help cover the development and support of Mathplot.

In return for registering, you will be authorized to continue using Mathplot
beyond the trial period and you will receive the most recent version of the
program, a laser-printed, bound manual, and three months of support via
telephone, mail, or CompuServe. Your registration fee will be refunded if
you encounter a serious bug that cannot be corrected.

Mathplot requires 512KB of memory and a CGA, EGA, or VGA display. An 80x87
numeric coprocessor greatly improves its execution speed, but is not
required. Mathplot has been successfully run on dozens of computer types
ranging from 8088's and laptops to 486's.

The Mathplot system consists of the following files:

MATHPLOT.EXE -- The executable program.
MATHPLOT.FON -- Font file used for title line and axis labels.
MATHPLOT.LJF -- Fonts for HP LaserJet printer.
MATHPLOT.FUN -- Example functions
MATHPLOT.DOC -- Documentation file.
REGISTER.DOC -- Software registration form. Please register your use.

To install Mathplot, copy the files into the directory of your choice. If
the MATHPLOT.HLP and MATHPLOT.FON files are not in your current directory,
you must place a command of the following form in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to
tell Mathplot where to look for its help and font files:

SET MATHPLOT=directory

Where "directory" is the name of the device and directory where the files
are located. For example, if the files are located in a directory named
MATHPLOT on the C disk, the following command could be used:


Start Mathplot by typing the DOS command:


Press Enter after you have finished reading the title screen. The F5 key
executes built-in example plots. Each time you press F5, a different
example is displayed. I suggest you use this feature to display a few plots
in order to get a feeling for how Mathplot works and what types of commands
are used to produce plots. Press any key to continue with execution after
you finish looking at a plot.

Press F3 to call up the help menu.

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